45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-23-22

  1. Morning Chas, Aj and everyone! That is a beautiful fluffy feline up there!!

    We are starting our day with a fresh layer of fluffy snow and -10 degrees…and bless his heart our milkman made it through in the wee hours of the morning and I have fresh milk for my Cheerios!!

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  2. My phone must be inhabited by the tech watchers who like to do goofy things. I was copying and pasting what a friend wrote on a thread for my old church Bible study group because I wanted to let everyone know I loved what she wrote. When I pasted it (off of the text thread and onto the same text thread as a quote) what got pasted was from an email I had sent to the new church office. I had never copied that. Someone in the higher up tech layers is watching and messing with me. It is sad for them that they would choose to spend their time doing that. Just to let you all know how it is in this urban area in this deceivious time.

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  3. We already had the homeless count day, I believe. I find it hard to believe anyone can live outside in the weather we get. There are shelters opened for the worst nights. (in the ibgger city) That doesn’t count the Gospel Mission that takes the homeless or all the welfare situations. I do know people who live in fish house trailers or other things counted as homeless. Actually, my family would have counted for that when we lived in our basement at one time, since it was not finished. Of course, years ago when you shared with another family or did whatever, no one counted you for that.

    Dj, often leaving your investment funds alone during the down times is for the best. Those things can go up and down. In the long run it balances out. Not that I am an expert in that field by any means.

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  4. I have several hours today that are not scheduled. It’s been like this for at least a week.

    Why do I feel a strong desire to go hide, eat bonbons and read?

    Instead, I think I’ll write out a list with dates, again. Deadlines screaming at me for Tuesday. Three big ones. Sigh.

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  5. Regal cat.

    Kathaleena, yes, that’s what the online advice seems to say, as well, just ride it out.

    Busy day, but I’m grateful I don’t have to physically go out late tonight to cover the annual homeless count. I’ve done that more often than I can recall, running around with counters and politicians, getting home somewhere around midnight. This year, someone else will be doing it.

    The count in LB next door is done on a separate track from LA city and starts at 4 a.m. tomorrow. I’ve never had to do that one, thankfully. That would not be pretty for someone like me.

    I guess it’s time to call the tax guy. I’m a mid-season filer, routinely, my ‘trigger’ date has always been March 1 to start the appointment-making and gathering process and I aim to get in before or by mid-March every year. Shouldn’t be too difficult this time, I hope; I have everything in one place (?) and last year they just had me photo, download and send everything to them by email.

    I asked my former tax guy & longtime family friend whether folks tended to wait late or do things earlier than I did. He said it was interesting because there was a fairly predictable curve among his clients; some reliably filed early; some in the middle; and then, always, you had a group that were last-minute. But it all tended to work out, he said.

    I’d be amazed by all the stacks of files he had everywhere — on the desk, chairs, and even the floor — when I’d visit him in his small office every year. He always looked overwhelmed by it all, it was a one-man operation, but he managed and many of his clients were regular, long-time folks like me.

    How’s the season going for you and Art, Janice?

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  6. Speaking as someone who has to do 1099s–do everyone a favor and go now. The business 1096 forms are due on Monday.

    It drives us crazy when people get back to us in early April: “I didn’t get my 1099. Can you tell me why these numbers don’t match? Why don’t these numbers match what I have? I think this is wrong.”

    If it IS wrong, we have to redo their form and refile our business taxes.

    We hate that.

    (It doesn’t happen often. It’s usually them).

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  7. DJ, it has helped tremendously that I prayed and waited for provision from God for a temp worker. Art seems very pleased with the retired yet energetic worker who started on Valentine’s Day. I sent in those two pots of azaleas and some raspberry bars I had made. Last night Art brought a thank you note from the new lady that said how much she appreciated her first day welcome and that the work is great. Sounds like she is a real people person which is needed at a receptionist’s desk. Art has another preparer who works twice a week, my brother once a week, and a parttime bookkeeper. It is pieced together now whereas it use to be more full time workers, but considering Covid . . . I suppose it is a bit of a miracle. Oh, there is a parttime cleaning person, too, for the season. No one working there gets benefits other than paychecks in such a small business.

    Art’s desk looks exactly as you described. At one point I found a portable, on wheels, hanging file frame that he could keep by his desk on the floor to house and better organize the overflow. It is a fun business except for the crushing deadlines.

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  8. Chas and Becky say hello! It is about 70* and sunny here in Greensboro today. Not warm enough yet for him to sit outside but we are certainly getting closer. He misses you all very much and continues to pray for each of you.

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  9. So thankful to hear from Chas and Becky. Oh, how much we miss you, Chas, when hours roll by and we don’t see you posting, but we understand and pray for you, too.

    Jo, I hope it is not Covid. With it being milder now, people never know without a test if it is Covid or a cold.
    Prayers for an easy bout of whatever it turns out to be.

