121 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-5-22

  1. Good morning, Chas.i liked is better when you were first.

    I finally am enjoying black coffee again. Since the Covid shot took away my taste for coffee, does that mean booster time has arrived? No, I don’t think so.

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  2. Morning! Up since 4:30 and I think between two cups of coffee I have actually consumed one. Puppies do not allow for a relaxing cup of coffee in the morning! One day it will happen just not now! ☕️ 😴
    Cold and frosty with a teeny bit of snow on the patio table but that is it.

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  3. Good morning, again! I see I did not edit that first post very well.

    The photo is of the stone staircase and you can see the tangle of old hoses I am trying to unravel and put in the trash at the top portion of the photo which is actually at the bottom of the stairs. It looks like a pit of snakes!

    All those stairs were covered with debris a few days ago. Since there are no handrails, this is not ideal for people our age.

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  4. Good morning, Chas.

    Good morning all you.

    The sun is coming up and I am not surprised.

    Good night, Jo. Good night, DJ. Good night, John Boy.

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  5. Good morning. Our relative woke us up again with a phone call. He has been doing this regularly despite being told not to call out of the hours that are reasonable. No sign of that quitting anytime soon. I have my first cold in a very long time, so am extra tired. We were supposed to be at a jam about an hour away this afternoon. However, the forecast is for drizzle, sleet and snow, so it was cancelled. I would not have gone with a cold, at any rate. I am glad they cancelled. Weather can be quite different here than there, so it is sometimes difficult to make the call. The same show should go one next month.

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  6. Sorry to hear you have a cold, Kathaleena. I hope it is nothing more and clears quickly. We like to take Mucinex up front for such things so the mucous does not get thick and backup to cause a sinus infection if it is that kind of a cold.

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  7. I have another minor dirt-tastrophe. My beautiful amaryllis plant toppled and spilled dirt and water in my bedroom. What a mess! And of course, the plant is all broken😢💔
    Times like these tempt onef to consider spiritual warfare at work.

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  8. This is the plant I wrote haiku about yesterday and posted its photo to social media:
    the waited for bloom
    red trumpet playing glory
    glory be to God
    Thank You God For Sights And Sounds In Nature That Point To You As Creator”
    Therefore my comment anout spiritual warfare.

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  9. My amaryllis took a dive off the piano a couple of years ago. It is still going strong. Though this past summer, it bloomed early as I left it out in the dirt too long. I thought I would kill it by bringing it in again, but it did fine and continues to thrive.

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  10. Handrail … My mind keeps going back there, sorry. Whacked knee mindset for the past 2 years.

    I need a handrail on my own front steps leading up to the house (built on a hillside). It was discussed toward the end of the house rehab project, but one of those things that never got done. My knee was fine back then, before the “pop” injury made everything go south in May 2020, But even then I realized a rail would be wise — it’s also city code now.

    I noticed the mail carrier struggling a bit the other day, too. They must hate our side of the street, all the houses have (lots of) front steps to climb.


    It’s chilly and windy here this morning.

    I see that Russia has violated the cease fire. Big surprise.

    The dark clouds are growing darker.


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  11. Charlie Brown the First is leaning a little bit since being disconnected with his brace poles.

    Otherwise, he is bursting with bright green new needle growth, the branches are so full and the tree’s height must be at around 10-15 feet now. I remember when I was able to string Christmas lights all over it, even on top, not so long ago.

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  12. Yes, God is doing something.

    It may not be an “easy” something, it may involve judgement (though we know to be careful not to second guess God’s reasons for any of that — there was no shortage of presumption on that front among some high-profile Christians following 9/11, thinking they’d figured it all out).

    But we know that He still reigns, and everything that comes to pass is for a purpose.

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  13. I’m worn out. We’re at D1’s house on 4 wooded acres. SIL wanted to know the property line, so he’d know which trees were on his property. There’s a man coming to buy and cut down oak and walnut trees, so SIL wanted to make sure he din’t cut ones on neighboring land. We hiked down a steep hill to a creek and climbed up the other side, going through thorny bushes most of the way. The grandsons showed me some of their play areas. Quite the exercise this morning!

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  14. I am slowly able to manage those stairs, but they are taller than what we have inside that are perfect height. I noticed my knees feeling the difference. My knees are much improved from what they were a few years back. But I realize how easy it is to have a sudden slip or turn the wrong way.

