57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-26-21

  1. If anyone is interested in seeing the Children’s Lesson from Sunday, you can use this link to get to the church site and then click on the service from October 24. You are, of course, welcome to watch the whole thing but the lesson starts at 22:37. After the service Pastor said he was “very touched.” By the way, the two girls, who are also the crucifer and acolyte, are our granddaughters.

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  2. I have Bible study in a little bit. I hope to watch that later, Linda.

    Good morning to all. The wind is up and bringing in a chill. Publix seemed well stocked at 7 a.m. so Tues. would be a good day to shop routinely. Some of my routine shopping days the shelves need stocking. Today things were more like before Covid.


  3. Recently, someone (Michelle?) mentioned that Millennials are to blame for the prevalence of grey walls and other things in homes today. That had me thinking, and I realized that it is the usual thing for that age group in each generation to be the ones who most affect fashion, style, and design. Those in my mother’s generation, who were the age that the Millennials are now (approximately 25 to 40) in the 1970s are the ones to blame for avocado green and orange. 😀

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  4. it’s a good thing that weird color “trends” are just trends and don’t last.

    I was a teenager in the late 1960s. My bedroom was painted orange and yellow.

    I had a co-worker who painted her whole house in shades of gray. The outside was a very dark gray. She wanted to paint it black but the painter strongly advised against it. But it’s a dark enough gray it’s pretty close to black.

    It sure feels good to be able to flip on the heater in the mornings now.

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  5. Interesting to me, you know I have struggled with blood pressure since the last covid shot. This weird virus maybe that has hit our family so hard. And inability to think at all or hold a thought or get beyond the wobbly brain. Now husband has had an unprecedented increase in blood pressure as well. Related? God knows.

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  6. What did the doctor say about it, mumsee?

    My house has been in the 50s in the mornings so it’s nice to have the heater cleaned out and operational now. I only have to run it for about 30 minutes and the house is comfortable enough to flip it off.

    Gas bills are supposed to be even higher than normal this year (and normal hurts as it is) so I need to pace myself. 🙂

    Have a major followup to do today on yesterday’s late-breaking port story. Plus I’ll need to juggle a knee shot at 2.

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  7. Doctor? Well, as mentioned, my doctor of twenty three years is not my doctor. Once again I was passed off to yet another NP and she treated the symptoms. BP meds which puts my bp into the sixties and seventies, not a fun place for me. And antibiotics for the cough and fluid in the lungs. But no discussion of the odd symptoms other than me mentioning them. The doctor would have been much more invested. He has been very involved in all of the children and Mike’s care. So, I finished the antibiotic round and still have the deep chest cough and the sinus infection. Finished the steroids for inflammation. And am reducing the already very low bp meds.

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  8. We only had three ladies for Bible study. It was a great study, but is worrisome to feel the shrinkage in attendance.

    Mumsee, it almost seems you may be getting added salt in your diet from some yet to be revealed source. If you eat much processed food, recipes may have changed. I think salthg may be added to meat to help it retain fluid, moisture, and especially weight so they can charge more. Maybe investigate to see if something like that is happening. I feel these days that companies are finding ways to bulk up product to keep profits higher. Also, some meds have side effects, as you know.


  9. Thanks, Janice, I mostly eat veggies I prepare myself and yogurt, brown rice and lentils that I prepare. No processed beyond that. Once in a rare while I have some red meat but usually just ours. Once in a while, some of my sourdough bread. And I drink water and some herbal teas once in a while.

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  10. Blood pressure issues also can just come with age, heredity and other factors. There’s no shame in medicating for it as it can create some really serious, life-threatening issues.

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  11. Mumsee, it sounds like you have a great diet! What is your water source? Here I feel like I have to use bottled water, but it is far from ideal.

    I need to check my bp because I have gotten into a bottle of dill pickle spears lately. That will raise it right quick like. I ran out of popping corn so have not had that source of salt lately. It is the main thing we use salt in here.


  12. I have no problem with medications that help. However, this stuff also destroys the kidneys. So, if there is an alternative (eat better and exercise) I am up for that. If that is not going to work, the meds would be the needed fall back. Just odd that it had all been well under control until the second shot, or even the first when my face started turning red several times a day.

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  13. I’ve not heard it “destroys” kidneys (though high bp itself can be dangerous to kidneys). My understanding is it’s safe but obviously should be regulated and checked by a physician and using proper doses for your numbers — like all prescription medications. Regular bloodwork is always advised.

    “As we age, our vascular system changes. Arteries get stiffer, so blood pressure goes up.”

