9 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 3-10-22

  1. Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for the blessings we Wanderers have received through Chas (Charlie) and all the Schull family. You went all out when You created him with such a good heart for You, his, wife, family, and others blessed to receive a portion of that daily for many years.

    Please comfort his immediate family as they go through a time of making arrangements and having to deal with a multitude of details while still grieving loss. May everything be easier than expected regarding each consideration.

    Please be our strength as we all are grieving and sad. Thank You that we know Jesus is willing to take on our heavy loads and dry our tears when we look to Him for comfort. Help us to dwell on the joyful reunion of Chas and Elvera so our sadness eases away. They are just around the bend where we will see them again.

    Thank You, Father God, for Your beautiful plan that used death, the physical death of Jesus., to ensure life eternal for Chas and each of us.

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  2. Husband is off on his next adventure. Prayer that twenty holds it together and I use wisdom as I attempt to attend the memorial Saturday.

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  3. The facility has an opening. Husband left for his trip but he will stop in with them the end of next week. Meantime, daughter is pacing and anxious and ratcheting up. We have not told her.

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