40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-16-22

  1. Good morning. The picture changed as I was catching up on the weekend thread. I worked 2 extra shifts last week and 2 more this week. This is the first night I have a minute to sit down and read.

    Thank you, Kim and Janice, for making the journey to represent and convey our love to Chas’ family. Thank you, AJ for keeping us all in the loop.

    We lost a 93 year old in our community the day after Chas died. He, too, was surrounded by family who loved him and cared for him at home. What a blessing!

    Just an observation from the ED- a crying baby is better than a not crying baby.

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  2. Glad you had an opportunity to be here, Rk. I am always amazed about your long days and how God uses your gifts and talents to serve so many.

    Isn’t that the best program for Chas’ Memorial service? I know if he happened to look down from heaven and see that service he would have been so pleased.

    Later at Chuck’s home, one topic of discussion with some of Chuck’s long time friends was about cremation. We were unaware that ashes of two people, even a married couple, can not be comingled when buried. Also we heard that up to five people’s ashes can be placed inside a single burial plot. That could be state law so might be different in various locations. Or it could be federal law. Not sure on that.

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  3. What a sweet photo up there! Isn’t that the photo where Chas is holding little Charlie? Thanks for sharing that Janice and Aj.

    Rk that is so true. The day we brought our youngest home, she awakened that night sucking furiously on her little fist. I got up and took her downstairs to change, feed, pray over and snuggle her. I had an appt with our family doctor that following day and I told him that she didn’t cry…she just sucked on her hand. He said she at 3 wks old knew no one was going to meet her needs so that was her response to satisfy her hunger. (She was malnourished and had an infected umbilical when I picked her up at the agency office) The next day he called me and asked how the second night went. I told him she cried! He was thrilled knowing she knew someone was there to meet her needs.

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  4. Good morning. Tax appointment day.

    Also guitar lesson day for 6th Arrow. And me teaching two preschoolers at the studio during 6th’s lesson. Average age of those two is 42 months — the 2 1/2 year old and one of the 4 year olds.

    Then home for a piano lesson with a much older 7 year old!

    Then to church for Lenten supper and worship.

    Homeschooling in between times.

    Hope your days go well, wanderers, whatever you will be doing.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. I am in the office today. I have some catching up to do. We have a big training program coming and I have to finalize the space for it and get more people registered, plus I just need to show my face around here sometimes.
    I got the Broker Price Opinions done yesterday afternoon. They have a closing on the portfolio Friday.

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  6. Yesterday on the way home from Atlanta I listened to two books. One was Burnout and the other was The Untethered Soul, so I am not sure which one it was, but it touched on the truth in what has been said above. A baby can die from lack of connection. I know it has been studied in babies who were first adopted from Russia and China where they had been cared for in orphanages where they were simply fed. They lacked connection and were emotionally starved.
    I am sure Mumsee and Mike have seen it in some of their children. Janice and I talked about many of you during our time together. She asked about my trip to Mumsee’s. I laughed and remembered that I came back calling Mumsee “The Child Whisperer”. Then I told her that even the hummingbirds got along and didn’t fight over the feeder on the farmlette.

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  7. Good morning, all. Good night, Jo. Received it and will pass along.

    Babies. Yes, we have encountered that. And it is always a blessing to see them begin to make their demands known. But then you often send them back and hope the parents have learned that this is a positive thing to be met with love and attention. But not knowing so you pray.

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  8. Taxes. There it is again.

    Port news conference this morning, chimney sweep company is coming back this afternoon to see what happened to that chimney cap (which was put on new in November but now has vanished — probably blew off and is on the flat roof somewhere, but not visible).

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  9. Ann sent me these words:

    I have a picture in my bedroom that says:
    “God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has, so you can leave an imprint that no one else can.”
    What an incredibly beautiful imprint was left by Chas!“

    She also noted his example of TSWITW inspired her to love her husband more.


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  10. I had an email from Hillsdale College with this title,
    Free online course: “An Introduction to C.S. Lewis: Writings and Significance” in case anyone is interested. I did not read the details. We receive their monthly newsletter, Imprimis, which Art enjoys so I give a minimal amount each month to cover costs. Mumsee may already know about this. It sounds great for use in homeschooling.

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  11. Got it, Michelle. Thanks.

    I’m giving the kids a day off from school today because of all the running I described above. We’ll cover the day’s material over the course of the next 1-2 days and get caught up. I hope my eye will be improved by then, too (I wrote about that on the prayer thread), so that reading/teaching will be easier for me.

    Still have the piano lessons, though. Only an hour and a half of that today, however. Wednesday is definitely a short teaching day for piano.

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  12. Janice, we have incorporated Hillsdale into the flow. Currently looking at Mark Twain and those banned books. We did the Jane Austen Northanger Abby as well as Economics and several of the history and constitution courses and the Supreme Court. We also did the one on children’s literature. So, yes, we are enjoying it. For myself, I went through Dante’s Inferno and Genesis, now on David.

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  13. I got it, Michelle, I hadn’t checked my box before asking Mumsee for it. Thanks, I look forward to wading through Chas’s history with us.

