64 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-20-21

  1. A 🦍 and a 🦨walk into a bar and ask the πŸ¦– 🦧 and πŸ¦› where the 🦑and 🦘are, because they have $πŸ’― for the 🐒 with the 🦜 on his shoulder they’re supposed to leave with them.

    My new phone has all these cool new emojis. πŸ™‚

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  2. Shopping. Remember when Black Friday started at 5AM on the Friday after Thanksgiving? Now it starts November 1st. We should start calling in “Black November” and just move Thanksgiving to October lie the Canadians have. Or, wait until later to shop. Christmas has become way to commercialized.

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  3. Morning! It is a beautiful warm start to the day here and hoping it will be an amazing chilly end to it with snow! Yay!! ⛄️ We won’t get as much as Kare but I’ll take that predicted inch!
    What kind of tree is that squirrel hanging out in up there? From this angle it looks like an aspen with pine needles!!

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  4. Good morning. I got the ice chest all cleaned out this morning and ready to carry some food for a little feast in a few days. The last time it was used something had spilled in it and never been thoroughly cleaned out so now it’s all ready. I am trying to take csre of things ahead of time. I told Art this morning to go ahead and find something to wear so it won’t be a last minute ordeal when he can’t find what he wants to wear. I am selecting activities to keep us all busy with games, audiobooks, etc., so there will be less “free” time for getting into verbal spats. Having been a preschool teacher and realizing the difference preemptive planning makes, I am on to it! Don’t we all revert to being preschoolers when we get together for family gatherings?

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  5. I am sorry, Chas. I should have made that post in short paragraphs.

    I got carried away and did not think I had writtrn so much.

    Basically, I said I sm preplanning our family get together much like I did when planning for a preschool class.

    Keep them busy with fun activities allowing no downtime therefore cutting out squabbles.

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  6. Moses comes by today, butchering roosters. And he wants a turkey for his birthday. Maybe he will even take the ram, one never knows. The children have started gathering the necessary tools.

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  7. We also sent a billy and a nanny. My son and 2 of the grands have helped me get the hog pen situated and water out there.

    My hot water heater has been on the fritz lately, with having to be remit almost daily
    Now won’t relight. The good thing is that Miguel is near a real city with appliance stores. He even has the trailer, which makes it easy to load. The last hot water heater was brought home on the top of my subaru.

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  8. Fun with emojis πŸ™‚

    My hot water heater (gas) is still new, maybe about a year old now or less, but the pilot did go out a while back which was odd (though it was the only time we had rain and some wind so that may have been the cause?). Anyway, it’s been good ever since although I think I need to turn the temp up just a tad …

    We had a chilly, overcast day yesterday but after a 65-degree high today it’s supposed to reach 80 degrees on Sunday — before heading back down again after that. Very up-and-down temps for us this fall.

    It’s supposed to be 75 on Thanksgiving Day here at the coast.

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  9. Cowboy rolled off his puffy orthopedic dog bed sometime overnight and got himself stuck in-between the bed and the wall. I moved the bed away and he got up. That happens once in a while, not often, but the commotion always wakes me up. Aging is hard.

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  10. We’ve been out shopping and spending money. Presents are done for all but the oldest Adorable. That just leaves all the adults, sigh.

    My husband wanted a new flag (he wore out the last one). I bought it, with a flagpole, at the thrift store for $5.

    Almost done. πŸ™‚

    I was at the thrift store looking for an “ugly Christmas sweater,” for a work party.

    They didn’t have any. 😦

    I hate to waste money on a sweater I’ll never wear again. Maybe I’ll just decorate what I already have.

    And how does Penny’s stay in business? Our purchases cost $89, but we saved $118.

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  11. Oh, and do women simply not wear dresses anymore? I need a few for church–I only have four skirts.

    Trash, everywhere. Shoddy–one was basically a hoody stretched to mid-calf. Who would want to wear something like that?

    I finally bought a black dress–the only type, apparently, available in my community. I can dress it up with a colorful scarf–but honestly, ridiculous.

    And the Internet is no better. I need a dress to wear to church in the winter. It has never been this hard to find something appropriate before.

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  12. I have lots of skirts, since that is basically all that I wear here. And, at home, I have outfits that I have saved from years ago. Since last time I was home church was outside in a tent, I had to give in and wear pants.

    So my nice church outfits haven’t been seen in years.

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  13. Our church is casual. I wear nice slacks myself. Every older woman I know complains about there being no clothes to buy around here. We really can’t find anything in the bigger city we go to shop. I had a friend who went with her daughters to one of the biggest cities and she found very little. I am not sure who stores are catering to or what their buyers are thinking, but there is a whole lot of woman who would buy clothes if they didn’t look dowdy, frumpy, designed for teens etc. Whatever happened to classy and beautiful?

