30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-2-22

  1. It is warmer here in the Sunny South although it rained overnight. Master Amos doesn’t like to get his paws wet.
    I am playing catch up on a lot of things today. I also want to take Little Miss to ballet and tumbling today. They are so cute at that age. I also need to clean my filthy house. Tonight is Pizza Night so I sent BG a text reminding her and if she is coming I may invite her Nana.
    I stopped by to see Nana Sunday after church to tell her I was worried about her son. So is she. Of course she is 84, so I shouldn’t be bothering her and HE is 62 and shouldn’t be a problem either. Anyway, she made the comment that she would like to see her youngest grandchild. I told her the best way to do that would be to come to Pizza Night at my house. Good thing I am married to Mr. P who understands my patchwork, pieced together family of choice.

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  2. Nice to see Chas and Linda, indeed.

    Brrr today. I am not looking forward to going to jam today. I am looking forward to visiting with others, however. I made some valentine cut-out cookies (to bring) with cookie dough I usually use for candy cane cookies. I did not make them during Christmas, since they are putsy and I ran out of time. I did have to laugh when my husband said how good they were. He never has been a big fan of them when they are shaped like candy canes. Apparently, they are better shaped as hearts and thumbprint cookies. The thumbprints were because I only rolled the dough once and just shaped the scraps into balls and pressed my thumbs in those. They are topped while hot out of the oven with a crushed peppermint and sugar mixture. Of course, he also did not have a whole lot of other cookies competing for his attention. 😀

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  3. Morning! That is a beautiful photo of brother and sister…what a sweet blessing ❤️

    It is 7 degrees here and we will top out at 9….then we spiral down to -14 tonight…brrrr
    Not but about 5 inches of snow for us this morning but it is oh so glorious…the pines are at their most lovely when laden with snow….
    (Wishing I had one of those cookies to go with my coffee this morning Kathaleena!)

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  4. I am reading Faithfulness and Holiness by J I Packer. It includes Holiness by J C Ryle. Very good.

    This morning I read about the pandemic. In everybody, from newborn on up. Sin.

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  5. Nice photo.

    I just finished listening to a very long state Assembly hearing on, of course, what else, “the global shipping crisis;” the focus of this one was on its impact on the state’s agricultural sector Several farming folks who rely on exports getting out were there to speak about how devastating this all has been on them.

    But now it’s a “writing day” for me, too, for the rest of it, anyway.

    The house keeps waiting.

    Now for a noon-time breakfast/lunch combo since I missed my yogurt this morning with that early-start to the hearing.


  6. This is déjà vu: On Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011, we got a blizzard with 20+” of snow. Today, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, we’re in another massive snowstorm with 15+” predicted. It looks like we have 6-10 so far, but with the drifting it’s hard to tell. I’ll wait until it stops before going out.


  7. It was my big WMU day when I give Florence a ride and all the ladies have Bible study, a meeting, activities, a potluck meal and felliwship, and cleanup at the church. I put together a meal to bring home for Art which he will enjoy for its variety of a dab of this and a dab of that not made by me! It’s great to see my church lady friends.


  8. I can see joy in Chas’ smile. Getting family together is such a blessing.

    I had probably the worst leg cramp I’ve ever had last night. I got up from my chair and had to collapse into the office chair, holding my leg with both hands. I managed to stumble two steps to get my pills. Then I couldn’t let go of my leg and had to open the bottle with my teeth and then put three under my tongue. Still took a while for it to go. Yes, these are pills for leg cramps. I was crying from the pain.

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  9. Being behind on all of my online stuff yesterday, I missed out on chiming in on the what-I-am-wearing and what’s-for-dinner conversation.

    So here goes. . .

    Today I am wearing a blue floral tunic, dark blue pants, thick black socks, tan LL Bean slippers, and over it all, a long (to mid-thigh) warm sweater which is kind of a shade of purple (kind of between purple and maroon – not sure what to call it).

    For dinner tonight, we are probably having the leftovers of the delicious Shepherd’s Pie that Nightingale made last night.

    Well, that was fascinating, wasn’t it?

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  10. I finished mowing the other half of the yard except I left a small portion better suited for raking. So thankful to get that done before the rain.

    Poor Miss Bosley missed having me inside with her for most of the day.

    My leg is hurting a little bit from the chore. I did not expect that, but at this age and stage I guess I should take it for granted. I was pulling the mower uphill today unlike yesterday when I mowed on more level ground.


  11. Pretty clothing choices, Kizzie. You always seem go have very good taste in home furnishings as well as clothing fashions. I think it helps having your daughter nearby to discuss such things. I have no one with whom to talk about such things.

    I hear the rain now. It is right past sundown. So good of God to hold it back so I could mow.

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  12. Thank you, Janice!

    Nightingale has a lot of input with decorating. But I handle picking out my own clothes, although she did buy me a couple of tops a few years ago that she likes to see me in.

    Important Update On What I Had For Dinner!:

    Boy and I had leftover spaghetti instead of the leftover Shepherd’s Pie. Nightingale had leftover soup. I guess we will have the leftover Shepherd’s Pie tomorrow. I am currently enjoying a cup of tea (Mango/Passionfruit – a little too tart for my usual taste, though).

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  13. I now see where I marked my knee doc appointment on Tuesday-Wednesday AND Thursday on various calendars I have around here. The appointment is (really) on Thursday. That’s tomorrow?

    Pick a day …

    And just show up!

    Good thing I didn’t go back again today.

    When I showed up 2 days early yesterday, desk clerk said, “That’s Ok, it’s been a tough day.”

    “It’s been a tough 2 years,” I said.

    “And counting!” called out the clerk one desk space over.

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  14. My dinner update. Wednesday’s are pizza night. Little Miss spends the night and BG comes over. Monday Mr. P suggested going to Ravenite for pizza. It’s owned by a Gambino. They say they aren’t related but there are rumors. It’s a small town you know.
    Anyway, after I talked to BG this afternoon to make sure she was coming I suggested she go pick up Nana and them meet us at the restaurant. We had a great time and Nana enjoyed being with us and talking to Little Miss who was fresh from ballet. BG took Nana home so she spent time with her grandmother.
    Mr. P enjoyed being out with 4 females and as always was nice to Nana.

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