9 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-7-22

  1. Buh-bye biased hack.

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  2. Did you all survive the Democrat and Media’s Day of Mass Hysteria yesterday?


    Sure it’s debunked, but this Pelosi and CNN, so…..

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  3. ——-

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  4. Cruz and the cowardly walkback…..


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  5. I survived the propagandized Jan 6 anniversary…the tv and news outlets were not allowed to be aired in this home! They are all garbage…even the local wannabe “news” outlets. How far we have fallen…..

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  6. I listened to the Intercessors for America call today which had on a lady who is married to one arrested in Washington last year. There is a gag order with a fine of 200,000 if the truth is let out. Pray for those who have been so wrongly treated regarding the ‘riot.’

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