    Art is always dealing with a flat area at his office, a few steps in the door to his office from where he parks. I think he is oblivious to what I am dealing with. You know, out of sight, out of mind. I did ask the other day what he thought Miss Bosley would think if I rented sheep and goats to clear the back yard.😃

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  15. Oh Peter that sounds quite fun!!

    Fog has moved into our forest and you can see the clouds rolling through the trees…brrr
    I ran into town and as I was coming home I could not see the forest….totally covered over in clouds and 29 degrees. It was sun shiny and 47 degrees in the Springs…..

    Charlie Brown tree is all grown up….where does the time go 😊

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  16. Thank you, Peter (2:00)! And thank you to all you others, too, who have made such lovely comments about the music!

    I’m going to level with you all — I loved writing this music for Chas, and am so thankful to God for His grace and direction as I wrote and erased and revised on parts of three days this week, but here is how my mind worked when the finished project was out there:

    My wrists are at the wrong angle! (I couldn’t use my adjustable bench because it squeaked every time I used the pedal (!), so I was sitting too low on the quiet bench I used instead.)

    My fingers are too flat!

    I’m swaying forward and backward, like my university piano professor told me not to do!

    The accompaniment is too loud during the Jesus Loves Me melody! The most important part is too hidden!

    That part where I choose to speed up to increase the excitement of stepping heavenward just sounds like I’m a novice who can’t keep a steady beat!

    I look like an idiot reading my opening statement off a card! (But I would sound like a rambling idiot if I tried to say it extemporaneously!)

    I’m botching this short-term mission God gave me! I’m standing in the way of the good things He can accomplish!

    And so on and so forth and etc. etc. etc. 😉

    So thank you, all, for the encouraging words. They help me in my effort to stop being my own worst critic and simply accept that I’m a weak human used by God for His divine purposes.

    I truly am glad it helped Chas, and if it blessed anyone else, too, that’s a bonus.

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  17. Good afternoon.
    Something is going on in the world. I am not used to sitting in my backyard heating loud jets and seeing them fly in formation. Half the time I don’t see nor hear them in a pensacola.

    A while back mice and rats had invaded our outside storage shed. Mr P has cleaned it all out and is bleaching it so we won’t catch whatever it is they carry. I am working on Little Miss’s Butterfly Garden

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  18. Thank you, AJ. I appreciate it.

    And thank you again, Kim, for sharing the link yesterday.

    If there’s anyone else who would like access to the video, you can contact me and I can try to send it directly to you. I managed to send to a few people this week, so hopefully I can remember how to do so again. 😉

    Kim was very gracious in posting the link to her google drive before I had things figured out, but I don’t want her to have to field any additional requests about sending my video, so you can contact me instead of her if you didn’t see it and wish to.

    Thanks, everybody.

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  19. “I wonder if most people realize what we are teetering on”


    We (about 12 men) had an interesting conversation on Ukraine this AM.

    Most people don’t realize what a bad idea a US/NATO enforced no-fly zone is. That will pit US fighters against the Russians. They won’t leave just because we show up. They would need to be forcibly removed. That would mean a shooting war between us and them.

    That’s a really bad idea. Due too the dilly dallying of Biden, the time to solve this has passed, and now the only real option is sending in weapons and aid and hope that’s enough.

    But I fear it won’t be.

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  20. How would Biden (or anyone) have “resolved” this, though?

    I agree a no-fly zone brings a host of predictable and unpredictable problems and is not a good idea, though my sympathies for those living under those skies right now. A breakout of wider hostilities will have a direct and likely devastating impact on Europe.

    But as this goes on, Russia will prevail in terms of power.

    And while we may wish for a different US president, we have the one we got. I hope he does listen to pleas to allow more domestic oil to flow at the least.

    As Kim mentioned, there is a sense of teetering on further disaster, it wouldn’t take much. Russia seems dug in and determined to push on. Ukraine is being hammered.


  21. I listened to something yesterday when a general spoke about that the Russians have smaller nuclear weapons that we chose not to have. There was discussion that one could be set off in a cornfield somewhere as a display and somehow that could trigger horrible things if I understood correctly what was said.

    I heard previously about Russia’s potential to set off a tsunami on the Eastern coast through activity in the Atlantic with their subs. At one point it was making me hesitate about even mentioning the job opening that son got. But then I thought that it was best to trust God. But, yeah, definitely givong us much to pray about. I am sure the skies are very noisy where son is now similar to what Kim spoke of.

