41 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-4-22

  1. Lies and misinformation are OK, as long as it’s the right people spreading them, right Twitter?


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  2. ———-

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  3. Hit them with their own lies.



  4. 🤡🤡🤡 to the left of me, 🤡🤡🤡 to the right….


    But finally a reporter calls them on their lies and nonsense.

    Golf clap for him.

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  5. Karens of the world unite!


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  6. How long will parents continue to allow this abuse of their kids?




  7. Of course he’s lying, his lips are moving, aren’t they?






  8. Anti-science mask mandates? Masks do work — Asians have used them for decades. When ill, East Asians wear a mask to prevent spread and out of politeness. Mask do no harm and sometimes help, They’re also great in the Beijing smog. Canadians have been wearing scarves around their face for centuries to protect themselves in the winter. My students rarely complain about masks and now that its winter most of them wear them outdoors even though they don’t have to. My volleyball team wore masks even though they were exempt while playing. I do feel sorry for the 9 year old child — definitely not handled correctly. I have two children in my room who’s parents have demanded an exemption; one boy wears a mask anyway, everyone else does and it doesn’t bother him.

    Can someone explain a religious exemption to vaccines to me? I imagine Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Science might object but who else?

    Honestly in comparing the School Board mom to the Ottawa ladies, its the former that is a Karen — voiced raised, etc.

    Between diesal fuel and air horns 24/7 and wearing a mask; who has a greater right to complain. Wearing a mask is harmless and polite, the other is not. For almost a week, these ladies had to content with the smell of diesel and loud horns at night, its only natural to complain — nobody wants this in their neighbourhood. The area in front of parliament has apartments and condos with mostly older residents, some residents are staying inside as the air quality has dropped dangerously low for older people with respiratory problems. Residents still complain about public urination and defecating. Nobody wants this — these ladies are calm and polite but they’ve had enough. Incredible patient to wait this long to complain.


  9. In Biden’s defense the point he is trying to make is the 2nd amendment is over 200 years old and needs to be interpreted in the context of the modern era. Not entirely wrong but then again I’ve come to conclusion gun rights discussions in the US have no basis in reality and are mostly emotional triggered reactions from both sides.

    However, the most tone deaf comment this week comes from Cruz who joked about the price of a flight to Cancun as the Texan power grid fails again to meet demand in the cold weather.

    Pelosi and others in their late 70s and 80s really need to retire and let the millennials take over. Both parties are ancient and have no substance. However, its fair to warn athletes to behave themselves in China as “crimes” committed there will face the wrath of authorities. And the US gov’t can’t rescue you — it will take months if not years to obtain a person’s release; one should recall what happened to the student who tore a poster in North Korea. The obvious problem is having the Olympics in China to begin with — its like Berlin in 1936. We know there are concentration camps yet the IOC has no problem with the host.

    The Ukraine “crisis” is interesting. For the last month we’ve heard nothing except the Russian build up and military exercises near the border. Now for the last week, I’m hearing dissenting voices in the western media about the actual threat posed by Russia — invasion, false flag etc. In an era of fake news and non trust in media, one wonders why the new dissent in the media — are they having second thoughts, is someone whispering in their ears, did someone take them on a holiday weekend to suggest new questions. Canada, for historical reasons, is one of Ukraine’s strongest allies yet the same suggestions are starting to pop up in our media — normally so pro-Ukraine that they don’t even pretend to be neutral.


  10. You’re the wrong color to those racists in the CBC.

    You’re red, not blue.

    “Black, Republican Virginia delegate says Black Caucus rejected him”


    “A Black Republican in the Virginia General Assembly said he was barred from joining the assembly’s Black Caucus.

    “It really did offend me,” Virginia state Del. Aijalon Cordoza told Fox News in an exclusive interview. “It was a spit in the face. This says to me that I’m not Black enough to be in the Black Caucus, and that’s an insult.”

    “Defining what Black is by these liberal criteria is frankly wrong and disgusting,” he continued.

    Cordoza said he wanted to join the Black Caucus to be a conservative voice in a group that is normally very liberal.

    “I wanted to represent all African-Americans, not just liberal ones,” he told Fox News. “I wanted a seat at the table.”


    To the back of the bus with you.


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  12. Hope this clears things up….



  13. CNN and all the other moronic news outlets that treated this fraud like he was legitimate are hardest hit….

    Dems even wanted him to run for office….



  14. Just your average, everyday hypocritical liberals.

    Rules are for the peons….



  15. ———


  16. HRW. Let me try.

    Masks. Yes, Asians wear them. They also cover their mouths with their hands when they eat. It is called culture. Some Muslim women wear them. They are called Burqhas (or whatever the particular name is). It is religious. Europeans wear scarves but they are not mandated. Canadians wear scarves but they are not mandated. They are for personal comfort. Or fear of cold winds causing illness. But they don’t usually wear them in the summer.

