53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-27-21

  1. Actually I have been busy in little ways. I worked on Bible verse memorization. I finished loading the dishwasher and had to find out how to run the thing which seemed uncooperative at first. I found a newly opened jar of mayo left out of the fridge overnight by Art so I chucked that and momentarily showed anger but then commented how I am forgetful, too, to give grace.

    Now I shall drink camomile tea and read my Bible in Philemon for today.

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  2. Good Morning. Amos has had us up since 4:30. He and Lulabelle are taking their morning nap.
    I have been sipping on warm water and lemon.
    Somehow I got it in my head to do a “detox”. Yesterday was supplements and 4 small shakes. Today is the same. Tomorrow introduces real food back but it is to be vegetarian or “paleo”.
    Warm lemon water isn’t bad but it’s not coffee. I was encouraged no to experience a headache yesterday from no coffee but I did take two naps.
    We shall see what today brings.

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  3. Chas, have someone put some bright nail polish on your pointer finger keys. Have them build it up enough to be able to feel the difference. That may help.

    Snow is falling and blowing here. That is okay as we are snug as two bugs in a rug and there is plenty to do. I did want to go to a movie, which we have not done since Covid hit. I am glad we are not getting the freezing rain that they got south of us. Plain snow is far better.

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  4. Chas says he is struggling with getting his left hand to work. That makes typing very challenging so he is at hunt and peck. Difficult when vision is an issue as well.

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  5. Yes, this would be the son who brought a dog who trashed all of our screens, trying to get in to its boy.

    And one of the dogs is the one that left two rather large piles last time he visited (he is well over one hundred pounds so when I say large…..) One under the dining room table and one in my bedroom where no dogs or children are allowed. He also tore up a cushion in the guest room.

    Which is why I said no dogs. But they will be in kennels…. we will see. And will they be on leashes when they are outside? Or chasing and terrifying chickens and rabbits and turkeys and sheep and goats and cats if not killing them?


  6. Well I typed a post earlier but it seems to have gotten lost in the airwaves or something!
    Daughter woke yesterday around noon…she had a rough sleep with a sore throat. No fever though. This morning her throat feels better and she can still taste and smell but now has a low grade fever. I had her take a home test and it is positive. We will now self isolate for the next 10 days..all of us are fully vaccinated…ugh!


  7. Very sorry, NancyJill, though given how easy this variant is to catch, not surprising. I expect it will eventually happen here . . .

    I slept 10 hours last night–this has been an exhausting season!

    While I’ll be working upstairs this morning, a troupe of family members will descend to build Lego (9 sets received between them!), watch movies, perhaps work on my Jane Austen puzzle, and EAT!

    See ya!


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  8. That’s a lot of dogs. We had 5 dogs and 22 people for Christmas dinner at my son’s house.

    I felt like I was attending a lovely meal in a dog park.

    Candles and all.

    They were smaller, though. Well, most of them. They got along well and the paper wrappings managed to get most of their muddy dog prints when they raced through the house. Sigh.

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  9. Too many dogs for me. My wood stove would not draw at 5 am this morning. Wood which had been added at some point during the night was unburned. I crawled back under the covers as i am so so adventurous that I would climb on the roof in the dark. That was my project first thing this morning. We now have toasty fire blazing away.

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  10. Expecting snow today. And cold and more snow throughout the week. Not Kare cold. Or even dog park cold (which is a whole nother world). Not down to zero but close.

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  11. Oh, a fancy meal at a dog park.

    Nancyjill, I’m sorry. You’re far from alone and, as someone pointed out earlier here, this variant spreads fast, far and very, very easily. Too fast for us to get ahead of it right now (or ever, probably). Take care of yourself, the vaccine should help.

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  12. There are probably snow flurries at the now-shuttered dog park today. We’re expecting rain by early afternoon and again on Wednesday (and Thursday, too, I think; with more next week).

    Hallelujah to all of it, minus the mud slides and road dangers it will also bring.

    I found a story to do today. Woo-hoo.

    Shower tension rod fell again after I’d just gotten it back up yesterday. I wasn’t surprised. At least it waited until after I was out of the shower this time. Sigh.

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  13. Meanwhile in the South, my plan to get dried cat vomit off my shoe worked. I had wrapped the shoe in plastic wrap to pack once I discovered the problem and was out of time to remedy it. I wore the mesh shoes down to the beach and waded a lot. The problem has been solved. It is very warm and wading is wonderful today. It was my second time to walk on the beach by myself, and it was so plesant that I told Art I am getting used to it. I did not lose my way returning this time. After years, they have changed the location of the gate so it is different. They took away two gates and left only one in the middle. That was what messed me up yesterday so I ended up on an entirely different property.

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  14. We had five dogs at son’s house for Christmas – all large dogs. One of ours basically just lies on his bed in the guest room because he’s so old. The other sits in the front entrance wishing he could join in the festivities but is blocked by the gate on the stairs so little boys can’t go tumbling. He did manage a few pets and licks through the holes in the railings. 🙂 Daughter’s dog joined ours in waiting in the entrance for attention. Son’s two dogs are in their home so were welcome to do as they pleased which is to generally behave very well. One of their dogs had three seizures while we were there – sigh. He is such a sweet dog but has these cluster seizures almost weekly and is on so much medication.