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  22. I filled out a form yesterday giving information on my flat so I can get a home inspection That is the first step to being able to sell my flat. I would appreciate prayers that my flat would sell. There are several here that have been on the market for years. And you still have to pay centre fees until it sells.

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  23. Keeping an eye on the Iowa here, for signs they’re getting it ready …

    Yes, why do I need stairs? I have stairs. I need a railing so I don’t go head-over-heels down the stairs.

    I did that once, some years ago. I jumped onto them wearing clogs and with 2 dogs on leash, heading down … I got there before they did. With a sprained ankle that landed me in the ER.

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  24. How?

    Don’t withdraw military aid and weapons the Trump admin was sending as soon as he took office. Aid which he is now all too eager to give.

    Don’t end US production of oil and rely on the Russians or Iranians. Instead he took us from an export country to one relying on bad people for it, all to placate left wing enviro-nuts. This is allowing Putin to use economic blackmail on the US and NATO countries, and it’s boosted Putin’s war chest significantly. NATO countries have been bankrolling him. This is a fact, and Biden’s policies have played right into his hands. The bad thing with the oil is that the grade we get from Russia is only available in the millions of barrels a day we need from 2 places, Russia and Canada. So just get it from Canada you say? Well here’s the thing, they’re at capacity. They had planned to expand and put in a pipeline to up exports to, and thru the US. It was called the Keystone XL pipeline. But one of Biden’s first acts as president was to cancel the pipeline. But the Russian pipeline, the one thru Europe and NATO countries that Putin continues to use to make cash? The Biden admin approved of that Russian pipeline. Now it would take years and new approvals in 2 countries to get XL back up. Now we all suffer for his stupid, short sighted policy.

    Don’t keep excluding Ukraine from NATO when you all had the chance. I feel bad for Ukraine. They’re pretty much left to the wolves here. They’re just another in a growing list of “allies” that we tell to talk tough and stand up, but then we don’t have their back when they do.

    Don’t use worthless sanctions, which he tried, that do nothing to hurt Russia. He’s finally coming around on that and is hitting his oligarch supporters and his banks. As I said on the news thread, that should have all happened when the first Russian soldiers entered UKraine, not 10 days after the bombing started. Too little, too late. They’re reactionary instead of pro-active.

    Don’t appear weak. There’s a reason this didn’t happen under Trump. Putin knew to wait and Biden would sacrifice Ukraine just like he and Obama sacrificed Crimea. History is repeating itself. He’s inept at this, totally and completely.

    The American people got exactly what they voted for.


    Those are just off the top easy ones. There’s much more.

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  25. But there is another very clear picture here. The Russians don’t see this as happening. We do. That is how media can influence the minds of the people. Admittedly, they have had years of hearing how wonderful Putin is for them. But to not have any idea their troops are in Ukraine and if they do know, to think it is a humanitarian mission to save them from the Nazis, and if they know about the bombing, to blame it on Ukraine for trying to fool the world by bombing themselves.

    Pray for our brothers and sisters in Russia and Ukraine and throughout Europe and Asia.

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  26. Hopefully Wednesday evening people won’t notice my foibles. It’s the “dress rehearsal” for my new position at the cave. I’m doing the Mark Twain impersonator part time now. Wednesday is before others from the cave, including the full time impersonator who suggested I take on some of the shows, as he’s wanting to cut back. Thursday is the first paid performance before a group of high school students.

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  27. More folks to pray for, the media who are in Ukraine — or risking their freedom in Russia by speaking the truth, by reporting what is really going on.

    I know a photographer who’s been in those wartime situations; they do it willingly, they’re a breed apart. It’s very dangerous, but it’s how we are learning what we are about all of this.

    So yeah, “the media” get ripped into a lot around here and elsewhere; but let’s also remember they serve an amazing public service in these situations, at their own risk.

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  28. Wow, Peter! A star among the Wanderers. I have seen Hal Holbrook perform before. I will go ahead and peg you second best next to him!

    I hear a sax playing somewhere nearby. I miss the days when Wesley practiced clarinet here. He did take that instrument back with him recently. I hope he picks it back up.

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  29. I was not trying to pick on them. It is just very clear how our schism in this country is. We hear our favored sources and neglect the other and often they are saying two or more opposite things. Perhaps to please their readers. Perhaps to please the editors. Perhaps because there are two sides to every story. I just thought it amazing how they could havs such divergent views until I realized it is just like us.

