44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-3-22

  1. Good morning! It is zero degrees here today. It’s also the first day of my 3 week vacation. We are staying inside close to the fire except to feed the cats and goats.

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  2. It’s a much less exciting day here with no scheduled activity except housework. The yard looks great to have all the leaf mess off of it. I was happy to go outside and see the rewards of my efforts of the past two days.


  3. Great to see you, Rkessler and hear that you are beginning to enjoy your overly well-deserved vacation! I have never had a three week vacation although some would think my life without a regular paying job qualifies as vacation. It is not though because vacation to me means being out of one’s usual routines.


  4. It is certainly not raining here. Nor did we get a lot of snow. It is -29 here, which is far warmer than some of the fellow musicians, friends and relatives who are anywhere from -30 to more than -40 actual temperatures. I am very happy to stay home. Feeling blessed to be able to do that.

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  5. More snow out there. But already up to sixty in the house. Soon I will be fixing breakfast and then heading up to the exercise room for some prayer and reading and a bit of exercise to keep the blood pressure steady.

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  6. We ended up doing virtual church on Sunday because of our daughter being here. It turns out one of the women we know has Covid. We probably would have been exposed. There was not only the service, but a meeting and lunch after. Send up prayers for Linda. She has several health issues.

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  7. It’s cold here, 14 above, and very windy. The snow is everywhere. I think we only got another inch on top of the 13 we got yesterday. (I haven’t measured it, but the TV says that’s what we got.) But our 14 seems a lot warmer than the -29 Kathleena has. BRRR!

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  8. 35. I’m headed out for a walk on this, regrettably, blue sky morning.

    In the background, the experts are answering C questions. Sigh.

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  9. I am actually only taking 7 days off, but because I work 7 on 7 off, I have a week on either side.

    We are up to 2 degrees on my thermometer. The weather site says we are -9. I’m going with 2.

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  10. I know a Linda who has mild Covid. Praying for Linda’s with Covid🙏. The luncheon I was to attend Sunday at the new church will be rescheduled due to someone having Covid. The big C used to be Cancer, but now it is Covid.

    I went to the hardware store at Toco Hills where I have long shopped, but not much since Covid hit. It use to be when I’d enter that a swarm of older hardware junkie sales guys would appear almost on every aisle to help. There were two clerks up front today, and I was sent to help myself. That is not good with vision problems. I found part of what I needed and had to go back up front and ask for help. A younger lady, maybe in her 30s helped me and tried to do a custom fix (I brought the large shade in with me). She worked to get it all put together, but for all her effort, the repair did not work. At least I was not sent home with the parts that I would have to return. She said to give her about two days to think of another solution and to check back. I loved her great attitude and wrote a review on Google. The guys who use to work there were great, but she went over and above when I least expected it.

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  11. Morning! What a beautiful scene on the header photo! Looks like PA to me….

    It was -9 when we awakened and it is now 9 above! The sky is the purest of blue and we are in a wintery wonderland. Roads are not good and we will stay put again today. Zooming the Bible Study this afternoon.

    Had my two cups of coffee, Cheerios and I have jeans and a washed out blue hoodie on…no socks on yet!…my toes are getting cold!

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  12. Thursday. This is one of those weeks where I’m having to make an effort to keep the days straight, apparently.

    Knee appointment at the end of the work day today and it’s also trash night. If I can finish a story today I may ask for tomorrow off as my vacation time is near the cap still.

    I think we have a super bowl staff planning call today but I shouldn’t, I hope, be swept into that coverage for advances we’re doing (I believe the staffing is set for the day itself, mostly sports, of course, and also a reporter or two, but maybe more from all the papers, who cover more of that territory which is north of my beat area). But that may be wishful thinking.

    I’m wondering if this new mattress I bought last spring/summer is too soft for me. I’m getting up with lower back pain (which goes away once I’m up, after about 5-10 minutes of movement). It’s one of those hybrid mattresses with box sprints and foam combined. My old mattress was the traditional box spring type, but at about 20 years old needed replacing and I was really looking forward to one of the newer (better, supposedly) mattresses.

    I really do need to get back to physical therapy, or something. And the knee is getting very stiff now at night, but that could be from the cold (I usually keep the heat turned off all night).

    But the heat stays on most all of the days, continuously, in part also for the dogs whose older bones need it. I also keep more lights on in the house overnight for Cowboy bathroom breaks, he usually needs to get let out a couple times during the night and it’s easier for both of us if the hall light is on, along with a living room light.

