48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-11-22

  1. Goodnight Jo. Good Morning Everyone else.
    I have a young. couple looking to buy their first house. Their budget is $130,000. We can find something in MO-beel. They are tiny, less than a thousand square feet and they need a lot of work. Financially it isn’t worth my time and gas. Over there, they pay a buyer’s agent 2-2.2%. At the top end of that the commission would be $2,860. I have a 50% referral fee in it, so by the time I pay for the gas and other related expenses, I may net $500. I told the couple they may not be my largest sale of the year, but they will be my most satisfying. This market has priced a whole age group of people out of home ownership.
    That and seller’s have lost their ever loving minds. Yesterday, I had a call from an agent. Their seller wants out of the listing agreement because they went live in MLS Friday, they are $20,000 overpriced, AND they didn’t get an offer this weekend!!!!!!! I also had an email from a seller that wants out of her listing agreement because the listing went live Friday and she didn’t get any showings over the weekend. ALL are blaming the agent.
    If you know a real estate agent besides me, check on them. Chances are they are not OK. They are stressed, and just as frustrated as anyone else.

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  2. Morning all…goodnight Jo.
    Praying all goes well at the doctor’s office and you will feel instant relief Aj!! 😊
    I’m thankful I’m not in real estate …. What’s that old saying Kim “the patience of a saint”? I do believe you have just that!!
    Dogs go to the Vet today for shots and check up. I need to schedule my eye exam and a time to get a new windshield for my car. Colorado does not put down sand for snow conditions….they throw down rocks!!!

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  3. Thank you Kim and NancyJill.

    So far so good. It was removed and I’m back home. I have to drink lots of water and make sure everything is working and then head back to the Dr. at 2:30 for a quick check to make sure I’m functioning normally (well, as normal as I can be) and a quick ultrasound. Then I should be good until my appt on the 21st for recheck and biopsy results.

    Thanking and praising God this morning for a great wife, fantastic doctor, and friends and family who prayerfully petition the Lord on my behalf. I am truly blessed, no matter the results.

    Thank you all so much. You are a great blessing to me and I appreciate it.


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  4. I am late to the party again. Happy dancing to hear that you are already over this hurdle, AJ. You passed with flying colors, AND went back to thank God for His goodness in seeing you through.

    I found another book free for Kindle at Amazon. This time a thirty day devotional, Prized, by Jennifer Kennedy Dean who I have seen speak as a keynote at a prayer retreat. She is good, although she has passed away.

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  5. The winds are brutal here today and it is cold! “They” took the predicted snow out of our forecast! Not a good combo of low humidity and strong winds….we could get 75mph gusts…batten down the hatches!!!

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  6. Well I showered, oiled my beard, changed, and everything appears to be functioning normally. 🙂

    You know you’re getting old when these are the highlights of your day. 🙂

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  7. We had a bit of moisture this morning and now strong winds have blown away the clouds. 😦 There’s hope for more rain by the end of the week and I don’t care if Easter is a wash out.

    Working on my talk tomorrow at Bible study on what I’ve learned about Holy Week through this fantastic book by Dr. Constantinou, The Crucifixion of the King of Glory.

    My notes, so far are 8 pages long with 9 endnote citations and innumerable links. If anyone’s interested, I’m happy to share a copy when I finish–which has to be today! LOL

    It’s all just. so. interesting. To God be the total glory, amen and amen!

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  8. Ok, just returned from my 2:30 with the Dr.

    Everything is functioning, and the ultrasound looks good. 🙂

    Now we wait until the 21st for my biopsy results.

    Thanks again folks.

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  9. That’s great news, AJ, congratulations on your freedom.

    Congratulations too on gaining a son. Isaac sure sounds like a keeper. It feels like Elizabeth just started college. How old are they now?

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  10. I was prompted to watch The Price is Right on Friday because my friend Robert in Pasadena was on it. He was the first contestant early in the show to earn the chance to go for a big prize. Host Drew Carey was so taken with Robert’s booming voice and stage presence that he called on him several times during the show to tell someone to “Come on down!” or to introduce “A new car!” They really milked it, with threats to the regular announcer that he was going to be out of a job, and shots of him looking worried.

    Next thing you know the KCBS local news carried a short item about Robert’s announcing stint on the game show, and today I saw from his wife on Facebook that he’s going to be on Inside Edition tonight. If you saw or will see any of those shows, know that Robert is my friend and a great guy.

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  11. The racket is so loud next door that I can’t imagine anyone besides workers are in there. I saw a stove on the carport so I guess the kitchen is being done now. That is the room closest to our home. I’m guessing there are only 15 feet or so between the houses.