    My dad, Mr ultra economic conservative, is one of the few remaining Biden supporters. He never watches tv news other than C Span. He gets a couple of local newspapers. He does not do internet at all. Where does he get his opinions? He decided Trump was bad because of the divorces and lying (Trump University) and has held on to that. Therefore, Biden is good. As is Fauci.


  30. AJ, when you say the American people got who they voted for . . . no, they did not. It was a twisted result. It makes all those twisted hoses in the picture look straight compared to what landed us in this mess. All the lies about Trump and the Russians. Well, this is not the thread for it and shorttimers need to keep focused on things above. He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on Him.


  31. Thanks for the reply, AJ, and interesting points.

    I would say, though, that hindsight is always good, isn’t it? I love hindsight and am really good at it.

    I suspect Trump has some hindsight going right now, too, on some other issues and how they unfolded unpredictably.

    So yes, one can look back — this was done in WWII as well, how could the U.S. have not seen what was really going on sooner? — good question, actually.

    Bur it’s water under the bridge at this point and here we are. Now it’s a worldwide threat, understood or not. The US does not hold the primary responsibility leading up to this, but we will certainly have responsibility going forward, like it or not.


  32. Russia does not have a free media.

    it’s entirely different.

    That said, news and opinion consumers always need to use much discernment here. Can’t say that enough.

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  33. Let it rip, is always my theory on free speech. The 1st Amendment should be cherished and robustly used.

    But remember, there are a lot of self-proclaimed “journalists” on the internet right now. Just because they’re saying what we like to hear, doesn’t make it true.

    Opinion and news are very different things.

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  34. That is true, DJ. But the Russians don’t have anything else to listen to right now though I understand our tech folk are working on that.

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  35. 6 Arrows, I don’t know that anyone besides you noticed any of the things you criticized yourself for. I can’t comment on the technical aspects of your musicianship, but I can say confidently that you did NOT look like an idiot reading off the card. You looked like someone who had thought carefully about what she wanted to say and wrote it down to be sure she delivered it well. Nothing wrong with that.

    The whole thing was really beautiful.

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  36. Six, when Art watched it, he thought it was wonderful, and he commented more than once how much you resemble his mother. So it touched his heart with that unexpected remembrance. He asked me if I saw the resemblance and I said yes, but his mother was much older when I met her and had white hair worn up so I had to think back to some old black and white photos I’d seen of her to jog my memeory. She was a
    De Weese.

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  37. I see the resemblance.

    Saw a photo a while back of the very cute little house in Laurel Canyon where “Our House” (and two cats in the yard …) was written. She and Graham Nash lived there in the mid ’60s.

    She was quite the phenomenon in her day.

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  38. Oh, Janice, that Joni Mitchell video of Both Sides Now brought tears of happy remembrance! When I was in 9th grade — which was still considered junior high rather than senior high back in those days in the state in which I grew up — Mr. Collyard, our teacher, would bring his guitar every Friday and we’d sing that song and others. Our class wasn’t a particularly enthusiastic group while singing, on the whole, so I sang rather quietly, as well, during those sessions. But I really loved the songs we sang, and Both Sides Now was one of my favorites.

    I didn’t know what Joni Mitchell looked like, and no one before today has told me that I resemble her, but when I had bangs decades ago, I did look quite a bit like her, I see now!

    My husband found a video of Carly Simon some years back, singing “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” and he said she reminded him of what I had looked like in my 20s. And I have to agree with that, too!

    Oh, and a dentist one time told me I had a mouth like Carly Simon! How would he know?!

    Below is the video where husband said I looked like her. I certainly wore my hair like that in my 20’s — the long, “feathered” look.

    Content warning for rather immodest apparel in the live performance. (Looks worse after she seats herself at the piano, due to the design of the dress.)

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  39. Kevin, 6:15, thank you. You’re right, I wanted to be prepared and state the introduction well. I didn’t have complete confidence I could pull it off without the assist of the card.

    I could have maybe hidden the card behind a nice folder or something and read it that way, perhaps!

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  40. 6 you do resemble Carly and Joni….I used to tell my friends when we would sing that in my head I was sounding just like Joni Mitchell….they would chuckle because the sounds coming forth certainly didn’t sound like her!
    And I will say that as I cried throughout the listening of your song to Chas, at the end I absolutely lost it..as you bowed your head I too whispered a prayer as I sobbed…..oh how we all love our dear Chas…. ❤️

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  41. A teleprompter, haha. And if I go off-script, I could get shepherd-hooked out of the room. 😀

    Kizzie, thank you. ❤

    NancyJill, it was an emotional morning for me when 3rd Arrow recorded the video. I hadn't slept the greatest the night before; I'd wake up and wonder if Chas was still here, and I'd pray, and toss and turn some, and rinse and repeat.

