41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-26-22

  1. And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
    Singin’ and jinglin’ the jango
    Floatin’ like the heavens above
    It looks like muskrat love

    You’re welcome. Now get that song unstuck from your memory bank!!! You started it with the photo Aj!! ❣️See y’all tomorrow

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  2. I saw one once, but did not get a picture, so thanks.
    I’ve never heard the song, so it probably won’t get stuck as I have no tune for it.

    So the doctor didn’t find any problems, but as my daughter asked, then what has been causing the pain and even lack of balance this year? And why is my right leg so much weaker and unable to bend.?
    I have a hard time picking anything off of the floor.
    Time to go back to the chiropractor, he helped and had some answers.

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  3. Captain and Tennille, how can I remember that and forget so many more important things?! I hope all is well with each of you. I have been keeping you all in prayer. Crazy busy at my house. We butchered over 50 chickens with all of the other processing that goes with that. The fact that they were almost 10 pounds apiece made it a pretty big chore. I have been canning and gardening.

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  4. Good morning all. Supposed to reach 86 today, currently 60. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    Last of the horses should leave today, along with three adults, three children, and one dog. The dog is very nice. An English cream golden retriever about sixteen months old. Very sweet and welcome in the house. She stays off the furniture but does consider herself to be a lapdog.

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  5. Good morning!

    That is a lot of chickens to process Rkessler. In the past I bought double packs of whole fryers at Sam’s and felt proud of cooking two at a time in a large boiler pan.

    Glad you got a good doc report, Jo. I think some of the foods we eat can sometimes give us temporary aflictions. Or maybe we are in contact with something in the environment that affects us. If you are better now then maybe something like that affected you when you had those problems.

    I had a 10 a.m. appointment for Covid testing at the hospital but the pre-op person said I could go between the hours of 8 and 3:30. Art and I were at the drive-up facility at 8 a.m. with no line. It’s a 24 hour test. It was my very first swab for Covid. Glad we could go early so Art could get on along to the office.

    Prayers for Kevin and all his fam with Covid. May Mrs. B remain free! A Bible study friend and her husband still test positive at the CVS clinic but their home kit says negative.

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  6. That’s quite a span on the temps, Mumsee. It is 74° here now and going up to 84°. More rain in the forecast.

    The morning news reported on states where the dogs are most spoiled and pampered. New York came in first, CA second and Georgia was eigth. I though CA would be first.

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  7. A friend has been in the Midwest for the last ten days at her 94-year-old mother’s bedside. She’s put me off picking her up at the airport for the last three days because hospice said Mom could die at any time.

    Her mom died yesterday. My friend (who now won’t be home until next week), just texted, “One of the last things Mom said to me was, ‘look for me when you get to heaven.'”

    Honestly, I’m a mess of tears thinking of such a wonderful, poignant, blessed final word.

    I never got such a gift from my family members.

    Though, my grandmother did say, “You’re so beautiful. I love you.”

    I told her the same, then stood up and said, “That’s it, Grammy. I’m going home on that word.”

    I kissed her and left.

    More tears now! I should see clearly the rest of the day.

    Hold ’em close.

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  8. We were 50 degrees this morning and it will be almost 80 today. It is cold in the house, since we had the windows open all night. I like it, my husband not so much. He is generally cold. Also, he sits more than I do. We already have his last appointment for his cataract surgery in today. He will still have to get new eyeglasses. He plays an assisted living place in a little while. Then we will meet a friend for supper and have her over to play the game Fast Track. Everything is cleaned up from the door job, but nothing is deep cleaned. That’s okay. Unfortunately, it will wait for me. 😉

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  9. Hi Everyone. It’s the Long Lost Stranger again…
    Yesterday I wrote an offer on a cute cottage

    The legal description crackes me up. The house was built in 1911.
    Ignore all the stuff no one understands and focus on McClures FENCE being a survey markers and one you get there you run 55 ft MORE or LESS.

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  10. Chilly evening, Kathaleena. Too cold for open windows, IMO. But maybe with an electric blanket.

    Funny call at the Kosher Kroger Pharmacy. My call went through at 12:59. I got all my answers except for one. Do you have Hibiclens? Instead of yes or no (one syllable) the guy said, “My lunch starts at 1:00. Could you call back?”
    These times keep the funny bone working overtime.

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  11. Speaking of real estate. Daughter and son in law had planned to seel their home in Buhl and move the horse business to Kentucky where they found a beautiful little property that seemed just right. The agent said she would have theirs sold in two weeks. But two months later she came back and told them they needed to tear up the wood floor they had put in and replace it with laminate and put about fourteen thousand more into it. They have done a lot to make it a nice starter home. So they took it off the market and are planning to stay a couple more years there. I suggested trying another agent that might be more interested in moving the property.

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  12. Adorable cottage, but i’d personally swap out all the blue paint inside.

    There’s also a truck? painted on the front of the dishwasher. ? That’s a different look.