    I’ve had two people from Art’s church drop by with tax info this week. I had a good conversation with one gentleman in the driveway today who I had not seen in years. He said Art’s choir has restarted. I think he was an ordained minister/chaplain in the past. It is great to know more and more church members in our vicinity as I change churches😀
    The new church is less than three miles away according to Google, so I am sure some of my neighborhood peeps go there.

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  10. We were in the 60s by mid-afternoon, but now the temp is dipping, and will continue to dip down to an expected low of 19 tonight. Tomorrow we are supposed to get several inches of snow.

    Mumsee – I know that there are some believers who are against cremation, but Hubby was cremated. However, I did not scatter his ashes. I know that in the resurrection, God will have no problem gathering up every little speck and piece of a body, no matter where they all are, but I personally do not like the idea of scattering the ashes.

    When I die, I, too, will be cremated. Nightingale and Chickadee can then either keep our ashes side by side, or our urns can be interred at the veteran’s cemetery a few towns southwest of us.

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  11. A little while ago, I threw Boy’s laundry from both the dryer and washer onto the dirty basement floor so that I could start my own laundry.

    His mother told me to do it! She said that she has reminded him several times over the past couple days to finish his laundry, as did I when he got home from school, so it’s his problem that his laundry is now on the floor and will have to be washed again.

    Today is my laundry day. (Not having anyone else’s laundry to do anymore, I only do laundry once a week.) It used to be Monday, which I liked, but Nightingale and Boy too often didn’t get around to finishing their laundry from the weekend, so my day got switched to Wednesday. Since today is Wednesday, I should have been able to start my laundry this morning.

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  12. Thanks, Kizzie. Grandson was cremated. And mom says she was offered the opportunity to watch but declined. Would people watch? Is there a window? The funeral director said it was for legality, so the survivors would know their party was cremated. Grandson’s ashes will go in necklaces for the sibs, as happened with the ashes of her brother when he died. Brother is the one that declined adoption after he was here for several months. We always believed he came here to make certain the others were safe. Afterward he often said leaving us was his biggest mistake.

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  13. Kizzie, I too would dump the laundry if it was in on my Tuesday laundry day. People have come close but it has not happened yet. Currently, it is fifteen who goes before me on Monday. Fourteen on Saturday. Twenty rarely brings any laundry out, preferring to wear dirty until she throws it out and buys new. But when she does bring it out, it is usually Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. She has become more regular since quitting work. She is not allowed in the laundry wing of the house.

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  14. Hmm . . . how dirty is that floor, Kizzie? A little dirt might not bother some boys. I am reminded of a photo one of the Scout leaders took of the Scouts on a Service day when the boys all looked grubby except for one. It was a hilarious photo because the clean guy was known to not pitch in and do his share of work. Clearly evidenced in that photo.

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  15. I am doing laundry and once again have a problem like I had last tax season. Water backs up and does not drain properly so it flows out in the downstairs bathroom where the litter box resides. It makes quite a mess for me to clean up. I think I know what my brother did to help with the problem last year so I will try to FIM (Fix It Myself). I have piles of paper towels soaking up the water now. I need to remove them so Miss Bosley can do her thing. She does not like to wade to her box😀


  16. I don’t know exactly how I feel about cremation, but I know my brother thinks it is horrible. Soneone in his office recently was hit by a car and killed. Soon after that happened, the victim was cremated, and the quickness of doing that seemed to shock people, but I asked sincerely, what do you do with a bloody body that is going to be cremated anyways . . . logistically why not go ahead if it is not being prepared for burial? I always consider that a certain number of people die in fires or explosions and I don’t think that prevents God from giving them the perfect bodies He has planned for them.

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  17. I think it depends on the individual–and as such is an individual’s decision, though obviously, the toddler couldn’t make that call.

    I intellectually understand the argument, but emotionally it troubles me. We punted and will let the kids decide what works best for them.

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  18. One of the determiners for them is they plan to move to dad’s home state after he finishes his schooling and did not want to leave little boy in a grave here. They know he is dead and they believe in the resurrection. It was more for them, in their minds, then for him. He does not need his body. God will give him a new one.

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  19. My aunt told me a story about her family once in which a woman was widowed twice. She was cremated so her ashes could be split and put with each husband–they were buried in different states!

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  20. Janice – The basement floor is pretty dirty!

    He picked up the wet clothes that hadn’t completely touched the floor and put them in the dryer. I think he put all the rest in the washer.

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  21. 8:32 !!

    Just in from walking Tess, it’s 51 out and she was moving slowly, the cold probably made her feel even more stiff than usual. We occasionally were crossing paths with the mail carrier who remarked that it was “freezing” out. It feels good to be back inside with the heater.

    Waiting for editor to get back to me on my 2nd story of the day.

    I see the cyber attacks have begun in Ukraine.

    Do some folks here admire or even “like” Putin? More than Biden, I’m thinking? Does that translate to something of a noncommittal view on Russia invading Ukraine? Just asking.

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  22. Who who?

    I just ask after seeing something earlier about how there are those on the left and right who actually admire Putin and agnostic when it comes to the invasion of Ukraine.


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