    When my alarm went off that morning, I wondered again whether Chas had lived through the night or had gone Home. I didn't dare look at the blog before recording to see if there was any news — I knew I would utterly lose it if he were gone, and I wouldn't be able to play under those circumstances.

    The Lord's timing is perfect in every way. But, oh, how Charlie will be missed when it's his time!

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  42. I just finished most of a quilt top and tend to see all the imperfections, 6. Others generally do not unless they are pointed out. It is good to remember my quilts are not made with perfection, but with love. I think the same with your video and song, 6arrows. I did not see all those ‘imperfections.’

    That is neat that you are now doing Mark Twain, Peter. I have the cd set of Mark Holbrook and the music on the Mark Twain special. I have played it several times when traveling with grandchildren. I wish my present car still had a cd player.

    As far as foibles, I have noticed that if the performer is not arrogant, the foibles are forgiven easily, if even noticed. Such is the fun of a live performance, IMO.

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  43. Wise words, Kathaleena: “not made with perfection, but with love.” Always good to remember that. That was exactly my goal, to write and perform it for Chas out of love. And I knew after the second recording that, though it was an improvement over the first, it certainly wasn’t perfect. Which was fine — I simply thought, “Good enough,” and didn’t feel compelled to make a bazillion attempts at trying to better it.

    I think it was spiritual warfare, though, that later (after sending out my link) made me hyper-focus on everything I found wrong. It made me lose track of the calling to simply offer a gift out of love, without analyzing the end result once it was “out there.”

    Countless times I’ve told students something similar before a performance: perfection isn’t the goal, and the audience won’t generally know if you do something a bit differently than what’s in the music, or if little unexpected things come up.

    Easy to say to them; harder to apply to myself.

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  44. Six, your composition is beautiful.

    We spent the day trying to pack up my mom’s house. So many books. We took 2 boxes of romance novels and left them at a laundromat…

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  45. I am up early thanks to Master Amos. I have read the introduction and first chapter of Prayers in the Night which is being used at my church as a focus on Compline – evening prayers- during Lent. I found comfort in these words this morning and obviously thought of Chas.
    Keep watch, dear Lord, with this who work,watch, or weep this night, and give Your angels charge over those who sleep. Tend the sick, Lord Christ;give rest to the weary, bless the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted, shield the joyous; and all for Your love’s sake. Amen.

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  46. Morning all.
    It is cold and snowish here with the heavier snowfall to begin in a couple of hours just as I would be driving to church. I will stay in this morning.

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  47. It’s cold.

    There. I said it, mumsee. Cold.

    The heater is now on storage it’ll get better soon. And no outdoor service for me today, I’ll have to migrate inside for the warmth.

    Catching Media Buzz on Fox News in the meantime, a show that’s worthwhile watching for those interested in smart media critiques and analysis of how news is being covered (badly or well). The topic today, of course is on the war.

    I’m still enjoying Tripp’s 40-day devotional — and another one, “Journey to the Cross” by Will Walker and Kendal Haug.

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  48. I believe you, DJ. It is cold, though it is already sixty one here in the house. Feels like it is probably low twenties outside.

    Today will be a stay home from church day for me. I have had a sore throat for the past four or five days and do not want to share it if it is shareable. But enjoyed church this morning with Virginia church where we were in Ephesians 6:15 where we talked about shoes.

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  49. Mumsee, I hate to correct your Southern Grammar but “ya’ll” is singular and plural unless it is a very large group, then it would be “all ya’ll”.
    “Y’all” is the most identifiable feature of the dialect known as Southern American English. It simply and elegantly fills out the pronoun paradigm gap that occurs in dialects that have only “you” for both singular and plural.

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  50. Tomorrow’s posts will be posted later tonight. Yes, early, but I need to be out of the house early tomorrow for an 8:15 urology doctor appt. at the hospital. I’m hoping we can get to the bottom of what’s been ailing me.

    Oh, and 100!

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  51. 6, I thought the “Jesus Love Me” part was purposely subtle – a way to make the listener concentrate and think about it. Like life, sometime everything is so loud and overwhelming, but Jesus always loves us and we need to search that out.

