47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-24-22

  1. Good morning! Missing Chas. Always.

    Good night, Jo.

    I snapped the header photo while walking before sunset yesterday. The neighbors, on a connecting street, have a beautiful bed of all types of spring bulb flowers. These were three on the edge I could easily get without trespassing much. I enjoyed the pops of color to brighten what was left of my day.

    It is fun to be a frequent walker in the same area and notice who along the way does a lot in their green space and who is neglectful. Everyone keeps their lawn mowed, but the front yard dirt offers such gtreater opportunity for fun than just that.

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  2. Daffodils and Tulips. Two of my favorite flowers. Many years ago, I was in New Orleans in April. There was a wedding at the Cathedral and the flowers were daffodils, tulips, and irises. They were beautiful and I always wanted those as my flowers. Instead I got married in September and then in October. Completely wrong seasons. I still think they are a beautiful combination.


  3. We got married in March at the church across from the state capitol building that has the gold dome. The capitol grounds had many daffodils planted so the photographer took us over there to get some photos. I wish I could have shared those daffodils with you, Kim. I used yellow roses with white in my bouquet so the colors were coordinated.

    I always marveled at how frequently the plantings got changed out on the capitol grounds. It seemed wasteful to see how once the blooms were gone the plants got pitched and new ones went in.

    I got in a lot of walking in the area at lunch time hoofing it to sandwich shops and trying to get back in an hour.


  4. What a beautiful glimpse of spring in that photo! All I see is white with gray pine green right now. There are trees with future budding showing up now and some bushes whose branches are quite bright red right now. It was beautiful out yesterday with all the trees and grounds covered in fresh snow. Tomorrow will be similar it seems.

    Designer girl wanted tulips for her wedding but found out it is difficult to have them. They are fussier and not as long lasting as some other plants. She went with brightly colored Gerbera Daisies instead. They were beautiful.

    We live in a rural area and some people have to drive long distances, so the gas prices are noticed by many of us. It would not have been unusual for us to travel well over a hundred miles a day when our children were home. We don’t need to do that daily anymore, but wherever we go is usually going to be many miles. Those living on rural roads or with long driveways cannot get away with a little, light electric vehicle, nor those with more than a child or two. Not to mention how we will all be forced to notice the higher cost passed on to us at the grocery stores etc. 😦

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  5. Good morning everyone! For just a moment I was startled to see that Chas was not the first poster this morning. He is missed, but he has better accommodations now in every way. Our temporary loss; his permanent gain.

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  6. Good morning. Married in July and I do not know what flowers we had.

    Good night, Jo, though it is nearly Friday morning.

    Expecting husband to return today, in time to take the two to karate. Yes, living rural with children tends to provide many driving opportunities. At least for husband. I am more of the mind that we live here, we can participate here but I suspect the going is good for them in many ways. Just as the staying is.

    We have written letters to daughter every day since her departure. It will be interesting to see if she responds at all. She does know how to write letters. I have noticed the newly departed may like lots of contact early on but they do tend to get involved in their own lives and that drops off, which is fine. And then when they get older, they instigate contact again on a regular but less intense level.

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  7. Good friends made my wedding bouquet from flowers in their yard.

    They’d never made a wedding bouquet before and it was the size of a large church arrangement. I could barely carry it down the aisle, it was so happy.

    I hissed at my father, “Help me! It’s too heavy!”

    Typically, he laughed and merely propelled me down the aisle.

    Flowers fell all around me. We didn’t have a flower girl, so my husband always laughed, “You we’re your own flower girl!”

    At the reception, we noticed many women had a flower in their hair— the remains of my bouquet!

    What a great life.

    It was those friends, btw, whose dog bit me last summer.

    Btw, you can barely see the scar now.

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  8. Mumsee – I get emails each weekday from Atlas Obscura, with links to all sorts of different, interesting articles. Recently, this one about Boise was included, and I thought you might be interested. (There’s also a link off to the left side that would take you to some other pieces about Boise.)

    “How Boise, Idaho, Became a Sanctuary for Refugees and Their Cuisine
    Becoming a “Welcoming City” has been a boon to the region’s restaurants.”


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  9. Today at noon, my friend Christine will be picking me up and we will be going to lunch at a local restaurant.

    Within the space of a week, I will have had three social events. Last Saturday, Nightingale’s friend Stephanie and her family were over for the afternoon and into the evening, today I have lunch with Christine, and tomorrow Chickadee is coming over for our monthly visit.

    I am almost becoming a social butterfly! 😀

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  10. One thing I am nervous about is how to tactfully bring up the subject of paying the bill. She asked me to lunch, so it could seem like it is her treat, but I am not assuming that. I think I will offer to pay, and see what she says.

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  11. Yes, the Treasure Valley is a big refugee area. A nice feel to the place for those who like a lot of strangers around. They even welcome refugees from California.

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  12. Going “dutch” is the usual unspoken agreement whenever I go out with a girlfriend or cousins (unless at the end someone insists on paying).

    Beautiful flowers, loved the wedding bouquet story, M. Great word picture. It sounds beautiful and whimsical.

    And another puppy on the blog, delightful.

    One of the things I miss about not walking the dogs is seeing all the houses and yards in the wider neighborhood as we used to make our way from block to block. Now I get surprised when I drive by one of the blocks and notice whole houses have literally been torn out and replaced (!).