    My water-power bill for the last 2 months was a whopping $300. I don’t remember it ever being that high before. Of course, working from home probably feeds into that — I’m home 24/7 except for the occasional outside work assignment, shopping and other errands that need to be run.

    I’m not enjoying the colder temperatures like I usually do this year, and am actually getting wistful for spring. Channeling Cheryl.

    Hi Chas.

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  13. I trekked out in the drizzle to the mailbox and found nothing but damp hair for the effort. I sat down to check the blog, and now the mail truck has arrived. Miss Bosley is all cozy in my lap so the mail can wait.

    I have not heard from my friend, Karen, lately, so I am a bit concerned since she felt as if she was coming down with a bug the last time we spoke. She does have spells of silence so I leave her alone, but I can only go so long before I try to make contact.

    My brother is all busy with tax work now and wants to unwind by talking it out with me. I was resting and took a nap after mowing yesterday but was awakened by all his chatter. I am well practiced with the occasional UmHmmm while dozing. I had told Art to find his dinner in a box in the fridge compliments of WMU in case I was asleep when he got home. I would have been but . . . UmHmmm.

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  14. DJ. It would be quite the trip for you to see my chiropractor but here is a link to their video tutorials you could try.

    After 5 + years of complaining about my back hurting between my shoulder blades and doctors shrugging it off, I finally have some relief. I am EXTREMELY skeptical about chiropractors even though I have had good experience with most of the ones I have seen. I did tangle up with a group that was all woo woo. This one seems to be very professional. He had me do some back stretches with a bar that had T’s on each end. He told me I could spend $80 for one on Amazon or I could get some PVC pipe and make one. Today is my last appointment before being released and it has made a difference. What I have got to do is get back into doing 30 minutes of yoga every morning. That helps a lot as well. I drink coffee, put my contacts in, and exercise in my pajamas. I am a true fashionista.

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  15. It’s – 36F here today. Staying snug inside and doing a couple hours of work from home.

    I have had great chiropractors and scary chiropractors. I think I would be bedridden without a good chiropractor.

    All the beds today seem to have that foam. My sister paid almost $10000 for her king bed and within months both her and her husband were sleeping in divots created by the foam staying compressed. When we went looking we said “no memory foam” but could not find a single mattress that didn’t at least have a layer of it on the top. Our kids have an old double size spring coil bed, no foam, and I sleep so well on it despite having no room being used to a king size.

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  16. The hybrids are supposed to offer the ‘best of both’ with the support of springs and the comfort of “some” foam. It cost $800 which was less than I anticipated, especially as I have an odd-sized (antique frame) bed.

    None of my MDs have ever had much faith in chiropractic practice so I’ve never gone that route, seemed like physical therapy was the more natural way to go. I haven’t had many issues calling for either in the past.

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  17. Since my mattresses have to be specially made to size anyway, I would guess I could order a traditional spring mattress. But this one is still new so I’m not included to buy another one just yet!

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  18. I see that Jesus Christ Superstar will be showing at our famous Fox Theater on Peachtree St. later in the Spring. I have never seen it as a live production. Not sure it carries the level of reverence necessary for our Most High and Holy Lord God Almighty.

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  19. I share your frustration on the foam mattresses. You can buy a boxed mattress at Target, carry it home yourself, and spread it out. It hasn’t worked particularly well on our twin bed. Jury is still out on the expensive mattresses we bought last summer. They have a pillow top.

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  20. Mattresses are a necessity. Finding a just right Goldilocks one seems impossible these days. I bought a queen one several years back which has been good since it is pretty firm, probably extra firm, but because of the foam it always seems a bit warm. It also took about a month to keep the room aired out after taking the plastic off. We bought a full size mattress at Sam’s for Wesley’s guest room this fall. It was nothing special, reasonably priced, and allows for a fairly good night’s sleep when visiting overnight. It was put on top of an old box spring. Then we go Florence’s twin bed with mattress set. The mattress set is huge, as far as being high off the floor. It scares me a little bit and even Wesley made a comment about the possibility of rolling off of it. It sits atop a lovely set of drawers for under bed storgae. The mattress set dwarfs the headboard and footboard. I love it and and pleased to have it for the space, but I have not slept on it. That covers twin, full, and queen. We have no experience with king except when on vacation at Hilton Head. That is a sink down into it and find it difficult to get up out of bed mattress.

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  21. Instead of a pillow top, maybe I can buy a board top?

    It feels very comfortable (and yes, it’s gigantic, takes some real maneuvering to turn it like you’re supposed to every so often). But I’m getting up with a sore lower back which goes away fairly soon after I’m up and walking around.

