35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-20-21

  1. Thank you, Chas, for praying for us. The needs seem ever increasing.

    Good night, Jo.
    Good morning, Wanderers.
    We already wandered over to the auto repair shop. I am thankful for those who service our automobiles.

    It’s dj’s turn to brag about her hometown team. Good job, Dodgers. The Braves were good but not as good as the LA team.

    It is not quite as chilly as it has been at 53 this morning. Without any heat on the house feels cold when I sit down like now. I have some oolong tea for my wakeup drink. It seemd to have a more minty flavor to me lately, a little like Earl or Lady Grey. Life is interesting, going through the changes of tastes.

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  2. It is encouraging when the auto repair guy says his whole family drives the same brand vehicle that one is driving. He said I have low mileage on the car, and I explained about my eye problems and that I did not have a license for awhile.

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  3. Morning again! That photo seems to be in need of a caption. Like “oh yea…just watch this!”..the middle one being sort of a show off! 😊
    It was 22 degrees when I awakened. We did get a smattering of cold rain last night and the front porch steps were ice this morning. That full moon was stunning as I looked out upon the forest floor in the dark…moon shadows!


  4. It’s interesting that Mumsee is just getting up and about.
    The lady who comes to help me has already come and gone.
    I have stuff on the table. That’s it.
    That’s enough.

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  5. Actually, I was up and at em long before. Shower, fire building, house tidying, Bible time, started school with the children at seven, then they ate, went off to chores, I went for my walk after explaining to husband why daughter had thrown her chair and table and explaining to the children that a lot of people, like their sister, actually live in places where the sink is bolted to the wall, the toilet is bolted to the floor of their bedroom, the bed is bolted to the floor, and the walls are not sheetrock but concrete. Because people do get tired of replacing all of that.

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  6. Donna was mostly teasing when she said “Cheerios”.
    But you would be surprised about how convenient this is for a guy who spent 64 years depending someone else putting something on the table .
    It works.

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  7. Chas, the last deputy who was here told me they could do nothing until she actually hurts me. Not a happy thought, but we wait. Meanwhile, it appears Tricare has ousted her and the rest of us off of their roles. The Army says we are all still in their data base and Tricare gets their info from the Army. But Tricare keeps saying, after Mike spends half an hour on the phone with them, each time, that their computers are down and to call back.

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  8. I just heard what seemed to be the sound of a donkey braying. How can that be? Do goats or sheep sound that way? We occasionally have goats and sheep clearing overgrown properties.


  9. I must have dozed off and didn’t realize it.
    I was thinking about doing something with Elvera. It was all of a sudden and a shock to realize I didn’t have her anymore.
    I was sitting on the couch just pondering. Must have lost it for a minute.

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  10. And llamas.

    Goat herd are used around here to clear foliage and I remember talking to one of the herders — who brought the goats in and kept them locally, staying with them (I thought he would be a great story but it never happened) who kept a llama with the herd at night as there were coyotes in that area.

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  11. People around here have lost quite a few Great Pyrenees to wolves while out protecting the sheep. And various other sheep dogs. But the shepherds, usually from Peru or some other Andean country, are being pushed out by environmentalists. They take the sheep high up into the mountains for the summers but apparently that is a sin.

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  12. Good to hear that Mumsee is feeling better.
    Well, my friend with ALS died last night. I was shocked as just last weekend he walked his daughter on to the field as she was the sophomore homecoming princess. Praying for the family, a daughter and three sons. And the mom is my daughters best friend.

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  13. We had such a wonderful night of rain last night. Every time I heard it, I prayed, “More, Lord, please!”

    Some locals are suggesting we need a rain festival in addition to a harvest festival out here!

    One more night of rain and we can call the fire season over, thanks be to God!

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  14. My SIL’s father had MS, but he was able to walk her down the aisle when she married my brother. I don’t remember what they did to help him do that. Maybe some particular medication? I just know that it was not something he could easily do at that time, but something helped him do it.

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  15. Michelle. I don’t know. My understanding is that everyone who spells “Shull” vice “Schull” is related somehow. But I don’t know that.
    If so, it’s very distant.

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  16. Peter I have always enjoyed Cat Stevens and especially Moonshadows! Funny how I can sing all those old songs word for word..nowadays I mostly hear the music and not the words to newer songs….
    My milk was slushy Janice…silly milkman puts ice on top of the milk so that it won’t get hot…you know how our seasons change so quickly around here! 😂
    Jo I am sad to hear of the loss of your friend and oh so thankful he could walk with his daughter. ALS patients usually lose the ability to walk as did my Grandfather and a dear friend who died of ALS a few years ago. Such a sad loss 😞

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