27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-18-22

  1. Good morning.i am checking in before my group Bible study. Surprise! No one is here! Where is everybody? I have more questions to complete in my study guide so I will check back later to see if I have been Left Behind!

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  2. Good morning, Janice and AJ. I am sure the rest of us will show up sooner or later. I am waiting for day shift so I can hand off my patients.

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  3. Morning again….some of us checked in early on yesterday’s page 😊 Chas is having his Cheerios and I am on my second cup of coffee ☕️

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  4. I will be off to have lunch with two dear friends today. We haven’t seen one another since October! Last day of warming weather to be enjoyed around here then winter enters in. Snow and cold then more snow. Just enough to make travel worriesome…

    I need to get over to our friend’s home with a meal on Friday around 5…just when the Friday snow is going to make it miserable to drive on our country hwy…everyone takes that instead of the interstate and it gets downright scary. The Lord will make a way….
    Our friend came to church on Sunday…one week after the sudden passing of his wife…he looked drained and deep in grief but his daughter wanted to see everyone while still in town. How my heart breaks for him….

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  5. That is sad, NancyJill. He must love his daughter very much and she, perhaps, realizes going would be good for him.

    I recently read the scientific explanation for snow absorbing noise. The quietness does happen. We have another day of gratitude for being able to stay home and just enjoy the beauty of winter along with doing our chores and hobbies.

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  6. I’m thinking about God this morning and about his reaction to Adam and Eve.

    He created them with joy–anticipating eternity walking in the garden in relationship with them.

    But one day, they rejected everything–Him, their life, their relationships, their joy.

    For what?

    Today, I read an Instagram post from a young woman we’ve prayed for since we moved here. She was a good friend of my daughter’s from church. Her father became a pastor. Her grandparents are/were devout followers of Jesus with an ear to the Holy Spirit.

    She graduated from Biola, has an ear for languages, a heart for the downtrodden. She and my daughter traveled through Europe together six years ago.

    She, basically, never came back. She’s pretty renounced her faith, her family, most of her past, and embraced European hedonism.

    As people–including her aunt who was a missionary?–celebrated the “new” her, my heart broke.

    It took me back to that question I asked about another young woman in a similar family background who turned wildly horrible in college. I’d been praying for her for years.

    What’s the good of prayer?

    Chambers reminded me on August 28 My Utmost, that prayer is intended for us to get closer to God–no matter what drives us there.

    It’s about my heart breaking before Him–and He, who knows far better than I, comforting me.

    I’m not sure if this is a prayer request for J, or what.

    But, maybe, it’s really for all of us whose hearts break watching people we love reject God’s truth.

    Until we hate sin as much as God does–can we really understand the full depth of heartbreak?

    How’s that for a QOD? 🙂

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  7. I believe He is still anticipating that fellowship and is watching it grow in His people. Every time we bring a prayer to His ears, He is delighting. He was not surprised by our fall, it was planned for and the price was ready to be paid. And He still delights and works out His plan in each one. Some take the scenic route, others are more direct. And we can pray for one another, knowing that He hears and is working in our hearts to bring us into that remarkable garden fellowship without the stumble.

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  8. It is not snowing here.

    I have been deep in people today, as much as the phone allows, first with Bible study gals and then in a long conversation with my friend. Karen.

    I saw online that the house next door has raised the asking price from 467,000 to 472,000. I expected a drop, but no, they raised it. Crazy market.

    Art did not care for the Kikoman chickpea patties last night so he thas some left over for tonight. I thought they were great.


  9. We once had a house on the market that didn’t sell after 3 months. We raised the price and it sold not much time later. We accepted the offer, since it was for our original asking price.


  10. Not snowing here yet. Predicting low freezing fog for the morning then snow on top of it…meteorologist says it will be a “demolition derby” morning around here 😳 I’m staying home! Neighbor needs husband to drive to Denver in the morning to pick up his classic Chevy Blazer…I’m thinking they need to put that trip on hold!

    Such a lovely time spent with my friends. 11-3 we sat there and tried to solve the problems of the world…didn’t happen but we had interesting conversations while trying! I love my friends..

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  11. Former boyfriend had one of the first Chevy Blazers, an early SUV back in the day (1980s). I remember when he mentioned to someone he was getting a blazer and they thought he was going clothes shopping. lol

    He mentioned to me recently that it only had 2 doors which I really didn’t remember.

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  12. It came in handy when he helped me move a couple times, but it was probably somewhat small compared to the later-generation SUVs like the Ford Explorers etc.

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  13. I sent a YouTube about thr house next door to my friend, Karen, and she called me later with her husband on the phone to get more details. I was pretty surprised to think they might be interested in it. Miss Bosley was chatting a bit and then their three cats, Rocket, Romeo, and Ruthie had to chat a bit, too. It would be nice to have cat peeps as nextdoor neighbors😀

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