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  1. I can’t believe I need to explain this, but here we are.

    About those flawed infant mortality numbers…..

    “Infant Mortality Isn’t A True Measure Of A Successful Healthcare System”

    “This post was contributed by Tim Norbeck, CEO of the Physicians Foundation, and Walker Ray, MD, past president and current board member of the Physicians Foundation.”


    “The critics of the U.S. healthcare system are quick to point out that our country does not fare well compared to other high-income countries when it comes to infant mortality (IM) and healthcare costs.

    In the latest reminder of our failures, a 2015 study from the Commonwealth Fund found that the U.S. spends more on healthcare than other high-income nations, but has lower life expectancy, and worse health.

    This, and other similar studies, rate the U.S. dead last when evaluated against Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, critics everywhere trumpet those statistics to back up their claim that our health system is inferior, wasteful and costly.

    Why do some analysts use infant mortality (IM) to “prove” their point? It is a misleading statistic, at best, to compare the U.S. with the aforementioned countries. In a 20-year analysis of newborn death rates around the world, PLOS Medicine, a peer-reviewed weekly medical journal, calls attention to these misconceptions. The study says that the leading causes of newborn deaths worldwide are preterm delivery, asphyxia and severe infection. More than a half million babies in the United States – one in every 8 – are born premature each year, which ranks the U.S. the highest and worst in the world for premature births (131). In addition, low birth weight is defined as a birth weight of a newborn infant of less than 2,500g (5lbs, 8oz.), and the U.S. is ranked the lowest (67) in this category, just behind Kenya. Other findings from the 20-year study confirm the flaws in these statistics:

    • Unlike in the U.S., low birth weight infants are not counted against the “live birth” statistics for many countries reporting low infant mortality rates.

    • According to the way statistics are calculated in Canada, Germany and Austria, a premature baby weighing less than 500 grams is not considered a living child.

    • In the U.S., very low birth weight babies are considered live births. The mortality rate of such infants – considered “unsalvageable” outside of the U.S. and therefore never alive – is extraordinarily high; up to 869 per 1,000 in the first month of life alone. This skews U.S. IM statistics.

    • Since 2000, 42 of the world’s 52 surviving babies weighing less than 400 grams (0.9 lbs) were born in the U.S.

    • Some of the countries reporting infant mortality rates lower than the U.S. classify babies as “stillborn” if they survive less than 24 hours whether or not such babies breathe, move, or have a beating heart at birth. But in the U.S., all infants who show signs of life at birth (take a breath, move voluntarily, have a heartbeat) are considered alive and are reflected in our IM statistics.

    • If a child in Hong Kong or Japan is born alive but dies within the first 24 hours of birth, he or she is reported as a “miscarriage” and it does not affect the country’s reported IM rates.

    • In Switzerland and other parts of Europe, a baby born less than 30 centimeters long is not counted as a live birth. Therefore, unlike in the U.S., such high-risk infants cannot affect Swiss IM rates.

    According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, low birth weight infants account for much of the increased morbidity, mortality and costs. Furthermore, “low birth weight in general is thought to place the infant at greater risk of later adult chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.” In other words, low birth weight not only greatly impacts infant mortality but one’s health and healthcare costs later in life.

    This information is not intended to minimize the problem or impact of infant mortality, but it is misleading at best for critics of any healthcare system to use it as an accurate gauge of its success or failure. Clearly it is an apples to oranges argument, and the only good measure of IM stats would be if all countries around the world conformed to the same collecting and reporting measures. Clearly they don’t even come close, and we, along with many others, are very tired of these time-worn and invalid comparisons. Unfortunately, it is evident that people start believing them if they are utilized often enough.”


    See the problem?

    That’s why these numbers are flawed and unreliable.

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  2. Of course.

    Another price to pay for no mean tweets.

    Enjoy morons.

