17 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-9-22

  1. I’ve been praying for the people in both countries, as both are at the mercy of a madman.

    I think the leaders of both countries are lacking, but only one is the aggressor.

    And I pray daily that Putin will be removed, as will his henchmen by the Russian people. They need a revolution. It’s time to throw off the bonds of their overlord and give real freedom and democracy a chance. The whole world would be better off.

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  2. No deep state here….


  3. He’s not wrong.


  4. Indeed it is..

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  5. He’s not wrong.


  6. The “Big Guy” is as dirty as his son.


  7. I wouldn’t know how (or why) to pray in reference to current events. Personal prayer always seemed to me to have a cathartic effect in which a person expresses their deepest thoughts to personal events. I’m not sure the same cathartic effect is gained by praying for world events — maybe lessen the feelings of helplessness?

    But your comment did inspire me to think about the ideas and worldviews represented in this conflict. Putin is not a mad man, he represents a very specific vision what it means to be Russian, Zelensky is more than a Jewish comedian, he represents a particular vision for Ukrainians.

    Putin is an autocrat justified by philosophies, ideologies, etc no longer in use elsewhere in Europe. A hundred years ago, democracy was considered decadent and weak, social conservative philosophers, theologians, etc created an alternative — fascism or corporatism. . Disregard Hitler and Nazism, that was a distortion of the original idea. Corporatism viewed people as members of various “corporations” from which they derived rights and to which they were also responsible. Fascism thus embraced tradition and responsibility in a modern world. These ideas were hugely popular among social conservative Catholic and Orthodox theologians who viewed it as answer to the Enlightenment and liberal democracy. While democracy stressed the individual, the vote and rights, fascism stressed “corporations”, belonging, and responsibility. Within “corporations” (business, gov’t, unions, churches, etc) there is an hierarchy and this can view as natural and God-given. Furthermore, you could be born into a corporation — I can’t change my ethnicity or culture heritage; (eg I can’t be anything other than a Frisian, and Canadians citizenship is imaginary). Putin views himself in this political order — the leader either because he belongs there or God put him there. He’s sanctified his regime with the Orthodox church for the same reason and the Russian church understands Putin’s political vision and approves. For Russian fascists, Ukraine and Belarus need not exist — culturally they are Russian and cannot create a different version or vision for themselves.

    This political vision dominated Europe in the 1930s — Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany were all fascists and Romania and Poland were fairly close and there was a strong fascist party in France. In post war Europe, fascism was pushed to edge (Portugal, Spain, Greece) and then forgotten. However, post 1989 you can see remnants of the idea in Hungary and Poland. If you are a social conservative Catholic in Poland, there’s a certain amount of appeal to the above —- the EU is a great for the Polish economy but they want to keep “modernism” at bay. And the EU is precisely that — modernism in action. And in Ukraine, Zelensky is the prefect example of modernism — a Russian speaking Jewish comedian leading Ukraine. He is the very antitheses of Putin. Putin views himself as the protector not only of Russian values but by extension Christian Europe. When social conservatives view western decadence or moral decay, Putin and his ideas become tempting and some may be inclined to pray for him to succeed.

    In this context, Zelensky is a Ukraine most Ukrainians want to see, especially the young — a European. The EU was specifically founded to prevent the rise of fascism — by integrating continental economies and then gradually integrating culture and governance. Young people in Europe outside of the EU want to be part of the EU — its classical liberalism in action; free border, free movement, free press, etc. Even those who founded it way back in the 1950s and 1960s viewed the EU as the Enlightenment project. Thus the current clash is more than a madman from one country taking over another country. Its two conflicting visions of Europe being re-fought. Both EU and NATO spokesman have acknowledged this — Ukraine is fighting their fight.

    Similarly, some social Christian conservatives who value decisive strong leadership might be viewing this as their fight but on the other side. I have two European Catholic friends — Austrian and German — who are sympathetic to Putin’s vision. One because of his strong social and cultural conservatism and the other for his dislike of European socialism.

