35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-8-22

  1. This is yesterday’s tomorrow. Since it came Thursday night, can I post the Friday funnies early? I will, since I leave eary for “professional development” out of town.

    Here they are! (It’s already Friday for Jo.)

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  2. Good morning. Lifting AJ first thing before I posted this. (Second time to write this since the first post disappeared.)

    Alka Seltzer seemed to do its duty for Art. He had a piece of bread and dried Cheerios (an automatic prompt to think of Chas) around 2 a.m. and kept those down. I cooked his usual fried eggs but sent them to work with him. I did not want him to eat them here and have to throw them up while driving on the expressway traveling at high speed or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Not a pretty picture at all. Hopefully it will all be okay today. Thanking those of you who prayed.

    I mowed grass yesterday which meant I mowed down some pretty blooming weeds.😢
    I remember last year when I had given the yard over to the weeds and it got so overgrrown that it was about impossible for me to mow because of the weather turning too warm. The nice young neighbor man from next door mowed it for me. I don’t have that luxury this year. It was cool yesterday so excellent for mowing. Now the yard will be pretty for Palm Sunday and Easter. I could tell my walking has built up my strength for the chore.

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  3. The music was well received yesterday. It was the first time a group came to do music at this facility. They have had a single musician play music there. I was a bit upset when one of the patients seem to want some help and was ignored. It is difficult to know sometimes if it is similar to when parents ignore their children because they KNOW their child well enough to know they do not need to be heeded right away.

    Another instance, I recently heard about, happened to a guy who is in a facility for rehab and noticed by his girlfriend (who worked in a facility herself before she retired). She vowed to go everyday if he needed her to do so. He is blessed to have her. I have heard from others that if you want to make sure your loved one is properly cared for, you better visit often. I know good people who work in the latter facility, and I know these facilities are always short-staffed, but some things are just egregious. If you have someone in one of these places, visit as often as you can, whether or not you think they know you are there.

    The man who we know there and who has Alzheimer’s to not speak to any of us, but his foot was tapping. The group played his favorite songs, of course. They will play here once a month now for the rest of the year.

    Today they will be back at another assisted living place where they have played numerous times.

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  4. About the article DJ referenced yesterday, we are still a free nation and people can approach politics however they wish. Some people knock God out of their politics and some include Him. I will let Him be the judge. I vote on biblical principals. We are all human and sin in many ways and that would include regarding how we treat political involvement. I don’t think it can all be so easily broken down into boxes or camps of prople as the article would indicate. Each of the people there had their own personal reasons for being there. Some of their reasons happened to intersect to bring them together at that event.

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  5. Morning! Awakened praying for Aj and will continue throughout…..
    It is a beautiful non windy day and we hope it will come to pass that the temp will reach 59!

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  6. We are supposed to get up to fifty six today with rain and then snow tomorrow. Daffodils are beautiful. They and the mountain lilies are spreading nicely.

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  7. Crocuses are coming up, and some daffodil leaves are starting to poke through. Very welcome!

    The Cleveland Clinic visit went well. Everything is “stable”, pretty much unchanged from my last visit. It was nice traveling with Mrs. B, even though the trip was short.

    Jo, I suppose treatment for sciatica depends on the cause. In my case, a bulging disk, one thing that seems to help when it flares up is a sort of like a push-up, except bending at the waist, trying to keep the hips as close the ground as possible while straightening the arms so the shoulders to full length. Also having good lumbar support and not slouching when sitting.

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  8. Very thankful for your good report, Kevin.

    That sort of pushup you mentioned sounds a bit like a yoga position called the Cobra from back in the days when I took a class long ago. Sometimes my back would get messed up and I could do that position and turn my head as if to look behind me from one side to the other and it realigned my back so things went in place and I felt relief from pain.