    “The speed camera nightmare that’s coming to America: How the UK’s hated war on motorists – costing drivers $56M in fines every year – provides a chilling glimpse of what’s in store under Pete Buttigieg’s plan”


    “Buttigieg on Thursday revealed plans to ‘promote’ speed cameras across the US

    The plan is part of a safety package backed by $14 billion in new funding

    In the UK, speed cameras have been ubiquitous for decades and are despised

    In the US they are a matter of debate, and banned by law in at least seven states

    US critics from both the right and the left are opposed to speed cameras

    Conservatives view them as overreach and liberals oppose fines funding police

    In the UK omnipresent speed cameras are matter of fury and controversy”

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  3. The other 23% are racists, because reverse racism is still racism.


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  4. They fear the people, just like Justin the Cowardly.

    As they should.






  5. The public doesn’t seem to like the “new” Superman comics at all. 🙂

    “DC Comics’ ‘woke’ Superman reboot fails to fly with readers: report

    “Superman: Son of Kal-El” #1 sold only 68,800 copies since it debuted in July, according to a report”


    “A reboot of DC Comics’ “Superman” series – featuring “woke” story lines – hasn’t exactly showed strength in its sales numbers, according to a report.

    Sales of “Superman: Son of Kal-El” reportedly didn’t crack the Top 50 for units sold, only five issues into its new run, according to the website Bounding into Comics and reported by The Washington Times.

    The story line involves the son of the original Superman working as a climate activist, as well as an advocate for illegal immigrants. He also dates a male reporter.

    Sales of the new comic book have reportedly failed since DC replaced Clark Kent with his millennial son Jonathan Kent. That change took place last summer, the Times reported.

    “Superman: Son of Kal-El” #1 sold only 68,800 copies since it debuted in July. That made it the 17th best-selling comic that month, according to industry resources website Comichron.”


  6. PA residents know who is at fault here.

    The fraud Democrats who have run Pittsburgh for decades, that’s who.

    “Democrat Incompetence Led To PA Bridge Collapse, So Of Course They Blame Republicans

    “The bridge that just collapsed in the city of Pittsburgh was set to be restored in 2016. Instead of replacing the completely rusted out supports, they diverted the money to bike lanes, green energy programs and lanes for self driving cars””


    “Anytime there’s a tragedy or devastating event that happens in this country, the first order of business for Democrats is not to offer thoughts and prayers; it’s to figure out a way to blame Republicans.

    The Fern Hollow Bridge collapse in Pittsburgh that happened Friday morning is no exception to that rule.

    Before we get into the particulars about who said what, the good news is that there was no loss of life in the collapse. Ten people were injured, four of whom were taken to the hospital. One was released while the others are reported to be in fair condition.

    Here are some photos of the collapse:”


    “One of the big problems with Wolf’s claims is that the bridge was “not targeted for improvements under the federal infrastructure bill, state records show,” according to a report from NBC News-Washington:

    The Pittsburgh bridge that collapsed early Friday, injuring 10 people, was in poor condition and not targeted for improvements under the federal infrastructure bill, state records show.


    Pennsylvania is set to receive more than $327 million in federal funding for bridge repair and replacement under the infrastructure plan, with about $49 million going to “off-system,” or local, bridges like the Forbes Avenue bridge.

    But the bridge is not among the highway and bridge projects targeted for federal funding in the state’s 2021 transportation improvement program. City officials haven’t said why the bridge, built in 1970, wasn’t placed on the list for federal infrastructure funding.

    Further, CBS News-Pittsburgh reported that the bridge had had a “poor” rating since 2011 and that an overhaul recommended in 2017 by inspectors was “never funded”:

    Inspectors have listed the Fern Hollow Bridge in poor condition for more than a decade, although they said other local bridges are actually in worse condition.

    The bridge, about 450 feet long, near Frick Park was built in 1970 but in recent years had shown signs of deterioration.

    Inspectors began listing the bridge in poor condition as far back as 2011, and as recently as last September.

    In 2017, inspectors recommended it be overhauled “because of general structure deterioration and inadequate strength,” and recommended a restoration project estimated at $1.5 million. That project was never funded.

    As to the funding issues for repairing/rebuilding the bridge, that apparently was diverted into other projects:

    The bridge that just collapsed in the city of Pittsburgh was set to be restored in 2016. Instead of replacing the completely rusted out supports, they diverted the money to bike lanes, green energy programs and lanes for self driving cars.”


