32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-21-21

  1. It was a sleep late morning since I did not have my routine of making eggs at 7:30 for Art.

    Wesley worked late into the night weeding through all the stuff left behind from moving the furniture out in the fall. Good thing he brought his air mattress because the twin bed is still in the kitchen. I suppose I should make a pot of coffee, but the bed is all leaned up against the wall in such a way that I can’t access the coffee pot 😳

    I called Art at about 1 a.m. at the office to make sure he was okay, and he was hanging in there.

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  2. Morning! I slept until 7:30! That never happens but felt oh so good! Husband headed off to have breakfast with friend and called to me to “wake up sleepy head”!!

    Hope you are getting well deserved…and needed I’m sure…rest Rk…and how old will your young man be? 7?

    Praying for all, especially Art, that he will heal and feel better to be with the family. Is he taking a cough med Janice?

    Ok…time for Chas to show up!! We need to see you smiling face through your words Chas!


  3. Good morning. Lots of pink and pretty in the sky this morning. Very pretty.

    This is supposed to be the one clear day when husband should be able to slide in before the next snows hit.

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  4. I slept 9 hours— I’ve been so tired from all these festivities.

    Just inspected the refrigerator contents.

    I spent $400 less than a week ago. How can it be bare again?

    Okay. Adorables.

    And kin.

    Off to Safeway before the rains come.

    Oh, and then Stargazer and I go shopping. Sigh.

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  5. Today is the shortest day of the year?

    It was still really dark here at 6:30 a.m. — and it started getting even darker than it usually does by 4 p.m. yesterday. Rain is on the way but it sounds like M gets it first.

    I love my heater right now.

    Looks like the south and southeast will get a toasty Christmas this year.

    I’m stuck on a story I was trying to do as a key source, one of the harbor commissioners, seems to be out of town. Do people really get that much time off for the holidays? 🙂 Yes! We run into this every year, of course. It’s pretty much a blackout on any stories we’re trying to do from here on forward.

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  6. Just squeaked by at under $400! With the $20 off coupon, my total was $399.91–or, $1300 or so spent on groceries in the last 10 days.

    I staggered out, literally dropping a gallon of apple juice with someone running up behind to deliver it!

    But, when I thought about it, I remembered a quarter-century ago when we lived in Hawai’i and I had to feed 3 teenage boys. 8 gallons of milk a week (at $8 a gallon on the outside. Thanks, American taxpayers for the commissary.) plus two baskets full of groceries, was expensive.

    We used to say we were saving for college, then we switched it to say we were saving to feed them until they WENT to college!

    But, as I loaded everything into the entire back of my car, I started doing the math. Those groceries have been feeding about 15 people; these groceries will feed 22. If you start dividing, you discover it’s not as bad. Maybe $10 a day per person–which is still a lot more than “normal” people, but far cheaper than eating out.

    OTOH, spending time together with family is priceless–as you all know.

    In other news, my hiring young people match-making service continues. My last teenage house cleaner is now engaged to our former lodger.

    We’ll see if this works for our daughter . . . LOL

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  7. Early in the 20th century, an Armenian patient in an American hospital in Turkey was given a Bible, which was the first he had ever possessed.

    When he left the hospital, he proudly took the Bible to his village and showed it to friends.

    A Moslem teacher snatched the Bible from him, tore it from its binding, and threw the pieces into the street. A grocer passing down the street picked up the pages and used them for wrapping paper.

    Soon the pages of the Bible were scattered all over the entire village. Customers read the pages and asked for more.

    Sometime later, a Bible seller came to the village and was amazed to find a hundred people eager to buy the Holy Bible. Even the torn-up Bible survived and did a great work.

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  8. Re: Encourager @ 2:04pm – That reminds me of two stories.

    In China, a woman who couldn’t read tore up a Bible to use as wall paper, and her daughter read the pages and was converted.

    In Vietnam (or another Southeast Asia country) a military officer confiscated an illegal Bible from a prisoner, the used it as toilet paper. Another Christian prisoner was assigned to clean out the latrine. He saved the pages and cleaned them off so he had most of a New Testament.

    (I think that’s how these stories go. It’s been a long time since I read or heard them.)

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  9. The longest day of the year here. and bright sunshine.

    My aide, Wendy, called for me to pray. Her son had a tree fall on his leg. They saw him at the clinic and are going to try to airlift him to an incountry hospital. I emailed the clinic manager to say that I would like to help with that. I am praying about giving her money and how much. You see when you are in a hospital here someone goes with you to care for you and feed you. So she would need to go along and do that.

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  10. I think it is a good idea to have someone at the hospital who loves and cares for a person to meet their personal needs like in PNG. Here patients are often neglected because medical staff is in short supply, especially in surgical rehab centers.


  11. Must have been some miscommunication or something happened, because Wendy never met me at school today.
    I kept busy for two hours and then came home.
    I did receive an email from my friend who is the clinic manager and she knows that i want to help. Pray that the doctor will return to the clinic early next week.

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  12. It is interesting that they want to take him to Kundiawa to a hospital. I went there for a Bible dedication probably 15 years ago. This week I was going through old cd’s and found a cd of that dedication. So I knew exactly where it was and that the airstrip is kinda right in the middle of town. Wendy mentioned going by vehicle and I said no, he would be in too much pain on our potholed roads.

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