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  14. The book Free to Believe, about religious liberty, is on sale for Kindle at 1.99. It was, according to what I read, one of World magazine’s top books of the year. I get info on discounted books from a few publishers so that is where I saw this.

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  15. And you’ve got to love Spurgeon, who doesn’t mince words.

    From Morning and Evening:

    MARCH 16

    Keep Me Back from Sin
    Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins.

    Psalm 19:13

    ~ Such was the prayer of the “man after God’s own heart.” Did holy David need to pray like this? How needful, then, such a prayer must be for us babes in grace! It is as if he said, “Keep me back, or I shall rush headlong over the precipice of sin.” Our evil nature, like an ill-tempered horse, is apt to run away. May the grace of God put the bridle upon it and hold it in, that it rush not into mischief.

    What would the best of us do if it were not for the checks that the Lord sets upon us both in providence and in grace! The psalmist’s prayer is directed against the worst form of sin—that which is done with deliberation and willfulness. Even the holiest need to be “kept back” from the vilest transgressions. It is a solemn thing to find the apostle Paul warning saints against the most loathsome sins: “Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.”1

    What! Do saints really need to be warned against such sins as these? Yes, they do. The whitest robes, unless their purity be preserved by divine grace, will be defiled by the blackest spots.

    Experienced Christian, do not boast in your experience; you will trip if you look away from Him who is able to keep you from falling. You whose love is fervent, whose faith is constant, whose hopes are bright, do not say, “We shall never sin,” but rather cry, “Lead us not into temptation.” There is enough kindling in the heart of the best of men to light a fire that shall burn to the lowest hell, unless God shall quench the sparks as they fall. Who would have dreamed that righteous Lot could be found drunk and committing immorality? Hazael said, “Is Your servant a dog, that he should do this thing?” and we are very apt to use the same self-righteous question. May infinite wisdom cure us of the madness of self-confidence. ~

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  16. A leading religious freedom attorney, the veteran of several Supreme Court battles, helps people of faith understand religious liberty in our rapidly changing culture—why it matters, how it is threatened, and how to respond with confidence and grace. 

    Many Americans feel like their religious freedom is under attack. They see the culture changing around them, and they fear that their beliefs will soon be punished as a form of bigotry. Others think these fears are overblown and say Christians should stop complaining about imaginary persecution.

    In Free to Believe leading religious freedom attorney Luke Goodrich challenges both sides of this debate, offering a fresh perspective on the most controversial religious freedom conflicts today. With penetrating insights on gay rights, abortion rights, Islam, and the public square, Goodrich argues that threats to religious freedom are real—but they might not be quite what you think.

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  17. So Jo made a list of all Chas’s interactions here? Must be a huge file.

    I remember back in 2008 when we all got behind his failed run for President. It all began when he said he was as qualified as Obama.

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  18. I got the file Thanks Jo and Michelle. Peter it says 730 KB whatever that means…. If you print it out it is 74 pages…double side that and you only have 37 …oh look I did math! 😉

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  19. Well I sent it to Kim and to Michelle. Sorry Kim, must be an old address for you. And then I remembered that Mumsee comes up so sent it to her. The rest of you it was just too hard to find your addresses.
    You are all in there, with a comment you made to or about Chas.
    Just a whole lot of copying and pasting. We won’t mention that it is over 110 pages.
    I would like to send it to the Shull’s, if anyone has an address.

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  20. I started going through Jo’s file. Not far in I found this from Chas in April 2020:

    “if the Lord hears my prayers, she will go first and I will be close behind.”

    I think the Lord heard his prayers, though I know that last year must have felt awfully long to him.

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  21. I went to the ladies’ once a month gathering tonight at the new church, and a lady from my old church drives me to this group. Tonight’s focus was on prayer. It was such a nice evening and since the friend who took me is a retired missionary, it worked out perfectly for her to pray for missionaries around the world. One lady from Ukraine asked in broken English for us to pray for her city on the coast under attack today. I was in tears. And we sang It is Well With My Soul which was sung at Chas’ service on Monday. I am glad my missionary friend is getting out to meet new people. God keeps generating blessings over and above what we can think or imagine.

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  22. So glad your new church home is already such a blessing, Janice.

    “It is Well With My Soul’ is such a beautiful piece, and one that can easily bring tears.

    I haven’t read the compilation of Chas-isms yet, but thank you, Jo, for doing that. You were a good friend to him (and he to you). And I’m sure the family will treasure that.

    just got the dishes washed up. Strangely I haven’t used the dishwasher since the start of the pandemic (and probably has more to do with working from home?). I hope it still works and need to get back to using it.

    Covered a port news conference today that touched on the surge of Covid in China (and other parts of the world) once again. I keep hoping we’ve seen (mostly) the end of it, but sometimes think this may be just another “pause” before the next round.

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  23. Michelle sent me the file. Thanks for all the work you did on that, Jo. Does it include his comments on the news thread or just the open one? How far back does it go, since Chas has been a part of this since the beginning?

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