    Click on that last tweet for a thread that demonstrates where the fault lies.


  7. The teaching profession seems to be drawing some real nut cases.

    “School teacher who wanted to run down cops is fired”


    “Yesterday I wrote about the Brooklyn public school teacher, Christopher Flanigan, who described the massive gathering of police officers at slain Detective Jason Rivera’s funeral as “ideal conditions for reciprocity,” after citing a 2020 instance where a police vehicle drove through a crowd of protesters and rioters in the city. I am forced to confess that I got one thing wrong when covering that story. After noting an actress who was fired after also complaining about the funeral, I said that her treatment was “more than you’ll see happening to Mr. Flanigan” because of the far-left climate in most of the public schools. Well, Coney Island Prep School surprised me when they turned around later the same day and terminated Flanigan’s employment. Meanwhile, the former teacher is attempting to do some damage control, claiming that his words in the now-deleted social media post were “misconstrued.” (Daily Mail)

    ‘We do not condone or promote violence of any sort,’ said Coney Island Prep CEO Leslie-Bernard Joseph in a statement released Sunday. ‘As of this afternoon, Mr. Flanigan is no longer employed at Coney Island Prep.’

    ‘The teachers and staff of Coney Island Prep are public servants; and like all public servants we hold ourselves to a much higher standard,’ Joseph continued.

    ‘We work hard to serve the young people in our community, and we know our police officers do as well, taking innumerable risks, to keep our city safe.’

    I rarely get to say this about any of the public schools, particularly in New York City, but congratulations to CEO Leslie-Bernard Joseph and Coney Island Prep for rejecting that sort of violent rhetoric against the police. It was particularly distasteful when you consider that Flanigan’s “reciprocity” comment was made in response to the death of a police officer who was murdered in a cowardly ambush, along with his partner who also succumbed to his wounds a week later.”


  8. And that’s not even the worst one.

    “Kansas teacher charged in DOJ complaint with leading all-female ISIS battalion”


    “A woman from Kansas has been accused of organizing and leading an all-female ISIS military battalion. Allison Fluke-Ekren, a U.S. citizen and mother of five children, was apprehended in Syria. She was transferred into FBI custody on Friday and brought to the Eastern District of Virginia. According to DOJ, she will have her first appearance at the federal courthouse in Alexandria Monday afternoon.

    DOJ made the announcement on Saturday about Fluke-Ekren, a 42-year-old woman who formerly lived in Kansas and worked as a teacher. She traveled to Syria several years ago to commit and/or support terrorism. DOJ lists several names that she has used along the way. Her name is Allison Elizabeth Fluke-Ekren, aka “Allison Elizabeth Brooks,” aka “Allison Ekren,” aka “Umm Mohammed al-Amriki,” aka “Umm Mohammed,” and aka “Umm Jabril,” She led an all-female military battalion on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). A criminal complaint was filed in 2019 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and it has now been unsealed.

    According to the release, “Fluke-Ekren is charged with providing and conspiring to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization. If convicted, she faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.”

    ISIS leaders were proud to have a hyper-radicalized American among them, as were the members of her battalion. She was described by witnesses as being “off the charts” radicalized, an “11 or a 12” on a scale of 1 to 10. She is alleged to have trained her own children to use AK-47s and suicide belts. She translated speeches made by ISIS leaders and she was involved in planning an attack on an American college campus. She allegedly planned and recruited operatives for the college campus attack.”


  9. Once again, the Chamber of Commerce backed Republicans are useless. They love cheap, exploitable labor more than you.

    “GOP can’t complain about Biden’s migrants when they’re not stepping in”


    “It’s all very well for Kevin McCarthy and other GOP members of Congress to rant on Fox News about how terrible the border crisis is, but what are they doing about it?

    At least 2 million illegal migrants crossed the border last year, and all we heard from Congress was hot air.

    Republicans in Washington will tell you they are powerless to do anything about illegal migration until after they regain control in November, assuming they do.

    But one lone New York gubernatorial candidate did more to inform the public about the Biden administration’s partnership with people-smuggling cartels than did members of Congress with vastly more resources.

