43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-21-22

  1. Good morning! Happy President’s Day & Family Day!

    As I took the garbage and recycling bins to the street, I wondered if the county has a holiday today. Others had their bins out, too, so at least I am not alone in error if pickup is not until tomorrow.

    It was good to not wear a mask at church yesterday. I think the other church is still requiring masks for their services.

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  2. Good morning!

    Remember when we celebrated Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays separately? Then Uncle Sam decided to have all the holidays on Mondays so we’d get a bunch of 3 day weekends. Now all the presidents, both good and bad, are lumped together into a day that most people ignore, except those who work for the government, finance or education. Oh, and all the retailers who have big sales.

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  3. What beautiful flowers! The tulips remind me of a painting made by one of my daughters when she was in high school. I can’t remember if she sold it sometime down the road or not. Makes me think I should have bought it and had it framed. It will be a long time before we see those pop out of the ground. Mine have mostly been eaten off by the deer before they even bloom, at any rate. Earlier years I would have many come up and survive. What a blessing and feast God has given for our eyes. All reflective of His glory even though tainted by sin now. Amazing.

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  4. Happy Presidents Day. Having a holiday for any single, historical president now would be impossible.

    I’m off work for a faux vacation day — which will be spent going to two medical appointments.

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  5. At church yesterday we were given the short book, How to Eat Your Bible, by Nate Pickowicz. It’s very good so far.
    I liked this Martin Luther quote, “If you picture the Bible to be a mighty tree and every word a little branch, I have shaken every one of those branches because I wanted to know what it was and what it meant.”

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  6. Happy birthday to mumsee’s dad

    First appointment, the mammogram, is done; next one, the eye appointment, is a couple hours from now so I have some down time.

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  7. When my daughter was in kindergarten, they made Lincoln hats to wear. That happened to be the day I took her to visit her grandfather in a nursing home.

    She wore it in–construction paper black hat attached to a construction paper black beard.

    No surprise, she was the hit of the nursing home–women calling out to her from their wheelchairs, “hi, honey!”

    I always made sure she wore some fancy dress on those weekly visits–because I knew everyone was waiting for her.

    The kindergarten teacher’s imagination for crafts made that a lot easier!

    Thanks, Jo, and colleagues!

    That same daughter, now an adult with a day off from work (“Wow!” she laughs. “Corporate life is so much easier than being an EMT!”), she asked, “Who’s your favorite president?”


    Teddy Roosevelt–because he liked his kids.

    There’s a QOD: “Who is your favorite president?”


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  8. QOD, not sure I’ve thought about an actual favorite, but here’s one list I saw:

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  10. I can’t pick a favorite President. I have been to three Presidential libraries: Jimmy Carter (numerous times since it is not far from where we live); Franklin D. Roosevelt (several times at Warm Springs, GA where he received polio treatments); and George W. Bush, once not long after it opened. The museums and libraries are fascinating whether you like the president or not.


  11. Can’t name a favorite. Nixon gets a bad rap because of Watergate, but he actully did some good, like finally getting us out of Vietnam.

    Ford also never really had a chance to prove himself, and I believe he lost only because of the Nixon connection.

    In my lifetime, I liked Reagan th best.

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  12. It’s getting cold here! Husband is caretaking the cabin up on Barr Trail this week so I’m soloing it with puppy duty…need more coffee!! 😂 ☕️
    I purchased folding gates to keep her contained to the family room..husband noticed the purchase on Amazon…he is lamenting that she is costing him a fortune! Yep….dogs will do that to ya!
    Reagan..Ronald Reagan is my favorite President. He loved this nation…but he loved the Lord God most of all and he honored and feared Him. My Democrat Dad even liked Reagan….but due to his party line politics he could not bring himself to vote for him…

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  13. Janice – The covenant is lovely and ideal, but I have to admit that I thought that it could be overwhelming to some believers – to new/newish Christians or others who may be struggling, for one reason or another, to live up to its precepts. But it is an ideal to strive for.

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  14. Off to school. So many are in isolation due to illness we will see who is there. So many teachers are out, too. My friend called to tell me that she has a cold and doesn’t want to tell the principal that she won’t be there. The admin is doing everything, teaching classes, doing yard duty, anything they can to keep the gates open and school in session.

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  15. Eye appointment done.

    Not my most enjoyable vacation day. But I am catching up, in between appointments, on my Bible reading (the 1-year plan), I’ve been lagging behind by several days.

    It’s in the 50s here this week, fairly cold for us during the daytime.

    Yes, dogs are costly; young, old and in between. More fun buying fun, young-dog things than buying meds for old dogs, though.

    Kizzie at 4:51 — Interesting point. As believers, we all fall short on (probably) most of those things every week/day? But it is the biblical ideal of what our lives should look like.

    We have a time of corporate confession early in our service, followed by the pronouncement from Scripture that for those who are in Christ, our sins have been forgiven. The confession period is silent and (to me) seem short — depending on the week I’ve had lol. We’re gently admonished that if we’re ever sitting there with nothing coming to mind, we might want to make note of that and go a little deeper in the self-reflection category.

    By the time we observe communion later in the service, I think the idea is that the liturgical order has already visited the confession/forgiveness element — we partake because we are weak and fail so often. While habitual sin should perhaps cause us to consider whether we should partake, simply having a bad week should not put us in that category (nor should a good week make use feel more worthy than we, in fact, are or ever can be). It’s not about our worthiness but about being found in — and covered by — Christ.

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  16. I asked the woman doing my test at the hospital this morning how things were going there, she said it’s calming down; they had a point at which the entire ICU was full and they had 1 available regular hospital bed only. She said Omicron sort of started slowly but then, simply due to the numbers, everything surged dramatically.

    She said they’re all sort of holding their breath after last week’s Super Bowl event …

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  17. Thanks, Kizzie. It is an excellent reminder of how we are to live as Christians and at the same time it is a reminder of how we each have our failings and why we have the privilege of partaking of the elements to remember what Christ has done for us. I did notice that it did not seem to mention the sin of gluttony😃 Baptists are known for potlucks😃 Many people seem to wink and laugh about gluttony, but food addictions are real and cause great pain because of how they harm the body.

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  18. Well, a list of every single sin would take up a lot of time. 🙂 Everyone would just be slinking out — and declining to partake in the potluck, for sure. lol

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  19. Actually, to join the church I have to do a statement of faith and part of that is to tell how I was before being saved. Well, now that I am older and have more knowledge of the Bible and all the ways people can sin . . . I started making a list and it was getting longer and longer. I know such a thorough list is not really needed . . . but it is proof of the transformative power of Jesus in one’s life. Having to do this statement of faith makes me feel empathy for Wesley about all the statements of faith and scrutiny he goes through in applying for teaching positions at Christian colleges.


  20. Our church requires new members to meet with the elders who will ask questions, primarily focused on whether you understand the gospel.

    No listing of sins, though. 🙂


  21. Oh, the initial post didn’t show up at first, but there it is. Sorry for the duplicate.

    We’re getting rain and snow (in the mountains, but very low levels, 2,000 feet) Tuesday-Wednesday.

    Remains to be seen how much rain we’ll get on the coast, but it will be chilly.

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  22. Good night Chas.


    Not (really) funny, but funny:


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