65 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-11-21

  1. Good morning! Too much week in my week to keep up. I will be off for 10 days beginning Wednesday. My brother was supposed to have come for a visit from Washington, bringing his girlfriend so we could all meet her. They have decided not to come to our house because we are not vaccinated. That worked out ok, because my cousin from California is bringing by uncle’s remains and plans to inter him in the family plot in Clovis on one of the days I took off. He passed in December before covid caused the world to shut down. It will be good to see them.

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  2. I am going to a wedding this weekend where the invitation said don’t come if you aren’t vaccinated. To each his own. I am vaccinated but I don’t care if you chose not to be. I am luckily old enough to remember when we could have differing opinions and REMAIN civil, perhaps even friends.

    This is my friend Leslie’s daughter. (Leslie died February 2018). Almost everyone is coming from out of state. The Navy Wives are doing the bridesmaid’s brunch at 10 Saturday and I am doing brunch for the groom and groomsmen that morning. It is one of the last things I can do for Leslie. She had an entire Pinterest board outlining this wedding. As I told the groom’s mother the other night, Leslie would have thought of this months ago, maybe she even did…I only thought about it last week.
    Vegetable Quiches
    Hashbrown Casserole
    Sausage Patties
    Bluberry French Toast Casserole
    Grapefruit with Rosemary Simple Syrup
    Non-Alcoholic Brunch Punch

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  3. Good morning!
    I tried coffee again yesterday and it tasted good, and I did better with it, but won’t push it with a cup today. I only had one cup yesterday, not two as I did before.

    Chas, if Art and I happened to be passing by your way, could we visit with you on your deck? We have not made plans yet, but a friend has good eye doctors in her NC town north of you that I may decide to go to for a second opinion.


  4. I am somewhat regretting getting a third Pfizer vaccine. Still have a large, red, hot welt and sore arm. Still not feeling great. Since my husband had radiation and cancer and we go to a lot of senior places, I got it, since they were recommended. That was on Thursday. I hope it wasn’t a big mistake.

    As far as family doctors, we haven’t had the same doctor for very long for decades. They come; they go. I am never sure if medical care has just deteriorated or the care goes down as you age. Maybe a bit of both. I do like the doctor we have right now.


  5. Janice, you, and whoever, are welcome to stop by at any time.
    You need to understand: You are visiting a man wh lives alone in this big house. I keep it clean, but not “arranged” properly, if that matters.

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  6. For those who may want more beet recipes, I found two more that sounc good in America’s Test Kitchens Mediteranean cookbook:
    1) Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad with Cumin and Pistachios; and,
    2) Beet Salad with Blood Oranges and Almonds.

    I found the book at the library.


  7. The vaccination issue has affected our family Thanksgiving. Sort of an out-law (per Michelle definition) issue. It is a sad and unnecessary thing, IMO. However, when you no longer believe in a God or Divine Providence, you must try to control every little thing in your own life.

    It seems some businesses try to make it as difficult as possible for those who are willing to mask and test instead of getting vaccinations. In this case, it is a school district. I am so full of disgust over this and find it is all of one political party. I hope they are all defeated in the next election.

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  8. I just cooked up a couple of beets we got from a friend. His crop is so good he is having a difficult time giving them all away. I ate some plain after boiling with salt and vinegar. I did see Betty Crocker had a good recipe with orange juice and peel and brown sugar. I don’t add a lot of sauces to things, since I don’t the extra calories, but it sure sounded good.

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  9. Good day, Fellow Wanderers.

    I remember Monster Mash. I was in 8th grade when it came out, but I never tried it. I had tried Lucky Charms, but didn’t like the marshmallows, so I thought Monster Mash would be the same.

    We go to an Amish store similar to where you got this, AJ. It used to be called “Bent and Dent”, and was in the attic of an Amish grocery, but now it is in a huge warehouse. I get name-brand coffee cheap, along with lots of good quality products that are damaged on the outside but still good on the inside.


