44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-23-22

  1. We are at Sacred Heart. They are moving the stimulators in Mr P’s back and replacing the battery in one.
    Baby Noah arrived last night around 7. He weighed 5lb 9 oz and was 19 inches long. He and Mama are doing well and grandmother is much better.

    Little Miss told Papa yesterday that she didn’t cry at preschool. He asked why she would cry and she said because I miss you, but I didn’t cry today. She is a little mess.

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  2. Good morning. I’ve been awake for 4 hours, but only got up 2 hours ago. I could not sleep.

    My mind wandered to this verse: Mark 10:32 (ESV) “And they were on the road, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was walking ahead of them. And they were amazed, and those who followed were afraid.”

    It struck me years ago, wondering what it meant. I looked it up in various other versions and found most to say “amazed”, others say “perplexed”, “astounded”, “in awe”, etc.

    Why were they in such a state? The context has Jesus talking to the rich young ruler just before this, and telling them about what was going to happen when they got to Jerusalem. This is not the first time he told them this. Mark 9 has the famous rebuke of Peter.

    I wonder how many of us are amazed that Jesus would go on t Jerusalem, knowing what was ahead, and to think he did it for our salvation!

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  3. Good morning, all. Good night, Jo, though it is nearly Thursday morning.

    The love of God is beyond compare and we will be reminded of His sacrifice throughout eternity.

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  4. Good morning to most of you although it is almost noon here.

    I went to Sam’s for morning exercise walking. Gas was 3.67 and the black guy on the other side of my pump said, “God is good! I never thought I’d see it at that price again!” The governor released some money in the transportation budget to help Georgians at thrd pump. It is good, but pf course since he is up for reelection, it is a perfect scenario for finding favor with voters. Sta ey Abrams, an opponent, has paid off medical expenses for many pfcthe low income people.


  5. Our governor says he wants to send us all $400 as a gas tax “rebate” or something to help ease the pinch at the pumps. Everyone’s fairly underwhelmed by that idea, from what I can tell.

    I’ll probably top off the tank sometime today (it’s getting close to the 1/2 mark), but I believe gas is still over $6 a gallon for regular around here.

    I’m not “feeling” it much, but only because I’m driving so little.

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  6. I drive so little that I did not see the hikes in prices. I was fortunate to not need gas for quite awhile. One mile to the grocery store, one mile to the post office drop box, and now three miles to church does not add up fast.


  7. Usually in this small city (~17,000 population) all the gas stations are within 5 cents of each other. But now I’ve seen a 20-30 cent difference. The lowest is $3.559.

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  8. Just in from a nice tour of the grounds, looking for new signs of spring, or gnawings by rabbits. Beautiful day out. Maybe even sixty degrees. Definitely tshirt weather

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  9. Mumsee, so thankful for your good news. Sounds like all is peaceful at the home front. Foggy morning here with trees peaking through the fog.

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  10. Mumsee, you have done a fantastic job preparing her for today. God was your help in trouble after trouble. I praise Him today!!

    Kim, I am so glad it all went well for you and P. Does he have pain for awhile afterwards? I saw something you posted on Facebook about commotion in the visitor’s waiting area but was not sure what that was about. Maybe you did not really know either?


  11. Again catching up from yesterday (I miss a lot if I don’t check in evenings):

    AJ: I cracked up about your cats who think you can’t see them if they can’t see you. Have you ever read “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”?

    DJ: Who on Blue Bloods reminds you of Kim? I’m not seeing it yet but maybe I’m forgetting someone.

    DJ: I’m surprised you didn’t remember Gary Cole because I thought you were a Chicago Fire watcher. Not too many years ago he was an adversary to Boden and eventually became chief of CFD through questionable maneuvering. That made it a little hard to accept him as a good guy at first on NCIS.

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  12. I only started watching Chicago Fire recently, but I did stream some of the older ones just to figure out who was who last summer. And yeah, I sort of remember that story line, but didn’t remember Cole’s face I guess!

    It’s the blonde assistant to the commissioner on Blue Bloods — she sits at the desk right outside his office — who reminds me somehow of Kim.

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  13. This is the first year I’ve watched Chicago Fire in first-run, real time. They were shows (the trilogy) I just never checked out before, but I know they’ve been on for a decade or more now.


  14. Abigail Hawk (born Abigail Diane Gustafson; May 4, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actress known for playing Samantha Bonner in the 1995 television series Reality Check, Detective Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods (2010–present), and Ellie in Almost Paris.

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  15. Speaking of gasoline prices, I saw this on FB:

    “Women aren’t panicking about the gas prices. They ride around on E all the time. They have been training for this.”


  16. Nope. Husband always sees that my car is fueled up. I have purchased fuel maybe four times in the past ten years.


  17. Mine was at a quarter of a tank today before I filled her up. Are cars always thought of as female? I almost said ‘it’ but she might have been offended by usage of the wrong pronoun.

    I extended both ends of my walk this evening and found some lovely flowers in the neighborhood. I sneezed about twenty times since getting inside. It must be delayed reaction to outside allergens.

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  18. Janice – Yup, I’ve always heard cars referred to as female if a gender is mentioned. Some people name their cars. My Aunt Gert named the car she’d had for 20 years something like Betsy or Bessie, I think. (She would have had the car longer, but it was totaled in an accident. She was dismayed by the loss of the car more than the accident.)

    My first car, I named Lucy.

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  19. My first VW beetle, a 1969 used baby-blue model that got me through college in the 1970s, was named “Monday” — because I got it on a Monday.

    The next one, a used 1974 VW beetle, beige, was named Tuesday. Because …. Yeah, got it on a Tuesday. That one took me through my first 3 “real” jobs.

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  20. Seems like they were “he” cars. And the names were pretty straight-forward, newsy almost. Just state the facts.

    Haven’t really named a car since, thought the Liberty was called “The Jeep” — newsy again — and this Cherokee is mostly called “City Jeep.”

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