Our Daily Thread 3-22-22

Good Morning!

Today may or may not be RKessler’s birthday

I think it is, but I sometimes get these wrong. 


Anyone have a QoD?


61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-22-22

  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Rkessler!
    May it be a wonderful day filled with a great variety of blessings. May you feel the joy of the Lord all day long. May you have a sense of renewal and refreshment from spring by being outside in God’s creation.⚘🌿⚘🌿⚘🌿🦋⚘🌿

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  2. We play Bocce here, too. Bocce means ball, so technically, it is Bocce, not Bocce Ball. My parents had a set and a sand pit area to play in. A local city used to have one, too, but I am unsure if they still have one. I never played regularly.

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  3. From Wikipedia:

    An unbirthday (originally written un-birthday) is an event celebrated on any or all days of the year which are not a person’s birthday. It is a neologism which first appeared in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass. The concept gave rise to “The Unbirthday Song” in the 1951 animated feature film Alice in Wonderland.

    I actually thought it came from Winnie the Pooh, but I was wrong.

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  4. The timeshare at Hilton Head has Bocce Ball set up on site. We pass by it going out to the beach. I don’t remember seeing people playing it. The pool table on a large porch stays active. Wesley and I have played at that, and it was fun.


  5. We have Bocce,but don’t think we have ever used it. I believe one of our grown children bought it for us, from our time in Italy. But we did not consider it quite the thing to have big heavy items being thrown about by a bunch of angry children. Did not seem quite safe.Plus they were not much into games of that type. But we watched it in the parks in Italy and Greece.

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  6. Catching up on posts from the last few days.

    Peter, thank you for continuing the Friday Funnies tradition. I enjoy reading them but would rarely remember to look at them without your prompt!

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  7. Seems fitting. 🙂




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  8. So who’s the peek-a-boo cat? Is there a few feline resident?

    Happy (maybe) birthday, Rk.

    The Bocce (ball) court was one of the first things that went in when they built the first section of our new waterfront near the cruise terminal many years ago. And speaking of cruises, we have another ship that’s home-ported here now, they’re hoping for a big cruise season ahead.

    Back to work for me today. Glad the comfortable office chair is fixed & I also managed to clear out some stacks of paper from that room in the process, so it’s more comfortable all the way around (again).

    But I may have to move out to the front of the house later in the day as we’re supposed to hit 80, maybe 80+, today in LA. When it gets warmer like that, the back room gets too hot as the day heads into the afternoon so I need the cool ocean breeze from the big windows on the other end of the house by then.

    All’s quiet next door still. He’ll probably be back any day now, very possibly today, but hopefully he’ll be over the worst of the meltdown.

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  9. That’s Gemma.

    She likes to climb between the armrest and the couch cover and sleep underneath. All you see is a large lump.

    She hiding. 🙂

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  10. You have been a great homeschool teacher, Mumsee. I was more of a facilitator than you are. I was really good at scoping out resources to learn from and providing them. I was not as hands on as you are. You are awesome in your ways of instruction!


  11. Happy birthday, RK!! May it be a good day.

    I finished painting and waxing my dining chairs a few weeks ago, and now I’m on to painting the fabric seats. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I painted a Queen Anne chair previously with chalk paint and it still looks and feels like leather. Hopefully these will as well.

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  12. Nope, Janice, facilitator here. I provide them with Hillsdale college courses, Home school Legal Defense courses (Constitutional Law), etc.

    I brought that up because it appeared the new nominee was not familiar with it. I remember learning it in public school, one of the few things I remember learning there.

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  13. She didn’t know about the Dred Scott case???? That was the seedbed for the War Between the States!

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  14. To be fair, she did not say she was not familiar with the Dred Scott case. I’m sure she remembered the case and the Supreme Court decision. What she said was that she did not remember the basis on which the Supreme Court made that decision.

    You would still think she ought to know that, but it doesn’t tilt my outrage meter nearly as far.

    I don’t actually know myself how they justified that decision, but then I’m not a Supreme Court nominee. 🙂

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  15. AJ – I just have to laugh when one of my cats is “hiding” under the bed with their tail sticking out. 😀


  16. Gemma, of course, I know her. But I think because I saw 3 cats (?) in yesterday’s photo — ok, one was a partial cat on the run — I wondered if the cat population was growing or if I just missed a newer acquisition.

