18 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-11-22

  1. “Under President Trump, We Really Had a Wonderful Life

    Who wouldn’t prefer a reality that kept Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, North Korea, and Iran in check, and brought stability to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords?”

    81 million clueless US voters…. Allegedly….


    “In the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey is able to see what the world would have been like had he never been born. Everything changes. George wasn’t there to save his younger brother from drowning. And, that in turn, meant that his brother wasn’t there to save the lives of hundreds of men on board a U.S. military troop ship. Everything has a domino effect.

    Unfortunately, we get to have a similar experience. We see how one terrible leader imposing his disastrous policies on the American people has negatively impacted every American. We also witness how Joe Biden’s immature foreign policy has produced unrest and war.

    And, although we are assured by the Left that the 2020 presidential election was pristine—the best ever—we wonder wistfully what the world would look like had President Trump remained in the Oval Office instead of the blindingly incompetent and malevolent Joe Biden.

    Like most Americans filling up their cars at the gas station, my jaw dropped when I filled up the other day at the inflated price of more than $4 per gallon. Before Biden took office and stopped exploration, development, and extraction of oil and gas; before he killed the Keystone XL pipeline project; before he begged oil producing nations that hate us to produce more for us, the average price of gas was around $2.30 per gallon.

    The “mean tweeting” Trump kept gas affordable. Trump left office with America energy independent, even exporting petroleum products.

    Even though demand under Trump and Biden is similar, Biden’s policies have produced a scarcity of gas. The result is higher prices domestically.

    And, since every consumer good is trucked throughout the country, higher gas prices have helped cause the upward pressure on prices of our consumer goods. And that includes food!

    The fact that Biden’s advisors at first ignored inflation, then said it was temporary, and finally concluded that it was a good thing, indicates a fundamental lack of knowledge of what inflation is and how to bring it back under control.

    At the State of the Union, Biden indicated that businesses can simply wave a magic wand: He wants a crackdown on “greedy” businesses that charge too much.


    How about slowing down the devaluation of American dollars that he wants to spend by the trillions?

    If you want to bring down consumer costs that are rising through inflation or economic scarcity, unleash the American energy sector and stop throwing trillions of dollars into thin air.

    It is hard to wake up from the dream, as George Bailey found out. We keep finding additional ways that President Trump would make America better.

    The border under Biden is in a crisis. Ten thousand illegal aliens cross our southern border everyday. Terrorists and violent criminals have been released into the country. Even when unaccompanied children were apprehended, Biden lost track of 20,000 of them.

    I miss the days when an active President Trump could bring the border under operational control, Mexico agreed to the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and we had a president who encouraged our Border Patrol and ICE agents to enforce the law, while taking on the Washington swamp.

    When I talk to law enforcement, politicians, and residents along the border, they all wish they could wake up from the nightmare of the Biden Administration to find the safety and rule of law they had under President Trump.

    Parents around the country have awakened to the danger of the “wokeness” of their children’s schools. Parents want the best education possible for their children, not the worst indoctrination. They love their children and want to know what their children are being taught.

    Under this administration, the Left criticizes and tries to prevent parental involvement in their children’s education. The Left hides what they are doing, and when parents show up at the school board meetings, they are arrested, threatened, and the police apparatus of the federal government spies on them.

    Biden’s attorney general has created a task force and a ranking system for parents, even referring to them as would-be domestic terrorists.”


    Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.

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  3. But muh narrative…..


  4. 🤡🤡🤡🤡



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  6. Another Dem false narrative dies…


    “Project Veritas has captured New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg delivering news that has somehow been deemed unfit to print in the paper (video below). PV’s post on the video comes under the heading “Pulitzer Prize Winning New York Times Reporter: January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved, Event Was Not Organized Despite Ongoing Narrative.”. PV’s post leads with a set of bullet points highlighting quotable quotes.


  7. Good question, but they lie repeatedly, so we may never know for sure.

    Just like the fact that Covid escaped a Chinese lab.

    “Was the U.S. Making Biological Weapons in Ukraine?

    Ukraine may be a place where Western governments outsourced other activities that were too dangerous or too illegal to conduct at home. ”


    “For a long time, Western companies have conducted much of their “dirty work” in other countries. Places like Mexico, Nigeria, and China have been popular because they are comparatively lax on worker safety, environmental protection, and transparency. Older readers may recall how Shell’s oil exploration in Nigeria and the conditions of the maquiladoras in Juarez used to be a common complaint of leftist activists, but you don’t hear much about “sweatshops” anymore.

    Private companies know that the United States and Western Europe have strict laws and minimal corruption; it could destroy a company’s reputation and financials if it were to do the things at home that it does rather freely abroad. By contrast, when something is really important or really sensitive, it only makes sense to do it at home, where it can be done right and to the highest standards.

