16 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-18-22

  1. The media needs to pay a price for their lies as well.

    And yes, they all knew these were lies when they pushed them…..








    There’s even more…..

    Irreparably broken.


  2. Biased and broken.






  3. But we’re not even done yet…..

    Drew brought receipts….









  4. “Choke on It: Here’s the One Thing to Remember About the Liberal Media Over Their Admission About Hunter Biden”


    “They can admit this now. There’s no way Joe Biden will be removed from office. There’s a war going on in Ukraine. There are dozens more domestic crises this man seems incapable of tackling. Inflation is through the roof. Gas prices are surging. These two major domestic issues are killing middle- and working-class families. So, with all this chaos, they can sneak through anything through the backdoor without anyone noticing. Well, we did. Katie wrote about what The New York Times finally admitted about Hunter Biden. That the contents of his laptop were authentic. It was not Russian disinformation. And there might be some felonious activity on there. Hunter is already the subject of a Department of Justice probe regarding his taxes:

    The New York Times is out with a story today about the ongoing Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. Deep down in the text, the story confirms Hunter Biden’s laptop — full of salacious information and photos — is indeed authentic.

    “The Justice Department inquiry into the business dealings of the president’s son has remained active, with a grand jury seeking information about payments from around the world,” the New York Times reports. “People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity. Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation. In some of the emails, Mr. Biden displayed a familiarity with FARA, and a desire to avoid triggering it.”


  5. Once again stupid Covid policies led to unnecessary deaths.

    Thank DeBlassio.

    “NYFD Canceled Inspection of the Bronx Building Where 17 Died Because of COVID Reassignment

    Children died because inspector who could have identified fire hazards was reassigned to a restaurant to enforce covid-control rules.”


    “In late December, New York City experienced its deadliest fire in 30 years when a malfunctioning space heater caused a blaze that filled a high-rise Bronx apartment building with thick smoke and killed 17 people.

    An investigation into the event shows that the apartment complex was scheduled to be examined by a New York City Fire Inspector several months beforehand. However, the critical check that could have identified fire hazards was canceled.

    Why? The inspector was reassigned to conduct COVID restaurant inspections.

    The troubling account came from Oren Barzilay, president of the union that represents paramedics and fire inspectors who testified Wednesday at a hearing held by the City Council’s Fire and Emergency Management Committee.

    “That building was scheduled to be inspected, but because they were sent to a task force, that building was not inspected,” he testified.

    “It’s terrible,” he told the Daily News after his testimony. “I’m not blaming Eric Adams. I’m blaming the previous administration for not thinking it through.”

    Other New York City fire department officials recounted being diverted from other similar and crucial safety inspections to pursue “zero Covid.”

    During testimony to the Council on Wednesday, Michael Reardon, the FDNY’s deputy chief inspector, noted that during the course of that initiative, about 90 fire inspectors were diverted from their normal responsibilities to perform COVID-related duties, like inspecting restaurants to make sure they checked vaccination cards and were distributing masks. Overall, there are 450 fire inspectors citywide.

    “They were downsized to the point that some units were unable to do all the inspections they needed to do,” he testified.

    Councilwoman Joann Ariola, who heads the Council’s fire and emergency management committee, called former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy of diverting fire inspectors to COVID-related matters “unconscionable” and said she’d refer the matter to the Department of Investigation and the Council’s oversight committee.

    “We’re looking forward to making sure these wrongs are righted,” she said. “It should be investigated.”

    NYC Mayor Eric Adams has since rolled back the restaurant policing by the FDNY inspectors.”


  6. They’re called consequences Cupcake.

    Didn’t they teach you about those at your woke Ivy League college?

    “Yale Law students tried to shout down a speaker, now a judge says maybe they shouldn’t get clerkships”


    “Earlier this month a group of student protesters shut down a scheduled speech at UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco by Ilya Shapiro. After about 30 minutes of rude interruptions, Shapiro gave up and the event was canceled. The school sent out a notice reminding students that shouting down speakers violated the school’s code of conduct but no one was ever punished for those violations. Last week there was a similar attempt to use the heckler’s veto during a panel at Yale Law School on the topic of free speech.

    The March 10 panel, which was hosted by the Yale Federalist Society, featured Monica Miller of the progressive American Humanist Association and Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative nonprofit that promotes religious liberty. Both groups had taken the same side in a 2021 Supreme Court case involving legal remedies for First Amendment violations. The purpose of the panel, a member of the Federalist Society said, was to illustrate that a liberal atheist and a conservative Christian could find common ground on free speech issues…

    When a professor at the law school, Kate Stith, began to introduce Waggoner, the protesters, who outnumbered the audience members, rose in unison, holding signs that attacked ADF. The nonprofit has argued—and won—several Supreme Court cases establishing religious exemptions from civil rights laws, most famously Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission in 2018.

    As they stood up, the protesters began to antagonize members of the Federalist Society, forcing Stith to pause her remarks. One protester told a member of the conservative group she would “literally fight you, bitch,” according to audio and video obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    The Free Beacon published a 2 minute video (see below) showing the Yale law professor, Kate Stith, reminding the protesters of the school’s commitment to free speech and telling them to “grow up.” As you’ll see that brought a big reaction from the student protesters. But Stith didn’t back down, warning the protesters that if the disruption continued she would ask the students to leave or “help you leave.” Stith then told them they could wait quietly in the hallway or they could sit down and listen to the speakers.