    Picked up the dog meds (vet clinic, like all medical facilities, continues to observe all protocols strictly, masks anywhere on their property, even in the parking lot) and now resuming my catch-up goal of the day after being out for a long (but not overly fun, more stressful than anything else) weekend.


  17. A question for Peter:

    So now that the new season is a few weeks/months in with new shows, how do you think NCIS is doing without Gibbs?


  18. From the Fox news story:

    ~ Earlier, Cornyn referenced the Scott case as having been cited as “a product of substantive due process.” The case was brought by Dred Scott, a slave who left Missouri and went to Illinois, where slavery was illegal. Upon returning to Missouri, Scott sued claiming that he had been freed by moving to a state where he could not be a slave. The Supreme Court ruled against him, stating that he did not have standing to bring the case in the first place, but also that allowing Scott to be free would deprive his owner of property – Scott himself – without due process.

    Responding to Cornyn’s question about substantive due process, Jackson described the doctrine itself, noting that justices “have interpreted that to mean not just procedural rights relative to government action, but also the protection of certain personal rights related to intimacy and autonomy.”

    Jackson noted that this has included rights to rear children, travel, marry, marry a different race, get an abortion and use contraception.

    “Treating slaves as chattel property,” Cornyn interjected, citing the Scott case.

    “I don’t quite remember the basis for the Dred Scott opinion,” Jackson said, stating that she trusted Cornyn’s take on it.

    While substantive due process was the basis for the court’s reasoning that they could not deprive a slave owner of property by deeming the slave to be free, the basis of the decision was that even former slaves could not sue in federal court because they could not be U.S. citizens.

    The Scott case was effectively nullified with the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, which stated that all people born or naturalized in the U.S. are citizens. ~


  19. DJ, you didn’t ask me my opinion, but I’ll tell you anyway. To my surprise, Parker is growing on me. It will take awhile for new chemistry to mature, but I think the series might survive. I still like it better than any of the other NCISs.

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  20. still early here, but since I went to bed at 8, I am up. I hear the neighbors going down to market so it is probably time for me to get ready.
    This is the first day of our biannual conference. Too many people for me as they invite all of our employees for the first hour or two. Hard for this introvert. I may go a little early and find a secluded spot.

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  21. Kevin, yes, I agree. (Peter will be the hard-sell on this one, I think.)


    I do like the new Hawaii NCIS version that comes afterward, which also was a surprise to me.

    This reminds me of a casual line thrown out maybe last season on This is Us (on another station, of course) when someone mentioned watching NCIS.

    ~ NCIS fans who tuned into This Is Us on Tuesday night heard an unexpected shoutout to the CBS procedural. Not only was it a reference to the series, but it was also a jab at it and its fans. Specifically, NCIS’ ability to grab an older-skewing audience was bashed.

    … The branch of the Pearson family led by Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is dealing with a guest who has overstayed her welcome: Randall’s mother-in-law Carol Clarke (Phylicia Rashad). …

    A result of Carol’s impact on the family is this scene, which features Pearson daughters Déjà (Lyric Ross) and Annie (Faithe Herman) squabbling over control of the living room TV. Annie declares that she wants to watch NCIS. Déjà scoffs at the request, replying, “Annie, that’s for old people.” ~

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  22. DJ – I have been pleased with Gary Cole’s character, and think that the show is still worth watching. Then again, I’ve liked Gary Cole for a while, so his taking over for Harmon was not hard for me to adjust to.


  23. Parker is also growing on me. I really didn’t like him at first and I still miss Gibbs. It is also the only NCIS we watch – quickly gave up on Hawaii, didn’t like NO from the start and slowly gave up on LA. I do NOT like shows that devolve into soap operas or have extended evil people controlling things in the background and it seems that everything points back to them.

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  24. And I remember that scene from This Is Us, and laughed.

    CBS shows in general are considered more popular among us older folks. The demographics for Blue Bloods skews older, too, and that is another one I enjoy. (I don’t watch any of the other NCISs.)


  25. LA NCIS really slid downhill rather quickly, unfortunately, as did the NO version. I’ll catch it now and again, or parts of it, but I’m not a regular watcher of that one at all.

