44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-7-22

  1. Is Jo on tomorrow yet?

    When does her birthday (the 8th) actually start there in PNG?

    What’s the time difference again?

    So many questions….. 🙂

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  2. Good morning! I have no answers, AJ. I am drinking coffee but still feel only half awake.
    I have done one Bible study and am moving on ro my other one in my Spiritual Disciplines book.

    My brothrr may be getting his Covid test today. He feels better now. Thank you all for praying.

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  3. Morning! It is a balmy 32 degrees with blue skies and nary a cloud! Hoping some of this new ice will melt away quickly…I have a lunch date with oldest daughter today!
    We are planning our trip for the weekend but now they are predicting snow..as we leave and return…so we are keeping a watchful eye as to when we can get there to pick up Pip! If this continues we will meet baby sister in TX the first week of March to pick up dear Pip…but I want her now! 😊
    Ok Janice you need to fill us in on that artistically painted thing up there? A dumpster, an old rail car, foundation of an old building? What’s the story? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And if it is Jo’s Birthday…Happy Birthday to YOU dear Jo…and if it be tomorrow…I’ll will say it again tomorrow…but everyday we are thankful for the gift of YOU!! ♥️

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  4. At this moment, it is 8:05 am on the west coast. According to Google, it is now 2:05 am in Port Moresby–thus, it IS Jo’s birthday and I better go buy a card for my son . . .

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  5. I was in WordPress Reader mode so did not realize that photo got posted.

    It’s an exclusive! Not seen on social media!

    When Wesley and I walked a main trail of board walks and concrete paths on Saturday that runs off of my long street about a mile from our home, we got off on a side trail beside a stream and found this unusual structure sitting in. the woods. From where I took the photo there was a quick dip in the path to go down to the other side of this structure. I decided we should turn around and go back to the main pathway at that point. I am not used to doing steep trails either up or down. At first I thought it was a rail car but it appeared to have a concrete base, so I really could not determine what it was or how it managed to get there. It is a storystarter if anyone wants to speculate. I will see if I can find any info on this trail system and post it if I find anyyhing.

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  6. Oh, and Michelle stayed right in front of Mason Mill Park when she came here. That is where the Community Garden is where I get lots of flower photos. Our Medlock Park has a garden, too, but the other one has more flowers.

    These are parks we frequented when Wesley was young. We met my friend, Karen, and her daughter at Medlock Park in the playgound area .

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  7. Morning Chas!

    Janice that is a beautiful trail and someone has some mean graffiti skills on that round concrete structure! Made me smile!

    We have some once beautiful trails around here but many are too scary to hike/run any longer. The homeless/drug addicts/mentally ill have set up multiple camps alongside and we all know where not to go which is sad because they truly were once an enjoyable activity. We have found other hiking trails which are well outside the city and they have proven to be safer and a more challenging hike! Although you will run into crazy beer guzzling gun shooting persons up on the hills from time to time. We have known a few fellow hikers running for their lives as bullets when whizzing by their heads during their hikes!

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  8. Thought this was worth sharing on both the daily and news threads:

    ~~~”I contend that the only proper way to fight injustice, unrest, violence, the violation of human rights, etc. (which clearly continue to exist on this earth) is for us to love one another. And the only way for us to truly love one another is through the spirit of Christ.

    You might be asking, “Yes, but how do we apply this today? How do we know what it means to love one another in the 21st century in such a complicated situation?” Thankfully, God has described to us what it means to love each other in a way for us to easily understand and apply in the complicated situations of Roman occupation in the first century as well as in the 21st.

    Love is patient,
    love is kind,
    Love does not envy,
    is not boastful,
    is not conceited,
    does not act improperly,
    is not selfish,
    is not provoked,
    and does not keep a record of wrongs,
    love finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth,
    it bears all things,
    believes all things,
    hopes all things,
    endures all things,
    love never ends. (1 Cor. 13:4-8)

    Before you consider that someone on the opposite political spectrum from you hasn’t been keeping this list, I hope that we can all agree that none of us has perfectly kept this list. We’ve all fallen short in many ways, on many occasions. We’ve fallen short both individually and collectively. Our church has fallen short, our nation has fallen short, our family has fallen short.

    How should a Christian respond to injustice, unrest, and violence? I don’t believe that virtue signaling on social media is an acceptable response, nor is physical violence.

    Before I react, perhaps I should ask myself some questions:

    Am I being patient?
    Am I being kind?
    Am I being envious?
    Am I being boastful?
    Am I being conceited?
    Am I acting improperly?
    Am I being selfish?
    Am I being provoked?
    Am I keeping a record of wrongs?
    Am I finding joy in unrighteousness instead of rejoicing in the truth?
    Am I bearing all things?
    Am I believing all things?
    Am I hopes all things?
    Am I enduring all things?
    Does my love have a limit?

    Here are a few more cutting application questions:

    Does posting a funny meme condemning those of another opinion display my love?
    Does name-calling display my love?
    Does my witty come-back reply in the comments section display my love?
    Does my behavior among my neighbors display my love for them?”~~~


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  9. Happy Birthday, Jo. And thank you for sharing that, Kizzie.

    I’m out sick today with a back sprain that made it a rather painful weekend already. Too much hoisting and lifting around the house came back to bite me. I’ve been here before, not often, but it’s memorable in a painful way.

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  10. Nothing at all here.
    Not complining, I down’t want activity on the net.
    Or eleewwherr, fofr that matter/
    plsl a”s I’ve sid before, I see the errors, I cn’t see to fix them.

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  11. Janice–at my husband’s company, you have to get a negative antigen test after five days of quartine. It has to be an ANTIGEN test. If you don’t get a negative, you have to sit out of work for ten days.


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  12. No, Chas, my neighbors kind of like them. But they’re free-roaming so they often visit my porch and yard, much to my own cat’s dismay. She doesn’t like them much.

    But i enjoy cat “visitors.”

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  13. My back is improving, probably thanks to the prescription Motrin my knee doctor prescribed. But I’ll take whatever source of relief I can get.

    And despite the pain (which is much less now), I’ve enjoyed much of the day, just a chance to slow down (quite literally) for a change. I’m catching up on my daily Bible reading (I struggle with that every year), went out to trim up the hanging basket flowers, got my car moved down to the curb as the neighbors have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

    But everything’s being done in slow motion. 🙂 Back and knee, ugh. Age cometh.

    Hoping things improve again from here, though.

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  14. Jo gets a lot of birthdays.

    Ah, but Chas — I don’t feed my visiting neighbor cats, I just talk nicely to them and let them know they’re welcome to hang out on the porch. I love seeing cats on front porches amid flowers and sunshine.


  15. Too mcch to discuss here, but”Ju
    Judging from the video, wh have some dark days ahead.
    We need someone to enforce the “well described” limits 9n leadership.
    It’s getting dangerous out there. No leadership.
    Wit we jad tp ge rod pf Tri,e. dodm
    t WE


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