28 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-6-22

  1. Morning all. Well I just filled out a form online to move my contributions for retirement. I think I did everything I was supposed to. The form was very clear even for someone who had no idea what they were doing. Whew…. God is good. and I am glad to be done with that worry.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. Little Miss spent last night with us. Because I am the MiMi and not the mommy I did something bad. I bought a tiny birthday cake at Publix and had another present for her. Remember she asked her mommy Monday if she got more presents on her real birthday. I’m just so proud of my influence.
    We had pizza, cake with candles to blow out, and she got a book-Madeline. After we got in bed we read Madeline, then found a video on YouTube and watched it. She is not one bit rotten. 😉😉😉😉
    In other obscure facts that no one but me knows, today would have been my mother’s birthday. I think she would have been 87. Time does seem to heal wounds. Realizing that she probably lost the love of her life when her first husband died and time have given me a different understanding. Some of the things she did still cause me embarrassment and pain, but there comes a time you have to let it go. One of my priests has become certified in trauma therapy and I may go talk to him about some of this. For so long she was something I squashed and refused to talk about even when I did go talk to a therapist. Very few people in my world even know her name because it is very unusual and a quick Google search would give away too much information.

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  3. We are in a very wet snow few days. It is not real cold, however. It was windy all yesterday and last night. We were jolted awake last night. Then we heard the strangest noise that we just could not pinpoint. It sounded like water was running, but we could not find a source. I went down to the basement fearing the sump pump had given out, but everything seemed fine. The sound was louder down there, however. I was back upstairs trying to make sense of it when it occurred to me the outside faucet was on full blast! What in the world? I put on some boots and went out to shut it off and found the crabapple tree had a large section split off and fall. I had a clear path to the faucet, however. In the morning light I see no part of it that could turn that faucet, but it must have been what did it. Perhaps bouncing?

    So thankful we were not staying away from our house when this happened and that it didn’t do worse damage!

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  4. Glad that got found and taken care off, Kathaleena.

    Good morning everyone.

    Real Estate Guy said he can help me get the dogs into the car Friday morning for the trip to the vet — last thing my neighbor Rhyan needs to be doing with his recently-diagnosed health emergency.

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  5. Off to Cleveland today for my more-or-less annual heart checkup tomorrow. Labs, EKG, echo, and stress echo all morning, then meet with the doctor at 12:45. We should be home around dinnertime. The main thing is to be sure the replacement valve is holding up okay.

    The setting and the routine have become very familiar, but I’ll be seeing a new doctor. The one I started with 7 years ago left for Arizona. I really liked him and was sad to see him go.

    Seems like this is a big week here for medical testing.

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  6. The notion of cultural apologetics DJ talked about yesterday makes me think of the writings of Don Richardson. His 1980s book Eternity in Their Hearts gives many examples of cultures in which God planted a “hook” that help the people understand the gospel. He called them “redemptive analogies”.

    Earlier he had written Peace Child, the story of his own work in the 1960s with a primitive headhunting cannibalistic tribe in Irian Jaya (the other side of Jo’s island). It seemed hopeless trying to get through to these people whose highest art form appeared to be deception and treachery. Judas seemed a hero to them, his kiss of betrayal to be admired. The breakthrough came when Richardson discovered their “peace child” tradition. When he was able to portray Jesus as God’s peace child, everything changed.

    If you haven’t read them, I recommend both those books.

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  7. Praying, Kevin. Changing doctors is a disappointment when you’ve liked the other one so well. I’m also getting a new GP, will “meet” her, I guess, on a virtual appointment set up for late this month.

    I will need to start focusing on that knee surgery.

    And I’m supposed to go in for that portable heart monitor, thanks for the reminder as I need to call them back, they left a voicemail late yesterday that they have it and need me to come it to set it up. This is a bad week, so I’m going to see if we can schedule it for Monday or sometime next week.

    Taxes are done, I owe $78 to feds (not bad) and will get a $454 refund from the state. That helps.

    The piece I posted yesterday mentioned Tim Keller as a contemporary pastor/writer who uses cultural apologetics effectively as well.

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  8. I went to WMU this a.m. i am tired from it. It was good to see my friends again at the old church and share a meal. I bought an apple crumb pie to take. Art can take its leftover to his office to share. We are suppose to have really bad wrather again today so I won’t get to walk.

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  9. Janice, I know you go on travels to see your son. I just saw pictures of a place in South Carolina: Glencairn garden in Rock Hill. I think you would love it.

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  10. Feels like it should be Friday. Made it through our first staff meeting and gave five gals a ride home. Now, what do we do on Thursday. It is a whole new routine.

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  11. I guess I didn’t read “Peace Child” after reading about it on Amazon, not sounding at all familiar (other than the title).


  12. Janice – I took a look at the Charleston Tea Garden site, and saw a link to Bigelow Teas, with information on the family and how the company began. Bigelow teas are the ones I usually buy, because I know that they are good quality, but affordable, and they are based here in Connecticut.

    One of their teas – I guess it could be considered their signature tea – is Constant Comment, which I have enjoyed for close to 40 years (!). In fact, that is the kind I am drinking right now. I also enjoy their Chai Spice and Earl Grey, as well as others, although those three are my favorites.

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  13. A little while ago, Nightingale told me that I sound awful. Well, I don’t sound quite awful, but you can tell by my voice that I have a cold. This morning I had a fever for a bit, but I think the cold is turning the corner. At least I hope so.

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  14. When I had a bad case of the flu many years ago, the voice was the last thing to clear up, I think I was seriously hoarse for a month. Called the doctor who said it’s not unusual, not to worry. Otherwise, I felt fine.

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