37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-31-22

  1. It’s the last day of March already. So as Chas used to say, if you’ve got something to do in March, you better get to it. 🙂



    What is the tall plant with the reddish foliage near the house?

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  2. Good morning in Atlanta, Wanderers! Thankful to Wander over to PNG on the header. Beautiful! Time to wish Jo sweet dreams.😴

    I decided to get a new app at the play store, Google Lens. It is for plant ID, translation of words, insect ID, and I don’t know what else based on using the phone camera. I have not tried it out yet. I previously had the app that Donna suggested, Snapplant or something like that, but along the way I had to clear out a lot of apps because my phone was overloaded and not working properly.

    The filled up dumpster has been moved out of the neighbor’s driveway this morning. I suppose the project is complete, whatever it was they had done.


  3. Oh, so much green! Looks lovely. We have white, gray, dull pine green, some reddish branches and very slow, lazy snowflakes falling.

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  4. Oops. My morning brain connected Janice’s clearing out of her apps with the neighbor’s dumpster.

    Anyway, with that bit of confusion gone: beautiful indeed!

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  5. I am so ready to see some green around here! Still have about 2 feet of snow pack on the ground, never mind the huge snow piles. Baking some soil today so I can transplant my peppers into larger pots. At least there are a few green leaves on each plant. 🙂

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  6. Baking soil…you know my first thought was you sure do eat funny things Kare!!!😂
    Morning all. Sun shining and beginning to melt some ice and snow. Jo your photo does bring forth a sigh of longing…oh to be surrounded by green!!

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  7. Beautiful landscape.

    I, too, envisioned all of Janice’s apps going into that dumpster.

    I really miss not “liking” things, but since our work also operates on Word it was just getting too complicated as the two IDs seem to get confused with each other from time to time. Easier to just let work have my Word ID all to themselves. (Sometimes I’ll personally log in on weekends, but doing it daily when I need to go back and forth didn’t work very well.)

    I keep thinking this is Friday. But as AJ noted, it is the last day of the month. On to April.

    I think of Chas daily when I’m here. 🙂

    The cat is hungry.

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  8. Not sure if it’s the same in the south, but in the northern climes, spring and fall are merely transition seasons, and do not last as long as we would like. Winter weather and summer weather last longer than either spring or fall. I guess that is part of why we love spring and fall so much, as they are each a special treat before the next extreme comes along.

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  9. Kizzie, I just love summer, period. Spring is okay as it is leading up to summer. But spring here is a warm day and then freezing and snow again for a week and then a few warm days to give us hope and so much mud and then cold and ugly for a week… The sunny days are nice but, ugh.

    Re: baking soil – I went back to look at my comment and it does seem like it was for eating. 🙂 I just really hate to add any bugs to my houseplants, so the soil gets cooked!

    I’m busy painting three of the dining chair cushions today. The test cushion turned out really nice, so now these are getting done. I really hope I don’t run out of paint as it’s a 5 hour trip to Edmonton to get more.

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  10. The seasons in the South can best be described as
    1. Pollen Season,
    2. Tornado
    3. Summer
    4. Football

    For an even better description:
    Fool’s Spring
    Second Winter (Last Week)
    Spring of Deception (This Week)
    Third Winter
    Actual Spring (won’t be here until the Pecan Trees turn green or Easter)
    Summer/Hurricane Season
    Still Summer
    False Fall
    Summer Again
    Actual Fall

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  11. Kizzie,
    I read your description of your dream yesterday and while I understand how it made you sad, I hope today you can take comfort in it.
    Twice I have dreamed of my father where it gave me comfort. Once soon after he died. He was sitting at a table talking to someone, turned and looked at me, laughed, and went back to the conversation. He was OK.

    Another time 2009 to 2010 timeframe I was so lonely I almost couldn’t bare it. It was soul crushing loneliness. I made the comment on the blog that I wanted someone to hold me and let me sleep. Sometime after that I dreamt that Jesus was holding me just as tightly as possible and I was sleeping.

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  12. Folks came to the coastal areas of California to escape the extremes of winter and summer elsewhere. But sometimes our seasons are so subtle that there’s something lost in the seasonal transitions, too.


    I know nothing about this ‘1440’ site but I am encouraged by seeing more effort “out there” for a return to straight news. Let’s hope that ball keeps rolling as so many of us are really just burned out by the partisan “news” (opinion) we get from both sides of our deep national divide.

    As I said, I know nothing about this site but am just glad to see there are efforts being made for a conscious return to more news, less opinion.

