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  1. Enjoy!

    And remember to thank the Covid scolds….

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  2. Oh look, a “trumped up culture war”, right Barrack?


    “”Trumped up culture war”, Barack? Loudon County students walk out to protest sexual assault reports”


    “Remember when Barack Obama campaigned for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia last weekend? He decided to attack parents and students concerned about the cover-up and deceit used to sweep away sexual assault reports in high school bathrooms in Loudon County. Today students in several high schools in the county responded to the situation – they walked out.

    As Ed wrote about this morning, a male teenager was accused of going into a women’s bathroom in Stone Bridge High School and sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl. Rather than appropriately handle the situation, Loudoun County Public Schools board members and superintendent had the father of the girl arrested in June after an altercation. The father was made out to be the bad guy for speaking up for his daughter. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in the school board meeting. The male teenager, now 15, was found guilty of all charges. I’ll note that he was found guilty of sexual assault, not rape, in the case at Stone Bridge High School.

    The superintendent was more interested in protecting the school’s transgender policy for bathrooms than protecting female students in school bathrooms. It is so important for Democrats to act like sheep beholden to woke policies on gender fluidity and destroying traditional male and female gender distinctions that they actually go to bat for continuing a policy that results in rape – the rape of teenage girls at school.

    Loudon County students walked out of school today in protest of the handling of sexual assault reports. They are supporting the victims, something the adults in charge of their schools did not do. They are demanding safety at school. Students at Stone Ridge High School participated, as did students at Broad Run High School, the other school the male student is alleged to have assaulted a female student.”

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  3. Remember the head of the NSBA who called parents terrorists, but later apologized?

    Well now we know why she apologized.

    Stupid gets rewarded by Pres. Senile.



  4. Enjoy!

    “Bond markets are indicating inflation could stick around for a while ….”


    “Let’s just say up front that there continue to be conflicting signals about whether or not inflation is a very short term problem or something that might last a while. Just today, Goldman Sachs released a research note saying inflation resulting from supply-chain issues will continue into next year but will be on a steep decline and should be back around 2% a little over a year from now. But the alternative view, that inflation could be around longer is picking up steam and that could be very bad news for President Biden.

    Today, the NY Times notes that a critical metric called the break even point, an estimate of what investors in the bond market think inflation will be going forward, jumped up to about 3 percent for the first time in more than a decade last Friday.

    A key measure of the bond market’s expectations for inflation over the next five years — known as a break even — rose to a new high Friday, briefly topping 3 percent. That meant investors expected inflation to average about 3 percent a year for the next five years, far higher than any time in the decade before the pandemic hit. Measures of inflation expectations over longer periods, such as over the next 10 years, also rose to multiyear highs…

    While the Fed chair, Jerome H. Powell, and other central bank officials have spent months saying higher inflation was a “transitory” result of pandemic-driven supply chain problems, there has lately been good reason to believe that price rises could be a more lasting concern…

    …analysts say the crucial concern for bond market investors was that prices seemingly unrelated to the pandemic were also beginning to move higher. Foremost among them was monthly rents, which tend to rise for long stretches once they start moving upward. Rents jumped 0.5 percent from August to September, the quickest rise in about 20 years.

    Energy prices also jumped 25 percent last month, driven by sharp increases in gasoline and fuel oil costs. Rising crude oil prices are behind the surge, and there is little sign that those pressures are going away any time soon.

    When bond investors look at all of these surging prices, they move their investments from regular bonds to inflation-protected bonds. This article from Yahoo News explains how comparing the yields of the two types of bonds gives an estimate of what investors in this market think inflation will be over a given time period:

    So, let’s say that you have a 10-year CD (certificate of deposit) that has yielded 5% over the course of the investment (nominal yield). You also hold an inflation-linked investment that has yielded 2.9% over the same time period (real yield)…

    In this case, your breakeven inflation rate is 2.1% (5 – 2.9 = 2.1)…

    This would indicate that over the next 10 years, today’s investors expect inflation to average around 2.1%. Of course, that number isn’t guaranteed. It’s simply an expectation based on the inflation rate of today and over the last 10 years.