    This is what makes the Russian and Chinese allegations about U.S. biological weapons facilities in Ukraine so peculiar. At first, it all sounded like internet “schizo posting.” It seemed highly unlikely that significant American resources would be devoted to such research, particularly in unstable Ukraine. On the flip side, the military and the CIA have conducted some of their dirty work overseas, including the controversial “black sites” and “renditioning” programs during the War on Terror.

    While I do not know exactly what happened, I do know a liar when I see one, and U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland manifested the telltale signs of deception at a Senate hearing on Tuesday. When asked by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) if Ukraine has “chemical or biological weapons,” Nuland never answered yes or no, but instead, speaking slowly and uncomfortably, said that Ukraine merely has “biological research facilities.” This appeared to rattle Rubio, who had to move fast to blame any potential problems with these labs, including any release of their contents, on the Russians. Off the hook for her earlier admission, Nuland enthusiastically agreed.

    There is a huge contradiction of saying, on the one hand, that these are just harmless research labs, and, at the same time, if Russian forces somehow released the contents of these labs it would be a major disaster.

    Why in the world is the Department of Defense operating biological labs in Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter? Presumably, the Pentagon’s only interest in this subject is to make weapons or weapon countermeasures. It may well be the latter, as these programs are long-standing. The U.S. government even funded former Soviet labs in Russia in order to secure potentially dangerous source materials. But the publicly stated fear of these labs’ takeover makes the benign explanation less believable.

    We know that anthrax and smallpox and other pathogens can do a lot of harm, either on purpose or incidentally, and probably should be subject to the highest standards. Even if everything is on the up and up, why take the risk of conducting such research in Ukraine? And, if it is too risky to do within our borders, why allow it in other countries with even less rigor when it comes to safety?

    Consider the provenance of COVID-19, which wreaked havoc on the entire world. It almost certainly came from a lab leak in Wuhan, China, with the lab in question being funded by none other than Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health, through the intermediary company, EcoHealth Alliance. These facts were suppressed as COVID emerged; instead, we were given lurid stories about wet markets, with alternatives dismissed as “disinformation” through highly coordinated messaging by public health officials, social media executives, and the mainstream media. A similar campaign is underway to dismiss any questions about the labs in Ukraine.

    The 20 or so Pentagon-funded labs in Ukraine are stranger than the Wuhan “gain of function” research. For starters, biological weapons have been banned since 1975. We don’t have them, and we don’t use them . . . at least we are not supposed to.

    Second, even before the war broke out, Ukraine was a poorly governed country, whose culture included the arrest of opposition figures, political murders, and massive theft by individuals across the political spectrum. As Hunter Biden has demonstrated, money sloshing around Ukraine can splash on American companies, the children of American politicians, grifters of all kinds, and benefit essentially everyone but the Ukrainian people themselves. None of this is consistent with safety for sensitive biological research.

    Even if Ukraine has great potential, the United States was funding this potentially dangerous research while Ukraine was burdened by all the aforementioned aspects of its post-Soviet life, plus a hot war with separatists in its East. I should think a similar facility would not be opened in Iraq or Libya, but anything is possible when the government is involved.

    Finally, when Joe Biden was saying for months that Russia would invade Ukraine and possibly use a false flag, why did no one think to shut down and evacuate these labs if they’re filled with such dangerous materials? While the Ukrainians may have been restrained by pride and wishful thinking about a Russian invasion, why did no one in the Pentagon or State Department make this priority known? These are, after all, considered to be weapons of mass destruction.

    If you search for “biological threat reduction programs” the first thing that comes up is a link to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Not only is this odd, but the links to the various documents describing the funding projects for a dozen or more Ukrainian labs are now dead, although an intrepid Bulgarian weapons researcher has made some of these documents available.

    The same playbook of crying “conspiracy theories” and “disinformation” used to suppress difficult questions about the origins of COVID is now being used to defend Pentagon biological research activities in Ukraine. True congressional and media oversight would ask, how much money went to these labs? For what purpose did the Department of Defense fund this research? Why did this all take place in Ukraine of all places? Who is supervising these programs to ensure safety and financial accountability?”


  8. They’re hiding their dirty deeds.

    “BLM At School And Other Videos Scrubbed From National Association of Independent Schools After Legal Insurrection Exposé

    Access to hundreds of hours of programs removed, fitting a pattern of NAIS trying to hide from public view their efforts to racialize and radicalize private schools.”


    “Shortly after the publication of my exposé of a BLM at School seminar hosted by the National Association of Independent School (NAIS), the organization scrubbed their storefront website, ceasing to make hundreds of sessions from previous years available as digital downloads.

    The currently broken NAIS storefront.