  10. I have been praying for you, Kathaleena. Your arm reaction sounds so much like what I had.

    The vaccination issue is so dividing. Now I know people who are struggling to keep either their own job due to mandate, or the jobs of thelr employees because they do Federal contract work and fall under the mandate. It could potentially shut down their business.

    “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

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  11. Chas, if we are fortunate enough to see you, that would be so delightful! We never go see relatives except for our son and my brother. Seeing you would be in my mind like seeing a relative only better!

    I did show Art the photo of his cousin, Marshall Grant, beside Johnny Cash at the last public appearance of Johnny Cash when they were both in their older years. I think it surprised Art to see that he and Marshall looked so much alike. I showed it to him this morning. He can read the book after the 15th extension deadline.

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  12. Janice, how long was your arm like this? It was not all the reaction I had, but seems to be hanging on. That part was worse than the last one. I admit I am an impatient person.

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  13. Morning! I remember the song but not the cereal! 👿
    We had Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Trix, Sugar Pops….you get the drift…sugary morning cereals! I liked Cheerios the best as a kid…not so much a fan of the sugar load…
    My friend asked me the other day if I would help her get groceries in the future when it comes to the unvaccinated being denied services…she has had Covid and will not get the vaccine which is perfectly reasonable to me. I told her I would always make certain she is taken care of. After hearing the difficulties of the booster I think I may sit that one out! So sorry to hear of the issues Janice and Kathaleena have had… 😞

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  14. We all have different bodies, so it may be a different experience for you, Nancy Jill.

    On a more fun note: My husband had a baby blue Volkswagen before we met. He won it in a drawing at a fair in California when he was in the service. His friend insisted he enter. He didn’t have the dollar to do so and was not going to do it. His friend kept insisting and lent him the dollar. It must have been quite exciting when he actually won.

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  15. Two notes from the weekend:

    AJ, yes, I am familar with BBs; you were pretty far out of your swim lane, weren’t you?

    Regarding car color, when I take the girls somewhere and we’re walking back to the car, they always say, “look for the red car with the bike rack,” which works very well. Last Sunday, Hubby and I participated in an organized bike ride with hundreds of participants and I guarantee you that looking for a red car with a bike rack was not effective.

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  16. Kathleena, it probably took a good four days or longer before it started not feeling hot and inflamed. After that it started feeling more like the typical sore arm feeling I had from getting flu shots or other innoculations which can last about three days. I did not keep a record, but I was surprised by how badly the arm felt even after the other horrible feelings subsided. It felt like I had an infection radiating outward from my arm, almost like when my husband had MERSA in his swollen elbow. His infection did not go away on its own though. Your arm should get better in a few days. Remember, the week after I went through that was when we moved all that furniture up into the truck. It still seems like a miracle to me. The biggest miracle though is that I survived my brother! He is being mean again today on the phone. It is so unnecessary.

    If you have a pleasant place to be at while sick, and people who care, then you are blessed.♡ i know you know that!

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  17. I wasn’t bothered with a sore arm with the booster, it was more pronounced with the first 2 shots (but nothing that lasted an inordinate amount of time or was overly bothersome, but it was definitely noticeable with the first 2 shots).

    We are, I believe, on the downside of all of this pandemic, though that doesn’t mean it’s “over,” of course. But maybe soon for the most part. The virus will become “endemic” and we’ll still be dealing with it year to year; but with the vaccines and natural immunity combined (barring a completely resistant new variant, of course, then we’ll all be back in the same boat most likely) — and with the new antiviral drug treatment that’s expected to be approved shortly that radically cuts the chances of death and more serious illness from the virus, we will be in a much better position going forward — provided we survive the political wars that have erupted around it all. Sigh.

    In the meantime, people are understandably just trying to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors with the tools that are now available.

    I’m reading “Faith in the Time of Plagues,” writings from Christians who endured the plagues of Europe centuries ago, and it’s a refreshing look at what was a pretty no-nonsense approach to the threat of a potentially deadly infection that spreads so easily.

