31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-22-22

  1. Good morning! It’s Bible study group and garbage pickup day all in one today thanks to President’s Day.

    This misty moisty morning feels quite warm. Later this week we are suppose to get close to or break a record high. All the flowers will pop out and get killed by cold if Jack Frost has his way.

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  2. Those flowers continue to bring a smile of hope for future days! It was -13 when I woke this morning at 3:15 am…it is -7 now….it’s is warming! That cold will freeze your face off…
    The pines are frosted white and it is pretty…looking from the inside out! 🥶

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  3. My shower was inoperable this morning, pipes frozen. But everything else seems to be working. It was thirty eight in my bedroom this morning, obviously colder in my bathroom. Interestingly to me, the living room was still up at sixty. My room is adjoining the living room. Lots of microclimates in this house. The temp outside is supposed to be twenty and feel like five with a high of nineteen. Huh?

    My only outside today should just be the run out to the garage to my exercise room. I have to get that in before twenty gets up at eight or it can’t be done unless husband is home. The children on the other hand will get the full brunt as they have outside chores. They prefer that to dishes. The other children did both outside and dishes. I have become lenient. Or decided I prefer eating off of clean dishes.

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  4. Clean dishes are always nice. 😉 Brrr, mumsee!

    My husband had to cancel his eye exam. Drifting snow just makes it not worth the effort. Someone in town can probably get there and take his place. The one who does the exam lives out like we do but must have gotten in to work. I would prefer a bigger, 4-wheel drive vehicle just for this reason. I had to renew my library books, too. So nice to just be able to do that online.

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  5. It is up to -5 and snowing light glittery flakes. Husband says it is 20 degrees warmer on the mountain…only one hiker so far has come up to the cabin….

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  6. Sunny 56 outside here this morning. It’ll go up to 58 today with wind advisories, maybe rain after 10 p.m. tonight. I think we had some sprinkles last night.

    I’m back at work, trying to figure out what I’m doing today; the annual homeless count is scheduled for 3 nights, starting tonight, but not sure who’s doing what. I’ve typically gone out on those but since the pandemic the routine of sending out groups of volunteers after 9 p.m. hasn’t really been used. Last time I remember doing it, probably in 2019, photographer and I spent the late hours of the night chasing around after the group led by the city councilman (who’s now running for LA mayor); it was hectic as we’d stop at an encampment, trail the councilman as he stopped and talked to folks, then rushed back to our individual cars parked in spots often blocks away to hit the next stop on the list. I think we finished up shortly before midnight.

    Been there, done that, for several years, really have no desire to (ever) do it again.

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  7. Anybody else notice that DJ only gets a thirty degree variation in temps during the year while the rest of us enjoy anywhere from sixty to one hundred twenty or more degree changes?

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  8. Yesterday we had 60 and sunny. It was near 50 when I got up this morning, but it’s down to 33 now. By morning it’s supposed to be 15 or lower. Mrs L says it’s spring weather – temps spring up one day and down the next.

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  9. I just accidentally put patchouli scented body lotion in my hair thinking it was the hair curler product that looks the same and is in the same kind of bottle.

    At least my hair smells good now.

    My 401K is losing money now. Will have to call someone. Or something.

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  10. Another good ladies Bible study. We spent a long time on the question: Describe the Bible intake that took place‐ or didn’t take place‐ in your home and church as you were growing up. Has that affected your view of Bible intake today. (From Spiritual Disiplines ford the Christian Life)

    My short answer in the book was that back then it was only a cram fod Sunday school lessons. Of course we each told how it was in our individual families about church attendance and such. We go through our study guides very slowly but are gettingcto better understand each other with our deep discussions. Christian love is evident.


  11. Attended my first Lutheran Ladies Potluck in more than two years today.



    Sad–one of our ladies is moving closer to her daughter, 300 miles away, into assisted living. She’s been a wise, quiet force in my study for 20 years. A member here for at least 50.

    She brighten when I suggested she Zoom into our study if she can’t find one where she’s going. We’ll see if that works. Her daughter is a retired teacher, so we KNOW she knows how to Zoom!

    Sigh. This has been building for a few years, since Jo died at 101. When you’re the youngest member in your study by at least 10, and most 20, years, it’s inevitable.

    I brought home plenty of leftovers; no need to cook dinner.

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  12. I just caught up with yesterday’s thread, and enjoyed the QOD discussion of favorite presidents. For me it’s Reagan. There are others who did great jobs, but he stands out because he was in my lifetime and I remember him. He was the right man for that time.

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  13. It has been fun doing the little potluck meals with the women’s WMU group. There are about 15 of us. I have no idea how many attended that new to me church potluck on Sunday after the service. I heard one member always brings wonderful banana pudding. Sounds like a whole lot of temptation to me!!! But now that I really think on it, banana pudding seems too sweet. My tastebuds have changed after so long on this different diet. I do still love that tart Key Lime Pie sold at Kosher Kroger. I take that to WMU meetings occasionally.

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  14. Jo, I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but if you do: how long do you need to soak your fruit and veggies in bleach water? Just out of curiosity.

    It was -40 again here this morning. The car was in early to the mechanics for some lights on the dash so I was to take the truck to town for my appointment. Truck wouldn’t start. Then we managed to get it going and went off to pick up the car. Picked up the car, stopped to top up the tank and all the dash lights were going again, so it’s back at the mechanics. Sigh, altogether a frustrating day.

    We can get a 140 degree swing here where I live, but the high temperatures are usually short lived.

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