82 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-29-22

  1. Morning! It is sun shiny and warming here in the forest of CO! Snow will melt a bit this weekend then the bottom drops out and cold will be rushing in. Time to make hay while the sun shines!!

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  2. Good morning. A bit warmer for us this weekend. It is nice for our daughter’s driving up here and around while she is here. It is a little warm for The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. Even the weather can’t please everyone. 😀

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  3. Good morning fellow Wanderers! I see we’re all in this cold together. There’s a slight dusting of snow here in Chattanooga, and the thermometer says it’s 23 degrees. But this beautiful, strong sunshine is making a mockery of the cold. I’ve got seedlings sprouting in the window and the birds are happy at the feeder. It’s a glorious day!

    Dad’s birthday is tomorrow. He’ll be 96. He said he may not see another birthday. He says that every year, and every year I say ‘none of us are guaranteed another year’. That reminder is perhaps more potent this year as we lost my brother unexpectedly last year, and nearly lost C. Still, God is good. He is protecting and provisioning his people as he sees fit. It is well. :–)

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  4. Daughter returns from a week of house sitting and is bringing two Adorables with her to bake a cake. It’s been calm and quiet this week and I got a lot done.


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  5. Sixteen here this morning, sunshine. See my prayer concern.

    Had a lovely visit with my dad and step mom. She was looking great at ninety nine. He nearly stumbled when he turned to hand me a book but wobbled his way to his couch. He won’t use the cane he brought out as it collapsed on him. My brother tightened it up so it will not collapse but he does not trust it.

    We discussed how he never expected to live this long. His dad died at fifty eight, his mom at forty eight. My mom (his first wife) at fifty two. And now all of his brothers and sister have died. They were all healthy, active, social people. I told him the only difference I knew was that he lived in Idaho and they lived in California. Perhaps the stress is different there.

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  6. We had a bit of snow here overnight. It stuck to the roofs and some bits of ground held tightly to it but only in spots. They said the Atlanta airport reported 1/4″ which was a record for this day. Somehow recognizing that amount as a record snowfall makes me laugh!

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  7. Yesterday was somewhat frustrating (and vey long and busy).

    Dealing with a new source, this is the second time, and as a courtesy I’ve sent her the quotes of hers I’m using. Both times have led to her sending back things highlighted in yellow that she wanted to change or rewrite or “tweak.”

    I tried to explain to her yesterday this is not an opportunity to redo quotes, unless they’re inaccurate which is the reason I am letting her see them before they are published. But just making them sound better when the original version is perfectly clear and sound fine isn’t what I have the time or inclination to do.

    Yesterday she even wanted to edit her own presentation comments she made at a recent meeting — quoted in the story — because it would “sound better” the way she wanted to now rephrase what she originally presented. I was so frustrated, told her this isn’t a collaboration and no, I can’t change a quote that came out of a specific meeting and was quoted as such.

    She’s a good source on this one particular topic, very smart, and polite, but I’m regretting that I opened this door with her. The first time, we’d never met and so I wanted her to feel comfortable to at least see what quotes of hers I was using. We will, as a courtesy, send people their own quotes beforehand to make sure everything is accurate, but not the story in advance, of course. But she is getting this idea that it gives her an opening to rewrite and collaborate (on deadline as was the situation late yesterday), which isn’t the point.

    Anyway, we got through it but it was a little intense — and I don’t relish having to deal with her again anytime soon. She seemed gracious about it, me maybe a little less so as her responses came after my editor had read the story and it was in the queue to post.

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  8. Oh, we may get some “light rain” here in the next hour, according to my phone weather tracking.

    Yes, happy birthday to Debra’s dad.


  9. I attended the visitation and funeral today. If a funeral can be “good” then this one was. JW was a former disc jockey and often was on the schedule to read the scripture readings in church. He was always the backup should anyone have an emergency. He was scheduled to read tomorrow so at the end of the service we all read that scripture aloud.
    I forget all the symbolism in the Catholic Church and even in the Episcopal. The coffin was brought in and draped in a white pall, as a symbol of his baptism, a Bible was placed on top Rather than me type it all out here is a link if you are interested.

    Click to access Symbols-of-the-Funeral-Liturgy.pdf

    While I don’t believe we have to have all the rituals and symbolism, I do think they add to the experience of occasions.
    Afterward there was a reception at a local facility that was catered. I am glad I went.

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  10. Morning all. Cloudy here, but not cold.
    Sunday morning. Yesterday was busy wiith a yard sale and an everything sale And then I went to school to finish up something that I had forgotten. Had to get ready to make a picture of a koala.
    Then I was invited to lunch by someone who came the same year that I did. My first official goodbye as they leave on furlough this week.

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  11. It is very snowy, very windy, and very COLD here in Connecticut today. When I was out there around 3:30, shoveling the back porch (Boy is responsible for the front) for the second time, it was 11* with a wind chill 8* below 0. By the time I was finished, I couldn’t feel my fingertips.

