32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-16-22

  1. Good morning! I went outside and was checking on things that might be sprouting up and I saw a bit of purple on the ground. A sole vinca or periwinkle flower had bloomed. I was so surprised to see it. It gave me hope to know God is working behind the scenes still making amazing things happen despite all that happens in this fallen world.
    Rejoice and be glad in this new day that the Lord has made.

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  2. Museum of the Bible is having a Lunch and Learn program at 12 noon EST today that was advertised on Facrbook in case anyone wants to get in on it. You can probably find it on their website if you do not do Facebook.

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  3. Good morning. I used to live about a block from the cathedral with the shroud of Turin. Interesting place.

    I looked out and saw white. We will see that in Heaven, with everybody robed in white.

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  4. Morning! Sun is shining and the sky is blue but that will change this afternoon! We are expected to get about 9 inches of snow by tomorrow morning so my view will look a lot like that header photo! It is beautiful…but then again I’ll have to take a puppy out to do her business in that stuff! 😳
    Pip is finally sleeping…can dogs mix their days and nights up just like babies? This one apparently has. She had me up before 1…she didn’t go to sleep until 10:30. I put her down around 2:30 and she got husband up around 3….not certain when he came back to bed but she got me up at 6. Aj I think I successfully sent a photo but not totally confident I did it correctly. 😂

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  5. Nancyjill is doing puppy care, I’m doing elder care with my two dogs. But some of that is similar with overnight disruptions for bathroom breaks — last night I finally just wound up leaving the back sliding door open, come what may, as I just had to get back to sleep and the dogs weren’t being very efficient about going out quickly and coming back in quickly.

    The days, though, are quiet as both dogs sleep so much, though cooking up some ground beef and pill preparations needs to be done.

    I’m pulled onto a story on another beat today, filling in for the reporter who’s covering the Rams parade today. But it should be an easy story.

    We all sound tired lately on the staff calls.

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  6. I just had a call from the former office worker who had the stroke and could no longer do the bookkeeping accounts for Art. Her young grandson had Covid and developed Covid toe. He could not walk for a week. He is school aged, and is still trying to get healthy from the ordeal. His family lives only about fifteen minutes from Wesley. It still seems baffling that both our offspring have ended up in the same vicinity.

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  7. Becky here! Chas says to tell you all hello and that he is just sitting here with his legs crossed. He wants you all to know that everything is alright here in Greensboro but it would be better if it were warmer.

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  8. The grandmother I told about the Tintin books texted to let me know she had ordered the whole set in hardcover for her grandson. Wow! We bought them one by one in paperback and never had a whole set. Covid toe has worked wonders!


  9. DJ, I’ve missed a lot of days, so if you’ve mentioned coyotes lately I haven’t seen it. Do you have any concern about them when you leave your door open?

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  10. Kevin, sort of, yeah, it’s occurred to me the danger could be waking up to a coyote or (worse?) a skunk in the house.

    During the day while I’m working from home it’s not really a concern; and I don’t really just leave the door open overnight, but let night was an exception. Usually, Cowboy gets up and I hear him as he sleeps on a dog bed next to my bed — I walk him out to the kitchen, open the door and out he goes. When he comes in, I close and lock the door again and we go back to bed.

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  11. A lot of the chatter about coyotes in the community has died down, from what I can tell. I think everyone realizes that the brief window of time when aggressive trapping may have helped has long passed and now they’re simply here to stay.

    Our behavior has changed as a result, I think — most of us are more careful and never leave food outside. I’m guessing we’re much more vigilant when we’re out walking with our animals.

    It’s led some (many?) to make sure their cats never go outside.

    So until the mountain lions make it down to the coast, we’re just having to live with the coyotes.

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  12. You want coyote a story?

    This is PA, we have all kinds of wildlife, the human kind, monkeys on the lose, and the butt ugliest coyote you ever saw in your life.

    Think I’m lying, exaggerating, maybe spinnin’ a tall tale?

    First everyone thought it was a greyhound with mange, but nope, it was Wile E. Coyote in the flesh. I think he’d recently been involved in an explosion and that’s what happened to his fur. Wile E. escaped from the wildlife center they had him locked up in. Busted the place up good too. 🙂

    I kid you not. This is Pennsyltucky….


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  13. We had a cow and calf moose pair die a couple of weeks ago from being fed over winter. People are not supposed to feed them and there is a reason They are designed to change to a winter subsistence diet and their bodies adjust to processing tree bark. When fed healthy nutritious seeming food, their bodies can shut down and that is what happened to the cow and calf. Not starved, healthy coats, but could not process the food they had been fed by well meaning but ill informed people.

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  14. City manager I’d been trying to reach called back late, after deadline and after I’d turned my story in, so I had to do a very late telephone interview and get editors to let me add in at least a couple quotes.

    And I had a call from a woman who was part of a story I covered years ago when the McDonald’s next to her house was expanding and she was on a tear. She somehow found my cell — tells me some kids broke into her house a few times in December and January (she’s now living next door so no one was there but all her stuff still is there); they took a lot of things her late husband had given her and her 2 birds, so she wanted to see if I’d help her get a big mural painted on the side of her house offering a reward for the return of the birds. I suggested that might not be the safest way to go but she wants nothing to do with police, thought I could hold on to her $1,000 reward money and be the official phone “contact” for the gangsters.

    Um, no … she’s 88 and doesn’t hear well, also has lost a daughter along with her husband over the years, so the conversation was difficult at times. I told her I’d talk to a friend who runs a pet nonprofit group in town but I am guessing the birds are long gone, sold to the highest bidder on the street for drugs, most likely, or have wound up struggling in the wild. But she really wants the mural painted on her house.

    Long day.


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