44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-28-21

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I survived yesterday.On top of everything I named yesterday, I had to deal with an Earnest Money Dispute and a snarky agent. The buyers could not close on the property and the sellers refuse to give the EMD back. The sellers are closing on a sale of the home today, the former buyers have spoken with an attorney. All over $1,000. Everyone will spend more on attorneys than the deposit so why not split it 50/50 and move on?
    Next, and I just LOVE it when this happens, an agent on the other side told my agent not to quote the contract to her, she has been in business for a long time and knows that the contract says. Bullying. When I spoke with the other broker she didn’t even try to defend the agent. That tells you something. Real Estate Agents should get their egos out of the deal. I may have saved mine…we will know by Monday.

    On a lighter note, Little Miss told PaPa yesterday that RaRa (ex-sister-in-law) and BG we two of her favorite people. Last night Little Miss went to trunk or treat at a church. She went as Anna from Frozen.

    Than on an Eye Roll note, Mr P has done even more research on the resort where we will be staying. Now he has located where all of the outside public restrooms are so that I won’t have to go back to the room to take care of my business. I am thinking of hiring him out to Sandals. He knows a lot about it now.

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  2. From last night: Is that Peter and Mrs L lost in LA??!! I would not want to be lost in LA!

    No, we’re home. But we occasionally drive in circles here since we’re getting traffic circles in place of 4 way stops.

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  3. Mumsee, sorry I didn’t get back to you the other day. At the beginning of the service, the pastor and assistant process into the church following the crucifer, who is holding the cross. The recess the same way at the end of the service. The congregation faces the cross as it enters and exits the sanctuary, thus are asked to turn and face the back at the beginning.

    Of course none of this is described in scripture and we don’t adhere to it as if it were, but it was established by the early church and is meaningful so most liturgical churches follow the practice.

    Thanks for watching.

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  4. In other news, twenty has been remarkably pleasant of late. Very quiet and subdued. As you may recall, husband had a meeting with the lawyer to learn our options regarding the guardianship. The State apparently has somebody waiting in the wings to take over should we need it and decide to make the adjustment. Daughter seems to be living in terror of that possibility and has straightened up her act.

    We, and possibly she, realize many ways her life would change drastically if she was to become a ward of the State. Currently, she is exploring the idea of living with an older lady in the town where daughter works. That would end as would the job. Her monies would go toward paying the new guardian and for housing in a facility. She would not have the spending money she now enjoys or the freedom she now enjoys. We hope to continue to offer it to her if she cooperates. But we fear the older lady is wearing down and losing the initial enthusiasm already. Daughter is rather needy.

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  5. Morning! It is lovely here and the snow remains on the forest floor and the deck. It all fell from the pines yesterday and one had to be careful walking outside. To be thunked upon the head by a big chunk of wet snow will wake ya up!
    Peter I hear some have been stuck in a roundabout for days around here! 😂 Now they have begun construction on a huge one at the entrance of Garden of the gods…that will be so interesting to watch once completed!
    Kim a similar situation happened to us with Ernest deposit. Our mortgage agent was livid and decided to send a note telling the selling agent that the loan would not be approved until after the last day of the pending contract date. That agent kept half and our agent returned her half to us. That was our first experience with purchasing a home…..and the home inspection revealed so many “hidden” ills with the home…we were thankful that it didn’t go through….

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  6. Mumsee, I used yhe word omnipresence yesterday in a post (only it got spelled incorrectly)!
    This is my comment based on a Bible passage in Exodus (Golden Calf) that my online ladies Bible study is working thtough now:

    “This reminds me of the times when God’s word tells us to “Wait on the Lord!” Those are times to practice flexing faith muscles, to believe more in the invisible and unseen than one believes in what one sees with the eyes. These people of all people had reason to believe in the miracles God could perform on their behalf. And yet, they were stubborn and stiff-necked, impatient and all too ready to jump ahead of God. Their pride led them to do this, to show off what they could do with their own hands as a group of people. They had no desire to walk humbly with their God as followers. So.Very.Sad.
    How stupid these people would have appeared to God in His greatness, His omnipotence, omniecience, omnIprecence, etc. He must have been so angry at their pure stupidity and shirking of wisdom. His very image was within them which they could have lived up to at this time, but they failed again. This is another point where the need for Jesus shines clearly. The people were bent to sin no matter how many miracles were performed. God makes it ever clear throughout the ages in the Bible that Jesus is our only hope for salvation.


  7. Janice, I mentioned the book I am reading: None Greater. It has been amazing to open my eyes a bit more on what we know of God but have not delved into. I tend to keep God in a box and this book has been good at blasting out those walls. I think I don’t, but I do. I think of God through human eyes and that is very limiting.

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  8. i’m trying to wind up for another busy day. Another (this one fed and state) news briefing in 2 hours.

    I also need to go through the dog meds as I think I’ll need to refill some of those by early next week.

    Some areas of the house are in virtual chaos (as is my mind at times), especially the work room that’s piled with paper, but I have no time or energy to deal with it at the moment.

    Whats going on with the World Series? I haven’t really been able to keep up with that and it’s fallen off our local news coverage for the most part now that there’s not a local team in the fight.

    I’ll have to hunt down the Hallmark channel again for the annual Christmas fare.

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  9. He’s far more manageable in a box, don’t you think?

    Except, of course, when we lift the lid to take a perk!

    Halfway home. My driving stint is done.

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  10. I hope Art won’t take a peek at the Braves for the next game.

    I fell asleep on the couch for the first game when they won and I never heard the final score from last night, but that one peek gave Art plenty of warning not to look back at them last night.

    I enjoy some baseball, but two weeks in a row is difficult for me to keep rah rahing over.


  11. oh, it is Friday, so nice. What a busy week.

    Turns out that there are things available in pharmacies here that are not available there. I never get out of here so would not know. But friends are researching things. So I will have my own supply of invermectin and chloroquine. Keeping doses around just in case.

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  12. Who’s Caleb?🥴
    Bible study done over Zoom. Battery died on my iPad at the end before she set up the hour long video of Kay Arthur…I did not want to watch it so I was thankful…

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  13. It’s 90 degrees here today. I’m glad the house has stayed cool, i’ve kept it closed up with some fans going. The thermostat said it’s something like 78 inside.

    Got my 1 story done, have a couple others I can now do.

    It really feels like Friday.

    What a week.

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  14. We do some of the free Hillsdale College courses as part of our school work. I am happy to report that the two just finished the course on children’s literature with a ninety six percent. They started it in August but due to situations, had to pause three fourths of the way through for a month or two. So, with no review, they finished. I am delighted to report that fifteen, with all of his attention issues and obsessing and forgetfulness and speech challenges, was able to persuade his sister to the correct answers with things like, “Remember when we looked at Beauty and the Beast and they talked about imaginative invention?” The boy has a brain but it has been a challenge to help him access it and he seems to be making some huge strides.

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  15. Bean lomein is in process here.

    I did end up ordering some Christmas presents from Land’s End and LLBean. It would not be Christmas for my brother if we did not have a pile of presents to open. More flannel shirts! But this go round, hooded flannel shirts for a little something different.

    Cooked cabbage sure tastes better than how it smells when cooking. Art will be happy with bean lomein. It’s been awhile.

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  16. I miss cardinals. When I was home last time I saw one in the plum tree…I was as giddy as a child on Christmas morn!
    Most of our birds have flown the coop around here. We did spy a junco the other day but I suppose he was lost or something

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  17. sorry to confuse you, Dj. Now my teaching is done and I am preparing for next week. But somehow we have mosquitoes in this classroom, so I keep stopping to scratch my legs.

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