46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-6-21

  1. Chs did the smart thing.
    He went back to bed.
    Then he did something dumb.
    He got up. Doesn’t know why.
    Except the clock said 7″00
    That’s all.
    Off to breakfst now

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  2. Chas is always telling us……

    Just because you say something’s worth a trillion dollars, doesn’t mean it is.

    That has proven true now.


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  3. This is so exciting! I get to pick as I won the Pigskin Picks, unlike the real, who did not win.
    My choice?

    Georgia Southern @ Troy.

    Thank you very much.

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  4. Wait, are they not talking about Troy outside of Moscow?

    Anyway, the seats are only seven dollars a ticket so it is worth it.

    By the way, Chas, who won last week? Huh? Maybe I do know a thing or two….

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  5. I can understand how a person may sose it suddenly and commit a murder.
    I canot understand somethinng that requires planning, such as shooting up a school. Seems that s “then what?” would appear somewhere in the planing.

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  6. Then: I will be famous and everybody will know my name.
    I will pay back those mean people who teased me throughout school.
    I will be an awful person and all the other awful people will look up to me.
    I will be Satan’s favorite.

    Note: they all start with I.

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  7. Whew. Cleaned her room again. This time, it took less than two hours. Improvement. Twenty came home angry again. Seems her helpers left her in charge of her own meds.
    She asked for a hug this morning. A huge improvement over “I want you dead”.

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  8. Earlier today, Nightingale texted me to tell me that she received a phone call from Boy’s school to inform her that he had been sent to the principal’s office. What did he do?

    It was for positive recognition because he had helped a classmate with math work. 🙂

    Boy is very good at math, and has figured some things out before being taught in school.

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  9. cheers for helping folks and cleaning rooms.

    I’m have a stressful and very unproductive day as two editors battle out what they want two of us reporters to do. We’re on standby until they come to some sort of agreement.

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  10. Kizzie: You are going to have the same problem one of my granddaughters has. A real bright kid. The need to be kept busy. Otherwise, they will invent things to do. Not all of which is good.

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  11. Just when you think you received a nice little surprise package in the mail with a small book, you find the sciccors to open it, and finally the reality of discovery: your insurance carrier, Aetna, has sent you a do it youself test kit for colon cancer screrning.


  12. We had the priviledge of hearing the mother of Richard Jewell (man accused of the Olymbic bombing in Atlanta) talk about Operation Christmas Child gift boxes. She was the church coordinator of that for years but new church leadership no longer wants it as a church outreach, but we little old WMU ladies can do it on our own.

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  13. Strange juxtaposition of those 2 posts, Janice (5:22, 5:25).

    OK, I sent some copy over to the lead reporter on this story that is somehow getting pulled together out of an editor’s hat.

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  14. Sometimes a quiet life needs some disturbance.
    But when it’s over, it’s good to pack it away and settle down.
    You can get too much excitement


  15. When I visited Mumsee, we had a nice, quiet visit, sorta with no drama. But the mice, they provided all of the drama we needed. And they were baby mice!

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  16. The sounds of Halloween have arrived in my neighborhood — Lucky the Longshoreman across the street has put up their annual scary decorations, complete with “scream” sound effects.

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  17. Now I’ll have nightmares about rats.

    I just got off the phone with my friend Karen. She has not felt well anxcwill see a doc tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I will be groggy from staying up so late.
    Have a great and safe day, Jo!


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