    ~ Overwhelmed by Opinion Disguised As Fact and Relentless Clickbait?
    1440 provides an impartial view of what’s happening in the world so our readers can form their own conclusions. We scour hundreds of sources each day to bring you a single morning briefing … ~

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  13. Encanto:


    ~ I frequently start my day hearing the not-so-quiet footsteps of my 4-year-old daughter attempting to sneak into the kitchen and whispering to our Google Echo: “Hey Google, play Encanto.” If she had her way, the soundtrack of Disney’s hit Encanto—which just won the best animated feature Oscar—would play endlessly in our home. My daughter is not alone. During a single week in February, “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” drew 69.3 million streams and claimed the Billboard #1 spot on both the U.S. and global charts.

    The catchy song is a standout from the film, for good reason. The mysterious, estranged uncle Bruno proves to be the focal point of Encanto’s plot—which follows a magical family (the Madrigals) in a hidden Colombian place called Encanto (in English, “charmed” or “delight”). Encanto’s magic has blessed each Madrigal child—except Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). Her strange lack of a special ability is the first clue that the magic of Encanto is in danger. Mirabel’s quest to discover the problem leads her to Bruno (John Leguizamo)—who was rejected by the family because of his prophecies of doom. Bruno would warn family members about the future, and they’d blame him when his predictions came to pass.

    As I watched the movie I couldn’t help but notice parallels between Bruno (the rejected truth-telling prophet) and Jesus Christ. I doubt any of these parallels were intended by Disney, and it’s usually wise to avoid reading into movie characters more “Christ figure” than is there. But to riff on Sally Lloyd-Jones, Encanto is a movie that whispers Jesus’s name. … ~

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  14. Kim – Oh, yeah, we get the mud and the false springs, with winter hanging on as long as it possibly can. And often the same with summer hanging on longer than we would like into September, but not quite as bad as winter does, and obviously not as bad as in the south.

    As for my dream, besides making me miss Hubby and his wonderful hugs, it also made me miss having Chickadee under my own roof. I realize that she is an adult, and in our culture, it is the norm for young adults to move out on their own. But, unless it is God’s will to do a miracle of mental/emotional healing for Chickadee, it seems that she will always be dependent – or at least partially so – on someone else. I would much rather she be with us rather than with the McKs, who are very bad for her. (I honestly do not believe that she would consider herself transgender if it were not for the strong – and ungodly – influence of the McK sisters.)

    Yet even there, I surrender her into God’s hands, realizing that this may be His will for His own particular purpose. But it does break my heart to see her in that situation.

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  15. From World Magazine’s “Sift” this morning:

    ~ Finnish court upholds religious rights
    By Mary Jackson

    In a unanimous ruling on Wednesday, the Helsinki District Court dismissed charges against politician Päivi Räsänen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola for expressing their Biblical beliefs about homosexuality. Räsänen, a longtime member of Finnish Parliament and former interior minister, faced three criminal charges for supposed “hate speech” related to comments she made in a 2019 tweet, on a nationally syndicated radio program, and in a 23-page booklet, which she authored and Pohjola published. But the district court concluded it was not its job “to interpret biblical concepts.”

    What comes next? The court ordered the state prosecutor to pay more than 60,000 euros in legal costs. The prosecutor has seven days to appeal the ruling. Räsänen, who is being represented by Alliance Defending Freedom International, expressed relief but expects the prosecutor will appeal. She said she is “ready to defend freedom of speech and religion in all necessary courts, also in the European Court of Human Rights.” ~

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  16. Dj, we are in the mountains at 5,000 feet or above. The coast is a three hour drive away, if the roads were smooth. I think it is more like 5 hours now.

    Here it seems like our seasons are spring and fall. Or dry and wet, but we do get rain in the dry season. All of our homes have water tanks that collect rain water from the roof. We also have water from the river and that is what is used to flush toilets, though some homes use it for more. I also have a filter for any water that I drink. Now the school also has a filter. So no really cold or hot. It gets cold at night in August. Anytime the sky is clear, it can get quite cold at night. Aj, I don’t know what that plant is.

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  17. My folks had an old stove in the basement where they baked a whole lot of dirt for the greenhouses they had.

    We have lost a lot of snow already, but it will be a while before we see a lot of green again. I like each season, but our winters do get long.

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  18. I see Michelle answered Mumsee query.

    DJ- I get both the 1440 news (named for the year Guttenberg invented the printing press) and the Pour Over, which calls itself “Your politically neutral, Christ-first, news source.” The 1440 comes 6 days a week while the Pour Over is only Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Here are links to those news sites:


  19. Thank you, Peter.

    Jo, do you have automatic transmissions in the cars you need to drive? I drove stick for a long time but hills are such a challenge — and I’d guess that’s the case there.

    Who knows about 4WD servicing?


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