10 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-21-21

  1. Remember to thank Biden….

    For doing nothing that works to fix this…

    “$22B worth of cargo is now stuck on container ships off California

    Los Angeles’ average anchorage-to-berth wait time hits record-high 13 days”


    “There was fleeting hope that Southern California port congestion had turned the corner. The number of container ships waiting offshore dipped to the low 60s and high 50s from a record high of 73 on Sept. 19, trans-Pacific spot rates plateaued, the Biden administration unveiled aspirations for 24/7 port ops, and electricity shortages curbed Chinese factory output.

    The reality is that the port congestion crisis in Southern California is not getting any better.

    The time ships are stuck waiting offshore continues to lengthen. There are simply too many vessels arriving with too much cargo for terminals, trucks, trains and warehouses to handle. There were 103 container ships at Los Angeles/Long Beach terminals or waiting offshore on Wednesday, an all-time high.

    Offshore, the number of ships at anchor or in holding patterns is once again nearing record territory. According to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, 70 container ships were waiting off Los Angeles and Long Beach on Monday, 67 on Tuesday and 71 Wednesday (not including other cargo ships that are loaded with boxes).

    Massive value of cargo stuck offshore

    Marine Exchange data shows that ships waiting offshore on Tuesday — including container ships, general cargo vessels and other ships carrying containers — had aggregate capacity of 512,843 twenty-foot equivalent units. To put that in perspective, that is 10% more than the Port of Los Angeles imported during the entire month of September.

    Assuming ships are at capacity, how much cargo value is out there in the “floating warehouse”? What’s in each box, and its value, varies dramatically — it can be worth a few thousand dollars or several hundred thousand dollars. But Port of Los Angeles stats provide a good guide.

    The total customs value of the Port of Los Angeles’ containerized imports in 2020 was $211.9 billion. Given that imports totaled 4,827,040 TEUs, this equates to an average of $43,899 per import TEU. (Several other sources also estimated average cargo value at around $40,000 per TEU.)

    This suggests that the cargo currently waiting off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is worth around $22 billion, roughly the equivalent of the annual revenues of McDonald’s or the GDP of Iceland.”


  2. Because….


    Or something.


    But that won’t stop The Petty Tyrants of the Mandate.

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  3. ———


  4. Sure, go with that.

    Let’s see how it works out at election time.


    Ladies and gentlemen, the Dem nominee…

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  5. Condi explains stuff to the shrieking harpies….


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  6. Funny that….


    Not the new America, it’s Biden’s America now….


  7. Like magic!

    But the Covid scolds will pretend it’s still not true….

    “American Press Magically Discover “Comorbidities” When Describing Powell’s Death From COVID Complications

    Those who suffer the worst effects of COVID are elderly with underlying health conditions or who are obese.”


    “As far back as August 2020, I have been decrying the American press for its nearly complete silence on comorbidities, the simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a patient, when discussing COVID-19.

    Mortality data have shown from the very beginning that the COVID-19 virus age-discriminates, with deaths overwhelmingly concentrated in people who are older and suffer comorbidities. This is perhaps the only uncontroversial piece of evidence we have about this virus. Nearly all US fatalities have been among people older than 55; and yet a large number of Americans are still convinced that the risk to those younger than 55 is almost the same as to those who are older.

    This misperception translates directly into a degree of fear for one’s health that for most people vastly exceeds the actual risk.

    A year later, the media mentions that General Colin Powell had a significant health condition that left him vulnerable to infection.

    After former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s death from complications of COVID-19, experts pointed out that the 84-year-old Powell had a history of medical conditions that significantly raised his risk of severe COVID-19, though he was fully vaccinated.

    Among them, Powell had multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer that, both by itself and as a result of treatments given for the disease, can weaken the immune system.

    “Myeloma patients, they make a lot of antibodies. But, they only make one type. So their ability to make normal antibodies to fend off infections is impaired. They also have T-cell, or cellular immunity, defects that contribute to their inability not only to fight off infections, but mount effective responses to vaccines,” said Dr. James Berenson, medical and scientific director of the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research.

    Of course, the press is most interested in maintaining the narrative that vaccination is the most critical factor in ending the pandemic. It is becoming apparent that many vaccinated people come down with COVID, and, some like Powell sadly dying, they are scrambling for “alternative facts.”

    As I am a generous spirit, I would like to help our media’s coverage. It turns out myeloma isn’t the only comorbidity that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists as contributing factor to the severity of COVID infections. There is a reasonably long list, and many of these conditions are common among those who have died.”

    “The CDC website has a whole section of comorbidity coverage as well. Per the CDC:

    For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.

    And here is a snapshot of the staggering number of comorbidities to compare against the total number of COVID deaths:”

    “In a nutshell, those who suffer the worst effects of COVID are elderly with underlying health conditions or obese. Instead of pushing for vaccines, boosters, and vaccine blending, our media would do well to encourage everyone to get as healthy as possible.”

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  8. ———

    Try Fauci for perjury.

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