    It is still snowing, so we will have to shovel again in the morning. But I am grateful that our power is still on!

    (Please see the prayer thread about the death of my friend J.)

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  12. Three cheers for power.

    Just in from grocery shopping, feels good to get that done.

    I gave the dogs an early meal today (will give a lighter one tonight) and Cowboy got all 3 of his pills, including the capsule, taken; I have been mushing each one separately in a soft dog treat, but only a part of the street so it’s not big; then I pour some of the hamburger juice over it, put just a few morsels of ground beef on top — and leave it all right at the top of the dish so he’ll get there while he’s still really hungry and enthusiastic.

    I think there was a lot of shopping going on for tomorrow’s big game in LA, the Rams vs. 49ers. Whoever wins that game goes to the Super Bowl, which also is being held in LA at the Rams’ new stadium.

    The Rams have lost a string of games to the 49ers but there are hopes that they’ll beat them tomorrow.

    Last time they played locally, San Francisco fans wound up packing the stands so there were some restrictions on tickets for tomorrow’s game, somehow trying to make sure “locals” got first pick. But then those locals can also scalp the tickets to SF fans to make money, of course.

    I may need a new stove at some point … I guess I need what’s called a slide-in as it needs to fit into the island.

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  13. So much snow, Kizzie! We still have a few spots of it on our roof.

    DJ, all that prep to make the dog’s nourishment and meds work for their benefit somehow reminds me of the efforts I make to feed Art. He did tell me twice this week that he liked the crispy salmon patties I made. I think that he thought I might only make the chickpea Kikoman burgers instead in the future which he did not like. Now I have learned what to do to get some thanks!

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  14. Hmm, my daughter would have had cereal, if her parents had remembered to pick up some milk. Neither of us can drink it much, so I usually only have on hand for baking or when company comes.

    My dad was always talking about doing something ‘before my demise,’ My mom said he was ‘dying’ for his last twenty years. He also kept telling us that his newest car would be his last car. I recently told my husband we need to go buy our ‘last’ vehicle. Certainly, the older one gets the more you think of the shortness of life. Although, I had two cousins die at five and three, so death was not for only old people for me at a quite young age.

    I hope you still have power, Kizzie, and that your grandson can enjoy the snow.

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  15. When I walked outside around dusk last night I had to bundle up more than any other time I have walked this year. I had a tobogan pulled way down on my head and a scarf all around my neck and chin and even with all that garb I still felt my lips to be cold when I was breathing. I felt like I was emerging from a cocoon when I unwrapped. I suppose most of you take things like that for granted, but it was something different for me.

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  16. A toboggan on your head? My first thought was a sort of sled, but I see at dictionary.com it can aso mean a kind of knit cap.

    I learn something every day.

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  17. Morning! I had the very same thought Peter about the toboggan….the picture in my mind of Janice walking outside with a sled on her head!! 🛷
    Warmer here today and more ice to melt off the roads for us! You drive in town and there is not a hint of snow…drive back out here and it’s a winter wonderland!
    Got to get ready for church …. First another cup of coffee and Cheerios!

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  18. My question is, how in the world do you use a hat for a sled?

    I loved the online church service this morning. Still in Psalm 119 with this new church group. I will be visiting there. I have been in the gym there once when Wesley was quite young and we’d signed him up for basketball. He was on the court and all the little guys were running around like crazy. With his asthma he could not keep up. Like a crazy helicopter mom I ran with them holding his hand afraid he’d get trampled otherwise. We did not go back. He had a lot more success with baseball than basketball.

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  19. I told our pastor after the sermon that I was glad our paper was able to provide him with so much material today, we both laughed.

    He started out the sermon noting our local paper had run a story last week on “drag night,” an event in our area to teach children the art of drag performing (and arranged by a 12-year-old who identifies as “omnisexual”); then he recalled the years when his kids were young and he was writing occasional guest columns for our paper.

    Whenever these sexual subjects would be mentioned in his columns — with regard to what impact this will all have on children — commenters would take him to task saying it was just a stretch and scare tactic to suggest it will all hurt children someday.

    But here we are, he concluded …

    Sermon was on Rev. 9:1-12.

    I spotted the story on our lineup last week, wasn’t surprised and didn’t read it. It was quite positive, apparently, which I assumed it would be.

    I’m grateful for being neck-deep in port and supply chain and shipping coverage these days.

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  20. I have the heater going now — house tends to fight against it as I have to leave the back sliding door open when I’m gone for Cowboy and it’s frequently open even when I’m home. Thinking of having a fire in the fireplace, which I don’t think I’ve ever done during the day.

    Rams game starts, I think, in about 2 hours. Go Rams.


  21. Yes, it is chilly here, but it will warm up. Monday morning and time to wash some dishes that are soaking. I made and froze pumpkin waffles last night and also made my week’s oatmeal. Steel cut oats take quite a while to cook.