    The students did leave the room but once gathered in the hallway the Beacon reports they “began to stomp, shout, clap, sing, and pound the walls.” The noise created a disturbance for other students in the same building and once the even was over the participants had some difficulty leaving because the protesters were crowded into the only exit. A couple days after the panel ended, several hundred students signed a letter criticizing the school for allowing police to respond to the protest. Students complained one of the officers even touched someone.”


    “And apparently at least one judge agrees that these students, allegedly the top law students in the country, have crossed a line. DC Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman sent an email to every federal judge in the country suggesting that students involved in last week’s Yale protest might not be suitable candidates for clerkships.

    The latest events at Yale Law School, in which students attempted to shout down speakers participating in a panel discussion on free speech, prompt me to suggest that students who are identified as those willing to disrupt any such panel discussion should be noted. All federal judges—and all federal judges are presumably committed to free speech—should carefully consider whether any student so identified should be disqualified from potential clerkships.

    This is certainly one way to get the attention of individual law students who may also be thinking about their future ambitions.”


  7. Slow Joe just doesn’t get it.

    Quick, someone remind me what an expert he’s supposed to be on foreign affairs…

    “Reports: Biden Admin Considers Removing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards From Terrorism List To Get Nuke Deal

    President Biden’s restoration of the 2015 nuke deal will prove to be a big boost to Iran-sponsored international terrorism.”


    “Days after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired missiles aimed at the U.S. consulate in northern Iraq, President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly planning to remove the Iranian outfit from the list of international terrorist organizations.

    The decision to drop the IRGC — Iranian regime’s military arm — from the terror list, appears to be yet another concession made by the Biden White House to restore the Obama-era nuclear deal with Tehran.

    “An agreement to restore the 2015 nuclear deal is nearly complete, but Iran’s demand that President Biden reverse Donald Trump’s decision to designate the IRGC as a Foreign Terrorist Organization is a key remaining sticking point,” Israeli journalist Barak Ravid reported in the Axios news website on Wednesday.

    In 2019, former President Donald Trump designated the IRGC as foreign terrorist organization, a move aimed at crippling Tehran’s ability to arm and finance jihadi and terror groups across the world.

    The Reuters reported the IRGC possible removal from the U.S. terror blacklist:

    The United States is considering removing Iran’s Revolutionary Guards from its foreign terrorist organization blacklist in return for Iranian assurances about reining in the elite force, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

    The source said Washington had not decided what might be an acceptable commitment from Tehran in exchange for such a step, which would reverse former U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2019 blacklisting of the group and draw sharp Republican criticism. (…)

    The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is a powerful faction in Iran that controls a business empire as well as elite armed and intelligence forces that Washington accuses of carrying out a global terrorist campaign.

    The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Biden administration was weighing whether to drop the terrorist designation “in return for some kind of commitment and/or steps by Iran, with respect to regional or other IRGC activities.” (…)

    Asked about the possibility of removing the IRGC from the U.S. terrorism list, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price declined comment beyond saying that sanctions relief is at the heart of negotiations to revive the nuclear deal.

    The news comes after the IRGC took responsibility for firing at least a dozen ballistic missile targeting the U.S. consulate compound and a U.S.-linked air field in Iraq’s northern city of Erbil.”




  8. That’s a lot of twitter space to use up on a man who doesn’t even work in the White House. The left has already posted their retort — Ivanka made close to a half a billion dollars while wandering around the White House, and in on government meetings. You don’t have to go Ukraine to find corruption. Besides it really didn’t matter; the election was about Trump not Biden. The Democrats could have run just about anyone and the same result would have occurred. The election was a referendum on Trump and people spoke.

    Speaking of real disinformation, Tucker Carlson, Madison Cawthorn, Trump, and other Republicans are stars of the Russian media. In their propaganda campaign, the Russians have made good use of Americans who don’t support Ukraine and even have good things to say about Putin. In the 60’s, Mao used to call left wing American college students, useful idiots. Its now the right’s turn to adopt the mantle.


  9. The Daily Caller video is what I call “poverty porn”. Its video or photographs of marginalized, poor, and mental ill people for the gain of the cameraman, whether monetary, political or other purposes. Most of the video seems to come from his car as he drives around looking for poverty etc., I can see the same scenes in my city when I walk my dog but when you walk by on a consistent basis, they become your neighbours and who would treat their neighbour in that manner. The marginalized are far more human when they pet your dog and tell you about their dog on the farm. Hence, I don’t take pictures or video.

    Beyond who occupies city hall, there’s various reasons for what you see — lack of medical care, criminalization of poverty, police practises, etc. The reason you see larger numbers in cities is simple; population density and resources for the poor are usually located in cities. You can find poverty everywhere — I could drive around small town Mississippi and make the same video, very few communities don’t have these scenes. In my travels, only the Nordic countries and the Netherlands seem to have eliminated extreme poverty


  10. Do people still think Biden (or any politician) is responsible for gas prices? The price per barrel has dropped but is the price per gallon down to Jan prices? Probably not. If you adjust for inflation, the price per galloon was its highest in 1980-82 and again 2008 – 14. Yet price per gallon even when adjusted for inflation has never been higher. Its not Biden. Its American oligarchs exploiting a crisis to make record profits


  11. Of course, there’s consquences for an illegal act. Hence, the continued prosecution of Jan 6th rioters.

    Walking away from the Iran treaty continues to be one of Trump’s worst foreign policy moves. The carrot — release of frozen assets had already been given, Iran was complying and Iranian oil could be selling in Europe replacing Russian oil. There’s a pipeline through Turkey ready to used.


  12. “The Democrats could have run just about anyone and the same result would have occurred.”

    Yes, because the fix was in, resulting in the greatest election steal in history, and the consequences have been absolutely devastating.


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