    Using that same example: if you believe that in the next 10 years, inflation will average more than 2.1%, you may want to consider purchasing Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). If you believe that inflation will average less than 2.1% in the coming decade, a nominal Treasury might be the better choice for your portfolio.

    The NY Times was specifically looking at the break even rate on five-year bonds, which is at 2.99 today. So investors buying up inflation protected bonds are essentially betting that inflation over the next five years will be higher than 2.98 percent. “


  5. But… but…..

    Muh narrative……




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  6. That’s $1,000 per head, not per trip. Last week, a pickup carrying 13 illegals ($13,000 for the trip to Houston) had an accident (a 16-yr-old with no license was driving) – all were apprehended. This is disgusting.

    Biden has broken the federal law (among other crimes). Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution requires that the president enforce the law – he needs to be arrested and prosecuted.



  7. Yep.


    But he’s a slime ball Dem, so he won’t….


  8. Of course, everyone will be forced to….

    The Covid scolds have already decided.

    “Will Kids Be Forced To Get A COVID Vaccine?”


    “ith the news that the Biden administration has purchased 65 million pediatric vaccine doses from Pfizer comes a pressing question: will kids be forced to get the COVID vaccine?

    The vaccine was neither approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for pediatric use when the administration made its purchase. Meanwhile, states are already making policy around vaccinating children.

    Earlier this month Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California would add the COVID vaccine to the list of vaccinations kids are required to receive to attend school. Over the weekend, New York governor Kathy Hochul was asked if she would make a similar requirement. She hedged, saying, “I will hold judgment on that very question right now. I want to make sure everyone does the right thing. They have the tools they need, they have the vaccines, but if it turns out that we see an increase in cases and people aren’t compliant…I’m going to keep all options on the table.”

    But the question of vaccinating young kids is very complicated. There’s no strong evidence that kids need the vaccine. A few days after Gov. Newsom announced the mandate, news broke that his 12-year-old daughter, who is already eligible for the vaccine, had not yet been vaccinated. It’s not quite as simple a decision as the governor would have it seem.

    Several countries in Europe are offering just one shot to teens—an option not offered to American parents and not considered “full” vaccination when it comes to entering spaces with vaccine mandates, such as restaurants or museums in New York City and Los Angeles.

    Europe has treated children very differently throughout the pandemic than America has. Schools were prioritized for opening, and many places did not require children under age 11 or 12 to wear masks. In America masking begins at 2.”


  9. The scolds will also ignore the real world consequences for some, or pretend the vaccine isn’t at fault, just like they’re doing with the adults.

    “The Trouble With School Mandates for the Pfizer Vaccine”

    From a real live doctor, not just some bureaucrat who plays one on TV, or one that pretends it’s an Admiral….


    ” What Does It Take to Mandate a Vaccine?

    Common sense dictates that the more confidence we have in the safety and efficacy of a vaccine, or its ability to lead to herd immunity; and the more severe the consequences of the disease are for both individuals and society; then the more reasonably we can require it among schoolchildren. Put more explicitly by the UK’s independent Nuffield Council on Bioethics:

    “When assessing whether more directive policies are acceptable, the following factors should be taken into account: the risks associated with the vaccination and with the disease itself, and the seriousness of the threat of the disease to the population.” And: “We identified two circumstances in which quasi-mandatory vaccination measures are more likely to be justified. First, for highly contagious and serious diseases, for example with characteristics similar to smallpox. Secondly, for disease eradication if the disease is serious and if eradication is within reach.”

    So, how does the Pfizer vaccine in regard to children and adolescents fare within this framework?

    Children ages 5 to 17 have the lowest mortality and morbidity of any age group; and boys and young men have the highest rate of mRNA vaccine-mediated myocarditis of any demographic. That combination, coupled with real concern that the large proportion of school children already infected by SARS-CoV-2 might have little benefit and substantially higher risk of adverse effects from vaccination, makes this a particularly ill-suited population for which to seek a universal vaccine mandate.

    Let’s dig into the details.

    Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis 101

    Every vaccine has adverse reactions; and the mRNA vaccines might not be as historically problematic as those arguing against them like to suggest. The smallpox vaccine, for example, was reported by the Department of Defense in 2003 to be triggering post-vaccine myocarditis at a 1 in 1724 clip! For the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, most serious safety concerns, such as thrombotic events, Bell’s Palsy, or Guillain-Barre Syndrome, are in the 1/100,000-1/1,000,000 range. However, we have one glaring problem with the mRNA vaccines: a high rate of post-vaccine myocarditis in young men and adolescent boys.

    Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and its typically less severe cousin, pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart), are significant health concerns. The chest pain and palpitations that can signal a symptomatic myocarditis case generally lead to a 1-3 day hospitalization, sometimes an ICU stay, and often a warning to avoid strenuous activity for 3-6 months. Even though most accounts of post-vaccine myocarditis imply an uncomplicated course, we await more data from the CDC to evaluate long term outcomes in these cases — myocarditis from an infection or cocaine binge is capable of terrible long-term consequences, ranging from heart failure to sudden death. At this point, since most case series on post-vaccine myocarditis report normal heart function by discharge, there is reason for optimism — but nothing like certainty.

    We also lack certainty as to why young men are disproportionately affected, or even why the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and not the adenovirus vector vaccines cause this particular reaction. No, it is not because the spike proteins encoded by the mRNA are “cytotoxic” to heart muscle. As VRBPAC member, rotavirus vaccine originator, and Infectious Disease physician, Dr Paul Offit, explains to Dr Zubin “ZDogg” Damania, most likely it’s related to the potent immune response triggered by the mRNA vaccines. The fact that the great majority of cases are reported after the second dose argues for this explanation; if it were a matter of millions of spike proteins somehow floating free in the bloodstream, we would expect rates after the first shot to be similar to those after the second.

    This raises another concern: if the severity of the second shot is due to a primed immune system, might the risk of the first shot for someone with prior Covid-19 infection mirror that of a second shot for those without? I am unaware of any published studies on this question despite its importance. We do have anecdotal series, like the study on U.S. military members in whom 20 cases of myocarditis occurred after the second mRNA shot, none of whom had prior Covid-19; and 3 occurred after the first shot, all of them in soldiers with prior infection. These findings are intriguing, and concerning, but it’s unsettled science.

    Why this phenomenon affects males preferentially over females – most studies report anywhere from 5-20 times greater rates among males – is another mystery. Obviously, male hormones, like testosterone, are suspected to be involved, but there is no consensus on the matter. Whether young boys in the 5-11 age range will have similar myocarditis rates after vaccination might hang in the scientific balance, but we have literally no trial data on the subject beyond the 3000 vaccinated participants in the Pfizer trial for this age group.

    What we do have is real world data on the rates of myocarditis in slightly older males after a second mRNA shot from many places: U.S. civilians (Pfizer: approximately 1/5,000 ages 16-17, 1/5,600 ages 12-15) and military (mRNA <1/10,000 age <20), Ontario, Canada (Pfizer: 1/11,000 ages 12-17, Moderna: 1/3,500 ages 18-24), and Israel (Pfizer: 1/6,600 ages 16-19). The latter study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, with the benefit of a Health Maintenance Organization able to track each shot given and review case data for every myocarditis claim, offers in my opinion the most reliable numerator and denominator in the published realm for the post-Pfizer myocarditis rate.

    How the data is gathered influences the numbers you’ll see bandied about in the media. Combining Pfizer’s vaccine Comirnaty with Moderna's higher dose Spikevax will skew data unfairly in a discussion of Pfizer mandates, since Moderna’s higher myocarditis rates led to most Scandinavian countries pausing its use in young men. The Israeli studies exclude pericarditis, which tends to be less severe and is more likely to affect older people and women, but Ontario includes it. The CDC’s earlier U.S. data excluded “cases still being reviewed”; while the Ontario raw data includes only reviewed cases, but does not exclude the 25% of cases not conclusively found to be actual myocarditis or pericarditis. So — all these numbers must be taken with a grain of salt; but that 1/6,600 rate for males 16-19 is as solid as we have.

    Expert Misinformation & the Joe and Sanjay Show

    What really must be taken with a grain of salt, though, are claims that post-vaccine myocarditis among young men are exceedingly rare."


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