24 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-22-22

  1. They refuse to admit they were wrong, in many cases lied along with Democrats, and pushed false narratives for 4 years.

    “Turley: Media Ignoring Durham Findings Only Because They ‘Refute Years of Prior Coverage’

    “There is no way to cover this story without many admitting that it facilitated a false narrative created by the Clinton campaign””


    “You may have noticed that the only time the media pays attention to the latest findings of the Durham investigation is to downplay their importance.

    There’s a good reason for this.

    The media is deeply invested in an opposing narrative. To acknowledge Durham, they would have to reexamine their coverage of Trump from the last four years, and none of them want to do that.

    Professor Jonathan Turley breaks it down:

    Media Vapors: How Special Counsel John Durham Has Triggered a Media Meltdown

    Pediatricians call it “breath-holding spells.” It was when children hold their breath when upset until they experience syncope, or passing out. The media in Washington appears close to a collective faint over the recent filings of Special Counsel John Durham. While the media has largely buried or downplayed the disclosures by Durham on the origins of the Russian conspiracy claims, Durham keeps adding new details implicating top Democratic figures in what he describes as an ongoing investigation. You can only hold your breath so long and Durham shows no signs that he is done by a long shot.

    The latest disclosures by Durham are difficult for many in the media to cover because they directly refute years of prior coverage. Many in the media lampooned Donald Trump for claiming that the FBI and the Clinton campaign spied on Trump Tower and his campaign. Yet, we later learned that the FBI did spy on the campaign. In 2020, the media largely ignored that finding…

    There is no way to cover this story without many admitting that it facilitated a false narrative created by the Clinton campaign, including attacking those who suggested that the Clinton campaign would ever engage in such disreputable conduct.

    A similar point was made by Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist, during an appearance on FOX News:

    MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: You had unsubstantiated sources who were making anonymously based claims that would lead the news for weeks at a time. But when you have an actual indictment, an actual court filing with proof and evidence of how bad this scandal is, the corrupt media are curiously silent, and they’re silent because they’re complicit.
    They were part of this hoax. They were part of the refusal to accept the 2016 election results, to refuse to accept who the Republican nominee was, and they caused so much damage. And they continue to cause damage to the country by that refusal to deal with the reality that people had elected Donald Trump.”

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  2. Gee, who could have seen this coming…..

    “How Defund the Police backfired

    After a spike in crime, progressive cities are reversing cuts”


    “Over the last two decades, progressives have established a new consensus on crime. Nonviolent felonies like shoplifting and drug possession should be reclassified as misdemeanours. Cities should defund the police and spend the money on nurses, psychologists and social workers instead. Offenders should have minimal involvement with the justice system — and be kept out of jail wherever possible.

    But now, rising crime is rapidly undermining the progressive consensus. Homicides rose 30% in 2020, and over two-thirds of America’s largest cities will have had even more homicides in 2021 than in 2020. At least 13 big cities will set all-time records for homicides, including Philadelphia, Austin, and Portland. Meanwhile property crimes in California’s four largest cities rose 7% between 2020 and 2021. Car break-ins in San Francisco declined temporarily in 2020, because Covid emptied the city of tourists, but they have since skyrocketed, reaching 3,000 in November. Many residents have stopped bothering to report crime.

    Of course, many crime rates are still below what they were in the Eighties. And progressives are right to say that we shouldn’t panic about rising crime, since past panics contributed to cruel and crude responses, including overly long prison sentences with little in the way of real rehabilitation programmes. That’s why, in the late Nineties, I worked for George Soros’s foundation, among others, advocating for drug decriminalisation, reduced sentences for nonviolent crimes, and alternatives to incarceration.

    But today it’s clear that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. In 2000, when I stopped working on criminal justice policy, progressives were advocating mandatory rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration. Now, progressive prosecutors are simply releasing criminal suspects from custody without requiring rehab or extended probation. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for instance, a man who had run over the mother of his child with his SUV was released on $1,000 bail. Neither he nor his SUV were put under electronic surveillance. Soon after, he killed six people and injured another three dozen — by running them over with his SUV.

    Meanwhile incarceration rates in the United States are at a 30-year low. In 2019, there were 17% fewer prisoners in the US than in 2009. And while progressives are right to point out that nearly half of the people in federal prisons are there for nonviolent drug offences, it’s worth noting that there are eight times more people in state prisons than federal prisons. And just 14% of people in state prisons are there for nonviolent drug offences. Half are there for murder, rape, robbery and other violent offences.

    While homicides and other violent crimes merit special attention, crimes driven by drug addiction, such as shoplifting, public camping, and public defecation, undermine the fabric of city life. Progressives sold their criminal justice reforms on the idea that nonviolent offenders would be released into some kind of supervisory care, focused on treatment and rehabilitation. But often that did not happen.

    Consider San Francisco. Its jail population plummeted to 766 in 2021 from 2,850 in 2019. If progressives had done what they’d promised, there would be 2,000 extra people on probation being supported to stay sober and out of trouble. That hasn’t happened. And that’s troubling because many who are released re-offend. Half of all offenders — and three-quarters of the most violent ones ­— who were released from San Francisco jails before trial, between 2016 and 2019, went on to commit new crimes. Instead of benevolent paternalism, progressives delivered libertarian anarchism. And yet all that would have been required would have been weekly drug testing, check-ins with probation officers, and electronic monitoring.”