    Wow — sometimes I read a post, take Sasha for a walk and come back with an essay I need to vomit on a page, thanks for the release.

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  8. Of course, the FBI entrapped those charged in Michigan. Its been their m.o. since the first red scare in the 1920s. They’ve used double agents as active leaders who would push for greater criminal behaviour just to arrest the actual activists — and when RICO was implemented to break up the mob, it became even easier to convict political activists. Luckily, they weren’t as bad as British intelligence in Ulster. Double agents would set up IRA members to look like British agents then kill them to impress the IRA. By the middle of the 1970s half the IRA were British agents entrapping other British agents.

    I agree with AJ — defund the FBI

    I did see a headline the Jan 6th commission had enough evidence to refer Trump for criminal charges — I didn’t read any further. I don’t think the Washington political class has the fortitude to see it through. I’m sure some have friends who maybe compromised.

    I don’t think Biden’s support for Ukraine has any relevance for Russian interference. Russia will interfere in the election; its a given. Russia interferes in many elections — Poland, Hungary, UK, and probably more, why wouldn’t they try to involve themselves in the US election. Both the US and Russia involve themselves in foreign elections — even the French do it in Africa.

    Masks are now optional in Ontario schools. Everyone (except one) in my class still wears one. Most people in my neighbourhood still wear a mask. I imagine the further you leave the city the less mask wearing you will see. My students don’t seem bothered by it, they don’t really see why there’s a fuss. By the end of this summer, unless things change, I can see my community wearing masks only when they themselves are sick (that’s always been the case in my neigbourhood among Asian immigrants but this may become more widespread with non-Asians) .

    Can the “Big Guy” be as guilty as his son if he’s suffering from dementia? You can’t have it both ways — he can’t be a criminal mastermind and have dementia at the same time.


  9. Interesting thoughts, HRW, thank you. I’ve actually been praying the patriarch would really hear God’s word instead of his own . . . whatever.

    The Bible tells us to pray for those in government, as well as for the peace of Jerusalem.

    The analysis we watch every night about the situation in Ukraine is awful–and, of course, Putin is very much in the wrong.

    There’s a lot more evil going on in the world, too, as eyes are riveted on Ukraine.

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  10. HRW,

    The big guy has been taking these payoff since at least 10 years ago before his dementia set in. He was taking them when you were praising him and Obama too.

    Nice try though.


  11. Its highly doubtful the Patriarch will change his mind. The Russian Orthodox Church was frozen in time from 1920 to 1990 — their mindset is Russian nationalism and a natural hierarchy. The orthodox church leaders genuinely believe they have been commissioned by God to protect traditional Christian Europe from not only Islam and other religious nations but the decadence and decay of western modernity and liberalism. The Polish Catholic Church often echos similar sentiments but is constrained by the universalism of Catholicism (as opposed to the national churches of Orthodoxy) and by the current pope’s Latin American roots which are far less nationalistic and culturally conservative.


  12. AJ — not a big fan of Obama — bit disappointed in his moderation but knew why he was a moderate. I have a soft spot for Biden — blue collar roots and all but he’s also too moderate for me. However, the logical inconsistencies of the criticism directed at him is amusing. And the Republicans seem to lack originality and creativity — her emails changed to his son’s laptop. Meanwhile the massive branch in their eye known as the Trump presidency is ignored. While Trump was president, Trump Inc made profits with his son’s in charge — who were also privy to White House information. I’ve just stopped paying attention to Republican accusations — they see what they want to see and don’t see the obvious.

    Apparently 15 boxes of top secret documents went to Mar-a-lago in Jan 2021. On Jan 6, there’s communication gap from the White House for 6-7 hours. It appear the admin did not communicate or they used alternative means. In addition, the State Dept has no account of diplomatic gifts the Trump admin received in 2020. Obvious things Republicans seem to miss. But sure continue to talk about Hilary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop………


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