    Rob Astorino didn’t rest on empty rhetoric. The former Westchester County executive took action.

    Despite being slandered by Democrats as a racist, he has exposed the deliberate subterfuge of the Biden administration as it flies illegal migrants around the country and secretes them in unsuspecting communities.

    ‘Hush hush’
    Astorino was the source of the police bodycam footage we reported on last week, in which a Westchester County cop went to White Plains airport Aug. 13, 2021, to investigate why migrant passengers were being unloaded from a charter jet onto the tarmac hours after the midnight curfew, in contravention of federal law.

    The 51-minute footage, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, was damning. Federal contractors were recorded admitting they had been instructed by the Department of Homeland Security to keep the migrant flights “hush hush” and on the “down low” because “if this gets out, the government is betraying the American people.”

    The recording buttressed The Post’s stories last October, in which we recorded charter flights arriving at White Plains, disgorging migrants who were bussed to various locations in the tri-state area in the dead of night.

    The flights into White Plains virtually stopped after our story, but the federal government continues to ferry illegal migrants from the southern border to elsewhere in the country.

    “We have a government that continues to lie to us,” says Astorino, “that has failed in its most essential duty to secure our nation’s borders and uphold the rule of law . . . This is a matter of public safety, public health and the people’s right to know.”

    GOP is all talk
    Normal patriotic Americans are incandescent with rage about this betrayal by the federal government and yet their Republican representatives are all talk, no action.

    Upstate GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney railed against the flights last week as a “complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter, I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed.”

    Called on twitter? Fat lot of good that will do. ”


    It’s virtue signaling, nothing more.


  10. The media is still garbage.



    “You no doubt are aware of the protest being staged by thousands of Canadian truck drivers who have now converged on Ottawa. The truckers began by protesting against a vaccination mandate for truckers crossing the U.S. border, but it has grown into a movement opposing extreme and irrational anti-covid measures, and promoting freedom generally.

    Naturally, the liberal press is horrified. You likely have seen this bizarre editorial cartoon that appeared in–where else–the Washington Post:”


    “When I first saw the cartoon, I literally did not understand it. Someone had to explain that the Post’s cartoonist is calling the truckers who are demonstrating on behalf of freedom fascists. Freedom is slavery, after all.

    Liberals have hoped for the protest to turn violent, but it hasn’t happened, as the New York Times grudgingly acknowledges:

    Despite fears that the demonstration could turn violent, by Saturday evening the police said there had been no significant incidents.

    This is how the Times describes the crowd:

    Thousands of protesters on foot, many carrying handmade signs on hockey sticks, wandered through the parked vehicles and the slow-moving traffic or gathered on the lawn in front of Parliament. Some of them carried Canadian flags upside down; at least one flag had swastikas drawn on it.

    Liberals always try to imply that if someone draws a swastika it means that person is pro-Nazi. Actually, it means (in this context, at least) that the person is accusing the Canadian government of using Nazi-like tactics. I don’t agree, but let’s not smear the protesters by inverting the intent behind their signs.

    The London Times does the same thing, a little more blatantly:

    There were chaotic scenes over the weekend as scores of articulated lorries began to roll in on Friday, joined by hundreds of pick-ups and cars, paralysing a large chunk of downtown Ottawa near the parliament building and filling the air with honks. Yesterday Canadian flags, “F*** Trudeau” banners and messages about tyranny mingled with Confederate flags, swastikas and the emblems of far-right groups.

    The Times story includes a video of the protest that I can’t embed here. You see hundreds, maybe thousands of Canadian flags. No Confederate flags that I could spot. No swastikas. No “far right” emblems that I recognized. Just a sea of Canadian flags. But misrepresenting the right is the principal business of the left.

    The press is making a big deal out of the fact that Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their residence as a precaution. I have no problem with that, although given the total lack of violence–you might have thought they were expecting a George Floyd riot–it was an unnecessary precaution. But I would note that there was no similar outpouring of press angst when the Secret Service moved President Trump and his family out of the White House during a violent George Floyd riot. The AP headlined, “Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged.” But there was no sign of sympathy or concern about the propriety of the protesters’ violence:

    Trump continued his effort to project strength, using a series of inflammatory tweets and delivering partisan attacks during a time of national crisis.

