53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-15-21

  1. Good morning. Only tea today. Sleep was not restful last night.

    Michelle has a wonderful cat story on her blog about Tasha. I hope she will post it on here.

    I just discovered that the weekend of a planned trip to see son is the same weekend an in person vote is required at church.

    And so it goes. I will pray over it. I think I must be at church though, especially since I am on the Direction Team.


  2. Good frosty morning to ya’ll! The snow is so pretty on the pines and for that and the moisture we are truly thankful!
    That squirrel up there is up to no good…it’s all telling in the eyes ya know!?
    Janice I wonder if since you are on the team if they would not allow an early vote for you? I would ask…
    A day of cleaning and finishing up projects around here…for a second time this week I have not pressing matters to attend to…no meet ups no studies…but I must do my Precepts homework for the day!


  3. Good idea, nj, except I think I need to be there to be sure my vote is properly counted. I do not think I am included in the highly favored. I really, really need to be there.


  4. The eye of that squirrel looks calm to me. I think the creature must have felt itself invisible to AJ. It does not look like it is about to move or even twitch. They are always such busy creatures, I am amszed that AJ got one looking almost settled. But then again, I am on a small screen phone with bad eyesight so I may be seeing something different than reality.


  5. Oh, I thought I told you the story. Here’s the link: https://preview.mailerlite.com/e2m8g9?

    Here’s the story in large print. 🙂

    So, where has Tasha been?
    She goes out every morning, checks the yard, and then jumps the back fence to disappear into the overgrown vegetation.

    She generally returns for “cat curfew” around 6, when we let her in and lock the door.

    Tasha glares but so what?

    We’re the ones who feed her, etc.

    I suspected another family

    Today, I found her lounging in the front bushes of the house behind ours.

    As I questioned her, the mother and son whom I’d not met before, came out. “Is that your cat?”

    I explained.

    Then they told me a story.

    Husband and father Chris, whom I’d met, recently died.

    Tasha was his friend throughout his illness.

    I glanced down. She washed her paw.

    “She’d hop the fence, sit beside his wheelchair, and put her paw on his foot. It was so comforting.”

    Our cat?

    “Sometimes she let him pet her.”

    The woman’s voice broke. “One day Chris had a stroke. She kneaded his leg, as if for comfort.

    Tasha rolled over and yawned.

    “We mean no disrespect. We send her home at night. But . . . ”

    “I’m so happy she could help,” I broke in. “Had I known, I would have sent her with treats.”

    They laughed and talked more about Chris.

    I went home thankful that while I didn’t know about the tragedy across my back fence, my cat did–and she helped.

    But she still needs to be in for curfew.


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  6. Friday. Yay.

    We’ve had a giant moving van parking on our street since yesterday late afternoon. One of our neighbors, two doors down from me, is packing everything up and getting out of Dodge, headed for Texas (along with so many others from around here lately).

    The van was blocking my driveway yesterday when I had to leave to pick up the dogs, but once I found the driver — he was standing in front of the neighbor’s place, the one who’s moving — he was kind enough to move the van forward so I could get out.

    Today it will be complicated because it’s trash pickup day — and there’s no way the trash trucks can get down this street. I’m presuming packing up a whole house will take a while so he may be here for several more hours, at least. … Unless they were loading stuff all night long, then they may be ready to head out more quickly.

    Backing out of my driveway early this morning — it’s a dr appt day for my neighbors and they need the drive-up loading space — was tricky enough with vision blocked on one side by the van and traffic coming through from both ends.

    Speaking of traffic — it’s definitely “back” out here, though still not quite as horrible as it was pre-pandemic (but close to it). In the late afternoon the one freeway was a parking lot (but I already knew that and took one of the other freeways back home).

    The dogs had a long day, poked and prodded, so they were beat, but ate well when they finally got a late dinner. And both slept well, too. Today we have a couple additional meds, including a flea pill for both of them and something for Cowboy’s skin condition. And so it gets even more complicated.

    We have occasional meetings at church where a quorum is needed so I imagine Janice’s event is something similar? Folks need to be there, in the flesh, to vote for items of importance to the church.

    Nancyjill, the forest sounds lovely with the early dusting of snow. I’ve always wished I lived in a place where it snowed.

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  7. mumsee.

    Well, the first of the day’s 3 trash trucks made it through OK. Amazing.

    I spotted a guy with a big stack of furniture pads on his shoulder headed up the steps to the house they’re packing up, so they’re busy. San Antonio, here they come.

    You can see a lot from my front porch which sits up high. I’m now one of “those” neighbors.

    We’re getting exceptionally warm weather today, due to Santa Anas, it’s supposed to be in the 80s on the coast, I believe. But still cold overnight and in the mornings. But that makes the sun feel good.

    It’s supposed to go back down to the 60s by the first of the week. A friend calls this the “wobble” season, temps will go back and forth for a while until the new season finally settles in.

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  8. I Zoomed in for a library program about helps for the visually impaired.

    I had no idea that a radio station associated with Public Broadcasting (GPB in my state) offers many publications read aloud. It is really for the ‘Print Impaired’ people, not just visually impaired. My friend, K, said her sister use to volunteer to read on Saturdays for that program up in Ohio.

