61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-8-21

  1. Good morning.

    I seem to be having a touch of a cold that started wiyh sneezing yesterday and I have a runny nose. I hope it clears quickly since I have weekend plans.

    My brother told me he did not want to hear another word about the Yancey memoir which he deemed a piece of trash. He said the mother raised them and then they kicked her in the shins (figuratively). I can not make this stuff up. I wanted to tell him about Yancey’s conversion experience at college. I guess brother must have suffered unmercifully by having to listen to the audible book on our trip. Isn’t it funny the different takes that people can have on things?

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  2. Good morning.

    Little brother, perhaps you could post the link on yesterday’s again for Chas? I do not know if he used it or if Linda or somebody helped him.

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  3. Morning! That is a beautiful stained glass up there!
    Husband is off to Bible Study and I need to finish this coffee and get with it! Cards to mail out and a trip to the craft store for a couple things I am out of…I need to complete some projects and get started on others.

    The Christmas concert was sweet and quick last night. It lasted only a half hour! And the Jr high and High school choirs performed excellently. Their voices blended well and the harmony was pitch perfect. How I enjoyed the fruit of a couple very dedicated music teachers! And you could tell the kids were having a great time of it as well! On our drive home husband and I shared out thoughts of it all and yes…we were thinking the same thing…the futures of those children. We had both been praying for them throughout the concert..even focusing on the same children we knew not as the Lord led. That happens a lot to us and our conversations end up encouraging us too as we witness how the Lord directs our very lives.

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  4. Beautiful windows there. We have become quite utilitarian in our church buildings. I understand that to a certain extent and yet it seems quite unlike God who was so creative in making a beautiful world. OTOH, all Communist and Marxist societies make their surroundings gray, stark and ugly.

    I had a grandmother who played organ in church. I remember one Christmas of her playing on her home organ and several of us singing Christmas carols around her. This song was one of those.

    We were in one church that actually sang carols while circling around a large tree set up in a social hall. I am not sure when the tradition started or if it is still kept.

    Do your churches have any somewhat unique ways of celebrating the holiday?

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  5. Those are beautiful windows. I remember the stained glass in the Methodist church when I first joined the Family. And then the Presbyterian church but I don’t think I have been in a church since that had them.


  6. That church window is spectacular!

    I enjoyed the Gaither music, too.

    I have been enjoying a lot of online Christmas programs from larger churches. I don’t have plans to attend a service at my church this season.

    It was fun in the past to go to Art’s church’s Christmas Eve service and then over to my church for its later service. It was like a tradition. I asked last night if he knew if his church would be doing anything, but he does not know.

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  7. Our church, consisting of ten members and some tag alongs like me, does not really do anything special. But every week is a time of rejoicing when we gather together to worship the Lord.

    Thinking back, there have been plays and gift exchanges and potlucks and candle light services at various churches but nothing really sticks in my mind as unique.

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  8. Our main sanctuary, rented by Andy Stanley’s church for a satelite location, has beautiful stained glass windows. They did not want those showing for their modern look so I think those have been covered on both sides for a plain look. All that beauty, hidden.😥 That is where I got baptised as a believing adult. The baptismal pool and wonderful background of it has surely been removed or covered up. I have not brought myself in three years to go into that sanctuary.

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  9. We have read about how artists, involved in the construction of the beautiful cathedrals, often left a little something beautiful in hidden crannies or on the roof, where only God would know. A private personal act of devotion.

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  10. Yesterday was productive — finally got my new glasses ordered (it’s been 2 years and they are needed), the car registration paid and property tax installment paid (both online).

    So three big things wiped off that “to do” list that was hovering over me for November/December.

    I heard from the family in HI thanking me for the story on their late dad, a Pearl Harbor survivor. It’s always gratifying when people call to thank you.

    And we had a little bit of rain yesterday with two more chances of rain coming (tomorrow and another early in next week, I think).

    We had nice stained-glass windows in our Quaker church (ironically as the Quakers took some of their cues from the early Puritans for “plain,” unadorned meeting houses) and in my last Presbyterian church before transferring to my current one nearly 20 years ago now. Our current church meets in a leased space in an office park/center where “unadorned” takes on new meaning. No windows at all, but we’ve remodeled the space and it looks nice, not sterile.

    We’ve tried to find an older church building to buy, have come close a couple times, but developers always swoop in and offer way more than we have in our not-small building fund. Property in the beach areas is just way expensive and the church has been in this area so long — it’s been rooted here ever since it began as an independent church — it doesn’t want to change locations to go even a little ways east to more inland local cities.

    I miss the high ceilings, stained glass and wooden pews though. It was the one thing that was, for me personally, a negative in my decision to transfer to my current church — but everything else outweighed the physical setting, of course.

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  11. Our church meets in the community center for something like seventy five dollars a month. It is a little room off of the little library. Big enough for us.

    But we are talking about renting the old Lutheran church which was made into a theater and is now empty other than renting out the basement to the senior center. Rent would be fifty a month but we would have to do some major clean up and such.