    Here is more on the truckers’ protest from the BBC.

    Defence Minister Anita Anand said the incidents were “beyond reprehensible”.

    No incident described was even remotely violent. ”


    Hypocrites, once again.


  11. Enjoy!

    “POTUS Is the One Behind Skyrocketing Meat Prices, Not the Meat Packers He Blames”


    “Under the first year of Biden’s administration, Americans have been paying much more for steak dinners, fried chicken and other American culinary staples. Why? Because, according to CNBC, meat prices have risen drastically over the past year, with chicken prices up 8.8 percent, pork prices up 14 percent and beef prices up a whopping 20 percent.

    In order to combat these rising prices, on Jan. 3 the Biden administration announced an aggressive $1 billion plan to tackle the issue. The plan seems to place the blame for high prices on big business and the failures of free-market capitalism.

    A number of economists, experts and even one rancher currently serving in Congress disagree with this assessment, however. In their view, the blame for higher meat prices can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Biden’s government.

    The White House plan correctly notes that a handful of large meat and poultry processors control the majority of their markets. The administration then goes on to berate these companies as “dominant middlemen” that seek only to “increase their own profits” at the expense of farmers and consumers.

    In order to correct this, the White House will spend $1 billion in taxpayer funds on “independent processing projects” and other resources that will introduce more competition into the meatpacking industry.

    Suggesting a lack of competition has caused rising prices is ridiculous, in one economist’s view, considering that the current level of competition has existed for decades.

    That economist — James Mitchell, the assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at the University of Arkansas — spoke with CNN Business regarding the issue and Biden’s proposed solution.

    Mitchell explained that the real causes for the price hikes are labor shortages, supply chain issues and costly regulations, all of which have become trademarks under the Biden administration.”


    “This phenomenon was exacerbated by the Biden administration’s strictly enforced COVID regulations. According to Mitchell, COVID restrictions at meatpacking facilities — social distancing measures, for instance — are “slowing the line speeds as well as increasing the costs for meat processors.”

    Those costs are then being passed on to consumers.

    Biden could redress the cost-inducing excesses of federal regulations. Instead, the president has chosen to distribute a whopping $1 billion in an attempt to stop the issues they cause.

    If Biden were to pursue a solution that does not involve $1 billion in taxes, such a plan already exists. Legislation that has been sitting in Congress for roughly six years — the PRIME Act — would accomplish the same goal by cutting back unnecessary federal regulations.”


    But Biden isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t raise your taxes and costs.


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  14. Just corrupt Democrats being corrupt Democrats…

    They’re desperate.

    “New York lawmakers draw redistricting map that boosts Democrats”


    “Democratic state legislators in New York released a congressional redistricting map Sunday that redrew House lines to give Democrats as many as three more seats at a time when the party’s majority is in jeopardy.

    The New York map is the latest redistricting win for Democrats who had been expected to suffer at the hands of Republican state legislatures that control map-drawing in many more states. But maps in two of those states, Ohio and Alabama, have already been struck down by the courts. In a third Republican state, Texas, the Justice Department has sued over lines it said discriminated against Latinos.

    So far, in more than two dozen maps passed around the country, Democrats would net an additional five districts that Joe Biden would have won in 2020. The New York map, which is expected to be voted on this week and signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), would bring that up to eight seats. As redistricting began last year, Republicans hoped to gain at least enough seats to overcome the current 10-member advantage held by Democrats.

    Democrats are not guaranteed wins in those districts in November. The party in the White House has historically lost ground in midterm elections and turnout is generally much lower in non-presidential-election years.”


  15. If they’re getting out in front with excuses and damage control already, the jobs numbers will be bad.



  16. Don’t confuse the Psaki Hack….



  17. She is the Gaslighting Queen.



  18. Yep, except none of that violence you mentioned happened Justin the Cowardly.



  19. Another liberal hypocrite.

    Rules are for the peons, not the elitist liberal tyrants.



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