42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-16-21

  1. Morning! That is a beautiful path indeed! Can’t you almost smell the scent of those leaves? Autumn!
    It is 56 degrees here this morning and the high is to be mid 60’s. The bottom falls out tonight with a low of 14. Our high tomorrow? 30 🥶 … but no snow!
    Bible study this morning then chores around the house…cleaning, laundry, painting….

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  2. Good morning. It’s a perfect fall day here. Going up to 70° with no clouds so it will be beautiful blue sky and fall leaves at their peak colors.

    I have online Bible study in a bit. I chose an appropriate memory verse for this time of year:
    “See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony.”
    Psalm 133:1
    That’s from the God’s Word translation. Of course the more traditional translations only have “brethren” or “brothers” and leave us ladies out, but for my purposes for reminding me over the holidays what is most important, this version works well. It’s not just up to the guys to keep the peace. I have my part to play, too. At times, “silence is golden.”

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  3. That header view shows a perfect place to hike in the fall. So glad y’all got to do that, Peter. I do miss getting out like that but feel rver so thankful that I can walk outside my door and see such beauty.

    I was reminded over the weekend by someone who has lived a lot of time in the desert about what a blessing it is to go through spring, summer, fall, and winter here. We take so much for granted.


  4. Earlier as I made some clothes choices, I thought howss perfectly matched clothing had to be in the past. Then I thought that doing the matching thing is one way of controlling a chaotic environment. Will prrfectly matched become the new fashion soon?

    Art felt dismay in reading about Olasky and others who have resigned at World. I knew he would care, but I was surprised by the depth of his caring. I think he saw it as the collaspe of another pillar of our society.

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  5. I figured out why I am not posting here as much. I am usually leaving my house before the new day is up (that’s not a complaint AJ) and when I get to the office I am “hitting the ground running”.
    I am almost done with this run of business. I need prayers that after being out and about making the money to go on vacation that I test negative for Covid on Monday so that I can fly on Tuesday and be released from the airport in Barbados. I am sooooo looking forward to this.

    Janice, did you get my text Sunday with the photo of my salad? I really liked the vinaigrette that went on it. Even after watching the pomegranate video I still had trouble.

    My grandfather had a pomegranate bush/tree when I was young. I picked them and ate them in the yard. Is seems that there was a theory that a pomegranate instead of an apple is what Eve gave to Adam. I’ll have to google that.

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  6. I have been in Bible study and prayer with the ladies. Then I had a call from my brother. For lunch I had my missed breakfast of oatmeal, apricot applesauce, and walnuts. That’s why I have been missing, Chas!

    Kim, I have been cutting the pomegranate with the top circle to remove the “hat” and then cutting each section. I peel off the top, and peel down each section. I patiently dislodge the seeds, some in groups and others individually by hand. I have always had the patience and enjoy such tedious activities. I can see how it would be exasperating for those who are not careful and get more juicy mess than intact arils. You can buy the separated arils, too, by POM.



  7. Kim, your salad photo in your text looked yummy. It is pretty as well as tasty. I shared the recipe with my friend Florence and her family who are all trying to have meatless meals. I feel good after having a meal like that. And that simple to make dressing is perfect (olive oil, maple syrup, Dijon mustard, cinnamon, salt and pepper).


  8. I heard as a child it was pomegranates. Lately I have gotten several children’s Bible story books to review and one definitely shows Eve with a pomegranate. That settles that question, no doubt.


  9. oh, but you can’t take a bit of a pomegranate! As Janice just illustrated above you have to work to get anything out of them. It had to have been something that you could just bite. That is my wisdom from 7am here.

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  10. Time to get ready for market. So nice to go later. What a pleasure it is to have one day away from school. There are no holidays or days off this entire term, so this is a true treasure.

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  11. We are having snow flurries. I noticed that while out on my walk. Meanwhile, twenty was planning to pack her stuff and move out for the next month to see how it goes living at the lady’s house full time. But she was busy lying on the floor of the dining room this morning while we did school work. So, when they went to horse riding lessons, she stayed home to work on her move. Now her stuff is in the back of an open pickup in a snowstorm. I did suggest she cover it with a tarp.

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  12. Husband has spent over 4 hours ploughing us out and he’s still not done. Our yard and driveway aren’t THAT big. So much snow and more expected over night. I’m very thankful I don’t have to do it.

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  13. I don’t think I saw any of those at the market. I do have a guava tree outside my door and they don’t tempt me at all. I think folks just walk by and take them as they seem to disappear and it is not all the birds.

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  14. We’ll never know what fruit it was until we get to Heaven. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that’s all we know for sure. So call it whatever you want. Just imagine if they had eaten of the tree of life! Would we live forever physically?

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  15. Ugh. Supply chain. Ours up in Canada is now thoroughly messed up as all the highways from the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, BC area) have now washed out with mudslides and flooding. Husband’s niece and her family are stranded in Hope, BC – all highways are washed out around them. They won’t be going anywhere soon. They were making a 4 hour trip to Vancouver from Kelowna. Thankful they are okay and were not caught in the mud slides.

    I think our only other west coast port is Prince Rupert in northern BC.

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  16. I think I had kumquats as a child and enjoyed them then. I’d probably still like them.

    I think I may get addicted to pomegranates now that I know how to use them. I haven’t made the candy yet but that should only serve to make me like them more.


  17. Yes, if there was only one tree as it seems to be, then we probably have none of that type of fruit now.

    We had in the thirties here, but it felt much colder because of a horrible wind.

    I would love to walk that path, I think. Nice photo.

    I have some articles on getting pomegranate seeds out. It seems to me I cut the top off, score the sides and then do each section, though.

    Why do you think that pomegranates were used in decorating the temple?

    Zissie. 😀

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