    “Doctors use these medicines, also known as water pills, to treat high blood pressure and some kinds of swelling. They help your body get rid of extra fluid. But they can sometimes dehydrate you, which can be bad for your kidneys”

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  14. “High blood pressure can constrict and narrow the blood vessels in your kidneys, which reduces blood flow and stops the kidneys from working well. When this happens, the kidneys are not able to remove all wastes and extra fluid from your body.”

    BP medications often/usually include a diuretic component.

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  15. For lisinipril, they have to check the kidneys every year to make sure they are doing well and change the med if not. So, I prefer to not use it if not needed. But, as in the two times I have entered in with it, I am fine with using the tool temporarily if possible (and my doc and the np both said it was short term) or long term if helpful. But when the side effects out do the cure, time to relook.

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  16. And low blood pressure, brought on by too high of a dose at times, can also lead to heart issues. However, I plan to die at some point barring a truly major event.

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  17. DJ, true. That is why I went in to attempt to address it. But the answer seems to have been to put the bp on the other extreme. Looking for a happy medium.

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  18. We drove down to a my brother’s to pick up my grandmother’s old sewing machine. It has not been used for decades and my SIL wanted it to be out of her home. I will pass it on, but not sure what will become of it. It isn’t old enough to be an antique. We are all getting to the age of not wanting/needing more stuff.

    We won a basket of goodies from a local candy shop which included maple syrup and pancake mixes. One was a S’mores flavored pancake in a cup which was surprisingly good. It cooks for one minute. I will have to use the mixes when we have the grands over. They love grandpa’s sourdough pancakes, but maybe the chocolate chips in the batter will tempt them. Whoever thought you could get a ‘pancake’ in a cup?

    Far better than liver and onions. 😉

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  19. My orthopedic surgeon, as he was giving my knee a rather painful shot, told me his daughter won’t eat most of her Halloween candy since she learned its production (?) causes harm to some kind of rare, endangered animal in the rain forest.


    Be careful with op-ed “news.” These guys got the whole thing quite wrong in the headline (and lead). PMA is the employer, not the union.


    (From Breitbart)

    California Port Worker Exposes Labor Union for Exascerbating Supply Chain Crisis, ‘Keep Cutting the Work’

    ~ A California longshoreman, who works at California’s San Pedro Bay Port Complex, reportedly said the labor unions are exascerbating the supply chain crisis.

    Identified as Alfred to Yahoo News, the longshoreman blamed Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) for “cutting the work” at the port, which is increasing the jam of containers stuck at sea and on the docks. ~



  20. Thanks Kathy”
    You just reminded me that the stand we keep a TV set on is an old sewing machine Elvera had. I had clean forgotten that.
    I need to do something with it. It’s likely valuable.
    But the, (it just occurred to me) Maybe I’ll forget it again and let Chuck & Linda deal with it someday.
    It is likely valuable.
    And I just decided the forget about it again. I have nothing to gain and C&L can handle it.

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  21. Someone else may have posted this before about comic books, maybe on the political thread, but I think it is general enough info to post here. I had no idea of the changes to comic books.


  22. Hot water heater re-started.

    Wondering if problem is that the house heater — which I think i’m probably using for the first time(?) since I bought this hot water heater(?) — is on the same circuit — hot water heater has electric starter. That’s the only thing that seems like it may have knocked it out.

    Hot water or hot air. Oh, the choices.

    But maybe the wind, we did have rain and some wind yesterday, but not *that* much.

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  23. The service was quite different from that to which I am used. But it was the same Lord. So, a question: why did everybody need to turn around and face the back at the beginning? They did it again at the end.


  24. It’s snowing! ⛄️ hoping we get that 2.5 inches by morning!
    Busy day of Bible Study, early voting and grocery shopping. Lots of empty shelves at the grocery and long long long lines at Walmart (I was shocked to find they have done away with their jewelry dept…I always had them replace my watch battery and now I need to pay much more by going to the jeweler 😞) I left that place with nothing…at least I wasn’t one standing in those lines!
    I have a Singer treadle sewing machine from the 20”s. We purchased it in Murrell’s Inlet at Old House antiques for 35 dollars. Mr Robinson knew we didn’t have much money so he gave us our choice of any machine he had out on the porch…there must have been 20 or so but we have moved this from SC to KY, back to Myrtle Beach, up to Clemson, to FL and finally here. It works but I don’t use it 😊

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  25. Mumsee, your comment about elevated blood pressure since the vaccine is something that I have seen several time just this past week. There are many side effects which are manifesting concerning the vaccines.

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  26. oh, how nice to have a nurse chime in. Especially a nurse that we respect and know what she is talking about. Facebook showed me that our nurse got together with her brother recently


  27. Morning, Chas, and good night.
    Time for some sleep here. I realize that soon your clocks will change so it won’t be quite as easy to say good night.
    love you friends

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