27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-15-22

  1. Today I am suppose to see another Easter presentation, Jesus’ Last Seven Words, at the nearby retirement home. I know at least two people with parts in that. I am thankful to have been invited.

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  2. Our nephew’s daughter is being married this weekend. They are many states away, however. It is fun to see the photos and rejoice with them and with your family, Aj.

    We will be off to oldest daughter’s for dinner and to join her family at Good Friday service. From there we will go to youngest daughter’s where we will celebrate Easter. Oldest daughter and her family will join us on Sunday after church. Weatherwise, it has to be the worst Easter in a long time. Isn’t it marvelous that God’s redemption was for all the world–even nature? Lots to celebrate and praise God for!

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  3. My Instagram gallery has all my daily posts missing since March 29th. Not sure how that happens. Will wait to see if they pop back up. I have cross posted to Facebook and those are still there.


  4. Morning! Isaac is much taller than Elizabeth! Such a cute couple and that is a photo that needs to be framed!! ❤️
    I am cleaning this house like a mad woman. We are having my dearest friend and her husband over for dinner at 4. I go behind husband and dogs all the live long day trying to keep clean what I just cleaned!! Deep breaths deep breaths! Mrs. Monk is alive and well 😂

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  5. Woo-hoo, I have a much-needed long weekend with today and Monday off. I need to send off the check to the feds today ($78) but otherwise the taxes are all finished.

    Property taxes, homeowners’ insurance both now paid which is always a relief to have behind me.

    And it’s a little dubious for now, but we may have some rain coming in the longer forecast, with the most promising forecast for later next week, but that’s still a ways out so hard to predict that far ahead.

    ‘Tis the season. My friend’s daughter’s wedding invitation arrived yesterday, for June 10 in Camarillo, a little over an hour’s drive north of here. It promises to be quite the big and fussy affair (mom’s in full over-planning gear, she lives for things like this) after getting postponed from the 2020-21 timeframe they’d planned on after what’s been a very, very long courtship.

    I need to go back and figure out where they’re registered to get a gift ordered.

    But for today, I’m looking forward to some rest, some reading, some garden watering (need to hang the flower pots back up on the porch) and “chill” time after a really busy 4 days.

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  6. Good morning all, and goodnight, Jo, though it is nearly Saturday morning there.

    We also received a wedding invitation yesterday. The daughter of a former pastor. I believe seventh son once took her to the prom.

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  7. I suppose it is the season is it not? We received an invitation to my friend’s son’s wedding yesterday. It will be over Labor Day in Big Arm Montana…a 16 hour drive from here. We will not be attending but he and his bride will receive a gift from us.
    My nephew and his “girlfriend” will be getting married a week after Labor Day and I most likely will not be attending that one. They have lived together for 5 years in a house they purchased together and they have a 2 year old son. Their invitation stated they have everything they need so guests can contribute money to an online site for their honeymoon…

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  8. I also think folks (like my friend’s daughter) put off the weddings during Covid. So now folks are getting back to planning the parties they couldn’t have before, it’s probably good business for all those associated service providers like caterers, venue managers, florists.

    The 2022 Wedding Crunch.

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  9. We have two invitations on our refrigerator–but they’re for later in the year.

    We’ll be singing O Sacred Head Now Wounded in our Tenebrae service tonight. That hymn always gives me chills–along with Were You There When They Crucified my Lord?

    I got a lovely email from the woman whose book I wrote about in my blog last Tuesday. She wanted to post the photo of my tabbed copy of her book on FB. LOL

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  10. Sorry I went missing last night. Yes, we attended our Maundy Thursday service and no I didn’t see the cats (we met AJ, Cheryl, and Elizabeth for dinner somewhere)

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  11. Missed the Good Friday service this morning. I woke with a migraine.

    So far I’ve managed to transplant 28 kohlrabi to pots and planted 30 cabbage seeds.

    I need to get into our library and empty the three boxes of old books that Tim brought in from storage in the shop. These are books from my mom’s childhood and mine. I may need more shelves…

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  12. I just looked up kohlrabi…. Yep I have never in my life heard that word!!! I must lead a somewhat sheltered life 😏 Is it something the grocery would have on hand? Now I need to find it and try it!

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  13. My state tax refund turned up in the checking account yesterday so today I paid the feds their $78 electronically. Still need to pay the tax guy who seems kind of expensive this year. But maybe not different from last year, I can’t remember. I’ll just snail-mail them a check today.

    Good to get that off my plate.

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  14. Hi, folks. I just finished yesterday’s daily thread, and haven’t started today’s yet, but want to jump in to say that I have met Elizabeth, too! She came to Hubby’s memorial service with her parents. And Lutheran Linda was there, too (unless she is not the Linda I think she is).

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  15. Too much tax talk for my overtaxed brain!!!

    I went to the chapel service for the Seven Sayings of Jesus from the Cross. My friend was the first speaker who set the scene with a vivid portrayal of Christ’s agony in getting the words out, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” All those who spoke were retirees at the home where Michelle did her talk. The chapel is smaller than the dining hall where Michelle spoke. The man who played the piano did a wonderful job, as well as all who spoke. The interim pastor where I first had planned to join before I went to the larger church was the last speaker. He and his wife are very nice. I enjoyed a great visit with my friend afterwards. We are the mainstays on the Sunday afternoon prayer call. She realizes my changing churches means that I probably will soon discontinue being on the prayer calls.

    My former pastor’s message for Easter is entitled, “The Emptiness of Easter.” At my new church the sermon for Sunday is entitled, “Grace for Life.” I know which I want to hear!
    The first will focus on the empty tomb, I think. But that title is offputting to me.

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