Our Daily Thread 11-1-21

Good Morning!

I couldn’t get this to load in the header, so after repeated tries, I’m putting it here. It’s from Linda S.  🙂


Anyone have a QoD?

52 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-1-21

  1. QoD
    Where did LindaS get that?
    Good morning everyone.
    Some of you got prayed for specifically, all of tou generally.
    You are an important contact with the outside world for me.

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  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Chas. 😀 I have one daughter who is like the paparazzi. With all the pictures she takes, I wonder how she can’t get one where I look absolutely fabulous? 😀

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  3. I see a strong resemblance.

    Today is the 57th anniversary of my mother’s death. I was 7 and don’t remember much about her. Here is a poem I wrote years ago based on the event. The original was in Spanish, so I am including it here.

    Hace muchos años Many Years Ago

    Amaneció el nuevo día The new day dawned
    así como siempre hacía as it always did
    en noviembre; aquél día, in November; that day
    cuando de cáncer sufría. when from cancer she suffered.
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

    En el hospital estaba, She was in the hospital,
    lejos de sus hijos se iba. she was going far away from her children.
    Cerca, su esposo rogaba Nearby, her husband was praying,
    –Dios, ¡permite que ella viva!– “Oh God, let her live!”
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

    Hace muchos años Many years ago
    la mujer murió. the woman died.
    De cuatro hijos la madre From her four children the mother
    se despidió; took her leave;
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

    Siete años solo tenía, He was only seven years old,
    el hijo menor aquél día. the youngest son that day.
    Casi no la conocía, He hardly knew her,
    quien de él se despedía; who was leaving him.
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

    Estaba él en la iglesia, He was in church,
    se le dijo la noticia. when he heard the news.
    Todo lo confundía. It was all confusing to him.
    Estaba mejor, creía. She was better, he believed.
    Iba a vivir, se decía. She was going to live, he was told.
    ¿Cómo morirse podía? How could she die?
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

    Hace muchos años Many years ago
    mi madre murió. my mother died.
    De mis hermanos y yo From my siblings and me,
    mi madre se despidió; she said good-bye.
    Hace muchos años. Many years ago.

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  4. Chas, we are just glad to see you. And what a handsome son you have.

    ok,, it is late, but I couldn’t sleep and remembered something that i needed to do. Tomorrow may be my last day with a vehicle. I keep telling myself that God has something better in mind.

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  5. Son is up and working on his school work as daughter showers. I have been trying to incentivize them to get up on time. Even bought them clocks. They are up before the time (seven) but just cannot or will not come out on time. Time will actually matter some time and my view is better early than late. Their view seems to be: not exactly whatever time you say.

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  6. What a poignant poem, Peter. I’m so sorry you have so few memories of your mother.

    That’s what I feared the most as the mother of young children–that something would happen to me and they’d not remember me. I finished a book yesterday by Kate Bowler–35 year-old Duke professor of religion with stage 4 colon cancer. Trying to imagine how her young son would fare without her was the hardest part.

    (She appears to be in remission, now, at 40, so he’s about 7 . . . )

    Thank you for sharing.

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  7. No rain here, only cloudy and cool. The heater is on. The bill will be high as it usually is this time of year (but maybe higher as heating costs are rising). On chilly mornings I don’t seem to care.

    I need to pick up dog meds sometime today. It’s Monday and I’m already exhausted, dreading another nonstop work week.

    I wish I could take 2 weeks off. Or even a week.


  8. Daughter missed work a couple weeks ago. I told her it was on her to remember and to remind whoever is driving her. It is not up to us to remember her schedule. She now reminds me every Sunday morning at nine and again at noon. And she gets to work on time. She remembers what is important to her. I am trying to teach them that courtesy matters. Being on time for somebody else’s convenience is not a bad thing.

    But yes, I do understand there are many who just get there when they do. I am married to one. I have learned to relax.

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  9. We have been doing school work. Now I am listening to fourteen practice piano. It has been fun. She plays better and with more enjoyment than any or all of the fourteen that have gone before. With fifteen being second. He enjoys it but does not make as much effort as she does to get it right.

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  10. He is supposed to be doing algebra but he seems to have gotten lost on his trip out to gather eggs and sweep the porch.