  9. Also praying for AJ, today.

    And I’m going to have another grand baby in October! The twins will be 22 months then. They figure that since their house is a zoo with the twins anyways, might as well add to it. 🙂

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  10. Got the dogs dropped off at the vet this morning where they’re getting a needed once over. I suspected that Tess was gaining weight and she was, she now weighs more than she’s ever weighed before so we need to deal with that. Cowboy’s a bit under his best weight — they eat the same food, same portions.

    Had a good chat with the vet in the parking lot as they were getting dropped off, I’d mentioned feeling conflicted (regarding Cowboy’s status), he said, “If you’re asking whether it’s ‘time,’ I’d say no just from what I observed of him getting out of the car and walking.”

    He said he’s still “present,” acts alert and, while compromised, still is mobile on his own. “The bus driver (in his head) is still cognizant and in control.”

    It’s what was causing me to always pause on making that call — Cowboy will still peek around the corner into the living room to see if I’m there after he gets up, the same bright look on his face. He seems fully present, if slower and prone to much more sleep.

    Vet also reminded me we’ve been through this together a lot through the years — 6 dogs, these will be my 7th and 8th — so I’ve made these decisions before and when the time comes I’m always clear. He agreed, he said he trusts my judgement on that (and says the call is mine, even if I’d wanted to do it today he wouldn’t argue with that).

    But I’m not there yet, don’t think Cowboy’s there yet in any hard-and-fast way. And I appreciated the vet weighing in, it was one of the things I was hoping to get from today’s visit.

    So I’ll head back later this afternoon to pick them both up.

    Meanwhile, the cat has hijacked the giant dog bed in the living room, it’s all hers.

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  11. I agree we have the freedom (and the privilege and duty) to participate in selecting the government in our nation.

    I think the question focused on ‘the church,’ or a branch of Christianity per se attaching itself to candidates (in particular) but also to political positions that are partisan. Granted, issues such as abortion and gay marriage are those that have (we’d likely agree here) positions that are either biblical or unbiblical. But many issues within the political realm aren’t so clear cut — as someone noted, Christianity transcends politics.

    While I wouldn’t say this phenomenon (in the original NYT article) is widespread, it does exist and it’s important for the church/Christians to be aware of those trends that “add to” the faith (as in a secular political allegiance).

    The 1970s saw the rise of the “Religious Right” which may mirror what we’ve seen, in part, with the rise of the political right (with overtly religious themes) in more recent years.

    The concern is for the purity of the church, not the impact so much on the country.

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  12. DJ – Very glad to hear that it’s not time yet for Cowboy.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on how much (actually little) Angel eats (she’s my older cat who will be 14 in three months), even of the much-loved wet cat food. She had been doing well with eating most of her wet food (twice a day), sometimes finishing it and sometimes not eating much of it, but usually finishing (or close to it) at least one of the two meals each day. But lately, she has rarely finished a meal, nor even eaten most of it. I think it may be close to “the time” for her.

    As for that article, I think that sometimes we Christians can hold a view so tightly and deeply that we assume it must be a “Christian” view, whether that is in politics or other issues.

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  13. Glad it is not good bye time.

    Our older cat, probably sixteen, eats all of his dry food. He gets fed once a day, in the evening, after Espn is done going out. So does the other cat, maybe twelve or so. Except when husband is home, I have caught him feeding them more. They supplement with mice. Jo might be surprised to hear that we have had no mice all winter. I know I am surprised. But the other day…. I went to check on my radishes and found the older cat with a fish tail hanging out of his mouth. A goldfish tail. I prefer them fishing in the pond to grabbing birds.

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  14. God and politics. In my life, God is part of the conversation. I think it peculiar when people, Christian or not, question me bringing up God in the political conversation. Of course He is part of it. I do not believe He is Republican or Democrat or Independent or Green or whatever. I believe He is God and He is involved everywhere.

    Just today we sold the van to a nice family, new to town. Guess what? God came into the conversation. I don’t think He likes Dodge more than Subaru or Chrysler or whatever. But He gets mentioned and not as profanity.