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  12. I went to a church once in Idaho. Maybe in Coeur d’Alene (?) — Christmas Eve service, it was a beautiful little church, I’m guessing maybe Baptist or Methodist.

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  13. A couple in our church live in Winchester. So perhaps, when you move there, you can join us. In the community center or old theater, or wherever.


  14. In the past we would have been doing the Drive Thru Nativity at my church this week. That has to be the most memorable Chtistmas activity I have been involved with. I got to sing with angels up on a platform a few times, and then I got to be a women at the inn with a group of ladies pretending to look through baskets of fabric for sale to travelers. We shared fruitcake. It was a lot of fun. Wesley played a shepherd in the field and always smelled of campfire smoke in the car as we drove home. All the church members had a part to play so it unified us all. So.Different.Now.

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  15. Art is concerned that with a second well known Republican (former Senator David Perdue) going against Governor Kemp in the primary that it will result in Stacey Abrams winning the race. Does Idaho have space for two more???

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  16. Our Christmas Eve church gathering is so early — 5 p.m. in order to cater to families with small children — that I miss the special feeling you get from going to a late-night candlelight service. But I’ll probably plan to get to our church’s meeting this year, barring any issues that arise, which I don’t anticipate. It’s short and simple — carols and a message on the incarnation. But the room is brightly lit, of course, and I miss the ambiance of a quiet, more contemplative atmosphere.

    I am grateful Christmas and New Year’s land on weekends this year, it makes such a difference for working folks who don’t get extra time off for the holidays (though they usually try to let us go early on Christmas and New Year’s Eve — we have early deadlines those days so that helps in getting things wrapped up, by necessity, before our usual 6 p.m. end-of-the-work-day schedule).

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  17. And just like that a For Sale sign is up in what I consider the ‘new neighbors’ yard. The young couple, asking 467,000, hmmm . . . I am sure they are dreaming. We won’t be able to pay the taxes if folks keep flipping houses here. It is crazy again. I guess all the people hope to buy and reside here to elect you know who into office.

    I am feeling like it’s a blue Christmas today. I just want a sense of stability.

    I know . . . only God.

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  18. I fear Chas has given up, with his eyes not being able to follow the cursor. Or read much. Or perhaps his computer is being too bratty. Or it is too sunny and reflecting off his screen too much.

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  19. Ok, the rain seems to have let up, or maybe not. We have had torrential rainfall for the last week but especially the last day.

    My favorite Christmas tradition: we would go to the church service and then to someone’s home and all go caroling together. Then we came inside and ate wonderful snacks. But walking around together in the dark and then singing together in the cold night was just wonderful.

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  20. I think that we are so close to the equator that we create our own weather. When it gets hot, that will form clouds and an hour later we might have rain.

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  21. I miss Chas, too

    We went caroling with the brownies and girl scouts, so much fun. I remember feeling stressed as a little kid, though, that I might not remember all the verses to O Little Town of Bethlehem. My mom (our assistant leader) assured me it was OK, it would all work out.

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  22. Thanks for the prayers and concern everyone.
    Chas has been busy, so to speak, Not much getting done, but doing anyhow.
    I’m sorry I haven’t kept up in the blog.
    No particular reason. I will tr to do better.
    Thanks again for your concern.

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  23. Hi Chas.

    On my work breaks this week I’ve been doing a ton of laundry, decided to get all the turtlenecks and other pullover winter tops freshened up for wear. I’m tired of sweats.

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  24. Downsides of working from home: I was interviewing someone on the phone when the cat knocked the lid off a big stainless pan and it all went crashing onto the floor with a frightful sound.

    Good part of that is that she scared herself and I haven’t seen her since.

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  25. So glad to see Chas here!

    I bundled up in three light layers for a short walk time. I kept a slow pace since I don’t want to stir things up with what seems a minor cold. If I keep drinking herbal teas I hardly feel any symptoms.

    I am searching online for food scales for Wesley. Did I mention that already? He feels one would be helpful in making his sourdough bread.

    I have it narrowed down to three models, Escali Primo, OXO, and My Weigh. The Escas li gets great reviews and is only around $20, but is hard plastic. The others are in the $50 range. I just need an answer from him, but I guess he is too tied up with end of the semester things to get back to me.


  26. Thanx everyone.
    I don’t believe I have told you this before, but it does take effort to come here.
    I have to use a magnifying glass to see the proper locations.
    Life ain’t asy when you reach 91.

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  27. It is sad to hear those windows are covered up. Just seems to be virtue signaling for no reason. Not trying to judge, but if they are already there, it seems silly to me.

    Our Christmas Eve service is early–either 4 or 5pm. However, it is already dark by the time it is over and candles are lit to sing Silent Night.

    I have never used a scale for sourdough bread either, but I am not fussy with it. I guess weighing ingredients probably does give a superior product. Most family members are not that discerning, however.

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  28. so nice to see Chas checking in.

    This kinder class drove me crazy today. We went outside to give them some time since it has been raining in the afternoon.

    One boy wanted to show me he could balance on a pole. I yelled no three times and he kept getting up. He literally could have died if he had fallen. He got a bit of a time out.

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