    Masks cover faces. They cause problems. They cause skin problems. They cause oxygen problems. They cause linguistic problems. They cause communication problems. They hide facial expressions from children who are learning how to be social beings. They hide the shaping of sounds from children who are learning to speak. People watch faces to gather social cues. Teens are supposed to be learning how to do this. Masks are not harmless.

    Diesel trucks make noise. They have loud horns, they put out diesel fumes. I personally get car sick when following a diesel truck. However, this is a peaceful protest. They are trying to get across to people an important idea or two. Most of them are vaccinated but not all. And there is no reason for it. They live in their trucks. They are not allowed out of their trucks when off loading is being done. They are not allowed to use restrooms in businesses where they are delivering. Many of the rest areas they used to use have been closed down. Now they are expected to quarantine when crossing the border. They are needed to get products to the stores and the customers. They are important. They are not dirty little minions that need to be hidden in corners.

    Further, they are not breaking windows, shooting people, beating people, stealing from businesses, or burning businesses, or tearing down statues. They are simply being present. They are generally polite caring people who do an important job with very little support from those they serve.

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  17. Like

  18. Although I have sympathy for restaurants, the Toronto Chef is upset with the wrong gov’t. The provincial gov’t is in charge of public health measures. He should be upset with the Conservative Premier Ford, not Trudeau. In fact, Trudeau provided funds to small businesses to stay afloat while waiting to open. And right now, restaurants are open except in downtown Ottawa because of the behaviour of protesters. At this time, the blame rests with the protesters and Trudeau and even Ford (both of whom I dislike) are not hypocritical to express displeasure.

    Given, the Virginia Rep is basically opposed to everything the current black caucus wants to implement it makes sense not to include him. They did not say he wasn’t black enough — they said he had the different priorities or agenda. It would be weird to discuss strategy to get your proposals into law when a member present actually opposes it.

    A “Let’s Go Brandon” sweater is perfect for ugly Christmas sweater day, other than it has nothing to with Christmas it certainly is ugly. The irony of course is he’s now admitting the phrase is ugly. I do wonder if people using that phrase ever feel childish reciting a phrase that’s a stand-in for “F*** you Biden”. Grade 5 and 6 boys will do that — create a secret phrase which actually means something vulgar and then giggle when the teacher doesn’t realize they are being vulgar.

    Finally does a state senator set school policy; I thought that was up to local school boards.


  19. It’s funny because it’s true.



  20. Nailed it.

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  21. Surgeons wear masks while operating — no problems with oxygen supply — nobody wants an oxygen deprived surgeon. And everybody wants the surgeon wearing a masks while operating. East Asians wear them to protect themselves from pollution and to protect each other from illness. Its cultural in the sense its polite and East Asian culture values politeness. And masks work; in a smog filled city like Beijing, wearing masks make it easier to breathe not harder to breathe.

    Its not a peaceful protest if airhorns are being pulled, unnecessarily, 24/7. That by definition is a breach of peace. Public urination and defecation is not peaceful. They have a large gofundme account — why aren’t they renting portapotties. Burning diesel fuel 24/7 is not peaceful — its forcing the elderly to stay indoors. Purposeful pollution is not peaceful. Intimidating service staff so bad the local restaurants, stores and shopping centre are close is not peaceful. A Nazi flag by definition is not peaceful. Refusing to wear a mask is not peaceful. A barking dog gets you a fine, at the very least their behaviour warrants the same.

    The initial impetus behind the protest was the vaccine mandate for cross border traffic. Its now a moot point, the US has the same mandate. Like most Canadians, about 75-80% of truckers are vaccinated. My one trucker friend who didn’t get vaccinated is using it to turn down long hauls into the states and is now just doing short hauls in Ontario and Quebec. If not vaccinated, you need to quarantine like any other Canadian returning from abroad. In that sense, they lost their special status and are being treated like other Canadians. The protest has now morphed to eliminating all Covid measures, but they are in the wrong city for that; public health measures are provincial — so they are polluting the peace and quiet for nothing.

    Truckers and anyone else are allowed to use the washrooms in truck stops etc as long as they wear a mask. They just can’t sit in the restaurant. As for remaining in their truck when being off loaded — this would be a workplace policy since nothing prevents them from going for a walk while they wait. And as far as I know, as long as you wear a mask you can be in the warehouse or store as well.


  22. Aj — We agree on the farce that is the Olympics — wonder how the ratings are; I barely hear anything about it but then again I don’t have cable tv.


  23. I was flipping thru the channels last night and saw curling on 2 different networks.

    I laughed and said I’d rather watch paint dry and continued flipping.


  24. Another narrative fail.

    “Narrative Fail: Alleged DC Swastika Perp is a Twice-Deported Mexican With Long Criminal Record

    Lincoln Project Senior Advisor had claimed: “This is what Trump has emboldened and what the craven GOP has allowed to fester. This is not only racist/anti-semitic, it’s a partisan declaration.”