    Love-love-love the street and the screened in porch. Sweet.

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  13. I’d gladly spoil my dogs all over again if I could. 🙂

    Last night, the cat was hogging the only blanket on the bed. I kept tugging at it, gently at first, then with more force as she meowed in loud protest, thoroughly annoyed.

    Early-morning PT today and a refreshing breakfast out with my cousin at Denny’s — not really the best place to eat, but it tasted like the best this morning with that omelette and hash browns and coffee.

    I’m on the phone & email still trying to get the state disability pay set up, I am joking that I’ll probably get a big lump sum in March.

    Neighbor said he can take me to the pharmacy later for a med refill pickup.

    I’m discovering how to inconvenience multiple people in the same day, a skill I’m sure I’ll hone further in the next week or so, at least until I can get back to driving again.

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  14. Ha! Dj, you are funny. I have arranged for my brother to be the designated driver for Art’s colonoscopy. I may ask someone from church to pick up the box of food I have for the church food pantry. I went to Kroger, double masked, this afternoon and picked up the gallon container with that which is used for elimination purposes when mixed with water. Also got his other meds and bought our own private bottles of Himiclens. And now I am mowing which is not good on a sunny afternoon, but it is doable with breaks. It was too wet this morning. At least I have some shade. Without that, no can do.

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  15. Here are some excerpts from FB messages to DJ earlier today as some interesting weather unfolded. (The ***** indicates end of one message before another a little while later.)

    Part 1:

    “The skies have darkened, and I am hearing thunder a ways away, but coming closer, I think. I’m keeping an eye on the skies. Last night I had a dream that I was outside when I spotted a tornado coming my way, and I dashed in the house and forced Heidi down the basement stairs.

    (She doesn’t like those stairs and won’t go down them. There was a time several years ago during a tornado warning that we and the McKs had to get down into the basement, and I had to make Heidi go down there.)

    Then this morning on a weather report, I saw a reference to a tornado. Later, watching the beginning of a movie with my lunch, there was a tornado in the movie. Some superstitious folks would think that those together are a sign that a tornado is coming. I’m not superstitious, but a little caution never hurt anybody. 😄

    Wow! The rain is coming down hard and the wind is blowing and the thunder is thundering! (We so need this.)”

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  16. Part 2 of 2:

    “Well! Thunder is getting nearer again. And I think the sky is getting a little cloudier, although not dark like it was. The wind is beginning to stir up a little bit, too. Stay tuned for further updates! 😄

    Tornado warning just came in!

    Okay, I am back up from the basement now. The dumb dogs wouldn’t come down with me. Just put on the local news on TV, and they’re saying that there is still some “rotation” but it has gotten much weaker. More storms coming. One right now – very dark out there, lots of rain and thunder.

    When I was in the basement, I sent texts to both [Nightingale] and [Chickadee], telling them that although I figured that I will be fine, I wanted them to know, in case anything did happen to me, that I love them “very, very much and so does God.” And I asked [Nightingale] to tell that to [Boy]. (He has been grounded from his phone for a while. Thinking about it now, though, I should have texted him, too. He would have seen it eventually.)

    What a day!

    Part of me wanted to go back up and put Heidi’s collar on her and drag her down the stairs, which might have encouraged Janie to follow her. (Janie is not afraid to go down into the basement, so I don’t know why she wouldn’t. Maybe my insistence on it made her nervous, even though I was trying to sound casual.) But it was right at the time when the possible tornado was expected in Stafford, and I knew it would take a while to get Heidi’s collar and get her to go down the stairs. I feel a little guilty that I didn’t try harder. 🙁

    Wild weather over most of the state today. There are power outages in some areas, but not ours. I am grateful for that.

    That’s so weird that I had a dream about a tornado last night and then there was a tornado warning today.”

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  17. I just finished mowing the grass. It took two breaks for me to complete it. I had to go off my med for surgery so I think that is messing with my energy level. Going through hormonal changes twice in two months . . .

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  18. I’ve been doing more battle with state disability — now HR tells me they never received the doctor’s certification back in July (which his secretary told me she had faxed over to our HR department on time).

    Now I’m trying to find a copy of that (which I should have but it’s not in my bulging surgery file that I can see) to send over to them directly.

    There’s got to be an easier way to do all of this.

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  19. Yes, Kathaleena, Buhl, Idaho was named for Frank Buhl of Pennsylvania, water investor and is also proud of its water. Located near the Snake River.

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  20. Kizzie, glad you survived the tornado scare. How are the dogs? Clueless, of course?

    We get water spouts off the coast sometimes which is as close as we get to tornadoes (though we do get small tornadoes on land but nothing like those in other parts of the country).

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  21. DJ – Yeah, the dogs were clueless. Heidi just stood for a while at the open basement door, looking down at me with a quizzical expression on her face. Janie went off to my bedroom to lie on my bed.

    When it was safe for me to come upstairs, both dogs wanted their dinner. 🙂

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