35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-19-21

  1. Two things happened to me this week. This not an “Oh look at me. I’m such a good person”. This is more about WHAT it did FOR me and how it made me FEEL.

    Little Miss spent Wednesday night this week and BG has started coming over for pizza night. Mr P had a dermatologist appointment because he has “cooties” and it hasn’t cleared up, so he stopped and bought One Screaming Sicilian Pizza at the store which wasn’t enough for the four of us, so I went back to Winn Dixie. I was in line to pay for the pizza and a woman with a 9-12 month old baby got in line behind me. She put down a rectangular section of a chocolate cake with Happy Birthday on it. The cashier asked the baby if it was his birthday and the woman said “No, it’s mine”. I said “Happy Birthday”, then I don’t know why but I told the cashier I would pay for the cake. The woman told me I didn’t understand what I was doing but once it was done she said, “At least now I didn’t have to buy my own birthday cake”. You all know how I feel about my birthday. I have been smiling about it ever since.

    Then I belong to a FB group called Beautiful Table Settings. Someone made a Secret Santa post where members ask for something they want and if another member has it and wants to they can give it secretly. Yesterday someone posted that she is getting married and would like some pretty glasses to drink the sparkling cider out of for the toast. When I got married the first time, I registered a crystal. I never got all the pieces but I did receive two champagne flutes so they are headed out to bless someone else. I have about 20 or 25 flutes that I use for parties, they were 99 cents each and if one gets broken I don’t care.

    I am so happy!

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  2. Good morning all. I woke up to the beautiful sound of rain on the roof. Today has husband taking the two to town for speech therapy and I may or may not head to Moscow for a visit. Then husband heads to Boise, where he will pick up his sister and our eldest daughter and her two children and go to Buhl for the big birthday bash. Celebrating grandson turning three and three other grandchildren turning two. Better him than me.
    But, if this rain is ice and snow in the mountains….maybe not.


  3. Good morning! And I hope Jo is blessed by good rest right now as I write this.

    Kim, that is all very special to hear about simple and thoughtful ways we can serve as love givers for Christ! He has given an abundance of blessings overflowing that we can share or hoard. You are letting them flow, sweet Kim!


  4. The early morning temp was 38° here. I went out anc checked the newish mum and it appeared okay. I think I will need to cover it again soon since even colder weather is predicted. This is colder than our average for these days.


  5. Well, husband went off into the storm to take the children to speech. Then his phone rang. It was speech therapy. I hope it was not canceled. I could have charged after him to try to get his phone to him but he was well on his way and I tried that once before.

    Many years ago, when we were still in a rental in the area, he was taking oldest son to Boise to catch his flight back to Pensacola for school. I noticed his plane tickets sitting on the night stand. Jumped into the car thinking we would catch them by following their tracks in the snow.

    I had chains on the van so could not go very fast. Before we got to the highway, about ten miles in, sons took them off and we proceeded. Did not take money. And had a full bladder from a cup of tea (had to stop on the side of the road on the White Bird grade, Idaho does not have a lot of facilities on the roads). Got to a little town about four hours out and found a quarter in the van. Called sis in law to get her address. Drove the rest of the way.

    I had left the dogs in the house behind a piece of cardboard. When we got to sis in law’s house, husband was happy to get the tickets but rather surprised at my thought process. We ended up spending the night which meant calling a guy from our new church to ask him to go let the dogs out.

    He did and we remained friends. All that to say, I did not chase him down.

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  6. I did not want the poor boy killed. No, that would not have happened. Since then, son has managed to fly all over the world and never get bumped for forgetting his tickets. Though I don’t think they use those anymore, it is all on computer.

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  7. Above is just a sample which should appear if clicked.

    No rain here, now or in the foreseeable future.

    Tess hijacked Cowboy’s dog bed in the bedroom this morning. Even though there’s one just like it in the living room, Cowboy has to have the one in the bedroom. We finally got Tess to move to one of her other beds so Cowboy could be back to rest his bones some more. They both sleep through most of the morning after getting up early (and in Cowboy’s case a couple times during the night) to be let out. I’m still struggling getting hm to eat his pills, trying all kinds of enticements that don’t always work (but sometimes they do).

    I need to call the vet today about Tess who’s just itching something awful lately and I can’t find the reason. She has long, thick fur so that complicates things, but I’m not seeing any hot spots. But her poor hind legs are just going 100 mph half the time trying to relieve the itch(es). She’s on flea meds so there shouldn’t be any fleas. I’ve never had two dogs this old at the same time, it’s a real challenge.