    Another resource I found out about is a phone App, Be My Eyes. It uses a person’s phone and microphone to assist in daily tasks like reading instructions. A volunteer, on the other end of the the line, acts as the eyes for the visually impaired. Fascinating.


  9. A chilling reality Michelle. And there are a great many in this country who would like to see this happen to Christians…or “Trumpers”

    Reeducation camps. Deprogramming. Where have we heard those before? Oh, right. Communist China — and now, apparently, Katie Couric. The far-Left darling of the mainstream media may be retired, but she doesn’t mind joining the liberal press in its call for punishing members of Congress who questioned the election results….”And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

    An attorney for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) resigned Wednesday after a Project Veritas undercover video shows the man expressing support for re-education camps for the children of President Donald Trump’s supporters and likening the president to Adolf Hitler

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  10. Thanks, michelle — I sent it on to my school teacher friend who was doing online tutoring of Chinese students through a private program but with roots in China (until China said American teachers would no longer be allowed to teach). I was personally glad it ended for her — the courses were strictly academic and she really enjoyed the one-on-one interactions with her students; but the classes began every morning with a mandatory time of paying homage to the Chinese leader. Ugh.

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  11. Fifteen says Wow, hopefully we won’t find that under our house.

    Guess who gets the task of going under our house off and on? Maybe I should not have shown him the video…

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  12. The snakes are in michelle’s county.

    How would you sell that house, Kim?

    Another head-spinning day, trying to get a photo from a harbor commissioner who’s not as tech savvy as others (she’s going to ask her son to help) (she sounds all cheerful when she answers the phone then when I say who it is her voice drops into “sigh” territory, as in, oh, it’s you again …); vet called, Cowboy’s blood work came back good but Tess’ showed a mild liver issue so that means another medication for her which I am going to have to try to pick up today …

    Meanwhile, a rally sponsored by an unpopular group that’s quite political was set for a park in our town tomorrow, but now it has been moved to another town after they couldn’t get the permits, and everyone’s up in arms on social media (over the fact that this group was going to be here — so now we have a possible story on something that isn’t happening, we don’t think).

    I hate politics nowadays, truly I do.

    Everyone’s lost their minds.

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  13. I made it to the far side of my stomping grounds unintentioonally. I missed a tufn and kept going onward to Sprouts.

    Who knew Sprouts has no pizza?

    Who knew if you buy a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap products you get a coupon for a dollar off his chocolate bars?

    Who knew I could find a hairbrush of natural boar bristles there?

    I now know and benefit from these things (except the pizza). And they had a great sale on blue corn chips. I have had neither corn chips or a chocate bar in ages. I got the chocolate bar with hazelnuts😃

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  14. DJ – Last night you asked me about that 90% humidity. It was probably due to the heavy, dark clouds that had rolled in, but no, it did not rain. Evenings in summer can often get that humid.

    But this is not summer! Go away, Humid Weather!

    It is currently 81% humidity at around 6:30pm. It is not raining, but we are expecting rain tomorrow night.

    I have a couple air conditioners on again.

    The mornings have been chilly, with earlier afternoons turning warmer, and then the humidity climbing higher as the afternoon wears on. Looks like this warm streak will come to an end after Saturday. Good riddance.

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  15. very quiet here today, mostly due to our restrictions.
    God was so good to give me wisdom in my teaching this week. I had plans, but kept changing them as I saw what the class needed. So prayers for wisdom in my teaching are needed daily.

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  16. I’ve experienced Midwest humidity (and more tropical humidity in Mexico), but any time I was on the East Coast it was winter or early spring with snow.

    Our weather today was very dry and hot, we got up to almost 90. It’ll go down to 57 tonight.

    The moving van just pulled out a little while ago, house all packed up and headed to Texas. “We’re out of here,” I heard someone say (one of the movers, I think). I never knew those neighbors so don’t know if it was a family or what. Van said San Antonio Relocation, maybe it was a job move.


  17. I don’t know why I said, “Evenings in summer can often get that humid.” It can get that humid during the daytime, too.


  18. When I lived there, I often wondered about the early pioneers and pilgrims. What it was like living in such conditions without the amenities we take for granted. Stores with nearly everything. Heat. Cooling. Moving into already built homes.

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  19. I remember when the family held an auction for my grandmother’s house in Iowa, I was in college by then but we all gathered for the event. Lots of tears, though, it was sad. We cousins all had childhood and teen memories of staying there through the years. But the house was a lot to take care of — not overly big, but 2 stories. It sat right next to the railroad tracks (as a child, I loved waving at the guy on the red caboose when it would go by) and a little neighborhood market down the dirt path leading from her backyard. She’d give me a written list that I’d just hand to the owner/clerk behind the counter; he would gather everything up, bag it and send me on my way with the receipt. I guess she paid for it later.

    She was coming to California permanently to live with her daughter and son-in-law near us so everything had to go (we had an actual fast-talking auctioneer who was nearly impossible to understand). But it ws just sort of a sad and emotional experience, I felt bad for my grandmother, I’m sure it was hard for her.

    But what I also remember vividly is that it was in the middle of summer and the heat and humidity felt unbearable. When I went upstairs after everything was over, to the cleared-out upstairs bedroom where I used to sleep when visiting, I was instantly surrounded by what seemed like a swarm of hundreds of mosquitoes, all quite excited to see me. (The house having been open all day long.)

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