  11. I have been cleaning and making soup for our time with our neighbors tonight. I am as ready as I am going to get…except for that last minute touch up on guest bathroom and sweep the floor once again after the dog gets sent upstairs for the evening!
    We had two lovely ladies the other day, then a “scary” pirate and now two nice looking gentlemen up there! These are fun! And I must say I love the bird in the pine…that would make a lovely Christmas card!
    The fog continues to be thick and wet in this forest and I am thankful I had no where to go today. They say it will continue into tomorrow and I do have Bible study to attend in the morning but our leader lives 6 minutes away from me to the east…no traffic between here and there so it will be doable getting there 😊

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  12. Good afternoon. My day can begin now. Art had a flat/blowout this morning on the main road to the expressway. Praise God it was not on the expressway. I got home around 2:30 p.m. from getting another pair of tires. I went to a new to me Goodyear shop and found it to be a pleasant place. Always good to find another place that seems favorable for a return trip. They had the tires in stock and could do it while I waited unlike the other shops I called.

    Thankfully my church meeting for tonight has been rescheduled. That was a needed relief.

    Art’s new person was to start today but with the flat and then with the power being off at the office when he got there among other odd things, they shall try again tomorrow. Truly a weird day. What a day of catastrophes for him, but nothing major in the grand scheme.


  13. We had no Trick or Treaters except for the Houston Astros on our tv during the little time Art allowed them to visit last night. They tricked and treated in a very bad way!

    The Hallmark movie was especially entertaining last night as it involved the owner of a dance studio as the main man of interest. Loved seeing all the dancing and sweet romance.


  14. Peter, your poem really touches the heart. Thankful that you shared it in remembrance. She must have been so concerned about you as the youngest. She would have been proud of you in your teaching career and also as a cave tour guide, and for your solid marriage, fatherhood, and Christian faith. You have been a servant of people and your Lord Jesus Christ for years. Blessed reunions await in heaven.

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  15. NancyJill – Yesterday you said that the Bible study you attend lasts for three and a half hours. That’s kinda ridiculous. Most church services don’t even last that long. That’s the kind of thing that can drive away some people.

    When I have been a part of a study that included videos, we would have the video, and then some discussion on it, followed by a short time of prayer. I can’t remember how long it would last, but I would estimate about an hour and a half to two hours (with chatting). Most times we had straight Bible study with no videos, for about the same length of time.

    Is there a particular reason that the “regular-length” Bible study and hour-long video have to be done at the same time? Or is someone trying to cram too much in?


  16. As Michelle said, being the mom and grandma, one wonders what memories they will have. I am hoping to come home and make some new memories next summer.

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  17. While Nightingale was at work this afternoon, a lady (a state marshal, I think) came by with paperwork for her. X is pursuing changing the visitation from a supervised four hours every weekend to an UNsupervised 24 hours. You can bet that Nightingale is gonna fight that.

    But he says (in the paperwork) that he is in counselling and on meds, so the court just might side with him. Time will tell. (I think the courts may be backed up from being shut down during part of the pandemic.)

    Not too long ago, I was thinking about how X had been pretty “quiet” for what seems like a long time (for him), and wondered if he had come to merely accept and be content with the way things are. Well, I guess not.

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  18. Jo – I have prayed that you will have many more years to build deeper relationships and memories with your children and grands.


  19. I don’t know what Mr. Rogers looks like. But fortunately for ten, nobody looks like me.
    I have to say though, I really look somewhat better than this picture shows
    .Somewahat. But better.

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  20. I should have made my comment about X a prayer request.

    Please pray that the right thing will be done by whatever judge the case happens to be assigned to. “The right thing” in God’s will, not necessarily what we think is the right thing.

    And please pray that in her anxiety over this latest curveball that Nightingale will finally turn to Christ and be saved.

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  21. Hoping this link works. It’s a photo of Mr. Rogers. The similarity in the shape of their glasses seems to be a big part of the resemblance. (I realize that not everyone will see the resemblance.) In this photo, though, I think that Mr. Rogers was older than Chuck is now.



  22. I’m sorry for your lose, RK, but I know you rejoice in the knowledge that she is in His presence.
    We look forward to that time, ourselves.


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