32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-7-22

  1. Good morning! We are on the way to the livestock auction with my jersey cow, Bluebelle. It has become too much to work all the hours I do and then come home and milk a cow. She is a sweet cow. Doesn’t kick, but her back teats are too short to milk by hand. It is the end of an era. I have had a milk cow continuously for more than 30 years.

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  2. Good morning. Milk cows and I never got along.

    A friend told me this morning that the livestock barn in town lost its roof and some walls so the snow load.

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  3. Good morning again.
    I washere before but went off to brekfst, morning devotions, etsc.
    Some of you got prayed for by name.
    All, generally.
    This is an important blog to me

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  4. Good late morning, all!

    I went to Publix just after 7 a.m. when it was in the 20’s here, brrr . . .

    I have worked on my book review of Where the Light Fell by Phillip Yancey. It will be my writing presented for critique at my Sat. Word Weavers group session. We are meeting by Zoom this time because of Covid concerns. Two steps forward and one step back . . . the Covid dance continues.

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  5. I had one cup of coffee this morning then headed to the kitchen for my Cheerios. Before I realized what I was doing I was pouring my Cheerios into my empty coffee cup. My immediate thought was “I wonder what Chas would say about this situation”?!! 😂 It’s gonna be a long day ya’ll…..

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  6. I had such a fun day yesterday–running all those errands in a row, praying for a friend at the grocery store, laughing with the post office employee over 12 boxes–10 of books–and then forgetting to buy stamps and having to return!

    I surprised a friend with flowers, bought more ant killer on a whim (!), tried to surprise another postal employee, and stood outside church swapping stories with the church administrative assistant (formerly known as MY assistant and now married to our former handyman–who now works for my husband’s company. We’re not exactly incestuous, but joyful).

    And then to work–where in between tricky tasks I ate some of the bonbons clients sent us over the holidays! LOL

    I hope today, sitting in my chair to pray and at my desk to work, brings as much laughter and joy.

    As well as to you–whether in snow, sleet of night, barn, computer screen, or even the grocery store or cave–blessings!

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  7. Good morning Chas; praying Kim.

    Well, Friday has arrived and that’s always good. I was up early at around 6-7 but then fell back asleep and am having a hard time waking up (which is normal for me). Waiting for the staff call to begin.

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  8. I survived our staff day. It was interesting but almost none of it applied to Kinder.

    Morning, Chas.

    Are they playing Duck, Duck, Goose in the header??

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  9. My new vehicle is different. I have to figure out the best way to get in with my bum leg. It is high so it is a climb and I have to boost myself with my left leg and then get in. Also, the clutch does not engage until it is almost all of the way out. I am quite the driver as all of the vehicles here are old and very different.

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  10. so funny. I just got on facebook for a minute. I got a message with pictures from my friend who was at the resort with us. They are coming home a different way and spending the day shopping in the port city of Lae (where Amelia Earhart was last seen) So she sent me a message with pictures asking what I wanted and showing my choices. One of the cream cheese options was lactose free. How do you make cheese lactose free??

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  11. Brill cream…my Dad used that and a little dab did do him as he had not much hair!!

    Dj that commercial brought tears…it was my favorite and we three little girls asked Mom if we could get Dad a Noelco for Christmas. She took us shopping and we made our big purchase. Every time that commercial came on we would sit there and giggle because we knew what was in that box under the tree!! Such sweet memories!! 🎄

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