20 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-28-22

  1. See….

    He looks somewhat terrifying 🦖, but he’s smaller than my cats 🐈. 🙂

    I still wouldn’t pet him though….. 😲

    It’s all about how you present the shot. He could be 9 feet long for all you know looking at it. 🙂

    Tomorrow….. 🐠🐠

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  2. Good night
    I tried to help my family out by getting a flight from San Francisco to Sacramento. There really wasn’t one. Then I tried Reno which is a possibility. I even thought of taking Bart partway home but I can’t handle my luggage alone.
    What a mess. Time for bed.

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  3. Good evening, Jo.

    Good morning, others.

    I am in the middle of sneezing about ten times. It will be good in a few more.

    We just went to Publix in the new car. It drives nicely. The bucket seats, as noted in Motor Trend, are not so comfortable. I will be looking for some padding for those. We have had lambskin seat covers before which I loved. Maybe that. Recommendations?

    Like Six got a good night’s uninterupted sleep, I, too, did last night. I hope it’s contagious! For one, the weather is cool again. Secondly, Miss Bosley chose to not sleep near me. She can be bothersome in that she always wants to be in view of my face. If I roll over then she crawls across me so she can be in my face again. I truly wanted a lap cat, but not so much a face cat!

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  4. I need to find out about the two minute law. The guy ahead of me at Publix bought two bottles of wine along with the rest of his groceries. At the end the clerk said it would be two minutes more on the wine. So all the line of customers (only one cashier so early) had to wait. Not long but seemed odd.

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  5. Morning! First thought on that creature up there “if you try to pet me I will EAT YOU”!!! 😂 He is rather regal though isn’t he?
    Janice that seems to be an interesting rule…so you wait for two minutes in case the customer changes their mind on the wine purchase? Or are they running a background check on DUI’s?! Strange….
    Husband had quite the adventure on Grizzly Peak yesterday with his buddy. He said I would not have been happy knowing what he was facing up there. Blizzard with white out conditions up top. Technical climbing the entire way….he says their climbing experience came in to play multiple times and that’s what got them back home! (But I did let him know I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray several times yesterday afternoon….so that is Who got him back home!)

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  6. Good morning all, except good night Jo, though it is nearly Friday there.

    Is that the caiman alligator as opposed to the caiman lizard? Beautiful animal. We know the Master Designer.

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  7. Oooh! That toothy header! I have seen things like that at the Atlanta Zoo, but I have never seen them up close and personal. No matter their size, I imagine they can leave nasty bite marks or even worse, large ones may not leave any bite marks at all.

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  8. I missed where this picture was taken. Indeed, without a reference point it could be any size.

    I definitely want to know more about that law, Janice.

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  9. EMS conference this weekend. Good morning! I love to see the alligators of all sizes at the Albuquerque zoo. I met some ladies from Samaritan’s purse at the hospital. What a blessing they are to fire victims.

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  10. Thanks driver! My girls say that they will come and make a day of it.
    the agent did find a flight to Sacramento leaving at 4:10, which would save everyone alot of driving. And I do have a friend in Pacifica who would probably be willing to come visit and have lunch in the airport.
    Haven’t made my final decision.

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  11. News around my vicinity: the high school Wesley would have attended had we not homeschooled was Druid Hills High School which is beside Emory University. It is in very old buildings. It got dropped for funding for repairs so students stepped up and mader a recording that goy everyone’s attention including the State Superintendent of Education. Our county Superintendent was leg go this week. Here is the viral video the students put out:

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  12. So glad, Janice, sounds like a good two-way fit.

    I’m not big on reptiles, but don’t recoil from them as much as I used to. Someone once said women are more squeamish around snakes (and those creepy-crawly critters maybe, too) since that whole garden experience.

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