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  14. Do people ever get seamstresses to sew from dress patterns? I know it is expensive, but for a few dresses that fit and look right it seems like it would be worth it. I have plenty of clothes like that left from work days and thrift store shopping. I don’t go out enough to justify keeping them, but now I think I need to keep them.


  15. I buy most of my clothes from Woman Within. I currently have a few nice tunics and a couple other nice tops, all of which I bought during good sales. I wear them with black pants. Although they specialize in plus-size clothing, they also have “Medium” and I think some things might even come in “Small”.

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  16. Michelle (and other ladies wondering where to get nice dresses): A young lady in Texas we know occasionally models dresses from a friend of hers. They’re expensive, but classy and modest. Check them out at https://www.virginiadaredressco.com/.

    The reason most stores don’t sell such dresses is because they are marketing to a younger, more secular age group.

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  17. Dowdy is quite the rage in some circles, Mumsee. I’m sure you rock Dowdy!

    I am playing hooky from attending the church service which is the annual business meeting. Breakfast instead of Sunday school and business meeting instead of worship service, one less sermon to preach. The person to take my vacated spot on the Direction Team will be voted on this morning. I am missing Sunday school with the ladies.


  18. A business meeting replacing worship?

    I was wiped out last night, decided to tackle the explosion of work-related paperwork that’s overtaken the back office room. I’m ripping personal info off, including all email addresses, then I’ll soak those scraps in water before throwing them away.

    But it did a number on my back and combined with another exhausting week, I slept for about 9 hours. I’ll have to livestream church in a few minutes. j

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  19. I listened to church yesterday and I had the powerpoing. But I didn’t know any of the songs and they were pitched so high that it hurt my throat even to listen. First time ever I have lowered the sound during the music.

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  20. Musicians like four you to learn new songs.
    Worshippers like to sing the ok old songs.
    You don’t have to try to figure them out, for one thing. S

    Sorry about that, but it’s this or nothing.

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  21. oh, I got a notice that my haus meri wanted to come today. Not sure if she will be here or not.

    But, as dj knows, you have to clean up the clutter so that she can clean.

    I purchased another book by Davis Bunn this weekend and read it yesterday. He is such a good author. This one was “Unscripted”

    I first heard about Davis Bunn when World did a feature article on him.

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  22. Pitching more old meeting agendas, port reports and budgets, old typewritten notes for stories long-ago published and archived.

    I’m determined to get the space more usable again.

    In the newsroom, we could just take the piles and toss them into the huge blue recycle bins for others to shred and take care of. Now, it’s all mine to deal with and I need a better system — clearly — going forward so I don’t have to do this again. Some things need to be saved for a little while but that’s how the stacks get uncontrollable. A little while passes, you’re busy with other assignments that generate more piles …


  23. It’s not easy to find a church in this vicintty that is old-fashioned enough for my preferences. And to think, I once lived in an apartment not far from here on Church St.πŸ˜€


  24. If you’ve ever seen a movie set in a newsroom, you’ll get the picture of how most newsroom desks wind up looking.

    But now it’s my home desk which is no bueno.

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  25. Oh, dj, you know those in the tax business can relate about the shred piles. If we had a penny for every paper . . .

    We buy Copy Plus premium paper, print, and after so many years, shred.

    It is better now, but still in the long run a lot of waste.

    No one ever managed to get to a completely paperless business in some industries.


  26. Yes, I can imagine tax businesses and others have the same issue. Sounds like you have a system going which is what I need. I’m going to try baskets in lieu of desk piles going forward.

    Just tossed a bunch of charts showing the rise of Covid in our area — from June 2020.

    Covid, homelessness and port congestion/pollution/waterfront planning make up most of my piles — reports, stories, notes, briefings, news conference announcements, planning documents.

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  27. Davis Bunn was my instructor–twice–at Mt. Hermon and commented on my Poppy manuscript. (He thought Claire should sleep with the Kiwiw and then feel regret). The day after we discussed it, he stopped our class to make another suggestion.

    He also was the one who was so adamant I had to get all of the Chambers quotes correct. “Too many of us rely too much on My Utmost for His Highest, for you to mess this one up.”

    Nice man, though he had an affected accent . . . a curious mix of British and North Carolinian! LOL

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  28. Jeremy is better. His surgery began at 4 am and lasted 7 hrs. Amy said he is super sore and in ICU. His urine has improved from a coke color to Arnold Palmer type color. That is a huge improvement! We are so thankful! Thank you for your continued prayers.

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  29. Such a cold (48) dreaary, rainy day in Greensboro.
    I hope the sun is shining where you are.C
    Cars are going out, like they have someplace to go.
    Maybe they do.


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