    Janice, now you MUST go see Chas as the uninvited guest! Sit out on the deck, enjoying the fall season.

    Monday again, I see.

    But I’ll go ahead and dare to say it, Happy Columbus Day (though my smartphone greeted me this morning with “Happy Indigenous People’s Day!”)

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  18. “Monster Mash” was a very popular song when I was growing up, but I have no memory that there was a cereal named after it. Maybe because we were young teens at that point and sugary cereals were some of the things we’d left behind by then.

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  19. I called my brother earlier to ask about something needed at Art’s office after he finishes with this week’s deadline work. My brother said he could not hear me. “Something is wrong with YOUR phone,” he said. I suggested it could be his phone or maybe his hearing because he lost hearing in one ear after he had the shingles vaccine on top of having had the shingles several years back. Well, no, he insisted the problem was with my phone. It was all my fault, maybe my phone was not charged, etc. It was beyond his considering it could be a problem outside of either of us and our phones. He said I was getting wound up again and hung up on me. I personally believe hiz blood sugar fluctuations make him go through spells of total unreasonableness. But he is so ugly when in this state of mind. I am always the one at fault. Again I comtemplate not dealing with him because I never know when he will flare. I know it is minor in comparison to what M and M deal with, but this has been going on for about 65 years. I am pretty done in the hot oven. Nothing is ever his fault.


  20. In the better news arena, son had two students at two different times last week tell him how much they are enjoying his class.
    Happy mama heart. ❤ It made me realize I never told a single one of my teachers anything like that.😐😟
    I had a few who deserved it!

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  21. Cereal history:

    ~ MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills, Inc. is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Monster Cereals by doing the “Monster Mash.”

    The Minneapolis-based cereal manufacturer announced it will be introducing a new limited-edition cereal, Monster Mash, featuring pieces of all five of its Monster Cereals: Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy. …

    The Monster Cereals debuted in 1971 with the introduction of Count Chocula and Franken Berry. Boo Berry was the next cereal to join the lineup, in 1973. Frute Brute (formerly Fruit Brute) was introduced in 1974 but was discontinued in 1982. Fruity Yummy Mummy was the last product to join the portfolio, debuting in 1988. It was discontinued in 1992.

    General Mills eventually brought all five cereals together for a limited time in 2013. ~

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  22. “Lucky Charms or Apple Jacks, both with a couple of teaspoons of sugar added.”

    Have you ever had your sugar checked?

    Because if you did, you probably wouldn’t be adding sugar to sugary cereal. You’ll end up on my diet if you keep that up.

    My diet sucks by the way….

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  23. I saw somewhere that mullets returned in hairstyle popularity during the early days of the pandemic.

    What!? Did I just miss it? Tell me this wasn’t and isn’t so. Tragedy.

    — Although it would make a certain kind of sense, considering how dreadful 2020-21 has been otherwise.

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  24. Cute views, Michelle.

    I have a cat all cuddled up in my lap. She is keeping me company as I try to do my Bible study lesson for tomorrow’s group meeting. We will soon be through this Women of Excellence study. I wish I’d studied it today before engaging with my brother.

    I am cooking my lentil soup again.

    I guess I remember the monster cereals partly because we never had any sugary cereals in the house. I was more interested in that type thing as I got older since I had been so ‘deprived.” I mostly remember wanting Coco puffs because I loved chocolate. As a teenager who always had to carry lunch from home, I finally made my mother realize how I never had desserts like other kids so she started making cakes so I could carry two slices, one of which to share. The number of people wanting to befriend me at the lunch table really went up. Bittersweet memories. It was like my mother was doing double time in the kitchen trying to make (bake) up for the years I felt neglected.

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  25. Husband and son are off to the hospital. I offered to drive son because husband is sick. But perhaps husband is sick enough he should see the doc as well. I offered to drive both but husband declined. Hopefully, he will keep me apprised.
    Son had an O2 level of 85 and a one hundred one temp. Normally…..