    Otherwise, yay for Friday, although I thought it was Friday on Wednesday. Next week is a short one. Maybe I can finally start picking up around here.

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  8. And more info about those new tracts from Westminster:

    ~ At the risk of oversimplification, most evangelistic tools in the Western world are subsets of systematic theology. By this I mean that they tend to ask atemporal questions, and give atemporal answers … There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this pattern, as long as the people to whom it is presented have already bought into the Judeo-Christian heritage… But if you present these atemporal outlines of the gospel to those who know nothing about the Bible’s plotline, and who have bought into one form or another of New Age theosophy, how will they hear you?… In short, the good news of Jesus Christ is virtually incoherent unless it is securely set into a biblical worldview… In the last few years, several evangelistic tools have been created that are far more sensitive to the Bible’s story line’.The first of these to be prepared is still one of the most effective: Two Ways to Live presents Christ in six steps, the six steps offering, in contemporary English, something of the Bible’s plot-line as the necessary framework in which to understand the gospel.”
    D. A. Carson
    from his book The Gagging of God

    “This is the best short gospel presentation that I know of.”
    Mark Dever
    Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church ~


  9. I took the other car for the emissions check today. The guy did not wear a mask. It was a much better experience today. First of all, $15 instead of $25. I did tip $5 for the worker’s kindness by offering for me to wait in the car once he finished the first part so I could stay warm. He did not try to sell windshield wiper blades like the opportunist at the other location. He was gentle with the car and not reving the engine in a horrible way like the other guy. Live and learn and write reviews!


  10. Donna, the Gospel is only good as it’s heard and obeyed.
    Unfortunately, millions of people don’t know what you are talking about.
    That is bad news for us, but we have to keep at it.
    God still has everything under control.u

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  11. It is God who opens hearts and minds and ears through regeneration.

    And the spoken and written word through his followers are still “the way” the gospel is spread.

    And so we keep at the Great Commission in obedience. God brings the result.

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  12. I feel like Chas, sitting here on a Saturday morning with not much to do.

    However there are some things to do. My church wants to know how covid has affected my ministry. Oh, let me count the ways.

    All the little things we do around here for fun have mostly been shut down this school term. But yesterday we had our first chapel at school. So sweet to sing the national anthem of PNG together. O arise all ye sons of this land…

    Then today at noon the teens and adult helpers are putting on a meal. We ordered ahead and then they call us when it is ready. The only meal to eat out for months.

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  13. Late afternoon greetings from NM. I completed my TNCC class. Won’t have to take it again for 4 years.

    I did not realize there was an eclipse last night. The moon rise was beautiful, and it was still hanging in the western sky when I left the house. The sunrise was also beautiful.

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  14. I have cold kidney bean salad for Art’s dinner. I’m glad he likes it, and I enjoy preparing it, but it really seems like a summer food. I may have a little bit myself, but I am tending to eat my last meal of the day earlier than at 9 p.m. when he ger ts home.


  15. Just in from grocery shopping for the week–including for my Thanksgiving contribution for a meal for 17 people: apple pie, cheese appetizers, salad, rolls (not in).

    I got out for under $300.

    The comment above is my remaining 2 cents! 😦


  16. It isn’t just “something to do”. jThere’s always, but something that you want to do, or needs doing.
    Makes a difference.
    I hope everyone had a nice afternoon.
    Here? Lots going on, nothing happening.

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  17. I turned in my chatty story for the holiday athletic ball drive our company sponsors every year (this is the 22nd year). Started by one of our former long-ago sportswriters, the company has carried on the tradition and last year took in some 3,700 athletic balls to distribute to the local boys & girls clubs. The LA school district, sporting good stores, others help collect and sponsor bins and drive-through events each year.

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  18. I got an answer from the resort. They gave me the cost of everything and it isn’t cheap. I have been saving so am not worrying. You simply, or I simply, cannot stay within one square mile for more than a year.

    But, the question is will the other gal be able to afford it? And will she want to come. I also cannot go alone, I need at least one friend to come.

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  19. Posting tomorrow’s stuff early this week.

    Like, soon….

    I got stuff to do tomorrow. Prayer with the men, and then Liz is home and we’re shopping. Cheryl and I are done with our Christmas shopping already, but daughter needs some gifts, so off we go. 🙂

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