    My article for Legal Insurrection, published this Sunday, March 6th, analyzed several short clips from “Growing Young Voices: Understanding Black Lives Matter for Teachers,” a session originally presented at NAIS’ People of Color Conference (PoCC) in 2019. The presentation had been offered for sale to the public on the NAIS site, but were unavailable on the evening of Thursday, March 10th, four days after the article was released.”


    Here’s the expose’……


    “As part of my investigation into the National Association of Independent Schools‘ (NAIS) People of Color Conference (PoCC), I watched “Growing Young Voices: Understanding Black Lives Matter for Teachers,” a presentation where two elementary school teachers at the $35,000/yr University of Chicago Lab School detail their implementation of the “Black Lives Matter at School” curriculum.

    Referencing seven video clips from that session, I will show how these educators inculcate BLM principles in their fourth- and fifth-grade students, and then build on that foundation to steer them towards activism.

    The session is still available for purchase on the NAIS website, but may cause browser security errors, so an archive is also available. (In the past, NAIS has had published clips removed and scrubbed web pages after links to their material were published.)”


  9. Propaganda pushing posers.



  10. And there’s only been two weeks of bombing, death, and mayhem before they got around to it.


    “►Congress passed $13.6 billion in humanitarian aid money for Ukraine and allies as part of a larger spending package that received bipartisan support in the Senate on Thursday.

    ►The U.N. refugee agency says more than 2.5 million Ukrainians have fled the country, over 1.4 million of them through Poland. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Thursday that about 100,000 people have fled over the last two days through evacuation corridors.

    ►The Ukrainian nuclear regulator said Friday the electricity supply at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has yet to be restored, Reuters reported. The news comes after the International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday Ukrainian nuclear regulators informed the agency they had lost all contact with the Chernobyl plant. A Russian shelling also targeted a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv.”


  11. This is what happens when liberal 🤡🤡🤡 run the schools.

    “Teacher suspended after restraining armed student at Georgia high school, lawyer says”


    “A Georgia teacher has been suspended after an altercation with a student who brought a gun to school in August 2021.

    The disciplinary action stems from when former Coach Kenneth Miller said he received a video showing guns on Tri-Cities High School grounds, in East Point, according to WSB.

    On their way to an outdoor pep rally that day, the school officials got notice that students were “planning on doing something,” Miller told Fox News.

    He said the school’s principal asked him to investigate reports that students had brought guns to campus, the outlet reported.

    The teacher’s attorney, Allen Lightcap, said that Miller was asking the student where the guns were when she attacked him. Shortly after the altercation, he said Miller found the gun she brought.

    Video from an officer’s body cam shows that when he went to the student to confront her, the student was agitated and smacked Miller’s hand. He proceeded to push the student against the wall and restrained her until police intervened.

    “Coach Miller is the reason all of metro Atlanta does not know the date of August 20, 2021,” Lightcap told McClatchy News in a statement. “That’s because he averted another tragic school shooting that day, and no one was hurt. Everyone went home safe. Coach Miller is the reason these guns were found.”

    After the incident, Fulton County School District originally filed a termination charge against Miller, Lightcap said.

    The Fulton County school district told McClatchy News in a statement that Miller “failed to meet the professional expectations it has for employees.”

    “Mr. Miller acted outside of the scope of his authority and responsibilities,” the statement read. “Mr. Miller’s conduct resulted in an escalation of a physical altercation with a student in crisis, which conflicts with district expectations to deescalate in these types of situations.”

    The teacher’s attorney said his client had “the right to self defense” in this incident.

    “This is especially true when guns are involved,” Lightcap said in the statement. “Teachers should not be terminated or suspended when it’s clear they were defending themselves.”

    District officials scheduled a termination hearing in the case. But Lightcap said the hearing was then “abruptly canceled by the District without Coach Miller’s consent.”

    “Now that the district has changed its charge to a suspension mid-trial, Coach Miller no longer gets to call witnesses so that the truth can come out,” Lightcap said.

    In a letter from Ethel Lett, the high school’s principal, shared on the school’s website, Lett said that “bringing a gun or weapon onto a school campus” is a “very serious offense,” in “clear violation of our Fulton County Schools’ Student Code of Conduct.”

    In the letter, the principal announced that the school is exploring steps such as unannounced K-9 dog sweeps and random weapons checks.”


  12. So this idiot is admitting he won a Pulitzer for a fake news story that he knew at the time was a work of fiction. The media is irreparably broken.

    This is the guy above who admits Jan 6th is a joke and that once again, the media is knowingly pushing garbage false narratives.

    These people are traitors.



  13. Thanks, little brother. The stuff of nightmares for many people. It has always bothered me that we were dependent on Russia to transport or feed our astronauts. Not just because of the enmity but also because of the shoddiness of some of the work due to corruption. I am sure we have plenty of our own.


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