    Blue Bloods is good. And there’s a Kim look-alike on that show, at least she reminds me of Kim. Every time I watch the show and she appears I think, “There’s Kim.”

    And while no one can replace Gibbs, I’m so far impressed by how they’ve managed to bring something/one very new to the cast via Parker, and, from what it seems like, make it work in a fresh way.

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  26. Kizzie,

    We have long curtains in our living room that stop about 8 inches from the floor.

    Gemma and Fluffy like to go behind them and then pounce out as you go by, as if you didn’t see the headless cat lurking there.

    If they can’t see you, then they think you can’t see them either. 🙂

    I like to call them by name as I approach so they know I see them. Then they stay put. I guess if they can’t startle you, then what’s the point…..

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  27. Annie Oakley has been trained not to pounce by living with two border collies. But she will tear into the house from the patio sometimes, like a shot as she flies through the living room, up onto and over the furniture, then landing on her cat tree.

    She does like sitting in the open windows (behind a screen) to watch the neighbor cats and dogs.

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  28. Oh, any time mumsee.

    Only if Lady Jane Grey Dudley is a detective or a federal agent, I’m afraid.

    I haven’t been familiar with Cole, looks like he’s appeared in a lot of shows and films but not too many that I’ve seen (and those I did see he doesn’t stand out).

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  29. Miss Bosley still does the flying cat routine at times, usually late when Art gets home. I think she likes to try to impress him that she can still fly over the couch and run upstairs and down and slide on the kitchen floor. She never wastes her energy on me because she takes my love for granted. She does not see him as much so she goes all out to get his attention. Maybe it is an attempt to get him to not turn on the television.

    Last night I got Art to listen to the saxaphone player in the church service and Miss Bosley had funny reactions to the those sounds. I think she thought that was a really weird cat.

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  30. NCIS New Orleans was horrid. I hated the fake accent. The only people who can fake a southern accept are the British.


  31. Cats do like to fly.

    Kim, I think the guy with the fake accent was killed off.

    I did tune in sometimes when I was doing house stuff, just for some of the colorful decor in the homes and patios, loved some of the bright colors, the greens and other hues.


  32. DJ- NCIS is okay w/out Gibbs. I still don’t like Parker that much, Torres is getting better, but Knight is the surprise. I didn’t like her at first, but last night’s episode changed my opinion of her.

    I am looking forward to the Hawai’i crossover next week.


  33. DJ,

    In yesterday’s pic Gemma and Mouse were lounging, Fluffy was the long haired, fast moving blur. All three were sleeping on the blanket, but Fluffy saw the camera and ran. She likes to move and blur the shot. It’s kind of her thing.

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  34. Thank you for the birthday greetings. My girls were going to meet me in Albuquerque and go to the zoo and aquarium. But, alas, the snow came. I don’t travel in the snow if it can be avoided. So, we stayed home. I am not sure what they did in Albuquerque. Still snowing on and off.We had a good, quiet, day here.

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  35. Three cats. Now I remember Fluffy’s arrival, sort of like a Maine Coon, right? But Norwegian?

    Well, “OK” is pretty high praise from Peter, I’d say, regarding NCIS sans Gibbs.

    I didn’t have an opinion, really, about Knight.

    And a cross-over episode, who knew? I missed that promo, too, I guess.

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  36. We just had two Fudge Stripe cookies with mint chocolate ice cream. First time since March 11. I held out a long time. Now there’s only one more serving left. I don’t want it to spoil, but I can’t have it frequently or I would have a habit all too easily. It is very good.


  37. I went early and got a seat in the corner of the balcony. I love watching and seeing who is there. Then the whole CAM department came up for the first hour and a half. That is construction and Maintenance, but they left me my row. Then three friends came.
    I stayed til noon and now I have to figure out the zooom link

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  38. It is so strange to see everyone in one place. Some even flew in from other parts of PNG. and of course visitors came. I went upstairs and then took off my mask.

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  39. I got the zoom link, got updated and signed in. Then they were leaving for discussion groups. Since I missed what they were discussing, I decided to opt out.

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  40. So, I had a nap and then rejoined them for the next session. It was interesting and a friend of mine from Australia even did a zoom comment. He is in his 80’s, one of the pioneers here and I will probably not see him again.

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