    Today I saw the house two doors in the opposite way has a For Sale sign. I can’t find it yet online to see what crazy price they are asking for it.

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  12. Well AJ, I laughed at your shower, oiling of the beard, and getting dressed being the highlights of your day. For a minute there you sounded like Chas.

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  13. Inside Edition is on early here so I already got to see the segment on Robert. It was delightful to see footage of him singing at the front of our California church (where we know Robert from).

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  14. So nice to catch up. I am at school, but the computer links on centre are not working well so could not get on.
    Everyone just lined up to come in, so off I go.

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  15. I would love to hear Michelle teach from her notes. My eyes get tired from much reading so I limit it. Any possibility of recording your teaching to share (in that format), Michelle?

    I did have to read some today to find something to share with the ladies tomorrow since our leader is away. I found a devotional on prayer in The Prayer Code by O.S. Hawkins. Specifically it is about the role of the Holy Spirit in our prayers. One part has an angle I had never considered. Since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, the author puts forth the idea that our bodies are the altar from which the Holy Spirit prays. The title of the reading is “Our Prayer Partner.”


  16. Since we were talking about highlights of our day…..weren’t we?
    We drove into town for the Vet appt. We gave Lu a “chill pill” before her appt to subside her anxiety and she did great….she is now knocked out on the front porch.
    On the way to town Pip decided to vomit her lunch all over the back seat. She did so good with our Vet but we are concerned about hip dysplasia. She has been limping and holding her back left leg up mostly after playing hard with Lu and or the hunting dog next door. We have to watch it closely and throttle her play time back for a while. She goes back in 3 weeks for third shot and rabies shot.
    But on the way back home I decided to hold her in my lap…bad idea!! She puked all over me, the car door, the seat, the floor….you name it! I put her in the back seat and she puked all over Paul’s coat. We were such a mess when we got home…changed clothes, sprayed off shoes, car mats, seats, etc. Why did we get another dog again?!! 😂

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  17. Oh, NancyJill, the realities of puppies!!! I’m so sorry you had to have such a mess. I hope Pip’s hips are going to be okay.

    One of the poodle breeders I know was testing a new flooring for puppies that isn’t so slippery and helps them grip to see how that might affect their hips – it seems to work, but breeders need to know about it for them to use it.

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  18. Yes….we cracked open the car windows while going down the interstate in the extreme winds!! 😂 We were rockin’ and rollin’!!
    Cor, our vet, asked us about hip dysplasia in the parents and if my sister had mentioned that at all. I told him they were full breed Aussies but they were not show dogs. Beau the dad is a barn dog who watches over the horses….and he weighs 100 pounds! (That is a big Aussie!) Yahtzee, the mom is smaller like Lu….maybe 40 pounds and pretty much stays in the house. At not quite 4 months Pip weighs 24 pounds. He said she is very healthy and he tested that back left leg. There was no popping and everything seemed right but he was concerned that she is having issues with that leg at such a young age. We will just have to wait and see.
    We do have wood floors but she seems steady on them. She has slipped coming up the front porch stairs, keeping both back legs together…like hopping….

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  19. I’ll have to get back to you on the notes. Just looked at the book and I can’t reproduce anything–which means I’ll have to summarize, sigh. My notes, however, I can do whatever I want with while teaching tomorrow.

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  20. Janice – Do you have a desktop or laptop that you could use for reading? (I often have to do that.) You can increase the size of the print so it is easier to read. Maybe you can do the same on a tablet? Or is that not the whole problem?

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  21. Oops. The “I often have to do that” was supposed to come after the part about increasing the size of the text on my laptop. Fortunately for me, I can still read most books, for which I am very grateful.

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  22. Kizzie, I do not have a new larger screen set up with my old laptop computer nor is it set up with wifi. I have an older tablet, but my phpne is what I prefer for holding. I can adjust text size and boldness for most things on my phone. I use a super giant print Bible along with my reading glasses. For regular priint takes my glasses and holding a magnifying glass to read (like the book I will read from to the group over the phone tomorrow). I just get tired from all the extra effort and from screen time. Tonight I have to collect and post prayer requests from everyone. I have a lot of emails and online shopping, online daily Bible study, writing book reviews, and other things so it is all that that makes my eyes tired in addition to reading.

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  23. The Super Giant Print Bible is great except it is very heavy and that makes me feel burdened and tired. Miss Bosley competes with the Bible to get my attention, to do Facetime with me in place of the Bible. She can be quite aggravating.

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