    Harbor commission starts momentarily, it’ll be another full day.

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  13. My maid of honor forgot to handoff the bouquet as we headed out as Mr. and Mrs.

    I have been at the new church for three hours stuffing candy into plastic eggs. I think I have never done thst before. A lot of chocolate will be consumed. The event is called Eggstravagansa. I gathered from the conversation that it won’t be a hunt. Maybe since all the ball fields got sold there is no appropriate green space for hiding eggs? It is funny to have to piece together bits of conversation to try and tell what is going on.


  14. Mumsee, I was the only one there who came without being a true part of the church yet (except one lady who came with her friend). I was on the sidelines of conversations and just listening. I did not get real involved with any conversation but talked just a little when I could get a word in. These folks were a different pocket of members than I have met elsewhere. That is why I did not think it appropriate for me to ask too many questions. I did ask the person in the know about the status of my letter of transfer and was surprised to find out it has not been asked for yet. I think I have been removed from the other church’s membership roll because I have not gotten a call that came through on the prayer line and I did not get an email to take roll for our ladies’ Bible study for the past two weeks. There are several newbies and the couple I sit beside have yet to hear anything as far as I know. I did find out I should hear by email. All churches I have joined in the past have had a formal intoduction to the church during the service, but it seems that is not done here.


  15. Janice, thanks (3:09), I love those livestream Ligonier conferences, thanks for the heads up (and yes, I believe they’re available after-the-fact). Unfortunately today I’m doing back-to-back port meetings with a big story to write afterward — I’m in between meetings right now but the next one starts within half an hour. It’ll be a long work day.

    Throw me some chocolate.

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  16. Had a lovely two-hour lunch with Christine. She said it was her treat since she invited me. She also had us get dessert to take home for later. 🙂

    Christine said that although she loves everybody at church, there are certain people who are special in her heart, and I am one of them. That was so sweet to hear. I have a similar feeling for her, so I believe that God has brought us together as friends.

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  17. Kizzie, that is very special.

    I get my Ukraine info from my aunt who was a missionary there a few years ago – she is in direct contact with her friends in Zaparozhe. But of course, that’s not the military stuff, it’s what the church is doing and how they are holding up.

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  18. I am more bold than I use to be. At one point i probably would have been mostly silent except for greetings at the entrance and getting situated in my volunteer role. Now I do try more and put out conversation “feelers” to see if anyone might want to discuss further whatever it is I mention. I think people are cautious about asking me questions because they don’t want to appear nosy. But sometimes that can lead people to feel there is a lack of interest in a new person. But now I do understand that with older people they may not have energy to branch out with new people. I was good with either way, which is a nice place to be except for my natural curiosity wanting to know more about what is of interest to me.

    It is good to go into various groups in the church, since it is a bigger church, and let people see me.

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  19. Kare I am so excited for you! Did you say what breed or is it a boxer ? I cannot remember if you said already. Since you have been caring for twins from time to time perhaps this puppy will be easy peasy for you! We have had Pip for a month now and it is getting more enjoyable and less exhausting 😊

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  20. NancyJill, I will never voluntarily get another boxer even though Duke is a sweetie pie and so funny. The puppy will be a Newfoundland/poodle cross. Hopefully a huge dog that is non-shedding to little shedding. I have dreamed of such a large dog since I was little. 🙂

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  21. ilk rhymes with milk, which reminds me that my family laughs at how I say milk. I have always said melk more than milk, which they find amusing. I am unsure if there are others of my ilk.

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  22. Boxers:
    Can’t handle our cold in the winter – needs a jacket and doesn’t stay out long – no long walks for exercise
    Can’t handle the heat in the summer – short nose doesn’t work well for panting
    Sheds. A LOT
    A bit slobbery – likes to wipe face on the furniture (gross)
    Prone to heart murmurs – Duke has one
    Prone to gum growths – Duke just had surgery on his mouth to remove huge growths that had become painful
    Tendency for flatulence (proper food helps)
    Horrible breath
    One the other hand:
    Great family dog
    So good with the twins
    Just wants to be near you
    Gently snores – makes me smile
    Yeah, I love Duke.

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  23. I have to confess I’m not fond of slobbering dogs. But Duke sounds like he’s a sweetie.

    Just turned in the long-long story following two port meetings. Long day.

    But the remote meetings are a big help, can you imaging running (well, driving) back and forth across the bridge from one meeting to the next, and then having to race home or to an office to write?

    That was our work life before the pandemic. Not missing that part of it, at all.

    And spent the day in sweatpants and an oversized pullover sweater and sneakers. No makeup.

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  24. good meeting this morning. first worship, which a different group does each day, then a devotion. Today other groups gave a report about what has been happening in the last few years. Very encouraging to hear how God has used this challenging time.

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  25. My ad for the sale of my flat was in the BIS, branch information sheet, today. We will see. There are 21 places for sale. mine is a single women’s flat and very cheap to own.
    There is another small house at the same price, but it pays full centre fees and then you pay the yard work alone. Plus, I have the view and I love my view.

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  26. Just made a chocolate cake and took it to Wendy at school. It is her youngest daughters birthday. I mix powdered sugar and milk to make a glaze to put on top. They do not have ovens, so I usually get a mix and make a cake.

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