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  22. We like our foam toppers. Put one on the guest bed and got good reports. We do have to turn our mattress around though to keep from getting so deep in we can’t crawl out. My side is deeper. Wait! Because I sleep better. Not because I weigh more. He often sleeps only three hours or so.

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  23. For our guest room last summer we got an inexpensive foam mattress and bed frame from Amazon Essentials. The mattress came rolled up in a box, so we had to give it a few hours to expand before use. Our guests said it was pretty comfortable.

    When I had a fever bug in December I isolated in the guest room for a few days and slept very well on that foam mattress. I don’t know how it would wear with long daily use those.

    It’s not a very thick mattress, and it has only the frame under it, so it’s a bit low to the floor compared to what we’re used to.


  24. I saw the original Jesus Christ Superstar movie in college (I guess there was a remake more recently). I don’t really recommend it. The music is very catchy and fun, and I enjoyed playing the album for awhile, but the words and the story are not reverent, as you said, nor Biblical. Judas is played sympathetically, and Jesus seems unsure of himself. You get the idea.

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  25. I am released from the chiropractor. He was pleased with my progress. The muscles are much more released instead of being knotted up. He suggested that I get a massage once a month and if needed come back in 8 weeks.

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  26. Kevin’s correct about Superstar. Besides what he mentions, it alludes to a romantic relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. At least that’s my interpretation of the song “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” that she sings.

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  27. Chiropractors are becoming more main stream up here. When I worked in the Chiro office, we often had patients referred to us by the doctor’s office down the hall. And the doctors popped in once and a while too.

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  28. DJ – We have a nightlight in the bathroom over the sink, but I also keep a small flashlight near my bed which I use when I have to get up to go to the bathroom.

    I saw the original “Jesus Christ Superstar” when it came out, and had the double-album, which I played over and over. I’ve never taken “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” as referring to a romantic relationship. On the contrary, the way I understood it was that she didn’t know how to love Him because it was not an romantic relationship.

    (Of course, the movie made the assumption that she was a former prostitute, which many have believed despite it not being mentioned in scripture.)

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  29. I had the same take on that song as Kizzie did.

    I never saw the play other any other presentation of it, but the music was played on popular stations we all listened to through the 1970s. I probably assumed the song was more romantic then, but when I became a Christian it had a whole different feel to it for me. Not romantic (which as Kizzie said was why she was perplexed).

    So back from the knee doctor and discussion has begun on what would be a partial knee replacement surgery (inside of left knee only).

    Not something I really want to do, of course. And just the logistics of all it, with recovery, etc., will be complicated.

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  30. Actually, I’m thinking maybe I didn’t think the song was ‘romantic’ even when hearing it before becoming a Christian. But knowing it was being sung about Jesus, I think I may have seen it in a non-romantic light as well, it’s a different kind of love she’s singing about, clearly.

    Can’t remember all the lyrics now, however.

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  31. I used to sleep with a night light but haven’t in years. I only started leaving some ambient lights on when I had to get up with Cowboy to walk through the house to the back door. Not sure a flashlight would work for him as much.


  32. Here are the lyrics. They seem to be romance to me.

    “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”

    I don’t know how to love him,
    What to do, how to move him.
    I’ve been changed, yes, really changed.
    In these past few days when I’ve seen myself
    I seem like someone else.

    I don’t know how to take this
    I don’t see why he moves me.
    He’s a man, he’s just a man.
    And I’ve had so many men before
    In very many ways:
    He’s just one more

    Should I bring him down? Should I scream and shout?
    Should I speak of love – let my feelings out?
    I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about?

    Don’t you think it’s rather funny
    I should be in this position?
    I’m the one who’s always been
    So calm, so cool, no lover’s fool
    Running every show
    He scares me so.

    I never thought I’d come to this – what’s it all about

    Yet, if he said he loved me
    I’d be lost, I’d be frightened.
    I couldn’t cope, just couldn’t cope.
    I’d turn my head, I’d back away,
    I wouldn’t want to know –
    He scares me so.
    I want him so.
    I love him so.


  33. Interesting to read the ambiguous lyrics. I can understand why they could be taken either way; obviously from her point of view she can’t grasp what the pure love of Christ is since she has never known it before. Having seen the movie Redeeming Love, I can see this song used with that if they’d made it into a musical.


  34. Funny about night lights because with the bright lights on all night next door, we no longer need to leave a night light on in the upstairs bathroom as long as we don’t close the shade. The comode is in the shadows so all we need is enough light to get to thed potty. The house next door is all one level so our bathroom sits well above where anyone could see in. One less light to pay for that use to burn all night in our house. I know how to make


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