Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 9

I don’t know how to say that we were almost as pathetic last week as the University of Arizona Mildcats are, so I won’t. I’ll pick on other cats: Mizzou. I chose them as the Pillow Fight game, since they are winless in the SEC this year. Kevin won last week, even though he only got half the games correct, but he chose a good one for the tiebreaker. When was the last time Michigan and Michigan State played each other when both were in the Top 10?  

Have fun picking the winners of these games. Just do so by NOON EDT, Saturday, October 30.

  1 #9 Iowa @ Wisconsin

  2 Miami @ #17 Pittsburgh

  3 #22 Iowa State @ West Virginia

  4 Minnesota @ Northwestern

  5 Duke @ #13 Wake Forest

  6 #10 Ole Miss @ #18 Auburn

  7 Oregon State @ California

  8 Florida State @ Clemson

  9 SEC Pillow Fight: Mizzou (0-3) @ Vanderbilt (0-4)

10 Tiebreaker – post winner and final score: #6 Michigan @ #8 Michigan State

13 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 9

  1. If you missed the Army/Wake Forest game last week, you missed an offensive explosion. Army scored 56! And still lost!


  2. Chas’ wild guesses

    W. Virginia
    Iowa State
    Clemson (can’t believe i’m doing this??)


  3. Michigan and Michigan State may be overrated. Both are undefeated, but neither has faced their really tough opponents yet. This game may be the most challenging for both of them so far.

    1 Iowa
    2 Pittsburgh
    3 Iowa State
    4 Northwestern
    5 Wake Forest
    6 Ole Miss
    7 California
    8 Clemson
    9 Vanderbilt
    10 Michigan 35-31


  4. My picks:
    Iowa Hawkeyes – family ties
    Pitt – Hurricanes overrated
    ISU Cyclones – family ties
    NW Wildcats – Purple Power
    Wake – no reason
    Tigers – cats rule (despite Chas’ opinions)
    Cal – I like underdogs
    Clemson – more cats
    Mizzou – can’t go against the home state team
    Wolverines 28-27 – team history


  5. Peter: I”m sorry. My 91 year old brain may be catching up with my eyes.
    Can I pick West Virginia as a winner?
    If not: Choose one for me.
    My eyes are 91 years old now. Seems my brain is catching up with them.


  6. 1 Wisconsin
    2 #17 Pittsburgh
    3 West Virginia
    4 Minnesota
    5 #13 Wake Forest
    6 #10 Ole Miss
    7 Oregon State
    8 Florida State
    9 Mizzou
    10 #6 Michigan 31 – 21


  7. I hope you’re sitting down when you read this. But of course, most of us sit down to read the computer. Someone got within 10 points on the tie breaker, and guessed correctly on 9 of the 10 games. he rest of us got mediocre scores of 6 or less. As Vizzini in The Princess Bride often said, “Inconceivable!”

    So, Attagirl, Mumsee!

    Mumsee 9
    Chas 6
    Janice and Mike 5
    Peter 4
    Kevin and AJ 3


  8. It is what it is…

    I have never watched the Princess Bride though I have many children who have and loved it.

    Thank you. Thank you very much.


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