30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-25-21

  1. Good night, Mumsee.
    It is hard to work through Thanksgiving.

    Our verse this week is Psalm 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth. I am singing that song everyday.


  2. That is.
    Very thankful this morning for a lot of things. The beginnings of yet another beautiful sunrise. Daughter was able to calm down. The other two were able to be left home alone for the three hours we took to deal with her. I was born and have lived in this country and been to others to see some comparisons. You folk are available to be talked with these many years due to Al Gore’s invention of the internet.

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  3. Did Al Gore invent the internet?
    This is a magnificant thing, if you think about it.
    I am here in NC talking with people all over the world.


  4. Morning!
    There is snow upon the forest floor this morning and the deer are meandering through. What a blessed sight!

    So much for which to be thankful! Aj keeping us together and we can check in at all hours of the day and night with our fellow Wanderers… 💜

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all..go eat that turkey and take a nap later on! Daughter and her family will be here around 2 and Granddaughter is bringing her boyfriend for us to meet. This should be fun!

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  5. Can you imagine how nervous boyfriend is? Pray for boyfriend. He knows he’s on display.

    I’ll never forget the look on dad’s facee when he first saw Elvera.
    That sealed it. Before I knew it. They did.

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  6. Twenty year old son brought his new girlfriend for a second visit yesterday. He is the one who is supposed to be deployed. She is very nice. I hope she sticks around and son is kind to her.

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  7. I’m thankful to report that Safeway is open this morning–since I forgot to buy/make dinner rolls . . . .

    Meanwhile, CR is baking a Black Forest Cake to take for the feast at her brother’s house. I have a long list of things to bring, too, but I just have to fill the box now that I’m not making dinner rolls to compete with the oven!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all. 19 for dinner–my daughter-in-law’s family (and three of us).

    God is good. We’re thankful.

    And we get to sing in church this morning (wearing choir masks)–inside. It’s 36 here in California, Chas!

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  8. I’ve been thankfulness–though I make a point of doing that every day–and made sure I thanked the Safeway employees.

    But, I’m also thinking of Fred–my doctor’s long-time nurse.

    (I went in yesterday for my semi-annual blood work examination “Perfect!” Thanks be to God–another story. My AC1 hasn’t been this low in–I don’t know–15 years?)

    They had a poster in the lobby with Fred’s name and photos. He died on July 18–or not two weeks since I’d spoken to him about my medically crazy June.

    I was so stunned–I’d been expecting to see him and laugh with him–I could hardly speak.

    The receptionist pointed me to Kleenex and I went through it all, crying and grieving.

    God used him in so many ways the last 14 years, helping me to heal physically, but emotionally, too. He watched out for us all. Fred made the phone calls. He was the one who told me what to do in June when we feared blood poisoning and my appointment wasn’t for six hours.

    Fred asked about my writing. Was delighted when I gave him several books in gratitude.

    He helped heal the very many emotional scars I carried from military medicine.

    I always thanked him. I always told him how I appreciated him.

    I’m so thankful I did.

    Good people who care for us, even if it’s “just” their job, are important.

    They deserve to know.

    So, I’m thankful that God put Fred in my life. I just wish I’d known about his death sooner.

    My poor doctor (the former teenage doctor, he’s now catching up), came into the examination room, stopped, and said, “Are you okay?”

    I waved my hand and wiped my eyes. “Fred. I didn’t know.”

    He dropped into his chair. “Ah, Fred. Yeah. It’s been hard.”

    Let’s the people we love that we love them this Thanksgiving. I’ve 18 names to work on in person . . . just for this afternoon.

    I’m thankful for you.

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  9. ❤ Wishing you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless each one of you in a special way today. ❤

    "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
    And into His courts with praise.
    Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
    For the Lord is good;
    His mercy is everlasting,
    And His truth endures to all generations."
    (Psalm 100:4-5)

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  10. We will be having our Thanksgiving tomorrow, as Nightingale is working today.

    Boy was picked up by his other grandmother this morning to go to their family’s Thanksgiving dinner. After work, Nightingale and he are going to go to her friend Stephanie’s Thanksgiving dinner. (They have theirs around 6:00.) So today I am mostly alone (except for two dogs and two cats) but I am fine with having a nice quiet alone day.

    Tomorrow, we will be having a small brunch in the morning and our Thanksgiving dinner mid-afternoon. In-between and around those, we will be decorating the Christmas tree and also watching a movie. Should be a nice, enjoyable, full day.

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  11. It’s a dry 73 degrees here, headed up to 77 by 1 p.m. which is when the cousins are gathering to walk to the neighborhood restaurant up near LAX.

    Michelle, I’m sorry about Fred, those losses that seem to come at us out of nowhere are tough.


  12. Just a normal workday here. Hard to get on Facebook and see all the families getting together here and feel invisible.
    Praying to find another invisible missing family to encourage. The new ones were invited somewhere, but not me.
    okay, where else can I share my feelings….

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  13. We are having just a quiet Thanksgiving. Very peaceful. I had planned on children helping with the meal but ended up kicking them out. Right after I saw daughter lift her leg in a karate kick. Out the door….

    And I had tried to spread out their excitement. Read to them, played a game with them, son made the stuffing and stuffed the turkey he had butchered… but still, the excitement won out.

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  14. Thanks. It is hard. Can’t my children and older grandchildren at least send a text.

    Oh, well
    The close friends that would usually invite me are on furlough

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  15. Glad, too, Jo.

    Another cousin called today when we were all together and had gotten back after our dinner out, she and her family were in CT, Stamford or Stanford, couldn’t make out which. I think she’s been living in the upper Midwest but was in NY on business but wound up in CT after that, apparently. Last time I saw her was when she and her daughter & fiancé met up with us in a beach city south of here for a day of shopping and reuniting. That was probably around this time in 2019, right before the pandemic hit.

    We had a good dinner at the restaurant — turkey, etc. — then pumpkin pie and talk at my cousin’s house before heading home.

    Getting the dogs fed and watching a Hallmark movie.

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