Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 7

Seven. Some say it’s the lucky number. It’s the number of perfection in the Bible. Either way, here we are. Maybe the Week 7 tiebreaker game will bring Arizona it’s first win in a loooong time. (Peter won!) But then again, they could go to a perfect 0-18, continuing their longest losing streak ever. That is why the tiebreaker is also the ESPN Bottom 10 Pillow Fight of the Week.

Have at it, folks. Join the fun by NOON, Saturday, October 16, 2021.

  1 Vanderbilt @ South Carolina

  2 Auburn @ #17 Arkansas

  3 #13 Mississippi @ Tennessee

  4 Nebraska @ Minnesota

  5 #22 NC State @ Boston College 

  6 Iowa State @ Kansas State

  7 #12 Oklahoma State @ #25 Texas

  8 Air Force @ Boise State

  9 UCLA @ Washington

10 Tiebreaker – post winner and final score (also, Pillow Fight): Arizona (0-5, 0-2) @ Colorado (1-4, 0-2)

23 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 7

  1.  1 South Carolina

      2 Auburn

      3 Mississippi 

      4 Minnesota

      5 NC State 

      6 Kansas State

      7 Oklahoma State 

      8 Air Force

      9 Washington

    10 Arizona 7-0


  2. It’s a big weekend out here. Stargazer will be wearing purple and gold as he sits beside Oldest Brother wearing blue and gold. I haven’t decided if I’ll make an appearance yet and shift the energy–to the correct team of his childhood. 🙂

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  3. It’s embarrassing to have my team doing so poorly. They haven’t won a game since November 2019. Maybe this is the week.

    South Carolina; Auburn; Tennessee; Minnesota; Boston; Iowa St; OK State; AFA; UCLA; Arizona 17-14


  4. Not that I’m a translator or anything, but I think Chas was saying, “Please add to the Arizona score for me.” Then the next part — “‘/t’/” — is where I think he meant the number to add to his original score for Arizona. (I’m guessing he meant to add 7 to the original 7, and accidentally hit the “t” key with his left index finger instead of the numeral key 7 with his right index finger while the right hand was moved one key to the left of the home position. Then he closed with “Thanx.”

    So I think Chas is saying he’d like to change the tie-breaker score to Arizona 14-0. I might be wrong, though. Please excuse the piano teacher from the sports thread now. 🙂


  5. …just seconds from a clean getaway…


    I might do a little research and join in later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for the invitation!


  6. Ok, I will try going with the home teams unless the visiting team has a higher ranking listed here:

    South Carolina
    NC State
    Kansas State
    Oklahoma State
    Boise State
    Colorado 30-20


  7. 6, you’re using my system for picking, which was until now a closely-guarded secret. It put me in first place once this season, but otherwise doesn’t perform particularly well.

    I changed up one of them so one of us will do better than the other. 🙂

    South Carolna
    NC State
    Kansas State
    Oklahoma State
    Air Force
    Colorado 21-14


  8. I see Air Force won, so Kevin’s got one more point than I have. 🙂 I’ll leave the rest of the tabulations to Peter. 🙂


  9. Well, 6 ➙s, you’re correct. Kevin got 1 more than you, along with 3 others. Kevin, Mumsee, Janice and I tied with 7 correct. But, Mumsee had the better tie breaker score. In an embarrassing way, Arizona was shut out by Colorado, 34-0. Attagirl, Mumsee!

    Here is how we did:

    Those mentioned – 7
    6➙s & AJ – 6
    Chas – 5

    So, Young Lady, what’ll it be for the tie breaker? Here’s the schedule:


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