Prayer Requests 12-27-21

Anyone have something to share?

Psalm 131

A song of ascents. Of David.

My heart is not proud, Lord,
    my eyes are not haughty;
   I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.

Israel, put your hope in the Lord
    both now and forevermore.

8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 12-27-21

  1. Prayer for patience and endurance as a couple of sons and a daughter in law and potentially five dogs show up. I am assured they will be kenneled. We will see.

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  2. I had a nice, lengthy conversation with my son yesterday. I’d felt for months that I needed to talk to him about his childhood and the errors I made. Personal errors with him.

    It went well. I apologized. He forgave me and commented that it helped put events he couldn’t understand as a child into perspective–which was the point.

    We walk through life seeing events through our limited point of view–that would particularly be true of children. It would have helped me to have known some of the backstories to the things that happened in my childhood. (Which, frankly, is partly why I spent 5 years on the family genealogy–trying to figure it out).

    Decks cleared with the one who really does look at the world through a different lens.

    Thanks be to God.

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  3. I remember well apologizing to one of our daughters and explaining why things happened as they did. It was a very good moment as difficult as it was. There would have been no way for her to understand otherwise. It cleared the air and opened new and better opportunities for true relationship. Communication is so important. I guess God knew that when He gave us prayer. It is a sign or real relationship.

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  4. One of my most agnostic friends, hostile to religious belief, wrote and asked me to pray for her son.

    So I did.

    Typed out the prayer into an email and sent it to her. 😉

    God always works in mysterious ways, no?

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  5. Thanks for the prayers. So far it seems it will be relatively mild. She has had two vaccines but not eligible for the booster until March. Fever is down and the issue seems to be congestion. Humidifier is on, Tylenol taken and Ricola lozenges at her bedside. Microban sprayed, antibacterial hand spray, wipes at hand. Lots of water,juice,tea and frozen juice bars for her throat. She doesn’t leave the room as I take her food and drink to the door then I scoot! She will be off work for two weeks…she only goes in twice a week and works from home the other three. Her boss told her to check in tomorrow to see how she feels and they will put her on shift to work from home if she is up to it. I checked to see if we could get more at home tests and apparently the entire area is out and cannot get more. The rep from Walgreens said they probably won’t have any for months…

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