  22. Oh yeah – the cats come running when I am having tuna or milk (usually in cereal).

    (For the smart alecks around here, that means milk in the cereal, not tuna in the cereal. 😀 )

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  23. After getting dressed this morning, and feeding the pets, I went out to finish up shoveling snow off the back porch. There was more of it than yesterday afternoon!

    My porch is about 40 feet long and seven or eight feet deep, but I leave a fringe of snow near the railing and near the house. My muscles are a little sore from doing that three times in two days. Relieved it is all done now. Snow can be a pain in the butt when you have to shovel it, but it sure is beautiful.

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  24. I’d love to play in the snow again–I used to shovel on nights when the boys were in bed (and husband out to sea, of course). We lived in the country with a driveway .2 miles long down a hill and no neighbors,

    There was something about the silence of the starlight gleaming off the snow, and the satisfaction of seeing the path after I’d shoveled. I enjoyed it.

    Of course, I had to move quickly if ice was coming. The first winter in the house (husband WAS home) our car sat at the mailbox at the end of the driveway for six weeks. There was too much ice to get off the driveway!

    That was a long time ago. Perhaps I’ve forgotten? 😉

    It’s gorgeous here. I’m headed out for a walk.

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  25. Ha, ha, Chas. My little grandson told his mom (after she got him all dressed up warmly; sent him out just to have him want to come back in immediately) that he would go out and play in the snow when it warmed up.

    I can just push the deck under the railing on my deck, although for awhile it was so piled up that I could no longer push it off in a couple of areas. Snow shoveling can be harmful to a person if they are not used to it and overdo it. People do die of heart attacks every year from doing it. There are also ways to make it easier on the back.

    I had never heard of a knit hat called a toboggan. It seems to me, that term explains more the use of the hat. I have several hats like that.

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  26. It’s a toque.

    Yes, the snow piles are higher than our deck (at 3 or more feet high). We don’t have railings (yet) and probably won’t because we live in a place where no-one who notices will care. I might care more when the twins are here next summer. Our snow pack alone is 25″ husband says. So that’s settled snow, we’ve had way more than 2 feet fallen this winter.

    Husband just came back from walking the dog and said our road to the north is flooded with about a foot of water – that’s just going to freeze!! A beaver dam must have let go somewhere upstream. That means driving around the block to get to work adding another 4 miles to my drive in the morning.

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  27. We don’t have rails. We laid out a red stripe of trex when we laid out the deck. The stripe was all around the deck and was a warning to not step beyond there. The only incident was when the two year old rode her big wheel backward off the deck into the not yet garden bed which was all rock. She was not injured but paid much closer attention to the stripe. It is about a three foot drop. The ten year old enjoyed leaping off the deck and over the garden but it got boring quickly enough.

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  28. We shovel the snow off the deck and it mounds up two or three feet above the deck. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some chickens had gotten shoveled in and were trapped under the deck. I suppose it was warm enough and they had food of sorts. But I sent son out to dig them out after a few days. I had asked twenty to do it but it did not happen. Fifteen got it taken care of.

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  29. The church had a 4:30 p.m. program named Refresh. I went. It was great. It is a bit further than I like to drive, but not far. It is right by entrances/exits for the major Atlanta bypass circle around the city. I need to see if there is an exit I can get to with a light. As it turned out, when I left this Baptist church I ended up going down the road opposite the way I needed to go and pulled into a Methodist parking lot to get going in the right direction. Is there some kind of spiritual message in my avoiding traffic incidents gyrations? Not sure that is worded correctly but y’all get my gist.

    Really, I can tell this church is so much better aligned with where I am at spiritually just from going to this one program and from watching online for several Sundays and communicating through the web.

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  30. In the fall, our back porch gets covered in falling leaves from the nearby trees. I go out every day or two to sweep them off. One day I had looked out and seen that the porch was covered in leaves, and figured I should get around to sweeping them off. When I went out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the wind had swept the porch clean for me. 🙂

    Too bad yesterday’s wind didn’t do the same with the snow. I had to laugh at tossing a shovel-full of snow over the railing and then getting a bunch of it blowing back in my face. And my hat (a fedora-type that Hubby had had) blew right off my head and flew several yards away from the porch. (Boy rescued it for me.)

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  31. This is a Baptist church, dj. The PCA is a bit closer, but at least for right now I prefer to not switch denominatons. I think I would like the PCA, too. I think this Baptist church has a more diverse comgregation with blacks and whites worshipping together which I like. But I have not been to the PCA except to watch it once online so I am only remembering what it use to be like.


  32. Glad you could stay in the same denomination, a simple transfer process then.

    Our editors will be spinning out tonight as story assignments go out for next week’s big game right in our backyard and with the hometown team.


  33. … he would go out and play in the snow when it warmed up.

    I’m told my older brother, when he was 3 or 4 years old, ran outside and jumped in the snow. He got up and asked, “Where’s the warm snow?” He had always heard of a
    blanket of snow” so it should be warm, right?

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