    I’m not saying your right hand was loud and overwhelming, however, I thought that whole part was lovely.

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  52. Mumsee, you have spent too much time in the Midwest. You have combined all of your combinations.

    You’uns, a dialectal form of the second-person plural, generally means “you and your kin.” The term is heard in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, reflecting migration patterns of immigrants from the British Isles. It’s also related to yinz, heard in western Pennsylvania to mean the same thing.

    By the way, you know I am having fun with this, right?

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  53. However, I was remembering that the term, “yinz” was from lower New Hampshire. I did not realize it was full on western Pennsylvania. That throws a whole new light on it.


  54. How can it be Monday morning all ready???

    Well there is this person who is supposed to be the one who tells me stuff I need to do. Haven’t heard from her since November. Not sure what forms I am supposed to fill out, oh, well….

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  55. Spotted a new woman in church today, we were early so I went over to chat a while and get to know her (she’d been listening on the radio but worked on Sundays so couldn’t attend — until she lost her job, so now she’s here in person).

    I said to her a one point “It’s cold.” She said “No it’s not really.” Channeling mumsee!

    Good sermon on the Kingdom of God from Matthew.

    Our denomination has set up a relief fund for Ukraine, where we also have some missionaries — I didn’t know that — so I want to donate to that later today.

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  56. New woman’s name is Swanee. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone by that name.

    Though maybe it’s spelled Suwannee.

    To the Timucuan of north central Florida, the Suwannee was a river sacred to their Sun God. … The Timucuan Indian word Suwani means Echo River. Some think that is the origin of the Suwannee River’s name. Others say Suwannee means River of Reeds, Deep Water, or Crooked Black Water.

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  57. Good afternoon, Y’all. I hear a loud bee buzzing outside the window. Sounds of Spring♡

    It’s been an active day. I went to Sunday school, the church service, and then to the luncheon with the program about the history and vision of the church along with information about joining the church. I filled out paperwork to join, but still have to send in my statement of faith this week.

    From church history, it appears this was a mega church before there were such things. It had one of the largest sports programs of a church in the USA. In recent years five baseball fields were sold off. That is just one bit of interesting news among a tome.

    After getting home from church I connected with someone in the neighborhood who I’d tried to deliver a tax return to yesterday but they were not home. The husband dropped by and got their return. Then it was time for my Sunday afternoon prayer call, an hour spent with two lady friends praying for the church I am leaving and other concerns like Ukraine.

    I enjoyed meeting new people in the Sunday school class. We had time to chat before it started unlike when I went to the other class that seemed to have started before I got there.

    Thank you, again, Kare for praying for the couple I am friends with. It has made it much easier to feel at home as I engage with them, knowing that they are new, too, and going through the same things finding their way around this big facilty, and meeting so many new people, etc.

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  58. I walked just after dark and heard the bleating of goats and/or sheep several streets away. It made me realize if I hired those to clear the back yard that the neighbors would hate me. Miss Bosley would freak out! Maybe they would discourage her from sneaking outside though.

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  59. RK, that’s a great idea, donating books to a laundromat! I would have never thought of that.

    Kare, I like what you said about the Jesus Loves Me part and about purposeful subtlety: “…a way to make the listener concentrate and think about it. Like life, sometime everything is so loud and overwhelming, but Jesus always loves us and we need to search that out.”

    I looked at my score tonight because I couldn’t remember which dynamics I’d written in that part. I see pp for the RH accompaniment and p for the LH melody at the beginning of Jesus Loves Me. I also used the una corda pedal there for additional quietness of tone.

    I think my RH overcompensated for the problems I was having when practicing the music the day before. I had this D-E-D-E-D-E-D-E ostinato going under the melody, but the two keys weren’t producing equal tone with equal finger speed into the keys. Thus, some of the accompaniment notes weren’t sounding the day before.

    So I wanted to make sure they were all sounding for the recording on Thursday, which they were, but equally loudly with the still-soft melody! Oh well. 🙂

    I visited my mom and dad today and played them the video. I purposely didn’t tell them that Jesus Loves Me would be part of the piece, wanting to see if they’d recognize it.

    My mom, near the end of the first half of the song, where the LH-over melody was coming to an end, started to realize that part was familiar. She said, “Oh, what is that?!”

    Then very soon after the start of the second half, where the RH picks up the melody in a lower register, she started humming, then singing, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me…”

    So I was glad that at least the second half of Jesus Loves Me came through well!

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