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  26. Cereals that cry out for sugar:
    rice cereal
    grape nuts
    cinnamon toast crunch
    apple jacks
    Honey nut cheerios
    lucky charms
    rice krispies
    honey bunches of oats
    there are others

    But I no longer eat cereal. In part because it is crazy to add sugar to those.

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  27. I do that when I am sane. But too easy to fall back into old habits so I pass on the cereal. Now it is plain yogurt with berries, or onions and mushrooms and broccoli and carrots and pineapple in butter, or brown rice and lentils with garam masala.

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  28. I have steel cut oats all cooked and in the frig for my breakfast. I will add apple and honey.

    Oh, Janice, I know about being told it is all your fault. Blessed that God took me out of that relationship.

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  29. First day of term 2. With a new student to add to the mix and a new awareness of the problems some are having.

    Please pray as covid is surging here and we are under new restrictions. We have special permission to have in person school.

    I just do my job.

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  30. It’s hard to beat Cheerios.

    With oatmeal, I use just a drop of honey (but have been known to sprinkle a little brown sugar on the top, too).

    Lately it’s yogurt or cottage cheese for breakfast here. Or a store-bought breakfast smoothy.


  31. This will be in my newsletter; I just found out what my cat is up to . . . .

    She goes out every morning, checks the yard, and then jumps the back fence to disappear into the overgrown vegetation.

    She generally returns for “cat curfew” around 6, when we let her in and lock the door.

    Tasha glares but so what?

    We’re the ones who feed her, etc.

    I suspected another family
    Today, I found her lounging in the front bushes of the house behind ours.

    As I questioned her, the mother and son whom I’d not met before–came out. “Is that your cat?”

    I explained.

    They told me a story about Tasha.

    Chris–husband and father–whom I’d met, recently died.

    Tasha was his friend throughout his illness.

    I glanced down. She washed her paw.

    A ministering visitor?
    “She’d hop the fence, sit beside his wheelchair, and put her paw on his foot. It was so comforting.”

    Our cat?

    “Sometimes she would let him pet her.”

    The woman’s voice broke. “And one day Chris had a stroke. She kneaded his leg, as if for comfort.

    Tasha rolled over and yawned.

    “We mean no disrespect. We send her home at night. But . . . ”

    “I’m so happy she could help,” I broke in. “Had I known, I would have sent her with treats.”

    They laughed and talked more about Chris.

    I went home thankful that while I didn’t know about the tragedy across my back fence, my cat did–and she helped.

    But she still needs to be in for curfew.


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  32. Our Lord…Creator of all…even cats who bring comfort to the unsuspecting. Now praying for this family left grieving the loss of their husband and father. The Lord knew and provided…this grips my heart and brings a tear…thanks for sharing this precious story of your ministering cat… ♥️ 🐈‍⬛

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  33. Arm is about the same. I did get out and about; running some errands with my husband. I really needed a nap though after lunch. It always makes me nervous that I will never have energy again. Thanks for telling me how you felt, Janice. This is quite similar and difficult to even explain. Last time I had issues, but the arm itself is much worse this time. For those who worry it will happen to you, just know that my husband had almost no pain or issues. Slight pain in his arm. He went and played at a nursing home the next day and was just fine.

    I doubt you are going to change your brother, Janice, but you sure can refuse to be bullied. I suspect you are an easy target. I suppose you have to practice the loving disconnect during a phone call when he gets obnoxious.


  34. The only sugared cereal I had as a child was Alpha-bits and it was rare. I would still like it, but had to give it up decades ago because it would bother my stomach. I don’t eat any cereal anymore. I rarely bought sugared cereals for my children either. Some of my grands are shocked to not find them for breakfast when they visit, but they adjust. I sometimes do buy one or two I know they like. To me they are like dessert for breakfast, but that is not unlike pancakes covered in syrup or toast with Nutella.

    Now Monster Mash keeps popping up in my brain. 😀


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