    But it was a wonderful time and now back to the grind (well, on Wednesday – since we get two stat holidays up here in freezing Canada). We’re below -40 windchills today.

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  15. Linda, I am concerned, too. I am wondering if Chas had a small stroke that is causing weakness on one side of his body. The recent occurrences of long strings of a repeated letter — for example, AAAAAAAAAA a couple of times, and EEEEE once — seem to point to a difficulty in lifting certain left-hand fingers off the keys. (Or releasing the downward pressure into the key in order to let the depressed key pop back up.)

    I think this is part of what Chas may mean when he says his left hand isn’t working well.

    Chas, has anyone mentioned the possibility of a stroke or had you medically evaluated in the last week or two? (I’m not in the medical profession, but am concerned.)

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  16. Chas, what happened with your 1:18 was that your right hand was shifted one key to the right of the usual placement, and your left hand accidentally held down the “a” key instead of the shift key on that side.

    It’s OK. We understood you to say, “I am fine without drs.”

    NancyJill, sorry to hear your daughter has covid. Prayers for her and your family.

    Belated Merry Christmas, everyone. We had Christmas at our house on the 25th. Twelve humans; 1 dog; 2 cats that were mostly in hiding; and our sociable turtle who loved to watch, from the safety of her tank, all the gift opening. 🙂

    A simple meal of chili, cornbread, and sweet potato hotdish with brown sugar and marshmallows on top.

    Oh, and pumpkin pie with Cool Whip or vanilla ice cream. Or ice cream with homemade applesauce cooked on the stove and poured on top.


    Dear granddaughters wore matching outfits — red onesies with reindeer on them, and fancy red skirts with snowflakes on them. Two-year-old twirled in hers; two-month-old says, “Next year I’ll twirl.” 🙂

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  17. What a great Christmas dinner. Simple, no one having to constantly hover over a turkey and numerous pots going all at once.

    The good thing about not getting a tree this year is I don’t have to take one down. I decorated the fireplace mantel a bit, but with blue twinkle lights and much of what was already there being rearranged or lit up. It works through the rest of winter.

    Onward to the continuation of 2020!

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  18. Wow, you all are busy. Very quiet here, with nothing going on. I read that some neighbors are returning today. So one family left on the plane that went to pick up the returnees. You see every plane that we hear is one of ours and we usually know who is on it. Kinda fun.
    I will go to school for an hour or so. tonight I am invited to dinner so will roll out the rest of the croissants to take.

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  19. Real Estate Guy stopped by and concluded the problem with the shower curtain may be that my wall tile is so slick and smooth. So he concurs with getting the plastic stick-on end “holders” to secure the pole as a logical solution.

    He’ll also add a couple more towel hooks on the bare wall near the doorway, I absolutely need something handy to hang hand towels on (now I have to turn around to grab one from the wall behind me, opposite the sink).

    Smallest bathroom ever.

    Story turned in, when questions are all answered I’ll head down to pick up my glasses. The rain has backed off for a little while, but looks like it will start up again anytime. We’re in the low 50s this week for high temperatures, that’s low for these parts during the day.

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  20. Wesley and I just walked on the beach right after sunset. Beautiful. We saw porpoises. Earlier we drove through the nature preserve with Art. The weather could not have been more perfect for such activities. Wesley noted how I was able to walk a good bit further than I did in the past. I just can’t see where I am walking, lol . . . tkfc (to keep from crying).

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  21. Son and daughter in law and grandson are hanging out in Miami on the beach. He just took a nice set of photos from his balcony, of a large shark right behind a guy in the water. Guy seemed oblivious.

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  22. Cool Whip — I remember my mom used to make her own whipped cream for special holidays, using her mom’s little yellow ware bowl (which was known as the “whipped cream” bowl). I often did the whipping.

    The bowl now sits in a cabinet next to my dining table. I love that little old Iowa bowl.

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  23. I love to turn whipping cream into whipped cream. I use to make it when I made Cherry Black Forest Cake for Art’s birthday. It was my favorite cake, but I gave it up in trying to not have so many sweets.


  24. My daughter has been having fun out on the snowy blowy cold roads. Today her ambulance unit (on a 4X4 truck chassis) pulled out the neighbouring town’s ambulance and then later on they pulled an RC MP truck out of the ditch.

    I pray for her safety (body, mind and spirit) daily.

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  25. Hubby used to sometimes make whipped cream, and Nightingale has done that when she’s had enough time. But often she’ll buy a can of the whipped-cream-in-a-can. (And let’s face it. . .it’s fun to squirt some into our mouths now and then. 🙂 )

    I grew up with Cool Whip instead of real whipped cream. Sometimes I would like to have it again, but only occasionally, as I really do like real whipped cream.

    On a somewhat related note, I grew up with “pancake syrup” that was not real maple syrup. (My favorite was Mrs. Butterworth’s.) Hubby introduced me to real maple syrup, and that is all we buy. But we don’t have it too often, so it’s worth the extra cost.

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