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  3. Fear the peasants. 🙂

    “Fence to be installed around Capitol building for potential Freedom Convoy protests”


    “A fence will be placed around the Capitol building next week ahead of President Joe Biden ‘s State of the Union address in advance of a potential “Freedom Convoy” trucker protest.

    U.S. Capitol Police and the Secret Service have been “working together” to plan for extra security measures after receiving reports about a potential protest on March 1, according to a statement from the Capitol Police . As part of increased security measures, a fence will be installed.

    The two agencies have been working closely to “plan for the upcoming State of the Union,” Capitol Police said in the statement. “The temporary inner-perimeter fence is part of those ongoing discussions and remains an options, however at this time no decision has been made.”

    Capitol Police announced on Friday that ” law enforcement agencies across the National Capitol Region” were aware that multiple trucker convoys, similar to those that have been clogging border crossings and cities in Canada, were going to arrive in Washington, D.C., on March. 1, according to the Capitol Police statement.

    “As with any demonstration, the USCP will facilitate lawful First Amendment activity,” the Capitol Police said. “The USCP is closely coordinating with local, state and federal enforcement agencies, including DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Park Police, the United States Secret Service and other allies agencies to include the DC National Guard .””


  4. They’re coming for you Joe and Nancy.

    Time to cower in your bunkers like Justin. 🙂

    “Group of protesting truckers begin trip to DC area this week”


    “Inspired by the trucker convoy in Canada, a group from California says it will now head to D.C. to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

    It is one of many planned convoys of truckers that is planned to come to the D.C. region next month. But they don’t plan on entering the District; instead, they will “terminate in the vicinity of the DC area,” according to a release from the “People’s Convoy.”

    The convoy will start Wednesday at Adelanto Stadium in Southern California. They will make about 10 stops on the way to the Beltway area, including in Arizona, Ohio and Hagerstown, Maryland.

    According to a release from the group, it is protesting to end the COVID National Emergency that was extended by President Joe Biden on Feb. 18 and end vaccine and masking mandates.

    According to a statement, the “People’s Convoy” will abide by agreements with local authorities, and they are being assisted by retired military and security “in order to ensure a 100% safe, lawful, and peaceful journey.”

    In response to planned convoys, Virginia State Police and Maryland State Police said they are monitoring trucking convoys that will go through the states and that they will work with other law enforcement agencies to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.”

    “And while the People’s Convoy has stated they will not enter the District, other convoys that plan to be in the D.C. area at similar times have not made that clear.

    A group called the American Truckers have planned a similar convoy.

    D.C. police Chief Robert Contee said it is unclear what they plan, but he is prepping law enforcement for possible disruption.

    “I think we have to be realistic about, you know, what we could potentially see,” Contee said Friday at a news conference. “There will be disruptions to traffic, that kind of thing. And I think we need to be very candid with the public about what some of the expectations (are) based upon what we’ve seen in Ottawa.”

    The convoys may also interfere with Biden’s State of the Union scheduled for March 1, and discussions about security measures are ongoing, including erecting more fences around the Capitol.”

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  5. Just saw in the news that our legislature (MN) is writing legislation to the tune of around 65 million to now try to get more police. Make a problem and then spend millions to supposedly solve it. So totally disgusting. So, is the Harvard professor and why isn’t that a terroristic threat? It would be if said against certain other people.

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  6. Another sad day… this SC is deeply compromised.


    “Supreme Court justices on Feb. 22 rejected a bid by health care workers in Maine to block the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

    Justices declined to hear arguments for and against an appeals court decision that left the mandate, which affects all health care workers in Maine, intact.

    At least six justices rejected the writ of certiorari, or request to review the lower court decision. How each justice voted wasn’t made public.”


  7. Just some fascists dictator wannabes and their compliant serfs admiring an actual fascist dictator.


    “A majority of likely Democratic voters support Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of emergency powers to crack down on Freedom Convoy protesters last week.

    A new poll from Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action and provided exclusively to The Daily Wire shows that 55% of likely general election voters disapprove of Trudeau’s handling of the protesters. Thirty-five percent approve of Trudeau’s heavy-handed tactics and 10% said they were unaware of what was happening north of the U.S. border.

    Trafalgar Group surveyed 1080 likely general election voters from February 18-20 after Trudeau brought federal, provincial, and local law enforcement into Ottawa to forcibly clear out hundreds of protesters and dozens of vehicles from Parliament Hill and surrounding areas. The poll’s margin of error is 3%.”


  8. Apparently…..

    Or there’d be even more protests breaking out. Like good little frogs, they slowly boil…..



  9. It’s Canada’s version of Jan 6th.



  10. Pathetic is right.



  11. And it begins already, before the convoy has even left Cali.

    Fascist 🤡’s gotta be fascist 🤡…

    First the crackdown, then the redistribution of wealth…


    So predictable…. 🙄


  12. Indeed, and just as deadly for those not in the ruling elite, right Ruben?



  13. The media is still garbage.



  14. Leftists and the media just can’t deal with the truth.


    Biden foreign policy in a nutshell.


  15. So you know, dissent is no longer patriotic, like Dems have told us for years.



  16. Trash take from a trash paper.



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