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  15. This piece from World is good. One of the things it mentions is “affective polarization”, in which a person feels contempt or hatred for those on the other side. I think a lot of people, particularly believers, would strongly deny that they hate anyone, but their words tell a different story.

    (To be clear, when I say “particularly believers”, I don’t mean that believers are more apt to hate their opponents, but that those who may would be more apt to deny it, not even seeing it in themselves, because we know that we are not supposed to hate our enemies.)

    “Can we talk?
    To fight polarization, groups try the simple, painstaking process of talking it out”



  16. I got a gift today from a lady in her 90″s whom I hadn’t heard from in a year. She doesn’t have internet or email, so I thought that I had lost her. So happy to see that gift. My last Sunday in church in 2004 they prayed over me before I went to the mission field. She followed me out to the narthex and gave me a sweet hug and whispered, “my missionary” To know that she is still with me to the end is such a gift. The amount that she sent is a year’s worth of support.

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  17. That is so wonderful to hear about your faithful supporter, Jo.

    I guess on the political discussion (on the daily thread, lol), I think some people enjoy labeling others as ‘kooks.’ But when I think about the Bible and think how Noah would have been a ‘kook’ along with John the Baptist, and others like Joseph sticking with Mary . . . I don’t want to box people or God in and say they or He can not act a certain way simply because it is outside my conception of logic. I don’t want to put myself above others and say, “They are deceived but I am not.” God knows. On the basics of salvation, those people who are being criticized are probably our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I would be counted among them based on my stance about abortion alone. Many people, my closest friends for many years, think I am wrong and misguided about that. God can judge.

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  18. I am all for the purity of the church, too. But as long as it has people in it and we live in a fallen world, it will not be absolute in purity no matter how politics are handled by leadership and congregants. The culture seeps in. Some are a lot worse than others, of course, and are very much like country clubs. Got money? Dress and act a particular way? Vote a certain way? You are in. It is sad but true.

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  19. If anyone has time for a little music concert I found this which is probably from Lockdown time (funny to hear them call themselves Two Grumpy Old Men and the Cranky Lady):


  20. Jo, how wonderful.

    Of course the church is flawed as it is made up of fallen human beings.

    But the danger of yoking the church or “evangelicals” more broadly to a politician or partisan political movement seems to damage the message of the gospel in the eyes of many.

    We also have a culture in which disinformation runs rampant, which hasn’t helped. There’s been a breakdown of the media (self-inflicted for the most part) that’s led to all this, in a roundabout way. But now it’s taken off and has left many people I know frustrated and not knowing where to turn for accurate — plain, unbiased — information.

    The dogs are home, I was able to lift them out of the Jeep myself, with some time and effort — I just don’t want to hurt them. They’re old.

    But I’m glad we got that visit done, it was overdue and needed.

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  21. Peter, I did see that. 😂. I think I saw you had posted it on Twitter. Yes, satire it is. I don’t think I say “eh” very much, but it could just be so natural that I don’t notice.

    Donna, glad you got your dogs home safely.
    Jo, how wonderful your news!

    I would love to see the Dead Sea scrolls. Alas, not much opportunity out here in the boonies.


  22. We’ve had record heat here in the last couple days, even on the normally cooler coast. It’s supposed to break tomorrow but yesterday and today were in the mid to high 90s.

    I was so tired tonight, just has been a long day. Looking forward to sleeping late on Saturday; I’ll have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow, didn’t have the energy to do it tonight.

    Even though today was busy and somewhat stressful, I do love 3-day weekends.


  23. I think I have just about every species of flying insect in my house, thanks to having 2 old dogs and the sliding back door needing to be left open a good amount of time.

    Moths are the most annoying, I have moth taps everywhere. They like my back porch light and from there just fly right into the often-open sliding back door.


  24. Dj, another friend with dogs had a screen over the door that was just held together with velcro. It easily pushed open in the middle, but was just a fabric screen.


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