Our Daily Thread 3-10-22

From the Shull family….

At 3:40 am this morning Charles Walter Shull went peacefully to see Jesus and Elvera.  Our family thanks the Wanderers for loving on this great man.

Linda Shull

My condolences to his family. We weep with you this morning for your loss. But we will all see him again when we join him with Jesus. So take heart, this isn’t the end, only the next chapter for our friend Chas. I will miss him, but know he is where he longed to be, and for that I am joyful.


33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-10-22

  1. I awoke to this message this morning. I am sad for us but happy for him. Perhaps he’s met my dad. I’ve always thought of Chad as a father figure to us all.
    How much better our lives have been because of him.
    I personally am honored that his family shared this time with us. I am thankful that his last hours were spent comfortably slipping away from us. I am thankful for the caregivers he had both at home and as an in-patient at hospice.
    I am a better person for having known him.
    Mere words aren’t enough.
    Rest In Peace dear friend. You were greatly loved by us all and we will miss you until we meet again on the far side banks of Jordan.

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  2. So thankful he is at peace. I know he was ready and anxious for this day. Prayers for the family to have wonderful memories brought to their minds and attention and for his spiritual legacy to live on.

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  3. Oh to have been at that happy reunion of Chas and Elvera. My condolences to the family. both physical and spiritual. We have all lost a “big brother”.

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  4. Oh so thankful knowing our dear Chas has been welcomed into the arms of our Saviour who he loved so well…hearing those words “well done thy good and faithful servant”. And then to be reunited with TSWITW….oh what joy! While we miss him we rejoice! ♥️ Until we meet again…..
    Continuing to cover Chuck, Linda, children and grandchildren in prayer. ❤️

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  5. I stand with David:

    ‘But when David saw that his servants were whispering together, David perceived that the child was dead so David said to his servants, “Is the child dead?” And they said, “He is dead.” So David arose from the ground, washed, anointed himself, and changed his clothes, and he came into the house of the Lord and worshiped.’…..”Can I bring him back again? I will go to him but he will not return to me.” 2 Samuel 12:19-20a, 23b

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  6. And I will say Aj that is the most perfect photo for today….our Chas is embracing his cherished bride once again….which to me reflects the embrace of the Father around His children…..oh the deep deep love which has been bestowed upon us all…..

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  7. I doubt Chas would want us to stop talking.

    Our study in Revelation this morning was on Revelation 4, the throne room of God. When John stepped into Heaven, the first thing he saw was the throne with the One sitting on it. I imagine that is how it went for Chas. Eyes riveted on God and being allowed to see what he feared was coming, unfold. He feared for his grandchildren, the world before them. He will get to see it now from the other side, and know that God is glorified through it all. It may be difficult (every time on this earth since the Fall has had its struggles), but it will end beautifully.

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  8. I realized today that Chas shares 3 dates with my family. His birthday, August 17, is the same as my 2nd daughter. He was married in 1957, just a few weeks after I was born. And now, his departure date is on what would have been my father’s 96th birthday.

    Chas will be missed, but I rejoice that he has finished the race and won.

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  9. And two of those dates with me, as well. His birthday is my and Mrs. B’s anniversary, and I too was born in 1957. So we have a lot of connections.

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  10. Power came back on around 9:20 last night. Then I ran around resetting clocks and reprogramming my DVD recorder/player.

    This morning I realized that I accidentally had set my alarm clock for pm time instead of am time. Fortunately, I was already in the process of waking up, and was only five minutes late getting up. Seeing that, I changed the alarm clock time right away for the next time I need it.

    Missing Chas and praying for his family. So sad to lose his steady presence with us, but so wonderful for him to be with his Savior, and reunited with his beloved Elvera.

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  11. Posting this especially for Six in a little thank you for how you hurried up and got that piece composed, arranged, and performed for Chas, his family, and all of us as a way to show love and comfort.

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  12. Thank you for all your prayers. Charlie is missed here but we know without a doubt where he is. We are having a memorial service for Charlie on Monday morning at 11:00 am Friendly Avenue Baptist Church in Greensboro.

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  13. Thank you Linda. His absence from us is sorely felt by us all. A true comfort it is knowing he dwells with the Most High and is now “home”. How cherished was our dear brother and encourager in Christ. Yes he was a treasure in our lives ♥️

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  14. Nightingale was sad when I told her about Chas’ passing. She’s heard a lot about you folks from me. She loved the header photo, which I showed her earlier.

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  15. Such beautiful music shared today and yesterday, everyone. Thank you for those.

    My heart is heavy tonight, even while rejoicing that Chas is Home.

    Chas, having been born about eight months after my dad, shared the same age with him from August to December each year.

    I never thought Chas would go home to the Lord before Dad.

    They will be together in heaven someday. In the meanwhile, I can still love on my dad while he’s here.

    I’m sorry that you have neither parent on earth anymore, Chuck. I am praying for you and Linda and your family. My husband’s mother passed last November, about six years after hubby’s father. For husband, losing his second parent was much harder. He broke down sobbing at the gravesite, something I’ve never seen him do in the nearly 40 years I’ve known him.

    May you all feel God’s loving presence in the weeks, months and years ahead. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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