    “Numerous news outlets reported last week how the entrance to Union Station in Washington, D.C., had been vandalized with swastika symbols. Some stories quoted Metropolitan Police Dept. Chief Robert Contee speculating that maybe a homeless person was responsible.

    But as per the norm, the reports were used by The Usual Suspects on the left and in the media to suggest that alleged white supremacists supposedly influenced by former President Donald Trump and the Charlottesville tiki-torch racists likely made hateful markings. People found the swastikas a day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    Self-described “Obama alumn” Jason Karsh was one:”


    “However, as is often the case, those seeking to cast blame on Republicans and Trump for “white supremacist” anti-Semitism jumped the gun. The suspect has since been identified as Geraldo Pando, 34, a Mexican citizen who has an extensive criminal history per the DC Examiner. He has been treated with kid gloves by ICE over the last year thanks to lax Biden administration policies on illegal immigrants caught committing crimes:”


  25. Joe Biden, a career criminal’s greatest enabler.



  26. More on that story from yesterday.

    It’s time to tell these govt “experts” to take a flying leap…..

    And take their useless vaccine and masks with them…..

    “Johns Hopkins Study Shows Pandemic Lockdowns Failed Spectacularly

    “…a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.””


    “In March of 2020, with the data I had in hand, I asserted that the best way to deal with the spread of COVID-19 was to follow the protocol for flu prevention that has been tailored to address the coronavirus. This included no lockdowns but vitamins, exercise, and good ventilation.

    In October 2020, thousands of epidemiologists, public health professionals, and scientists signed the Great Barrington Declaration. The recommendations emphasized “focused protection” of the vulnerable and building herd immunity through vaccines AND natural infection recovery.

    Anyone not invested in lockdowns because of fear, politics, or ignorance derided restrictions imposed upon millions of people “by experts.”

    A new study from Johns Hopkins University confirms that lockdowns failed spectacularly to stop either the spread or resulting deaths.

    Lockdowns had “little to no effect” on saving lives during the pandemic — and “should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy,” according to economists in a new meta-analysis of dozens of studies.

    A group led by the head of Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics analyzed studies from the first surge of the pandemic to investigate widely pushed claims that stringent restrictions would limit deaths.

    Instead, the meta-analysis concluded that lockdowns across the US and Europe had only “reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average.”

    Worse, some of the studies even suggested that limiting gatherings in safe outdoor spots may have been “counterproductive and increased” the death rate, the authors noted.

    The paper, entitled ” A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality,” was authored by Jonas Herby, Lars Jonung, and Steve H. Hanke. Their findings are extraordinary, and I would like to highlight four reasons the lockdowns didn’t work as advertised.

    1. Changes in social behavior cannot be mandated; they work best when people are persuaded to alter their actions voluntarily (e.g., social distancing).

    2. Second, mandates only regulate a small portion of the potential contagious contacts and cannot really regulate nor enforce handwashing, coughing etiquette, distancing in supermarkets, or other rules.
    3. As predicted, when closed bars and restaurants reopen, the disease will spread again.

    4. Finally, and my favorite: Unintended consequences. Forcing people indoors increased their exposure likelihood and chances of infection rather than the reverse. It increased the viral load among those in the same house, causing more severe infections. Limiting shops that could remain open drove up the chance of infections as people were limited to where they could purchase items.

    Of course, the greatest of those unintended consequences was the non-covid excess deaths that occurred because of the lockdowns, as well as other long-term problems that we will be dealing with for decades.”


  27. Weird — why would a Mexican draw swastikas? Or is he just a convenient scapegoat to close the case.

    Well, we’ll disagree on curling aka chess on ice. One of the retirement plans I’m mulling over (in 2.5 years not that I’m counting) is to sell my over priced piece of real estate and move far enough away from Toronto so the price drops and I can buy a four season cottage on a lake and call it a day. And if not travelling in the winter, joining a small town curling club has some appeal.

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  28. That’s a bizarre article — economists judging the effectiveness of coivid lockdowns? I’d rather have a peer reviewed science study. Both the economists and the mother at the school board meeting are missing a point — how do we know the measures taken did not prevent more illness and deaths than what we have? You can say only a few kids died so the measures weren’t needed but perhaps the measures prevented more deaths. There’s no double blind study. And its really to early to do comparative analysis across jurisdictions.


  29. My daughter used to curl and was quite good. I used to joke she should curl in Poland — she would make the national team (She’s a dual citizen –Canada and EU)


  30. Like

  31. Not wanting to take the time to watch a video that is over an hour long, I looked up Shane Dawson (whom I had never heard of) on Wikipedia. This section is about the controversies surrounding him.

    AJ – Is there anything else pertinent to this brouhaha with that lady getting off of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Or is it only about this one guy’s controversial videos?



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